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Tom Chud


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KT Tactical


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Comment from Justin:

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Comment from WrongWay:

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Joe Krawtschenko


Comment from Joe Krawtschenko:

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Jordan Tanner


Comment from Jordan Tanner:

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daily regrann's of guns


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Michael Hill


Comment from Michael Hill:

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American Infidel


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Concealed Nation


Comment from Concealed Nation:

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High Quality Military Pictures


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CT Amari


Comment from CT Amari:

I'm officially the youngest Barrett Armorer! Thanks to Don Cook! I got the great pleasure to meet Ronnie Barrett! but not long enough to get a picture.thank you to everyone at barrett chrisgbarrett awesome secondamendment murica AlwaysFaithful 🇺🇸

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The Three Percenter™


Comment from The Three Percenter™:

dasilva.joe.7 from southpaw.tactical repping the Great Seal tee in Australia! Thanks Brother! ❤🇺🇸⚔ ・・・ Repost from southpaw.tactical ・・・ dasilva.joe.7 is back with some words about Australia! I has a great time. Got to shoot a few guns and speak with a lot of Australians about politics. We can use them as a test case of things not to do.. (NO 1, 2, or 4th Amendment right) threepercenter 3percenter

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Comment from GunsandGlory:

I'm on a 1911 kick as of late....that's not gonna be good on my wallet in the near future. So here is one from txbladecollective 1911 springfieldarmory wilsoncombat secondamendment defendyourself defendthesecond nightstand dtom

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Comment from 2a4All:

Make sure to read up on your second amendment rights and defending yourself. 2a4all 2a 2ndamendment secondamendment guns gun defense firearms pewpewlife knowledge reading kabar concealedcarry igmilitia united2a pistol handgun wethepeople laws america usa training books knives

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Small Gov | Big Freedom


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Comment from calminthest0rm:

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Faster Damnit


Comment from Faster Damnit:

One of my first USPSA stages, was a lot slower then I expected 😂

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Greg Smith


Comment from Greg Smith:

Let's go to work! glockperfection glockteam pewpewpew secondamendment

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