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Comment from P226nut:

So on my last post I just assumed everyone knew about these guns, this is the HMG copy of the strumgewehr, it's not the 22 lr piece of shit made by GSG, these guns are being offered in two realistic caliber choices 5.56 and 7.62x39, they are also being made in two stupid caliber choices 8 Kurtz (the original 7.92x33 chambering) and 300 aac black out, don't buy one in 300 aac please, thank you lol. Anyway this was the pic they sent out trying to determine the stock color, on the far right you can see the stocks they had been showing us, middle left is the color that was voted the winner and the far left is the one I like, these should be pretty cool, but the price tag is $1800 which is too high imo, I want this gun for $1000-$1200, they'll sell a few at $1800, but eventually they'll have to get realistic about their prices. That's just my opinion, but in a few years these should be much cheaper judging by the way the market is. germanguns nazis germany worldwar2 worldwartwo weapon igguns igmilitia instaguns pewpew pewpewpew pewlife ThePewPewLife gun guns gunlife gunporn gunchannels firearms rifle machinegun nra 2ndamendment p38 walther waltherp38 luger glock Hashtagtical glockporn

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Enola Gaye


Comment from Enola Gaye:

📹 from esydow13 - It's not the video you want... it's the video you need. 😎 Put together a rather epic course of fire out at drewhopkins' range. sonicboomtargets and enolagayeusa smoke made this quite enjoyable. 👍🤣😭 - gun guns pistol pistols rifles rifle concealedcarry carryconcealed america freedom shootingvideos shootingguns igmilitia igshooters instashooters glock glocks pewpew awesome fun funny lol pewpewlife 9mm everydaycarry 2ndamendment asian rangeday enolagayetraining

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Gun Carrier


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The baddest of the bad, the Colt revolver. Double tap the image to show the love. guns revolver firearms Visit Gun Carrier TODAY linkinbio Repost and 📷 from gun_vault

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Repost allbakeliteeverything (get_repost) ・・・ Welp... Slapped an algdefense AKT-UL in it already. Form 1 is going out ASAP. allbakeliteeverything ak akm ak47 ak74 aks74u krink krinkov kalash kalashlife kalashnikov akfanatics gun guns gunhub gunporn gundose gunchannels rifle arsenal firearms sickguns 545x39 2ndamendment 2a калаш калашников калашникова slr104

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FoamAction Sports


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midnightrider82 love this picture, thanks again! jandsgunsandammoinc americanpatriot america pewpew guns theoutbound daily_badass proud2protect badass gunporn gunlover firearms dontreadonme libertyordeath firearmlove gunfreaks gungame accessories nra tactical ammo protection merica blackrifle dailygundose rifle ak ak47

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Repost megan_6.7 (get_repost) ・・・ 🌴☀️Be the change you want to see.... ar10 308 rifle gun guns gunsdaily gunsofinstagram dailygundose sunshine palmtrees florida

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US Department of Justice reports over 5,000 home invasions daily gun guns military rifle combat hunting shooting gunlife gunporn freedom pistol firearm firearms nra gunsdaily guncontrol handgun weaponsreloaded defendthesecond gunfreaks merica usa godblessamerica secondamendment 2ndamendment supportthetroops ammo ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ pewpew

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Conquer Life


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☺☺Keep Calm and Hunt On.!!! Sourcemattmccormick05 ✌✌✌! . . . . . . arrow huntingworldwide huntingdog deerhunting huntlife huntinglife wildlife rifle biggame bowhunting bow hunting huntereyesview boarhunting animals hoyt bowhunter elkhunting whitetail huntingseason elk duckhunting nature hunt buck deer shooting moose huntingarrows outdoors

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Kartik Damu


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New to the ranks but without a doubt an insta fav. What do you think ? - Ruger Mini-14 Stainless side folder 💥.223/5.56 - gunlove 2eh molonlabe ruger mini14 ATeam firearm blackrifle semiauto machinegun rifle gunscanada dailypew thepewlife pewpewpew pewpewandchill pew weapons gunspictures gunsofinstagram guns badass 2a gun gunporn igmilitia gunfanatics gunsdaily gunstagram Double tap and tag 3 friends Follow for more Guns infomation 👉realguns.ig Check out my bio link 👆 hiking .ig

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Garrett Chapin


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Trusty Ol' Mak. guns GunPorn gunsdaily guncontrol kalash kalashnikov kalashlife ak 762x39 bakelite pewpew russia soviet rifle molonlabe

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Detroit Ammunition Company LLC


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Making circles! 45acp p90 ps90 glock tommygun vector krissvector suppressor silencer subgun subguns silencer SBR girlswithguns guyswithguns Ammunition guncontrol gunlove rifles rifle blackrifle pistol pistols holster guyswhoshoot girlsthatshoot guysthatshoot gunlife ar57 shootingguns

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Hunting heart


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Get prepared for warm weather by winning free items from Apache Pine! Double tap this picture TO WIN!! Tag your good friends for more odds to win! Good Luck 👌👌👌! 👍👍👍!!! . . . . . . . credit : hunt_nk Please follow and share your flowers with us by tagging your photos with huntingheart --------------------------- hunt huntlife hunting huntingseason huntinglife bowhunter bowhunting duckhunting deerhunting huntingdog hoyt huntereyesview rifle hunter huntingworldwide huntingarrows

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FoamAction Sports


Comment from FoamAction Sports:

Katie having some fun with the Ruger 1022! americanpatriot america pewpew guns precisionshooting theoutbound daily_badass rifleholics proud2protect badass tacticalshit tacticalporn gunporn gunlover firearms dontreadonme libertyordeath firearmlove gunfreaks gungame accessories nra tactical ammo protection merica blackrifle dailygundose range rifle

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JD Williams


Comment from JD Williams:

Ready to smoke some steel tomorrow at the precisiontactical And JABs Extreme Steel match at the dothan_gun_club !! 🔥🔫🔥🔫 Bags are packed and gun is oiled up!! Let's do this! 👊🏼💪🏼🇺🇸😎 hecklerandkoch hkshooting hkparts HecklerAndKoch HK HKShooting NoCompromise P30L 9mm Ammo Ammunition Shoot Shooting Shooter GunsOfInstagram InstaGuns PewPew ThePewPewLife vzgrips blowndeadline mcb_ccp springer_precision Guns Firearms LoadAndMakeReady TheWinningDifference theuspsa USPSA ShootSteel SteelMatch Pistol Rifle

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Ronald Atkinson


Comment from Ronald Atkinson:

Today, my borrowed photo comes from manny_rules_all. It is hard to beat a nice Mosin with all the fixings! wwii ww2 worldwarii worldwar2 military milsurp militarysurplus militarycollection militaryhistory history guns gunsofinstagram igmilitia boltaction rifle mosinnagant mosin mosin9130 milsurpguys

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Eat Sleep Breathe Outdoors


Comment from Eat Sleep Breathe Outdoors:

throwbackthursday goes to my buddy who shot this bull this last year. It was a fun hunt to be apart of and a bull to remember, despite his broken point! 👌elkhunting success elk hunting rifle goodtimes nicebull 6point broken mount

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Boss Alexis


Comment from Boss Alexis:

Steyr Aug 5.56 lock load miami wynwood rifle automatic caliber soft recoil target austria army

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