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Comment from pnw_guns_and_gear:

desert_guardian glockinc streamlightinc edc everydaycarry pewpew pewpewlife donttreadonme 1776 freedom 2ndamendment gunlife glock g19 tlr1 streamlight weaponlight doyouevenpewpewbro pnw makeamericagreat rangeday glocklife stayfrosty stormtrooper

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Colt Driver | Handgun Planet


Comment from Colt Driver | Handgun Planet:

Don't know which gun I'd be totin' around in a real life end of the world dystopian scenario, but I can guarantee this coltfirearms Series 70 wouldn't be too far away. It's earned it's keep. Almost all wilsoncombat parts and it just keeps ticking. Oh yeah and if you haven't read One Second After, it's worth the time. _____________________________________________ handgunplanet gunsinc gunpictures ammo bad nightstand pewpew pewpewlifestyle weapons 1911 awesome igdaily igmilitia firearmsphotography weaponfanatics pro2a professional guns handguns shooting rangeday edc glockporn 45acp weaponsfeed dailygundose monday book colt45 1911porn

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Blake Williams


Comment from Blake Williams:

I want a lewilsoninc trimmer bad! This is next on my "to get" list for reloading tools! Do you have any experience with these? Comment below.

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Comment from machinegunsvegas:

YouTuber marielisbar came by for some fun today! . . . gunporn fullauto progun guns targets weekend outdoorshooting firearms gun glock semiauto pewpew pewpewpew lasvegas vegas shotshow rangeday lasvegasgunrange gunrange 2a 2ndamendment pewpewlife potd photooftheday gundaily gunsdaily tannerite outdoorrange firearmsdaily patriotic

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Jacob Hutchison


Comment from Jacob Hutchison:

Everyday is not the same, we have good and bad days. But if push forward and work hard for your goal eventually you'll hit it. dpms 2a glock19 stayarmed arbuild rangeday

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Comment from JCarlstedt:

rangeday glock glock19 coldmorning hotrange glockinc stormlakebarrels

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Shadow Valley Weapons


Comment from Shadow Valley Weapons:

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This Leprechaun got himself an SVCOMP 😎 - SVCOMP $85 5.56 and 300blk Order from the link in our Bio 👍🏼 - SVCOMP 3p 2a pewpew igmilitia glockporn glock gun guns gunsdaily edc everydaycarry firearm firearms thinblueline shooting motivation ar15 ar15news gunsofinstagram rangeday

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Comment from Britt:

I wish I could shoot this again! I was like a kid in the candy store. 50cal shooting guns shootingguns bigguns rifles girlsandguns american usa brittanyammo bammo camouflage rangeday gunrange pewpew bangbang

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Jesse C


Comment from Jesse C:

A little practice drawing from a holster and shooting 3 shots. 2 to the chest, 1 to the head. rangeday glock g19 hotrange coldmorning glockinc stormlakebarrels outdoorlife

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Comment from mastermindtactics:

The Mastermind Tactics Universal Belt. mastermindtactics belt tactical tacticalgear thepewpewlife pewpew edc edcgear everydaycarry selfdefense secondamendment shootingrange rangeday concealedcarrynation ccw lifestyle outdoors style uspsa idpa ipsc 3gun 3gunnation sickguns holster

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Comment from Richi:

military usmc rangeday range shooting pewpew 223 556 vhs rifle sharpshooter fun

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Comment from BackwoodsBrew:

It was a good afternoon. • • • palmettostatearmory 556nato instagun rangeday gunsofinstagram freedommachine magpul

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Dylan Sessler


Comment from Dylan Sessler:

This is my most recent build. What a tack driver and absolute rock. That gun barely moves when fired with the SJC Titan muzzle brake and JP Enterprises silent capture spring. I love the side charging capability as well. I can't stop loving this DMR. My 6.5 creedmoor is going to have some competition when it's done. merica🇺🇸 getsome rangeday rifle longrange precision accuracy consistency pewpewlife pewpewprofessional magpul midwestindustries sjctitan ASA americanspiritarms criterion 223wylde video slowmo boom

