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Christine Dobbe


Comment from Christine Dobbe:

Tonight we got the saddle on. 😍 . . . . . newhorse horse blaze saddle appaloosa stepmomlife gelding

7 Minutes ago

The Stepmom Life


Comment from The Stepmom Life:

Got the saddle on Blaze tonight!! . . . . . gelding appaloosa blaze horse saddle riding hirsebackriding tonight stepmomlife

15 Minutes ago



Comment from whit:

Just two guys riding the strugglebus at a timetrial after a long day in the saddle headwindssuck

21 Minutes ago

The Golden Snitch


Comment from The Golden Snitch:

SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!!🌴🌞🌊 I literally have no pics right now Just embracing the weird face I'm making 😂 . . . . horse snitchypoo snitch crosscountry dressage horse littlehorsey cutiepie trot canter ride training eventer chestnut gelding geldingpower geldingsrock slay slaying artsyaf saddle eventer eventing training ponyperfection equine photography equinephotography equestrian gorgeous beautiful areaixeventing coloradohorsepark

36 Minutes ago

Michaela, Milkshake & Gem


Comment from Michaela, Milkshake & Gem:

Me on Tia 💕💕 (she is for sale if anyone is interested) pony chestnut mare cute cutepony cutehorse horse lesson spring saddle bridle fun saddlepad halfpad riding horsebackriding equestrian barn stable halter crossties hunter jumper jump jumping jumpers ottb love fav horseback

42 Minutes ago

Goal-1k By The End Of Summer


Comment from Goal-1k By The End Of Summer:

I rode today bareback because it was wet and I didn't feel like tacking up. It rained for 5 days strait then radar it was sunny. I only rode in a halter and Storm did great. Gosh I love this mare! - - - - - - horse horses pony ponies barrel race barrelrace equestrian goals equestrianphotography equestriansofinstagram eqgaols western saddle storm cloud bay easybreezy gray live love ride like comment follow commentforcomment like4like followforfollow gain gaintrain

48 Minutes ago



Comment from loose_rein:

Grainy af lmao but today I rode a really nice horse named Foster! Of course I embarassed myself before I even got on 😂 but I won't get into detail. I liked foster a lot and he was super smooth! Didn't jump this time either but that's okay. Looking forward to next time! • • • horse horses pony ponies tack saddle pad saddlepad bridle reins stirrups snaffle eq equitation equestrians equestrian equus horsesofinstagram animals rider riding horseback horsebackriding quarterhorse darkbay ariat greenhawk charlesowen helmet troxel

50 Minutes ago



Comment from Lainie:

Had an amazing ride on Rico Chico yesterday 💓💓, we worked on flying changes (back legs), getting into conners and learned how to hold on for dear life when someone shoots something and he takes off 🙃 (no joke like seriously) • • • • • • • [Tags: horses horsesofinstagram equestriansofinstagram equestrian horsepower horseriding love nike beautiful cutie cutenessoverload hunter winter jumper jumping englishsaddle justdoit saddle bridle]

51 Minutes ago

horses & photography


Comment from horses & photography:

🙃 Yesterday I was riding George and he bolted on me, I wasn't wearing my grippy jodphers so I slipped right off the leather saddle. I was all alone and I hit my back on a rock I was winded (couldn't breathe because of the fall) and me trying to catch my breath was extremely hard and it would have helped if I had my asthma ventalin on me. George apparently stood there for a while and then ran off when I didn't get up. The man in the caravan saw him run home and got in his car to come get me, asked me if I was okay and drove me back to the paddock. I'm fine but am extremely bruised on my back and I find it hard to walk. But it could've been so much worse, I've had horses buck, bolt, pigroot ect but ive ALMOST always Stayed on. This is the trouble with horse riding, it's an extremely dangerous sport, there are days when I really just feel like I'm not strong enough for this sport and that I should just sell my horses and find something else to do with my life. But even after something like this happens I remember that yes it can be hard and painful but I f**king love it. Nothing gets me more excited then waking up in the morning to go see my horses. Nothing makes me feel as good as making progress, even if it's just a little bit. I would rather risk my life doing something I love, then spending the rest of my life watching other people do it for me. (George is NOT the horse pictured, this is amazon) - equine horselife equinephoto equestrian likes pony ponies gelding horsey saddle canter horseaccount horseriding horse lovehorses horsesofinsta horsesofig horses australia nature naturalhorsemanship photography photo animals coltstarting training edits brumby horseherd horsesrunning

1 Hours ago

Prime Equine


Comment from Prime Equine:

no scope no hope?!😂👍🏼🔥 ------------------------------------------------ 🔹Youtube: Prime Equine 🔸Personal Account: emma.smith1_ ------------------------------------------------ ridethehorse rider equine equestrian rideforbecca rideforolivia hunterjumper greenhorse babyhorse appendix thoroughbred quarterhorse saddle english jump kneestonose form equestrianforlife ilovemyhorse horsebackriding horsesofinstagram

