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Comment from BuggyBootCampLeeds:

These are my two absolute favourite photos of me and my birthday girl emmahyndman_missnabbaworld 👯💕 one is when we were both competing at the 2014 NABBA British final supporting each other and the other is when we went to marbs in 2015 and I got Ems absolutely wasted at the oceanclub spray party 😜🍾we had to support each other then too! 🙈😂 This gyal is the strongest female I know, physically and mentally 💪🏽✌🏻️Always there for each other no matter what happens or how much time passes between swing other. Just how friendship should be! I got ya back kid 👊🏻❤️ happybirthday innercircle wingwoman friendshipneverends rolemodel alphafemale lonewolfs fitnessgirls figuregirls

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Comment from Ellie:

Mysis the cat is a role model for how to live life! Eat good stuff, rest 16 hours a day and cuddle only nice hoomans 🐈❤ Today we're resting in the sun 🌞 rest haveagoodday catsofinstagram rolemodel sun cat kitten mys sleep happy cuddle thebest sunny

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Casey Elizabeth


Comment from Casey Elizabeth:

4 Years ago my superhero passed on to another universe.... Until our very last conversation, my dad emphasized that his greatest wish for me was to know my own power and independence; to use my brain and be more than "just pretty". Such a lucky daughter. Love and miss you Daddy 😘💗💌 anniversary rolemodel dad daddy love rip 4years realmen empoweryourdaughters canadianlife independentwoman pilateslovers

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Антон Мамон


Comment from Антон Мамон:

Настроение - валяться весь день в кровати, пить чай и смотреть передачи pozneronline до чего же это крутой мужик! Люблю его за то, как просто он излагает самые сложные мысли! Мой rolemodel 🌝познер познеркрутоймужик настроениедня настроениезима сплювесьдень сонливость сплюн погодашепчет погодаужас погодафу мысливслух💬 антонмамон подпледом хорошодома хорошодома🏡 доммилыйдом битваэкстрасенсов битваэкстрасенсов17 веснаприди

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Comment from MrsScott:

Breakfast... the most important meal of the day💕. Shakeo + porridge = love

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Simon Deen


Comment from Simon Deen:

When you didn't get the looks or the brains sister proud rolemodel

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Mafdy Nabil


Comment from Mafdy Nabil:

My unbiological Parents , I love you John and Lisa ❤️rolemodels rolemodel parents love unconditionallove unconditional faith familyovereverything family fourseasons

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Comment from PeopleofCLT:

Lovely lyrics. But really, we hope every day was an opportunity for you to shine and create your story.

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John Hope Bryant


Comment from John Hope Bryant:

4AM Love!! The incomparable and iconic quincydjones and me in BelAir earlier this week. A decade later from the first photo, we sit in the same place. Sharing the same love -- Mentor/Mentee/Brother/Friends. familylove foreverlove whataman rolemodel

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LaTaye Davis


Comment from LaTaye Davis:

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: CSM EVELYN HOLLIS Command Sgt. Maj. Evelyn Hollis 2004: First black female command sergeant major of a combat arms unit Hollis entered the Army during a time of great debate over whether women should serve in combat units in 1979. In the 1990s, numerous opportunities began opening for women to serve in combat arms units. During this time, she was offered the opportunity to advance her career by switching her career field to air defense artillery. Since then, Hollis had moved through the ranks and received the Bronze Star for her service during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. In April 2004, she made history when she became the first female command sergeant major of a combat arms unit by assuming command of the 1st Battalion, 31st Air Defense Artillery Command. trailblazer evelynhollis csm army ada military women africanamerican rolemodel latayebrandedme blackhistory

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Kathleen Adaline


Comment from Kathleen Adaline:

The Queen Mariah Carey in Dubai❤️ mariahcarey childhoodfavorite love TagsForLikes TagsForLikesApp instagood me smile follow cute photooftheday tbt followme girl beautiful happy picoftheday instadaily amazing TFLers fashion igers fun summer instalike bestoftheday rolemodel like4like instamood

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Kristin Taylor


Comment from Kristin Taylor:

Being a mother today means so much more than just caring for children. Being a mother today means being a role model for a growing Soul, a guardian angel for a curious mind and just to experience the world. Being a mother today means being the best human being you can be, in order to set the best example you can for your children. Being a mother today means knowing how to walk a path of balance between satisfying the needs of the self and fulfilling the needs of those around you, so that one day your children will know how to walk the same path. beingamother stronger wiser beingthebestyoucanbe balance giving revelation rolemodel morethancaring outletrail waterfall momof3 momlife neverbeenhappier

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Comment from Rafaella:

Help I've fallen and I can't get up

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Comment from Melinda:

💞 pink pinkies pinkie pinkfan pinkfans pinksfan pinksarmy pinkfamily perfect pinkthesinger pinksunderdogs pinksinger pinkfanpage fanpage musician superstar rockstar popstar pinkarmy artist songwriter beautiful beauty perfection singer singersongwriter aleciamoore aleciabethmoore rolemodel idol pink

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Da Nesh Nair


Comment from Da Nesh Nair:

brother rolemodel Perak FC Player K.Nantha Kumar who was qualified to Arsenal FC 😍❤

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Comment from Distillno7:

Quick break before we start! Come see us at booth E8 capsuleshow AW17 rtw

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Mika Lemoine


Comment from Mika Lemoine:

lookingup rolemodel destinyartscenter tutting selfexpression danceishealth teachingartistlife survive45

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Colin Strong


Comment from Colin Strong:

"Regular people get regular pay, live regular lives, and end up with regular results." 🔥🏆🔥If any of you are trying to take your fitness to the NXT LVL, you need a STRONG foundation. Join me and the NXT LVL family on reaching true success 💪🏽 "Take inventory of those in your life, and surround yourself only with positive people." * * * * * * * * 👑nxtlvlempire 👑 next_level_motivations 👑 shreddednutritionrx 👑 flexfriday onaquest questsquad sponsored dieting aesthetics lift motivation inspire goals fit fitfam fitness determination shredded lifestyle family rolemodel dream reality progress bodybuilding transformation gynecomastia

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Comment from Navy_Gal🇬🇧:

Thank you for 400 followers! UK navy since 2007/2008. Nhevi or die ⚓🔫 Supporting Queen Robyn Rihanna Fenty for life👑. 20 Years. Jess. Favourite Album - Rated R. Rihanna RihannaNavy WeSeeYouMamma Badgal FitchByFenty NavyforLife Nhevi NavyOrDie GGGBTour & DWT 🌹💕

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Comment from layng:

Regrann from huffpostparents - "APPRECIATE IT!" (via adriennehedger) - regrann mom appreciate music pearljam

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