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Leah Letson


Comment from Leah Letson:

I can't believe I'm actually a purple belt! These guys changed my life 4 1/2 years ago by bringing me into a sport I didn't even really know existed. It's so crazy how far all 3 of us have come since then. Proud to have these guys as 2 of my closest friends bjj brazilianjiujitsu bjjlifestyle bjjgirls grappling martialarts puravida milwaukee mma wmma fighter girlsingis purplebelt matamoros jiujitsu

23 Minutes ago

Kamil Wojciechowski


Comment from Kamil Wojciechowski:

bjj purplebelt bastionruda graciebarradraculino

26 Minutes ago

Thales Fernandes


Comment from Thales Fernandes:

jiujitsulifestyle purplebelt Heyy

48 Minutes ago

Bobby D


Comment from Bobby D:

Our baby is growing up too fast ❤ npc_nuris

1 Hours ago

Mav Barrena


Comment from Mav Barrena:

Traditional form purplebelt karate limalama check out your kid nana_magg hook_wise_reggae melinamoreno

1 Hours ago

José Luis Bravo


Comment from José Luis Bravo:

Efemérides -26/02/2012- Campeonato de España FEL Tal día como hoy Veo la foto y pienso , (que cojones pinto yo ahí) quien les conozca entenderá el por qué 😌 Grappling grappler nogi ronin santander santandergroundfighters sgf purplebelt bjj jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulife jiujitsu4life

1 Hours ago

RM Bjj


Comment from RM Bjj:

Sunday Rolling at 30 Commando! royalmarines royalmarinesbjj royalnavybjj stateofmind royalmarinescommando bjj jiujitsu bjjlifestyle jiujitsulifestyle conditioning training fitness phoenixmmauk purplebelt subguards beaverfit tatamifightwear cherryactive

2 Hours ago

Resolute BJJ


Comment from Resolute BJJ:

Tough day today hereford_bjj_open Jak weighed in at 75kg. •Lost first fight to an absolute monster and the eventual winner. •Beat his next guy via baseball bat choke after dominating the fight. •Lost his last by 2 points. Lewis weighed in at 86kg • Beat his first guy on points. • Lost his second by decision. • Beat his third guy by footlock. • Beat his forth guy on points to take the Bronze medal. No easy fights today, stacked divisions and great level from everyone. Back to it tomorrow to work towards the next one in two weeks. Amazingly well run comp as always. Well worth the trip. Great work today Jak and Lewis. resolutebjj mcgovernacademy brazilianjiujitsu nogi openmat sundaycrew 6amcrew QandA submissionwrestling 6daysaweek oldbakerystudios truro cornwall whitebelt bluebelt purplebelt brownbelt bjjwhenawayuk firstweekfree dontgotobluebeltheaven allvisitorswelcome noexcuses teamresolutebjj facebook twitter instagram

2 Hours ago

Daniel Wildhagen


Comment from Daniel Wildhagen:

Take me down to the Paradise City 🎶❤🌊🌞 marataizes marata es selfie fallowme goodboy smile sorria lifeisgood behappy sejafeliz paraiso paradisecity praia beach muaythai thai bjj jiujitsu mma nopainnogain lifestyle loveit ufc brazilianjiujitsu bjjlifestyle thailife purplebelt faixaroxa oss

2 Hours ago

🇵🇷Kique Pagan🇵🇷


Comment from 🇵🇷Kique Pagan🇵🇷:

prouddaddy taekwondodad Taekwondo taekwondogirl purplebelt belttesting kickass

2 Hours ago

Flow Kimonos


Comment from Flow Kimonos:

Repost bp864 ・・・ Just a good day of learning and experience oss newbreed teamtraven rootsbjj flowkimonos purplebelt bjj ibjjf

2 Hours ago

Samurai jiu-jitsu


Comment from Samurai jiu-jitsu:

Repost eduardo_tetabjj . Para mais conteúdo como este, segue aí samuraijiujitsu 👊 . Use a nossa hashtag!!! 🔵 🔵 . Parceiros: ▶️epidemia_bjj ◀️ ▶️jiujiteirosincero◀️ ▶️bjj_attack◀️ ▶️monsters.bjj◀️ ▶️tatameclube ◀️ ▶️mmadazoeira ◀️

