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Aaand... idk. I wanted to draw Paradise xdd

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Since some of you wanted to hear more about my Headworld <3 So let me introduce you to my Skyworld . I worked on this islands since 2014 and they grew pretty big ~ On the top you can see the biggest island , Solirion . On the left is Farion and on the right Namirion c: God, I could tell you so much about them ~ But one by one XD Today I will tell you some things about the most important item of my Skyworld : The Skycristals. They naturally fly in the air and they appear in the colors blue, pink or turquoise. The larger the crystal is, the higher and longer it can fly ~ Every island has their own crystals on the underside so they can fly in the air. I will tell you later why and how they got there :3 They can be found deep down in caves or even outside in rare cases. They glow in the dark but once they made contact with sun light they will loose that ability~~ That's it for today XD (It's really hard for me to translate all that stuff :'D) Tomorrow I will tell you about the Backstory or about the Gods ^^ We will see. (But I think it's more important to introduce you to Gra'kul and the other gods first~)

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Me: Give me a pose. Sir: Woof! Me: Awesome. Sir: Woof. Woof.

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Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well

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"Internal Metamorphosis". Abstract emotion series. No reference scribble using my emotional energy to control the outcome instead of thought. . . Ballpoint pen on Bristol. . . Knowing who you are in depth is a critical component to growth. . . Hope you are all having a productive day.

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