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Chris Rees Academy


Comment from Chris Rees Academy:

Cage warriors amateur lightweight champion scottyp102 ! mma cra chrisreesacademy bjj brazilianjiujitsu team jiujitsu whitebelt bluebelt purplebelt brownbelt blackbelt gi nogi champ cagewarriors

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Mustang Sports Centre


Comment from Mustang Sports Centre:

All the purple belts after mid-year grading 2017 at Cia Paulista Oakleigh East. 승급식 후 퍼플벨트 기념사진입니다. 승급하신 모든 분 축하드립니다. cpabjj ciapaulistaaustralia purplebelt bjjgrading grading mustangsportscentre 승급식 퍼플벨트 호주퍼플벨트 멜번퍼플벨트 한인주짓수체육관 머스탱스포츠센터

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Comment from W I L L I A M D I A S:

Here's is my promotion for Black Belt Second Dan from the hands of my master rodrigo_cf_feijao and mestregoioere Such important moment in my bjj career, thanks everyone who witnessed this and all the wishes. willdiasjj bjj jiujitsu blackbelt second dan

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🇬🇺Nicole Evangelista🇺🇸


Comment from 🇬🇺Nicole Evangelista🇺🇸:

💜 Faixa Roxa // Purple Belt 💜 Today I was promoted to purple belt! I wasn't expecting to get promoted today. When I did, all the emotions came pouring out. Happy tears. Receiving this purple belt is so much more rewarding than any other belt thus far. Mainly because it was given to me by not just my coach, but also my 1 idol caioterrabjj . I remember being a little orange belt stalking Caio's videos online, scribbling "technique conquers all" in my notebooks, and desiring to be as technical and poised as him. I remember the first time I met him and how starstruck I was. I could barely even talk to him. I would've never imagined that I would move to California to train under him, let alone, receive a belt from him. Character is everything. The more I got to know Caio, I knew I was with the right guidance. I'm so thankful that I can now call him my coach, a friend, and an inspiration. Thank you so much Caio for supporting me. I can't wait to continue my journey under your guidance 💜💜💜 || purplebelt faixaroxa acaibelt cta WARTRIBE bjjtees savagethreecryotherapy ||

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Comment from EPIDEMIA BJJ:

thenotorioustime - está treinando pesado para a luta contra froydmayweather Qual o seu palpite? ATIVE AS NOTIFICAÇÕES 🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎 ‼‼ ⭕ 👊🏿Parcerias ⭕ 🔥bjjbros 🔥bjjnoflag 🔥yousaybr 🔥samuraijiujitsu 🔥Jiujiteirosincero 🔥seu_estilo_jiujitsu epidemiabjj blackbelt graduacao Brownbelt pulseirabjj lecprotetoresbucais Purplebelt jiujitsuparatodos pulseiradejiujitsu Bluebelt parajiu♿ videodejiujitsu passador pulseiradegraduacao nogijiujitsu nogi parajiujitsu guardeiro withebelt braceletedejiujitsu jiujitsu bjjgi bjj guardax guardachata guardaaranha

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Christopher Hinojosa


Comment from Christopher Hinojosa:

I shall drink from the cup of tears to power my day.. ASF4LIFE EvansJJ LovatoJJ LJJA Lifestyle whitebelt tears fuelsmymorning thebestpartofwakingup whitebelttears inmycup lmao perfect pro Brazilianjiujitsu bjj bjj4life bjjlifestyle ilovebjj jiujitsu JiuJitsu4life ilovejiujitsu oss gi nogi purplebelt life

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JunHo Leo Kim


Comment from JunHo Leo Kim:

Last friday there was kind of promotion day. We rolled together and shared skills and experiences for each other. I always felt there were really nice and good people in the gym with happiness. Even I have got one stripe on my purple belt that night. I will keep doing and going in further! Oss!! 지난 금요일 승급심사 진행! 스파링도 하면서 서료 교류하고 부족한 부분을 서로 채워주었다! ㅎㅎ 늘 승급때마다 느끼는 거지만 참 즐겁고 소중한 사람들이다! ㅋㅋ 거기다가 나도 스트라이프를 하나 더 받으면서 더 열심히 하겠다는 다짐도 했다! 계속 전진하자! 오쓰!! jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu bjj machadojiujitsu hoonmachadojiujitsu ssengym ssengymsuseong processorjinwoohan 한진우관장님 jiujitero purplebelt onestripe freeletics madbarz streetworkout weightlifting weighttraining crossfit

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Klaudi Balliu


Comment from Klaudi Balliu:

Recuperare la guardia! solodrills bjj jiujitsu drill_to_kill drillbjj bjjtraining bjjtraining purplebelt mobilityforjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle guardeiro spiderguard mobility dynamicmovement

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Niko Power


Comment from Niko Power:

"Very Rare" nickyryanbjj rare purplebelt jiujitsu jiujitsumeme jiujitsumemes jiujitsuproblems jiujitsulifestyle bjj bjjmeme bjjmemes bjjproblems bjjlifestyle brazil brazilianjiujitsu nogi danaherdeathsquad kohia legday leglock leglocky leglocks leglocker heelhook heelhooks dankjitsmemes

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Habrok Inc


Comment from Habrok Inc:

