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📖 Student ⚓️ RI


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My Favorite Chili! 🌶 Topped with basil, cilantro, parsley, fresh lemon juice, and cashew sour cream. 🌶 Cashew Sour Cream: •1 1/2 cups (225 g) raw cashews (soaked overnight) •3/4 cup (190 mL) water •2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice •2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar •1/2 teaspoon fine salt Blend! 🌶 Chili: Cook 4-6 hours on high in a crockpot your choice of beans, tomatoes, and vegetables and season with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, chili powder, dried oregano, dried basil, and top with your favorite toppings! - chili beans homemade raw rawfood vegetables plants plantbased plantpower vegan vegetarian glutenfree health healthy recipe veganfood love rawvegan vegancooking protein fitness yummy food organic eatclean healthyfood healthyeating cleaneating cleanfood yummyfood

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Ray Akins 🇳🇬🇺🇸


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Good Afternoon folks! It's lunch time, do you have a prepped healthy meal? letusdothecooking if not, I have a discount code that all my people can use 😃👍🏿. 20% off your order. Promo Code: ASKRAY👈🏿 lunchtime dmv mealprep eaturmacros cleaneating protein veggies carbs fuel macros npcmaryland investinyourself

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Comment from Franky:

Oh musclefooduk my old friend, how I've missed you, your protein pizza and your endless supply of GAINS. 😹 musclefood gains protein eatliftlove withfranky eatcleantraindirty mealprep healthyfood healthyeating cleanfood fitfam fitspo fitspiration hangry noexcuses shehulk

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Flø Schůtz 🌍 Fitness


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Macht euch noch nen schönen Montag Abend. Denkt dran, noch 4 Tage dann ist wieder Wochenende! ☝☺ mcfit fitness bodybuilding myprotein photography whey eatclean photo beast beard fitx swoldier nutrition workout selfie inked protein goldsgym foodporn shredded potd gym tattoo fitfam nike dedication picture biceps foto cheatday

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Dio Zuma


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Back to the gym 🏋🏽‍♀️! Mais avant petit passage en boutique fitness pour récupérer mon Mass gainer et mes BCAA. J'ai perdu beaucoup de poids durant ce mois de juin avec seulement un repas par jours le soir... 🔵Objectif 👉🏾 ➕ 5️⃣Kg ! backtothegym gym gainer bcaa ninjawarrior ninjagirl sport fitness fitgirls fitspo fitfam fitfrenchies cardio fit protein healthylife healthy girlwholift lovemyjob instafit picoftheday

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Rich Rowland Jr


Comment from Rich Rowland Jr:

Water...H2O....Aqua....You need to be Hi-Derating! One of the most underrated components to taking care of your body! Water is essential for maintaining, gaining, and losing body fat. Increases ENERGY! Relieves FATIGUE. Two thing people complain about all the time. Shoot for anywhere between one half to one gallon a day. I prefer polandspringwtr Drink Water aqualife polandsprings

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Comment from breakfast_bombshell_lg:

These Cinnamon Chia pancakes totally hit the spot for brunch.👌 This is a tasty mix of banana, egg whites, protein powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, & chia seeds. Packed with 34g of protein and lots of vitamin C with those strawberries! proteinpancakes protein breakfastforlunch breakfast foodie foodporn lgaccountability lgsisters lgminnesota lgwisconsin alldaybreakfast nutrition eatforhealth fruit vitamins rdtobe pancakes

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Lunch was really good today! Health benefits of tuna include: • Boosted immune system due to the zinc, manganese, and vitamin C. • Weight loss due to the omega fatty 3 acid. • Improve energy because of the B complex of vitamins. • Cancer prevention. Eat clean and feel good! 🤙🏾💪🏽 tuna salad fit fitfam fitness healthy health wellness lifestyle instafood food foodporn protein dedication motivation inspiration workout exercise fish clean cleaneating gym life happy happiness hearthealthy greens

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Comment from eq_steve:

We are excited to welcome double Paralympic Champion 04jonpea Jonnie Peacock MBE to teamEQ paralympics athlete athletics 100m sprinter champion anthony_joshua protein

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Trying to find healing through food🍃🥗🥑 nutrition holistic healing wellness tryptophan protein healthyfood healthylifestyle eattogrow healthy vegetables anxiety antioxidants