1 Hours ago

Equine Artist


Comment from Equine Artist:

I love this horse!! 😍💕💞💗🐴🦄👏🏻👌🏻 - - - - - - - Happy Friday eve! 😂👏🏻💕💞💖💗💓💘🦄🏇🏻🐶😁🌹❤️💛✍🏻 equinedrawing equestrian equineart equine horse horses halter horsebit standinghorse saddle jumping paper pencil pencilhorse art

1 Hours ago

caitlyn newport


Comment from caitlyn newport:

New bitless bridal is on the wayyy😏😏😬

1 Hours ago

Chloe And Ca$h//1.2K🦄


Comment from Chloe And Ca$h//1.2K🦄:

Roady to st tite québec for the Canadian finals😛 My "mom's, friend's, daughter." Qualified and it's about a 15hour drive so yay. We're doing 10 ish today and the rest tomorrow😊 it's gonna be sooo funn

1 Hours ago



Comment from Billy:

Nothing better than a clean saddle. leather clean saddle equine equestrian western leathercraft leathergoods designs design beautiful world worldwide

1 Hours ago

horses & photography


Comment from horses & photography:

Fuck it I'm just going to do these edits 😂 - equine horselife equinephoto equestrian likes pony ponies gelding horsey saddle canter horseaccount horseriding horse lovehorses horsesofinsta horsesofig horses australia nature naturalhorsemanship photography photo animals coltstarting training edits brumby horseherd horsesrunning

1 Hours ago



Comment from RAFFEL BIKE:

Saddle United Gel 2637 Deskripsi: Assalamualaikum, pngn jual nih saddle United gel, 100% new, sangat empuk, pakai gel, cocok untuk semua sepeda, model terbaru, kode 2637, tebal, sangat cocok untuk touring (perjalanan jauh), kualitas OK sudah terbukti. NOTE: Harga Promosi Harga: Rp 75.000 instagram fixedgear fixedgearbike fixedgearstyle fixedgearaccessories fixedgeargirl fixedgearlife roadbike roadbikelife roadbikestyle roadbikeaccessories mtb mtbgirl mtblife mtbstyle mountainbike mountainbiking mtblife mtbaccessories bmx bmxstreet bmxfreestyle bmxstyle foldingbike foldingbikelife foldingbikeaccessories saddle united gowes

1 Hours ago

Ang Adrian


Comment from Ang Adrian:

"Wanted" Good woman, must sew,cook,skin,gut clean,shovel horse stalls.Must have horse & saddle please send photo of saddle and horse . 😂bearded horses saddle cattledog ropesaddle rope country countryborn countrylife countrystyle rancho ranchero ranch hat potrica llegua saddleranch

1 Hours ago

Cowboy Bahrain


Comment from Cowboy Bahrain:

إدارة و منتسبي محلات كاوبوي بحرين يتمنون لكم ﺻﻮﻣﺎ ﻣﻘﺒﻮﻻ ﻭﺫﻧﺒﺎ ﻣﻐﻔﻮﺭﺍ ﻭﻋﻤﻼ ﻣﻘﺒﻮﻻ ﻭﺩﻋﺎﺀﺍ ﻣﻴﺴﻮﺭﺍ ﻭﻋﻤﻞ ﺻﺎﻟﺢ ﻣﺘﻘﺒﻞ ﺍﻥ ﺷﺎﺀ الله في شهر رمضان المبارك أعاده الله علينا باليمن و الخير و البركات و ندعو ان يتقبل الله أعمالكم و يغفر لكم و كل عامٍ و أنتم بألف خير.. . . From Cowboy Bahrain, We wish you a Happy Ramadan. . . في كاوبوي بحرين، كل ما يتعلق بلباس و معدات الكاوبوي و الفروسية للجنسين ولكل الأعمار تجدونه تحت سقف واحد. للاستفسار الاتصال 0097317300466 او عبر الواتساب 0097332226387 .. At Cowboy Bahrain, you get all cowboy gear and horse tools & equipment for both, male & female at all ages at one stop shop. For more information, call us on 0097317300466 or via WhatsApp 0097332226387.. cowboy cowgirl Bahrain ksa saudi kuwait qatar uae usa texas horse horses cowboybahrain reining rodeo gear tack saddle boot hay shirt westershirt

2 Hours ago

Genie Wàrd


Comment from Genie Wàrd:

Country horses farm pinto and appoloosa wild and crazy gallop bridalleather saddle ride summerdays fun carrots horseproperty horsefeed pond saltblock

2 Hours ago

Saddles, Riders And Horses


Comment from Saddles, Riders And Horses:

One very windy afternoon, check out the girth flying💨saddle voltairedesign showjumper horsestagram horserider equestrianism cheval showhunter saddle equine success equestrian showjumping ridersofinstagram horsesofinstagram horsebridle bridle hunterjumper

2 Hours ago