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Snap 👻 :Edusantos1998 ✌❤


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🐘💕Nicole Duran👠#storyofmylife


Comment from 🐘💕Nicole Duran👠#storyofmylife:

Ok last one for now lol. izabellagrace school kindergarten life sweetgirl is see you growing & developing into such a gem! -just slow down a bit will you? bellie stylish stopgrowing ❤️💜💙🖤

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Melanie Spescha


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แปะหน่อย!😍 ชอบน้องตั้งแต่ ep1 เรย 😉น้องนิ่งๆ แต่พอพ่นแร็ปละ swag! แรงง👍🏻 SchoolRapper방재민bangjaeminhiphoprapperkhiphopmusicswagkpopschoolrapper용준

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Mijn Gekkegeit


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Trakteren , kinderfeestje, bingo, verjaardag . Wij hebben de leukste uitdeelcadeautjes online . Onder het kopje feest hebben wij ook nog zakjes, lint, labels en stickers . mijngekkegeit nietduur feesttraktatie trakteren bingo verjaardag school kinderfeestje

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Elmir Hasanov


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secondary school pupils from_12_cities_and_regions joined first regional intellectual Q&A contest Elin_Zekası tv program win diploma cup impove knowledge education

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♡Khym Mantala♡


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I know what it's like to want to die, how it hurts to smile, how you try to fit in but you can't, how you hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the thing on this inside. me mirror schooldays serietà instalike instafollow tumblr school 📷: aurora_cadau ❤️

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Kristýna Vlková


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Oficiálně vám dávám.. ne kamínek, ale ŠUTR!💍❤ nonemiluj czechgirls 3dementi gymzl school fyzika biology wife milujuje

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obnoxious mom


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Comment from Doerz:

INNO58h is a course at turkuschoolofeconomics in Finland. It is run by great coaches such as kaartemo and others. This was the Doerz group: 4 biz school grad students with versatile background and great experience. We were able to have these soon-to-be-business-professional's focus and talent in our use, solving some of the challenges we're facing in our business. Results were very good, we received some food of thought but also something we will for sure implement to our business. Recommended! Thanks evilkanen and team Kaamos (Emmi could you tag 'em?), it was very cool to have you guys working with us! students turku economics business startup nordicmade startuplife tse finland teamwork doerz kaamos entrepreneur teamwork passion experiences camp founders team group stairs office school instadaily finland finnish

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mattia romeo


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Henrу the First


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Daniel Fernández


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¡¡Cómo me flipa trabajar de esto!!😂😂😂 La clase de 4°A os desea un feliz entroido a todos/as!! carnaval spiderman teacher teacherlife school picoftheday me

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