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LaraⓋ🌸 🇩🇪 Food&Lifestyle


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Good evening sweeties from sunny Mallorca, who else loves sushi as much as I do? Had three plates yesterday for dinner and the aspargurus-cucumber sushi pieces with avocado on top killed everything. 😍🥑 we spent the afternoon in Palma and I had my first Amorino icecream🍦! I usually hate icecream, but the three flavours I had were amazing! Especially the one with kale & pineapple. 🍍 Now it's time for dinner at the beach before we are already flying back tomorrow morning. 😞 - Guten Abend ihr Lieben, bevor es morgen früh schon wieder heim geht, hatten wir heute nochmal einen richtig schönen Tag. Jetzt genießen wir gleich noch ein Abendessen am Strand bei 35 Grad. 😍 Das Essen von gestern war aufjedenfall auch schonmal top! Hattet ihr einen schoenen Tag?😊 vegan bestofvegan healthyfood abendessen dinner nourishing pasta nourishnotpunish carbs highcarb hclf balancednotclean inspo govegan vegansofig veganfoodshare yummy delicious foodporn edrecovery veganfoodporn protein strongnotskinny foodisfuel cleaneating healthy gesund eathealthy healthycuisines cuisinesworld

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Comment from Katie:

Chicken flat bread with home made dip with cucumber and yogurt dip. . . . . . . fitfam fitspo fitness fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation goals weightgoals training exercise healthyfats balance nutrition macros easycooking fats protein cleaneating healthyliving foodie foodblogger healthyfood fitnessblogger carbs weightlifting gains onplan myfitnesspal flatbread musclefood postworkout

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Tatiana Bogdan


Comment from Tatiana Bogdan:

taverna calamari cena dinner asadetare italianvacation rimini riminiporto moments protein delicious foodpic foodporn foodphoto yummy tasty👌 seafood instamood

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Comment from shantoyia:

Its been a while since I had one of these.I prefer them on the grill. But I'm going to pan grill them today. My protein for the morning. breakfast healthy food myweightlossjourney weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossjourney2017 weightlosstransformation weightlossmotivation natural alfresco cooking cook gettinghealthy

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✨✨Glamorous Rose🌹


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For those that keep asking here you go. Where do you think your "protein" is getting it's protein from🤷🏽‍♀️ plantbasedveganeatplantsmorethanenoughstopbeingselfishtakethestepletthemliveyoudontneedmeatproteinunnecessary

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Chris Elkins 🐼


Comment from Chris Elkins 🐼:

It's been 9 months since I shared this Big Mac Salad. If you're dieting and haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. It will keep you feeling full, satisfy some cravings and give you tons of volume for very little calories. 96/4 lean ground beef is the key! Recipe below: - - -The most filling low carb, low fat, high protein, high volume MASSIVE BIG MAC SALAD. TAG A FRIEND THAT NEEDS THIS! 🔥🔥🔥 Recipe: 340 grams of iceberg salad mix 2 sliced pickles 8 ounces of 96/4 lean ground beef 2 servings reduced sugar ketchup Walden Farms Thousand Island dressing or Kraft Fat Free Thousand Island (adjust macros) 28 grams of Lite shredded Mozzarella cheese Hot sauce if desired Macros: 11 Fat, 14 Carbs, 53 protein - 375 calories cuttingedgephysiques bigmacsalad motivation mondaymotivation monday motivationmonday flexibledieting mcdonalds salad healthy food abs iifym nutrition dieting fatloss shredded sixpack beef protein fitness fitfam fitspo iphone dinner lunch delicious instagood mcm

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Віка Поліщук 💕


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lubartswarriors mma lubartcastle lutsk mmaлуцьк LubartsWarriors pitbull muaythaigirl muaythai mmapro луцькийзамок спорт мотивація pride_lutsk pride muaythaifighter muaythai boxing box pitbull тайскийбокс тайскийбоксдевушки спорт мотивация режим зож пп fitnessmotivation fitness fitnessgirl optiwomen protein photosession

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Treat yourself😘 barebells

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Collins Fitness


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Keeping it clean and fresh 🦐gaucho

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Sarah Ellis-Martin RNutr


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Garlic & Peppercorn Sizzling, Steak

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