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Comment from Mrs.TacticalSatan:

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Comment from Ishan:

Idk Fillon is good economically but Le Pen's foreign policy and immigration is good too imo. randpaul2020 prochoice prolife trump trump2016 trumppence2016 trumppence16 conservative liberal libertarian constitution republican democrat fsa assad israel palestine transgender progun secondamendment

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Comment from Pritchard:

Thought today was Monday. It clearly is not. People say they hate Mondays. Work retail on a Sunday. Everyone is mad and annoying. After a retail Sunday of working you'll want to kill yourself. Here are the same items you see 5 days a week, haha. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ shieldsquad shield smithandwesson smithandwessongun smithandwessonfanatics mandp mandpshield9 emerson emersonknives olight olightflashlights gun gunporn gunfanatics 2a 2ndamendment 9mm secondamendment knives knifefanatics knifecommunity edc edcpocketdump everydaycarry everydaydump geardump handdump handgun pistol

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AmericanStrong Official🇺🇸


Comment from AmericanStrong Official🇺🇸:

THIS is raising your children correctly. Proper knowledge of a firearm. It's not a toy, it's a tool, and if used properly can save yours and your families life. Well done dad! •••••••••••••••••••• americanstrongparentingparentingdoneright dadsonbestdadeveramericanusamuricamericadrillspistolgundrillsproudamericangunsafteygunownersnrasecondamendment2a americanstrongsharerifleholstergunholster

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Classical Liberalism


Comment from Classical Liberalism:

Why do conservatives still pull the constitution card? Or why do liberals still try to act intellectually supreme? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leave a like, then follow me and the freedom squad ~backup is classical_liberal_.v2 🔹 libertarianconstitutionalist ⚖️ confusedantifem 🌙 classical_liberal__ ⚔️ populistlibertarian 🅱️ 🔹 Classical Liberalism ~belief that government exist to defend life, liberty, and property~ 🔹 politics liberty ancap freedom prolife guncontrol libertarian republican democrat guns capitalism federalreserve secondamendment 420 pot progun legalalizeit constitution ronpaul randpaul presidenttrump endthefed socialismsucks donaldtrump

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2A Templar


Comment from 2A Templar:

ATF is just messing with us now. sashagrey mossberg mossberg590 shockwave shotgun gun guns firearms tactical ppl pewpewlife theppl thepewpewlife ccw edc 2a 2ndamendment secondamendment molonlabe shallnotbeinfringed allgunlawsareinfringements nra ammo reloading handload merica freedom training gunsofinstagram 12guage

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Comment from Jessy:

Pew pew life 2a secondamendment guns gungirl

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Comment from vigilantearms:

Battle worn sundevil fortis cerkote cerakotecertified cerakotemafia cerakoteutah pewpewlife pewpew 2a secondamendment merica 1776

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Gun Freaks


Comment from Gun Freaks:

Shhh.. | 📷 TheTacticalNomad | Follow ReadyGunner 🇺🇸 - .com - DailyBadass GunFreaks Gun Guns Firearms FirearmPhotography GunPorn GlockPorn GunsDaily IGMilitia SecondAmendment America 2A UtahShooters GunsAllowed Weapons GunStore WeThePeople EveryDayCarry WeaponsDaily GunFanatics Daily_Badass FullAuto Utah GunRange DontTreadOnMe GunPhotography

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BNT Arms


Comment from BNT Arms:

Refinishing stock kind of afternoon gunsmith gunlife funlife guns stockitup BNTArms secondamendment

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Comment from 2a4All:

Just a few fun things that showed up last night. Trying out a new cleaner that I've only heard good reviews about. May have to add it to reviews on the website. 2a4all 2a secondamendment 2ndamendment selfdefense shooting ammo magazine gun guns gunporn pewpew pistol handgun canik firearms sunday weekend mailcall ammo bullets 9mm edc everydaycarry mail concealedcarry weapons rifle shotgun ar15 glock

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Comment from Scott:

smithandwesson revolver 38special wheelgunsforever wheelgun snubnose snubby guns secondamendment concealedcarry selfdefense wheelgunrealgun

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Tommy Crippen


Comment from Tommy Crippen:

Careful. They might go off 😏 gunshow pewpew 2a gunsofinstagram edc guns responsiblegunowner 2a ccw 2ndamendment pewpew firearms igmilitia secondamendment

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Being Patriotic


Comment from Being Patriotic:

The Mainstream only covers the stories that fit to liberal agenda. patriotsamericanpatriotspoliticsconservativelibertarianpatrioticrepublican usaamericaamericaproudpeacenowarwethepeoplepatriotrepublicanfreedomsecondamendment MAGA PresidentTrump

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Nathan La Fortune


Comment from Nathan La Fortune:

Most reliable pistol yet kahrfirearms america🇺🇸 secondamendment succulentsarmedanddagerous

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Comment from 2Anightowl:

Mother Nature over here like "New phone, SPRING who"? gohomewinteryouredrunk 4inchesandcounting somuchforshorts guns gunsdaily gunsofinstagram gunstagram igmilitia sig sigp229 siglegion sigporn pewpew thepewpewlife thesheepdogdefenseproject concealedcarrynation concealedcarry edc secondamendment 2a united2a nottodayisis merica

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Michael Hernandez (MH3)


Comment from Michael Hernandez (MH3):

selfiesunday !! Can't take yourself to seriously 😂 faceplant

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Come And Take It 🔫


Comment from Come And Take It 🔫:

I would say the three right wing ideologies I HATE is: Rightwing facisim, Nazism, and Conspiracy Theorists. But I love capitalists, libertarians, conservatives and most of all... Constitutionalists! _ 🇺🇸Follow My Partners🇺🇸 conservative_116 the1776patriot californianconservative _ donaldtrump mikepence conservative republican rightwing constitution freedom freedom liberty usa murica merica 2A SecondAmendment 2A RightToBearArms RightToDefense patriot guns rifle Remington foundingfathers georgewashington capitalism socialismsucks fuckbiggovernment transgender libtard

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Comment from GIBBZ ARMS:

From shrikewolf righttobeararms 2ndamendment 2a ar15 secondamendment dtom rtba nra merica

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Hastrich Woodworking & Jewelry


Comment from Hastrich Woodworking & Jewelry:

Back the Blue with this 24kt 30 Caliber Bullet Pen turned in our handmade alumilite.

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