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Comment from pewpewpreacher:

Range day today! Does anyone else get excited in anticipation for range day? Let us have even more excitement for our Lord who saves us from our sin! • "Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey." -Zachariah 9:9 • rangeday shootingrange ar15 bcm bcmgear bravocompany ak47 akm ak kalashnikov kalashlife kalash saiga tactical tacticalgear platecarrier aimpoint trijicon battlebelt guns gunrights 2a 2ndamendment secondamendment pewpew thepewpewlife

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Renee Martin


Comment from Renee Martin:

When you're having a HORRIBLE day and then get this package in the mail. Definitely made me smile for a second. guns ammo shooting ar 556x45 girlswithguns takemeoutshooting rangeday countrydays shootshit idaho idahome fmj fullmetaljacket birthdaypresents

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Lea "Speed6"


Comment from Lea "Speed6":

As promised, here is a detailed multipost on the 500 yard prone match I shot Saturday. I know, its not as cool as a mag dump or ad for protein powder but here we go: youcandrinkproteinwhilereading orflattummytea .
So a 500 yard mid-range prone match is very easy to participate in, you don’t have to race around blasting away at things super fast, you don’t need specialized guns/gear, and you don’t even have to be in good shape… You just have to be a good shot! Basically, you shoot three strings of 20 rounds each, beginning with two additional sighters per string that don’t count towards your score. You aren’t under much time constraint since you have around 22 minutes per string of fire. So all in all you need 66 rounds for this match, plus some extras if you want to sight in beforehand. While you shoot, another group pulls targets for you, more about that later.
. This was my first time shooing a 500 yard prone match and it was very relaxing and laid back compared to other types of matches and shooting that I’ve done! Even pulling targets, as you can see in my first photo, is interesting. You wait for the shot to hit, then swing down the metal carrier (the one next to me is in the down position while mine is above my head) and score the target, adding indicators to let the shooter know where they hit and what the score was. Then, after all three strings are shot, you switch and you become the shooter while they pull your target in the pit.
. This time out I had a choice of shooting my GAP or Tac30, both tactical .308 bolt actions, and went with the Tac30. I also ran my silencerco Omega as well. There is a special F-TR class just for .308 or .223 rifles so you aren’t up against those with insanely specialized gear. All I needed was my usual shooting mat, bipod, and my rear bag that I always use, nothing to buy. I highly recommend you give it a try if you have the chance, it isn’t physically taxing but really tests your accuracy. I’m definitely going to do this again. endtransmission nra_blog badgerordnance gorillaammo vortexoptics nanukcases

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Tactical Fashion Advisors, LLC


Comment from Tactical Fashion Advisors, LLC:

Repost karlyfries12 with repostapp ・・・ It's a pew-tiful life triggered triggercontrol pewlife pewpew guns 2a dailygundose vortexoptics girlswithguns mondaygunday america rangeday

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JD Williams


Comment from JD Williams:

Little bit of fun on the PolishPlateRack at the DothanGunClub Tactical 2Gun match this past weekend. hecklerandkoch hkshooting geissele federalpremium nevadaammunition HecklerAndKoch HK P30L 9mm NoCompromise oakleystandardissue oakley Shooting Firearms Guns GunRange RangeDay PewPew ThePewPewLife SundayGunday Gunday Ammo Ammunition 2A SecondAmendment Tactical Operator TacticalOperator LoadAndMakeReady theuspsa USPSA IDPA

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Dylan Sessler


Comment from Dylan Sessler:

Sometimes you need some group therapy. Days like today have always been my favorite. Just a friend, a couple of stunning rifles, and an open range. guns pewpewlife pewpewprofessional vortexviper vortexnation vortexoptics nightforce christensenarms bradleycheekrest atlasbipod magpul americandefensemfg sjctitan longrange rifle rangeday getsome merica🇺🇸

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Solomon F


Comment from Solomon F:

🔫Shot from competing in the United Kingdom. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🇬🇧 gunsdaily gunporn ar15 alberta saskatchewan canadianforces pewpew tacticallife canadian rangeday monday gunsofinstagram guns uk bisley

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