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For mardirestaurant with manueladtla and The Farmer and the Chef. dtla silverlakepsychic silverlake psychic psychology spiritualawakening

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Wes Pinkston


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🍃🌺🐱🌺🍃 Gratitude

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Kitchen Therapy


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Starting the week with a reminder to take a deep breath, smile and relax 👩 To widen the gap between stimulus and response. To slow down our conditioned and automatic reactions. And give situations the proper amount of consideration. By practicing patience we bring peace into our lives and become stronger in the process 💞 . patience fibromyalgia chronicfatigue mindset mindfulness mindbodysoul psychology selflove positivevibes mondaymotivation inspiration happy happiness mentalhealth freedom wellbeing healthy healing healthybody healthymind healthylifestyle healthychoices determination strength autoimmunehealing blessed grateful

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Mystic & Logic


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Einstein spoke of “expanding the circle of affection” as a necessary part of living on earth. For without taking this action, we remain separate and restricted to our personal desires and the affection of our inner most circle. He suggests that the expansion of this circle allows for a great sense of freedom. Thoughts? . . . 📷: Wikipedia week2 compassion mystic logic spirit work research psychology perspective education workplace human experience einstein physics physicsofcare circle expansion kindness bekind human triplebottomline dogoodwork dogood

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Daniela Barzaghi


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Ogni uomo deve decidere se camminerà nella luce dell’altruismo creativo o nel buio dell’egoismo distruttivo. Questa è la decisione. La più insistente ed urgente domanda della vita è: “Che cosa fate voi per gli altri?… Ignorare il male equivale ad esserne complici. (Martin Luther King) martinlutherking uomo luce buio altruismo egoismo decisioni male bene benemanonbenissimo complicità beneemale altri nonsolonoi amareglialtri chiaroscuro chiaro scuro biancoenero bianco nero pace ilbenevincesempre personalità psicologia psychedelic psychology psiche

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Ada yang ngamuk karena udah setahun kesulitan ngontak *** dan ternyata aku bagian dari itu 😂 makanya kannn sok kalo ada apa-apa cerita aja dulu ya 😂 to the point pada target dan kebutuhan tapi, janganlah main kode-kodean apalagi ngarep aku mulai. Kasian gunung tangkuban kebalik ntar 😅✌✌ . . . marketer marketing onlinemarketing internetmarketing psikologi psychology konselor parenting brokenheartsyndrome ptsd trauma takutsubosyndrome branding bisabikinbranding

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have ghost will shriek

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Ale Linerio


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Mañana un nuevo comienzo, un nuevo cuatri en la carrera. 😍💜💙 sextoahívamos psychology :3

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Brie Jorgensen


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If I was any better at it, that would be a batch brew instead.. ☕️

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Dr Louise Kelso


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This is a great intention for the week ahead! When our mood is low we get into unhelpful thinking patterns, one of which is to focus on the negative. If we work hard to focus on what is going right, what we're grateful for (even as simply as doing a little diary every day) we can make a difference in how we feel! mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness mood depressed depression anxious cptsd bpdrecovery bipolar edrecovery psychologist psychology psychlife

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Pri 🔮🦄


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The maiden, the mother, the crone. I love reading about different archetypes and learning through them. Because, if you think about it, that's all we have. And that's all we are. At least during this physical experience. Expressions of energy signatures. Created over and over and over again. Each time a bit different. Sometimes a lot different. Anywhoo..mermaid vibes today🌹

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💀 Strange & Unusual 💀


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I have always been fascinated with psychic readings, especially palmistry and phrenology. This is a particularly nice palmistry hand. What do your lines say about you? palmistry psychic psychology fortuneteller mystic magik palmreading

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Sarah Liz King


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• M I N D S E T • Meet marymiew who will be speaking at our workshop this weekend about all things body image panel alongside sian_says and whatmiadidnext. Mary is the founder and head psychologist the_indigo_project where the Body Freedom event will be held this Sunday. Her expertise lies in understanding the modern mind, and how to utilise mindfulness to achieve balance. Her mission is to help people understand their true potential, flex their creative spirit, and create a like-minded community that cares about themselves and the world around them. You seriously don't want to miss this event! Grab your tickets through the link in my profile now❤️

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Bouteille sensorielle Montessori : Elle a un effet calmant, notamment pour les colère des enfants. Pour les adultes je pense que c'est un bon anti-stresse (voir anti-angoissant). Sur moi elle a un effet apaisant et happant, je me suis surprise à regarder les paillette "danser", tomber, virevolter, pendant de longs moments avec émerveillement... ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Certains l'expliquent par l'image du tourbillon de paillettes qui représenterait l'agitation émotionnelle, qui vient à ralentir progressivement et donc inciter à un retour au calme... (nos émotions se calqueraient sur le rythme des paillettes en somme). D'autres mettent ça sur le compte de l'attention focalisée, le fait de se concentrer sur une chose (en somme, les même effets d'une méditation). Certains autres s'en servent pour l'éveil des tout petits (visions, audition, préhension) avec des objets divers et variés (pâte et riz colorés, pompoms, mini jouets, etc.) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Nous en avons réaliser une hier avec la Soeur de Gabin, pour Gabin atteint d'un syndrome génétique, qui adorais s'amuser avec une simple bouteille d'eau, je me suis donc dis que tant qu'à jouer avec une bouteille, autant qu'elle contiennent des stimuli pouvant participer à son éveil, et je me suis souvenue de ses petites bouteilles à paillette. C'est simple à faire et c'est aussi un bon moyen de donner une 2ème vie à nos bouteilles en plastique ♻️ Montessori MontessoriAtHome MontessoriKids Glitter Psychology Development Methode Education Eveil Wakening

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Madisen William


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Officially graduated from San Jose State today, Magnum Cum Laude and a Dean Scholar WhatsGood SanJoseStateUniversity SJSU SanJoseState SJSU ClassOf2017 Psychology PsychMajor LetsGetWasted 11:43AM 05/27/2017

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