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Orlando Thrive Therapy


Comment from Orlando Thrive Therapy:

Life isn't just about racing to the end of your week. I think its about finding your adventure everyday. Its about seizing every moment you can, making the most of your days, and adventuring anywhere you are. Its about getting outside of your box, being uncomfortable and trying new things sometimes. Life is an adventure and it begins with you.

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Neuroscience News


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New Cause of Schizophrenia Uncovered Full article: A new study from the University of Copenhagen shows that genetic defects may damage the supporting cells of the brain - the glial cells - which may lead to a number of brain disorders, including schizophrenia. The study is based on ground-breaking tests with mice whose brains were colonized with human glial cells. schizophrenia psychology psychiatry glialcells glia myelin astrocytes neuroscience science health biology

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Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D.


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loveandlight spirituality spiritual loveyourself love peace peaceful psychology selflove selfhelp quotes quoteoftheday quotestoliveby mood motivationalquotes happiness relationships neuroscience brain science consciousness biology

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Scientist Oleg Maltsev


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Инструменты "глубинной психологии" / Tools of "deep psychology" оружие глубиннаяпсихология психология WeaponHistory weapon knife deeppsychology psychology dagger stiletto стилет олегмальцев olegmaltsev

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Roslina Verauli

Comment from Roslina Verauli:

Adakalanya orang tua menjalin kelekatan emosional berlebihan dengan anak-anaknya. ㅤㅤ Bahkan secara tak sadar menjadikan anak-anak sebagai obyek afeksi. ㅤㅤ Padahal, kelekatan emosional utama orang tua adalah pasangannya. Bukan anak! ㅤㅤ Anak tak butuh tergantung berlebihan secara emosional pada orang tuanya. Anak hanya butuh perasaan dicintai, tanpa syarat. Agar kelak dapat mengembangkan penghayatan tentang cinta & diri yang positif. Selebihnya mereka juga butuh menyaksikan kedua orang tuanya sebagai pasangan yang hidup dalam cinta. Demikianlah kode cinta terbangun dengan sehat sejak awal kehidupan. Baik pada anak laki-laki maupun perempuan. Psst, itu Koko yang lagi libur. Ikut menemani mama kerja agar juga bisa dekat dengan mama selain dengan papa. Jangan sampai kurang namun juga tak berlebihan..❤️❤️❤️ latepost love attachment family parents parenting workingmom momandson myson KokoFanklin psychology verauli

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Unique psychological


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Relationships don't have to be complicated.. A better understanding of interpersonal relationships can help us improve our own as well equip us to help others! Unique Psychological Services present Relationship counselling workshop by gold medalist clinical psychologist Gagandeep Kaur! To register visit our website(link in bio) Visit our facebook page Subscribe on youtube Follow us on twitter manovgyanik psychology psychologydelhi relationships counseling delhiuniversity amityuniversity

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Lauren Tesmer


Comment from Lauren Tesmer:

Happy Friday! 💃 Heading to the lake with the Fam Bam this weekend and cannot wait!!! I'm bias....but my family is the best 🙋🏼 First though I'm attending a Sex Therapy panel discussion and I can't wait to learn more for my future clients💕 🙇🏼‍♀️ • • • Trilogy Fitness • • letstalkaboutsex therapy counseling fitnessblogger knowledge wisdom trilogyfitnesstx psychology christianity alwayslearning mentalstrength fitness fitnessblogger dallastexas dallasfitness dallasblogger liveyourbestlife

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Comment from Şenol BAYGÜL:

ÇİFTLERE ÖNERİLER Dinlediğiniz müzikler, gittiğiniz yerler, anılarınız bireysel ve çift olarak olumlu ve olumsuz duygularınızı tetikleyebilir. Bunun yerine, birlikte ilişkinizi daha güçlendirecek ve keyiflendirecek yeni yerler keşfetmeyi yeni anılar yaratmayı deneyin. Birlikte yeni keyifli deneyimlere dahil olun. çiftlereöneriler, relationship, çift, psychology, psikoloji, psikoterapsit,pdr, pedagog, psikolog, biz, coupletherapy, çiftterapisi, evlilikterapisi, evlilik, ilişki, eniyipsikolog, antalya, terapist, ailedanışmanı, aileterapisi maritaltherapy, psychologist, advicetocouples

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După un an am făcut o comparație între facultatea din Tilburg și cea din București. Acum e de bine, urmează și de mai puțin bine data viitoare. Link în bio 📚🎥 psychology university student

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Linda Esposito, LCSW


Comment from Linda Esposito, LCSW:

"If one person smiles at me on the way, I will not jump." A suicide note left by a man who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge. . . lost desperate reachout bemorehuman helpingothers mentalhealthawareness bridges sfbayarea

