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R. Jake Lennox


Comment from R. Jake Lennox:

It's lovely to see so many synths on a stage. synth synthesizer korg microkorg roland electronic chipmusic 8bit ShadowPolice CM88 Casion Meadowlark

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Comment from Franssen:

small trip to Mars ⚡️ complete vid on fb recording techno elektron octatrack atmosphere franssen konnektivmusik industrial underground dark darkambient equipment art live liveset livepa hardware synth monotribe blofeld tr505 roland keystep micromonsta audiothingies

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Adriano Ferreira


Comment from Adriano Ferreira:

Vamos de gravina... job life studioaudiofire guitar guitarra pop sertanejo sertanejouniversitario arrocha fender telecaster fenderdeluxe guttiguitarpicks borneamplificadores vox yamaha roland pedaiseefeitos

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Pale Beats


Comment from Pale Beats:

Kiekens... PaleBeats MV8800 roland sampler hiphop boombap boombaphiphop instrumental beatmaker hiphophead vinyl drums kick snare bass love hiphopmusic vinyljunkie records chops samples instabeats

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Ellis Miah


Comment from Ellis Miah:

When you live in California so you say fuck it. Let's bring the studio outside

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Pippo Felloni


Comment from Pippo Felloni:

Hyper Showcase at Minds Room (Simple //FE) Un cazzo di rave 🚀🎲 simple mindsroom minds room hyper showcase techno bellicavei roland djset bw blackandwhite club clublife night nightlife rave raving ferrara

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SoundCreation Music Store

Comment from SoundCreation Music Store:

🔥 Cine achiziționează un pian Roland din seria HP, LX sau GP, primește GRATUIT un abonament de trei luni la Sheet Music Direct PASS. Adică se bucură de acces la 50.000 de partituri muzicale online și 50% reducere la orice descărcare. music instruments piano play performance piano roland rolandusa shop shopping free musicians

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Comment from AlexBottomsMusix:

So I finally got my Roland GR-55 and GK-3! I can't tell you just how much fun this thing is! Just so everyone knows, I might be a bit more hermit-ish because of it... until I learn in it fluently. guitar guitarist guitarlife guitarmusic guitarartist strings music musicflow musicianlife musicians musicismytherapy musicisthesoundofthesoul musiciswhatido musiclife musiclifestyle ilovemusic ilovewhatido lovewhatyoudo dowhatyoulove art newgear

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Sal Filipelli


Comment from Sal Filipelli:

elenorerigby thebeatles namm namm2017 latepost roland bass andrewgouche

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Marco Bicca 🎶


Comment from Marco Bicca 🎶:

I've been using Samsom products for a while and I think now it is official! Thank you samson_technologies for the support. Photo by: nlimsang pearldrums promark music love drums drummers drumming drummerlife teamremo metal rock prog theabsentlight sigmaproject theelement rehearsal cubase samsontech akg sabiancymbals pearldrumsfans namm iamadrumwarrior thenammshow cympad humesandberg urbanboards roland marcobicca

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Visual Creations Co.


Comment from Visual Creations Co.:

Hello My name is skylinegtr and I'm going to get wrapped in kpmfusa morpheusblack we are looking fwd on doing this one for sure.... visualcreations wewrapit creativeagency cmyk avery rolandxr640 roland wrapinstaller wideformat creative creativity lasvegasgraphicdesigner wideformatprinting averywraps wraplife lasvegas paintisdead elitewrappers metrorestyling artwork graphicdesign

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Logan Vars


Comment from Logan Vars:

Sweet lil' shot from last night at mercuryroomyeg with falsifierontario filthband and negationnation. Thanks to everyone who came out on a Tuesday! Photo by r_dub49 and ltdtalentservices mapexdrums rolandcanada sabiancymbals_official promarkbydaddario evansdrumheads tunebotdrum trick_drums_usa mapexdrums saturn roland td12 sabian sabiancymbals promark 2b evansdrumheads level360 ec2 tunebot trickdrums trickpercussion trickpedals bigfoot localbands metal yeg yegmusic deathcore techdeath blastbeats drums drummer dustycymbals

