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Training Centre Flagman


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Возможно ли перейти Атлантический и Тихий океаны пешком? 😨 В 1988 году француз Реми Брика пешком пересёк Атлантический океан. К его ногам были привязаны пятиметровые понтоны из стеклопластика, помогал он себе только веслом, а за собой тянул плот с оборудованием, установкой для опреснения воды и рыбацкими принадлежностями. Начав путь от Канарских островов, путешественник хотел достичь Гваделупы, но, исхудавший и галлюцинирующий, был подобран траулером недалеко от Тринидада — тем не менее, Книга рекордов Гиннесса зачла ему рекорд. В 2000 году Брика поставил ещё более грандиозную цель — пройти таким же образом Тихий океан от Лос-Анджелеса до Сиднея. Однако ему пришлось просить помощи и досрочно завершить путь в 500 милях к югу от Гавайев, так как сильный шторм перевернул плот и повредил навигационное оборудование. Это просто невероятно! Подписывайтесь на нашу страницу, чтобы не пропустить такие истории!

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Giuseppe Cicchetti


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Sailors Taranto Italia Italy

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Sail Due South Yacht Training


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RYAYachtmasterOffshore mileage trips ... It's been a busy weekend for both our Yachtmaster Groups. The 'Ballies vs Lighties' and the 'Seagulls'. 'Ballies vs Lighties' left PE and for the first 24hrs had head winds which meant tacking against conditions to make way forward. Eventually, after heading inshore a bit, the winds died down and they have been motoring for the last day in calm and quiet conditions. Fortunately this morning the winds picked up a little and they are sailing full sails. As this post goes up they are about to round Cape Agulhas. We are looking at pushing them all the way to Cape Town with some great winds forecast soon! The 'Seagulls' cast lines and set sail from Langebaan just after midnight on Sunday Morning. They had a windless and calm start to get things going. As the day progressed the southerly winds picked up but the group pulled into Hout Bay for a nights rest. Early this morning they cast lines again and are heading around Cape Point and onward to get around Agulhas. We don't think they will make it all the way to Mossels due to an Easterly wind due Wednesday. But that will give the guys a perfect opportunity to turn around and have some wonderful winds to push them back towards Cape Town or even Langebaan before continuing again. Stay tuned for the adventure of two Sail Due South yachts full of Yachtmasters to be!! sdsadventure sailing sailor yachtmaster sailors boatssailduesouthcrewhous sailing⛵️ sailboatssdsadventure yachtmaster sailors stewardess sailfeedcruising cruisers

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Sail Due South Yacht Training


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RYAYachtmasterOffshore 'Seagulls' Group Update ... The Seagulls are into their Coastal Practical week. They left early this morning on a short coastal passage as a warm up for the big mileage building to come. The day has certainly offered up a variety of conditions and opportunities for various exercises along the way. First off they had pretty thick fog to cautiously navigate through. They have had the opportunity to brush up on some live Navigation to put their great exam results to the test. They have managed to fly the spinnaker on route and practice some great down wind 'goose-winging'. As well as some standard tacking and gybing, and hopefully a few man over board drills towards the end of the day. Shew ... what a day, what an adventure! So much learned! I bet they will sleep well tonight! ryadayskipper cruisinglife yachtstyle yachts yachtmaster sailing sailorssailfeed cruising

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Paco Ruiz-Mateos


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Zoe Artman


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Le Kruzenshtern ©Zoe Artman 2014 Quatre-mâts russe, 2ème plus grand voilier-école du monde. lehavre france normandie lh bassinVatine trainingship navire sea mer navireecole russia russian sailors school voilier nb bw noir&blanc monochrome zoeartman

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Bence Böröcz | Jurylife ⛵️


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Interactive, playful and effective: new wave education of the basics of The RacingRulesofSailing for the youngest athletes who are just getting addicted to sailing ⛵ Thanks to sailingbyc and its sailors for the all the fun involved in this awesome day last Saturday! jurylife LiveSlowSailFast newwave training byc150 📸 arons.bubbles.and.more

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Honey 👻


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A day well spent sailors

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Beata Wegner - Ata


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Tatuaggi Milano


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Tattoo by Edoardo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ sailorstattoomilano sailorstattoomilano sailorstattoomilano SAILORS TATTOO MILANO Via Varese, 17 Milano (MM2 Moscova) Facebook: Sailors Tattoo Milano +39 377 271 5235 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ sailors tattoo milano sailorstattoomilano stm ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ love amore ink tatuaggio tatuaggi cute hot follow arte photooftheday picoftheday barbershop selfie art top family cool amici friends famiglia italia italy spiaggia mare ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Peek Boo


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Loved creating this little sailor buddy! Behaviour buddys are perfect for encouraging good behaviour and also can act as a worry eater for bigger kids :) nautical sailors behaviourbuddy buddy bedroomdecor behaviour worry words worrybuddy WIP htlmp toilet teacher todayifelt teacherlife THL handmade HMUK clay children crafthour chores kids rewardjars rewardchart red white blue painted peeknboo

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Seaman And Seawoman Life


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⚓😎 INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: seaman denizci denizcilik gemi offshorelife lifeatsea ocean sea sealife seafarer seafarers maritime nautical sailor sailors merchantmarine merchantnavy mariner mariners ship engineroom seawoman моряк море моряки

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Dedicated to my port.


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Καλημερα πειρατη μου! Ship Sea Sailors Mare Oceans Pirates PirateShip Solitude Solitudine Nostalgia Melancholy MorningLight Navy NavyWife Sunset Loneliness SeaLife

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canting Keel


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Happy monday post", (through which I show (every Monday) a picture that depicts the state of mind I have the beginning of each working week). The Norwegian sailing ship the Hansy,was wrecked in November 1911 on the eastern side of the Lizard in Cornwall. Three men were rescued by lifeboat and all of the rest of the passengers managed to escape up onto the rocks. monday mondaymotivation mondaymood ship wreck shipwrecks sail sailing sailors sailer marine blackandwhitephoto blackandwhite oldpic boat boating yachtlife sailboat historic motivation followmenow yachtlub cargo newportri happymonday classic oops disaster cargo fail

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Undesirable N°1


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This photo does not do the colour of the sky justice. Pink Night Sailors Delight. sunset cairns FNQ queensland pinknightsailorsdelight pinksky pretty beautiful thisisliving tropical instanature mothernature prettyinpink pink night sailors delight

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