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Personal Development


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Part 2: Mistakes. See previous post for more _ Today, there is no blame towards my mother. I love her and my post is not about this relationship. It was merely to support how one can create unhealthy behaviors towards making mistakes. My dear fellow travelers, all people with whom we share a relationship affects us, superficially or profoundly, and in negative or in positive. Either way we must look within ourselves to see if there is a lesson bc sometimes there isn't, sometimes there is an energy field or place holder for others to see themselves through us! _ When I make a mistake or there has been a misunderstanding, I apologize earnestly. Sometimes we unintentionally hurt or irritate another, but once the apology is given and you ask how you can make it right again, you've taken responsibility. Two emotionally mature people usually move into a better space. And hopefully that better space has given us a chance to view ourselves 🔎to improve communication, behavior, or simply become more mindful for the next time _ You see, when someone makes a mistake or says something that seems in your eyes to be rude, you must ask yourself if indeed this is true? Maybe you feel triggered but still want to punish the person who you think is being rude (fill in the blank). We must challenge our assumptions for better clarification, that is if we desire to live AUTHENTICALLY 🏹 _ A few questions to ask yourself the next time you make a mistake or are unforgiving without giving the person a chance: Do I really have all the facts about this person? Am I being fair? Is my own woundedness getting in the way of building a better relationship with this person? Overall, has this person treated me well, and if they have, why am I so rigid towards them? Why be so hard in return? __ . . . Image by Rosie Hardy . . mistakes instastories friday personaldevelopment growth assumptions blame apologize heartfelt selfcare triggers psychology accountability responsability wellnesscoach selfawareness insta clearminded loveothers thework lookwithin suffering emotionalhealth negativity betruetoyourself itiswhatitis moveon doingthebestican

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Julissa 💛


Comment from Julissa 💛:

Because another successful internship week warrants a selfie 🤓dallas internship psychology friyay success caribeña puertorico dominican strivingformore citylife gettingmytanningback texasliving

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Irina Bova (Kuznetsova)


Comment from Irina Bova (Kuznetsova):

Друзья, приглашаю: 🔹26 июля 19.00 "Каузальный Интеллект" в Москве: настольный формат в уютном тихом месте за чашечкой чая (м.Октябрьская). Мини-группа, количество участников до 5 человек, запись в личку. До встречи!😍😘😘 🔹27 июля 10.00-19.00 ждём всех на конференции "Грани современной Женщины". Совместно с Антоном Зорькиным anteyeon, Анной Каримовой anna_karimova_prozrenie и другими спикерами поделимся знаниями, опытом и техниками обретения внутреннего баланса, гармонии, целостности, осознания истинных желаний и личных целей. Инфо и билеты по ссылке в моем профиле📲💁🏼 🔹28 июля 9.00 "Каузальный интеллект" в Москва-Сити (Город Столиц, башня Москва) большая игра, запись в личку☘️👍🏽😉 🔹Индивидуальное консультирование в Москве 25 июля - 28 июля🦋🦋Желаю хороших выходных, гармонии на душе и в сердце. До скорой-скорой встречи! P.S. 29 и 30 июля - Форте дей Марми👌🏽 Дорогие отдыхающие в Форте😅😍😘 если хотите "Каузальный интеллект" на берегу моря, пишите!☺️😋 тетя Ира все возьмёт, только сообщите мне заранее!)))🤸🏼‍♀️😝🌴 psychology психология психологическоеконсультирование каузальныйинтеллект каузальныйинтеллект_москва осознанность гранисовременнойженщины конференция антонзорькин аннакаримова иринабова трансерфинг регрессивныйгипноз эриксоновскийкоучинг фортедеймарми москвасити fromrostovwithlove

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Fitness & Wellness Center


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Marca uma consulta de psicologia connosco: Treino da Mente. Encontra o teu caminho, My Way quotes inspiration brain psicologia psychology frases inspirational myway

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Comment from Şüheda:

"Ne yapacağını bulamıyordu; içinde her şey susmuş, yüreğinin anlamlı müziği, anahtarı kaybolmuş müzikli saat gibi ölmüştü." 📌 📌 birçöküşünöyküsü stefanzweig💓💖 işbankasıyayınları isbankasiyayinlari kitap books bookstagram reader readingtime readingbooks soz sözler write writers okumaaşkı kitapsever instabook psychology edebiyat manzara view okudumbitti ✔📙📖📗📘📚

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Anastasy Dmitrieva


Comment from Anastasy Dmitrieva:

Минутка философии ))) Коротко и ясно. Просто и лаконично. Я не люблю афишировать свою личную жизнь. Потому что считаю это, как минимум, глупым. Более того, я считаю что эта "роскошь" позволительна только подросткам и тем, кто проверил свою связь узами брака/долгими летами. Те, кто встречается "без годУ неделя" и уже вовсю постит общие фоточки по практике через месяц смиренно подчищают следы "былой любви, которая не выстояла в столь жёстком мире", из своих соцсетей, как будто бы и не было ничего. Только есть одно но, вы забудете, а люди помнят о калейдоскопе лиц в вашем Инстаграмме. А это не делает вам ни чести, ни счастья. А счастье, оно, как говорится, тишину любит, а не вот это вот всё))) Будьте мудрее, Господа, и Вам оно зачтется ;) Адекватные мои, согласны? love relationship psychology letstalkaboutit отношения любовь мурмурмур минутафилософии mood funny crazypeople люди наблюдения настроение портрет girl обсуждение moscowgirl red рыжая bestия мнение Фото архивное, просто очень нравится :)))

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Comment from Mayank:

thetalentcode by danielcoyle - This book debunks the myth of taditional view of talent "You've either got it or you haven't." There are few case studies, parables and stories which shows on how talent is improved in a systematic way. The way the author has connected the examples of case studies to other humans and how they have improved is quite inspirational. He also talks about the teaching method which are effective. It is must read book. inspirationalbook talent artbook sportbook psychology inspiration scientific stories nonfiction readersofinstagram booknerds bookstagram bookish literature writersofinstagram author bibliophile instabook research readers bookclub analysis booknerdigans booklife bookworm

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Ashley Lynn


Comment from Ashley Lynn:

Shout out to the girls who are minding their business, getting to know themselves, and achieving their goals. Don't ever stop taking care of yourself. Stay radiant, ladies. 💖✨ HappyFriYAY

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Spring Gardens Detox


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We are stronger than our resistance. healwithus

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