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Comment from DME:

Kevin Bednar, aka Spednar, is a Pittsburgh-based electronic music producer who utilizes live coding methodologies to push the bounds of poly-rhymthmic and microtonal compositions. With styles spanning breakcore, dnb, noise and musique concrete his sounds aim to excite both experimental and traditional electronic listeners alike. He is also the founder of Cosmic Sound Radio, an internet radio station that showcases talent from around the world. Through CSR, Spednar has created a global network of likeminded individuals. CSR promotes events and does live video broadcasting logistics for parties in the Pittsburgh region. Recently, he has risen to the top of the food-based rap duo genre alongside fellow DME member 0h85 with their Jimmy Jamz project. Spednar's innovative technique places him amongst some of the most forward thinking musicians in his genre and beyond. The improvised and often impromptu nature of his performances leave audience members astounded and intrigued. In 2016 he composed an original soundscape for Dennis Maher's A Second Home installation piece at Pittsburgh's Mattress Factory; this original work was met with critical acclaim from Vice's Creators Project publication. Spednar has also curated events for the VIA Music and New Media Festival, at Wood Street Gallery and for Pittsburgh's Cultural Trust, a regional powerhouse attracting global talent. His original music has been included in RBMA Radio and MixMag featured mixes. 2016's amorphaux EP (released on La Squadra Records) was hailed as one of his most promising musical offerings.

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Alex Gas


Comment from Alex Gas:

I so happy to come 3000deep with my EP, the ep includes sounds melody with soft ambients, piano, deep tech tracks like Sing to The Moon and Dance With Wolf the ep. 3000deep gas alex freedownload ep mud free download exclusive dub workinprogress djalexgas alexgas ableton deephouse techno house sing moon bestoftheday recording party roland djset music wefollowvinyl follow4follow ibiza creation remix

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Corey J Elliott


Comment from Corey J Elliott:

Got my tickets for both shows! Lets go!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻alterbridge metallica zildjian sabian tamavicfirth pearl remo Gretsch ludwigmapex holychina dw soundpercussionroland drums drum drummer jamming pdp snare toms cymbalsdrumset dannycarey sticks rockandroll rock music

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Charles "Chuck" Smotherson


Comment from Charles "Chuck" Smotherson:

New Video Coming Soon ➖➖➖➖➖🎧USE HEADPHONES🎧➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ChuckSmotherson NewVideo Promo DrumCover iPad Insignia Remo VicFirth vf15 FocusRite Chops Drumchops Groove Drumming Shure Tama AbletonLive SolomonMics LoFreQ WeAreFocusrite 180drums Roland DrumDots youtube instagram facebook twitter roland_us 180drums solomonmics ableton officialtamadrums shureinc zildjiancompany vicfirth remopercussion wearefocusrite drumdots ableton youtube peaveyelectronics instagram facebook

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Douglas Reis


Comment from Douglas Reis:

Agenda da Semana... douglasreis deusnocomando pop rock flashback love lounge sertanejo sertanejouniversitario violão crafter keyboards roland guitars lespaul strimberg audiomix workshow jorgeemateus fernandoesorocaba henriqueejuliano zenetoecristiano

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Spectrum Laser


Comment from Spectrum Laser:

Номерные бирки из двухслойного пластика. По всем вопросам: 📫 📱 +7(916) 607-93-60 Москва moscow lasercut лазер рязанскийпроспект бирка реклама подарок gifts россия серыйзелёный пластик гравировка spectrumlaser номерок уфпечать roland

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Comment from Name:

My small but lovely home-studio! Macbook pro, Zoom Tac-8, MonkeyBananaTurbo, Roland TD-30 and a fender Tele :) drumcover drummer funkydrummer drum drums drum drumming minusone roland myroland rolandtd30 td30 vicfirth imwithvic Norway practice singlepedal drummersrule drumfun vf15 homestudio macbookpro logic zoomtac8 monkeybananaturbo

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Bergur Guðnason


Comment from Bergur Guðnason:

wearetheband þórður rock rokk threeamps tubepower orangemicroterror roland peavey ibanez iceland🇮🇸 gravarvogur magenta

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