Repost from kadelawson_jj TopRankRepost "Work on your mind, as much as on your body" 🌊🏅 habroksports Tatica leave gi, great for training and competition, lightweight and functional 🔥👌 I will be competing July 8th at Submission hunter and July 23rd/24th at the ibjjf Austin Open 😈 jiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu ibjjf submissionhunter berimbolo purplebelt texasbjj jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsugi bjjlifestyle

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Comment from AjSouza_BJJ:

Dando continuidade às comemorações do niver da minha querida é linda irmã Lidiana com a mais coxinha de todas Thayris e a minha nega, a mulher que manda, que caminha ao meu lado e me sustenta diante das dificuldades, Gleiciane. Amo vcs, foi top pagar de motora pro6, pormaisnoitesassim jornalopinião BrasilOticas BfArtigosEsportivos lotusclubteam brazilianjiujitsu bjj jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu4life jiujitsulife lotusjiujitsu lotusclub fitness purplebelt designer valtercombate paidaBeatrizedoLucas artesuave artesmarciais designergrafico jornalismo fotojornalismo diagramador flamengo mengão crf nacao

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Jiujitsu de Minas


Comment from Jiujitsu de Minas:

Repost dada_dos (get_repost) ・・・ "Numa noite Pedro não pescou nada. No dia seguinte fez a maior pesca da sua vida. Sua melhor experiência pode vir depois da maior frustração. Tente de novo! " O resultado não foi o que eu queria, mas estou muito feliz com seu ouro luizabuzelebjj vamos treinar cada vez mais! Obrigada todos que me ajudaram participar do Rio Winter. kimonosjoker thediamond maxmuscle acreditarsempre caiogregorioteam purplebelt eunaovouparar jiujitsu_minas

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Samantha Seff


Comment from Samantha Seff:

My champion always ❤️ lovehim boyfriend relationshipgoals bjjcouple powercouple brownbelt purplebelt love mybaby rideordie

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Comment from ChokeHunter:

GuillotineGoals 😂 . . . Repost grapplersplanet (get_repost) ・・・ The perks of what we do. . . From _michaelb_01 - Sometimes strange things happen in jits! This being one of them. Word of advice...... When a giant man is trying to stack pass you. With all his weight pressing on your head. Maybe tap instead of matrix back-rolling out of that shit. Otherwise this may happen! So much pressure it split me wide open! (But I got out) 10 stitches later, I'm as good as new. Kind of. Lol. Had some great rolls previous to this though.... Big thanks to Vjay for this new memory (scar) Truth be told. This big bear is a little baby...... "Omg, omg, omg..... There's blood on me!!" **runs to the washroom screaming** Made it worth while. Much love! oss bjj scars whoops mastersworlds purplebelt ouch bacon bo4 - jiujitsu

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Aaron Cardona


Comment from Aaron Cardona:

Congrats Jamie! New purple belt! Hard work always pays off oss jiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle brotherhood ctrl ctrlindustries sisu ctrlsquad hardwork purplebelt adoptawhitebelt fitfam cantstopwontstopt florida fwb emeraldcoast destin helpeveryone teamfirst delariva artesuave

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Mo Black


Comment from Mo Black:

Guard pass from Worlds🌎 . . . . . . . danielcalvertjiujitsu mottaprimebjj bjj bjjlifestyle bjjathlete bjjlife jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsugi jiujiteira faixaroxa purplebelt primebjj primebjj coloradosprings trainhard determination pressure pressurepassing carlsongracie carlsongracielineage knowyourroots fightlikeagirl lovewhatyoudo followyourdreams workout healthylifestyle exercise

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Mindy Funk


Comment from Mindy Funk:

First girlsingis event and opportunity to learn from fborgesjiujitsu!!! I have met and learned so much since I've been here in San Antonio in the brazilian jiujitsu community. I couldn't feel better about my findings here. Thank you brazil021sa for welcoming me to your academy and team 💜. happybirthday blackbelt purplebelt bjjgirls bjjlifestyle bjjlife bjjhair opportunity blessed girlsingis longhairdontcare redhead braziliangirl graciebarra sharing knowledge learning supportwomensbjj bjjcommunity

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Kade Alexander Lawson


Comment from Kade Alexander Lawson:

"Work on your mind, as much as on your body" 🌊🏅 habroksports Tatica leave gi, great for training and competition, lightweight and functional 🔥👌 I will be competing July 8th at Submission hunter and July 23rd/24th at the ibjjf Austin Open 😈 jiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu ibjjf submissionhunter berimbolo purplebelt texasbjj

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Wellington Cesar


Comment from Wellington Cesar:

Aquele "soltinho". jiujitsu ccft evolucao aprendizagem gratidao purplebelt brownbelt kvra carloscunhaft

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catriel ungaro


Comment from catriel ungaro:

Hoy se compitio, se lucho, se disfruto y sobretodo se aprendió en el open Rosario bjj(copa 360). Obtuve el tercer puesto en la categoría y el segundo en el absoluto, junto a mi parceiro ramirozapata.bjj . Gracias a mi mestre germanleder por el apoyo las enseñanzas y a toda la banda de abama. A los chicos que compitieron y me apoyaron jpgonzalezra jubugallo y el rama. Gracias a daianatsvetkoff que siempre me apoya/tolera en este camino. bjj bjjlife bjjstyle bjj4life openrosario cobrateam abamaextreme faixaroxa purplebelt oss

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