2 Hours ago

Fearless Beader Custom Jewelry


Comment from Fearless Beader Custom Jewelry:

Unisex BJJ Jewelry!👊 • I can customize this ring with a heart or star in the center for guys or girls who love to hit the mats! 👉 MetalMojo MartialArts Oss BJJrings MartialArtsJewelry Jits Grappling BJJjewelry UFC JiuJitsu MMA WMMA GirlsInGis JiuJitsuLifestyle BrazilianJiuJitsu GracieJiuJitsu rnc choke JiuJitsuJewelry BJJchicks Gi BJJ4Life WhiteBelt BlueBelt PurpleBelt BrownBelt BlackBelt SupportWomensBJJ supportwomensbjj BJJring

2 Hours ago

Royce Vasquez


Comment from Royce Vasquez:

A HUGE thank you to all my friends and family that came out and supported me!!! Thank you guys so much!! Special thanks to my man danny_naselli for coaching me during my fight and thank for all the motivation. Thank you to professor marrasenkibjj and to all my teammates that pushed me so hard!! I won my first Super Fight but unfortunately lost the second. I definitely look forward to competing against him again! thefableone_bjj Great guy and great sportsmanship the whole way through. I'm pumped to come back and shoot for double gold next time! Still came home with a gold medal but one isn't enough!! Very grateful for the experience and for all the support! Thanks everyone!! marrasenkibjj purplebelt garciapromotions bjj triangle trianglechoke

2 Hours ago

Felipe Baldin


Comment from Felipe Baldin:

Agora do outro lado! purplebelt jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu jj bjj

2 Hours ago

Raphael Lesnino


Comment from Raphael Lesnino:

IBJJF Munich Open 1st Place in Purple Adult -82,3Kg - Thanks to everybody and of course to canudobjj and to bennibaerenstark Munichmma poundforpoundteam Gfteam jiujitsulifestyle bjj jiujitsu mma adidas adidasbjj purplebelt baerenstarkmma ibjjf munichopen

3 Hours ago

Em Herbert 👑


Comment from Em Herbert 👑:

Benji 's first grading!! He did so so well!!! 💙 mrbenjamin taekwondo teamsidhu purplebelt proudmum

3 Hours ago

Nanda Doval


Comment from Nanda Doval:

Domingo tbm eh dia ✌🌷👐💖👊💋BjjMag bjjlife bjjgirls bjj_attack graciemag_br ibjjf graciemag graciemagazine keepfighting jiujiteiras jiujitsu4life jiujitsuforlife jiujitsulifestyle artesuave bjjmylife purplebelt gracie_mag revistatatame conferebbjjc teamnogueirabauru confrontfigth jiujitsumylife bbjjc girlsbjj adcc jiujitsugirls lutadorasdejiujitsu jiujitsufeminino jiujituparamulheres jiujitsukids minotauro minotouro fabiomarmontel confrontfight abbottsports2015 bjj_attack

3 Hours ago

Marc Schmidt


Comment from Marc Schmidt:

Growing mentally and physically is a Journey in itself. Trying to add lean mass takes dedication, and letting go of your ego. Lots of water retention and a little fat gain. It's all part of what happens, staying humble and not letting myself get discouraged. weliveitwebreatheit iforcenutrition IForceNation JoinTheMovement IFN BJJ JiuJitsulifestyle JiuJitsu jiujitsu4life grappler jitsgrips PurpleBelt BJJlifestyle intermittentfasting follow fitness instagood aesthetic nutritionclub shredded fitnessaddict physique Fitsbo physique bodybuilding Bodybuilder powerlifting crossfit itrainicompeteidominate

3 Hours ago

Sinistras BJJ


Comment from Sinistras BJJ:

Repost anaelisabernardi with repostapp ・・・ Mais um kimono pra conta...novinho ..fuiiii tatame...terapia do dia pqamo jiujitsuforgirls jiujiteiras jiujitsulifestyle brazilianjiujitsu drillbjj sinistrasbjj purplebelt bjjgirls marrentasbjj jiujitsugirls jiujitsusavemylife gorhinas girlsbjj jiujitsuparamulheres notatame mulheresnotatame aquieassim

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