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Comment from GASHMAG.TM.:

...FOR GIRLS THAT SHRED! 🌊GASHMAGAZINE Is all about the Classic Cars & Lifestyle in our Mag. With out this there ain't No Gashmagazine. classiccarslifestylelowriders concretesurfingskatergirllifestyleartskatergirlskaterskateboardingstreetskatingkillingthegameGashmagazinerollerbladerollerskatesgirlswhoshredforgirlsthatshredgirlsthatskateskateanddestroybabesthatshredstyleartsnowboardingbmxdirtbikesurfskateboardingmagazinegashbabes

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Almuth Wehrle


Comment from Almuth Wehrle:

🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 ... work, work, work, work, work, work.... 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 workinprogress work wehmuth schirmkappe orange flügel fly lack black rollerskates rollerderby rollerblade rollerdisco speed hermes technohermes rollschuhe

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Birthe & Brecht

Comment from Birthe & Brecht:

Birthe putting on some oldschool rollerskates for exploring VeniceBeach. Only took a few seconds to fall on her ass 😂 Went and changed them for a beach cruiser instead. 😎 wannaberollerskater harderthanitlooks smileforthecamera keepwanderingtheworld femaletravelbloggers - - - - oldschoolrollerskates venicebeachboardwalk rollerskates palmtrees venicebeachlife venicebeachgram LosAngeles LA California USA travel aroundtheworld travelblog wanderingtheworld iloveusa VisitTheUSA IGSouthWest visitcalifornia ca_usa ca.usa unlimitedlifornia wildlifornia shewantsadventure wewandertoo losangelesbucketlist

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Aleksandra Krawczyńska


Comment from Aleksandra Krawczyńska:

Im back! 😈 rollerderby derby rollerskate rollerskates wrotki derbylove derbygirl sport rollerderbygirls training workout sportgirl trainingday skates skating healthy team derbyday

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Rookie Rollerskates


Comment from Rookie Rollerskates:

Did anyone find out what wearlemonade 's surprise was? ... GirlsOnSkates RookieSkates WearLemonade Rollerskates Rollerskaters Rollergirl FashionBlogger

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Kitty Holly


Comment from Kitty Holly:

Selling my babies... they travelled over the ocean with me, a nice collection which started 14 years ago! 😘💕 rollerskates growingup beingadult rollerderby byebye 70sfashion vintage treasures

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Moxi Roller Skate Shop


Comment from Moxi Roller Skate Shop:

Do you play Roller Derby in your Moxi Skates? Use the hashtag iplayderbyinmoxis so we can follow! SWIPE left to see more photos of roller derby on Moxi skates! Shout out to rebeltown_rollers for joining in on the Moxi Derby love! moxirollerskates derbygirls rollerskates MadeInUSA

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Comment from soy_luna_dreams_:

soylunadelfi soylunadelfina soyluna teamo rollerskates disneychannelsverige disneychannel

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lilani van zyl


Comment from lilani van zyl:

The more I find myself, the more people I lose 🎧 djstudylifepeopletbtphotoshootrollinskatinghappyplacelosefindmyselfsmiledoubletaprollerskateslinosskateshopskatergirlprettykeen

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Igor Recek Gangstér


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Burhan Kılınç


Comment from Burhan Kılınç:

Kawasaki stunt life💥 gnckaplama tigerexhaust ninja250sl monster moto motorcycle biker downhill ninja sport sportbike skatepark bmx skate skateboarding racing instabike instamoto kawasaki kawasakininja modified gnckaplama superbike rollerskates redbull turkey bmw edirne streetfighterz

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La Mascuerda


Comment from La Mascuerda:

hoy no me ha costado tanto levantarme, será porque es el ultimomadrugón de esta semana. Mis patines y yo, nos vamos de finde sindestino rollerskates travel travelling jueves

2 Hours ago

South Bay Roller Skaters


Comment from South Bay Roller Skaters:

HALFWAY there! Thanks for the photo emily_eisen ❤️

2 Hours ago

Yessi Djadjuli


Comment from Yessi Djadjuli:

Haiii...biarkan blm mandi dan bau hasyeeem yg penting bisaaaa gogorolongan...😆😝😅😂😍😘❤️latepostmybabygirlsemangatbisasemangatbelajarrollerskates

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Full Metal Roller Derby


Comment from Full Metal Roller Derby:


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Karen Benge


Comment from Karen Benge:

Today's mode of transportation ✌🏻rollerskates

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Comment from Coco:

For those that's been asking it's finally happening!! I'll be home next month and looking for place to host one workshops! So far it's looking like I'll be hosting one in my hometown of Long Beach! Please comment below if you'd be interested and if so which location!!?!?? Can't wait to roll and get upsidown with you guys!!!! - Also let me know if you guys want the workshops to be during the weekday or on the weekend, in the daytime or evening. I need as much detail as possible to make this ish happen 😍😍😍 moxiskateteam moxirollerskates moxiskateshop

3 Hours ago

Fionn Dempsey


Comment from Fionn Dempsey:

First time I've made it for a skate before work in WEEKS, so glad I did, feeling super chilled now :) Thanks for the hang frokennormal bettie_rage950 la_marcyrana and Elli! Let's do this again but earlier or on a day off, I wanna hannnnng! 🎥 by Linda the lovely human 😍 fitzybowl rollerskates skatewhenyoucan

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Comment from ImmortalKristina🎪:

circus cirque practice new act rollerskating rollerskates rollerskate rollerskaters Practice time, next month our debut ) So exited!)😝😋

3 Hours ago

Surf City Skates/ Toni Edwards


Comment from Surf City Skates/ Toni Edwards:

We are so excited about our new booth at Surf City Nights downtown HB every Tuesday! We're right in front of HSS. Come check us out if you're in town! We carry an awesome variety of roller skates, skate components, accessories, protective gear and more for the skate park, the beach and the rink from s1helmets vans s1pads chaya_skates juicewheels crazyskateco parrajewelry ennui powerslide and more coming! (awesome light up octo_wheels too!) surfcityskatesfamily surfcitynights huntingtonbeach surfcity rollerskates skater skatewear skate iloverollerskating skatelife skatelifestyle skatesupply

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