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Comment from Emma-Louise:

Day 25, a year of #yoga and #selflove I dragged my cousin out of bed this morning to run 2.7km with me in the 1 degree temps I kept telling myself if I was living in New York I'd be running in 2 jumpers, a scarf, hat and gloves and feeling like my legs are blocks of ice so this is perfectly normal 😂❄️ But then the sun started to come up and we cooled off with some yoga inspired stretches and it was an ace way to start the day Same time tomorrow???

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minimalist mornings..x

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For the first time in a long time I feel like something might be shifting and it feels so, so, so good (although, for some reason, I struggle to admit that) It's been anything been easy. Mostly terrifying. Little by little, changes are surely happening ✨ The journey to the top will never be a consistant upward trajectory ❤ I have definitely got this!!! 🙌 #youvegotthis #believe #transition #process #journey #struggle #challenge #mindfulness #rest #recovery #adrenalfatigue #adrenalfatigueawareness #chronicstress #depression #anxiety #panic #fear #hormoneimbalance #hypothyroidism #reactiveglycemia #estrogendominance #lowcortisol #highcortisol #honesty #raw #health #selflove #nutrition #nurture

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Comment from L'Attitude.♠️:

Always remember : You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. 🙌🏾 Just do your thing and don't care if other like it. ➡️ Because, the most powerful relationship you will ever have (beside the one with God🙏🏾) is the relationship with yourself. You're always with yourself, you should feel comfortable, take the right decision for yourself and take every risk to try to make yourself happy! 😊 Because, if you do what you love, you'll always be successful and motivated! 🙌🏾❤️ #selflove #selfrespect #selfworth #complimentyourself #loveyourself #behappy #dowhatyoulove #encourageyourself #motivation #motivateyourself #setupforsuccess

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Comment from gerardsoong:

Big shout out to #Repost @mrbc2001 and to all who need motivation. Follow! ・・・ What is the fountain of youth... where can you find it? I mean we all age, everything breaks down, but how fast does it need to breakdown ... what can slow the process... well people ask me all the time... "you are 50 so how do you do it". There are many answers to this and at a later date I will be speaking on this subject at a seminar I will be doing but for now I will say this... love yourself, respect your body and do not sit around doing nothing but instead keep your mind young and invigorated with constant challenges and this will be certainly a big factor... stay tuned for info on my upcoming seminar! YES , I am 50 and on a journey to get my pro card in bodybuilding! #believe in it and you will #see it... that is my message to myself. #lawofattraction #positive #neverstop #neverquit #antiaging #jfx #teamjfx #malta #kuwait #canada #usa #california #bestrong #mindoverbody #respect #selflove #strength #commitment @ahmad_askar_1 @evolutionofbodybuilding @o2_gyms @muscleinsidercanada @canadian_bodybuilding @giordanooliver

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Comment from candy__camera:

As soon as I wake up or just before I go to bed my salt lamp is always on!

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Comment from Aiyanyi🇳🇬:

My brows tho😩😩😩😩!!! @Anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow is to blame for this bomb ass application.... oh and it's in chocolate 🍫

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Comment from Stephanie Kazolides:

Very excited to announce the first retreat and brand NEW Project, of the year happening this March 17th, for 7 days! The fabulous @sassylisalister will be holding space for a circle of women during this week together with myself and @tiegrah 💃🏻 Lisa is a new addition to the team and it's a total privilege to have her on board.. she is a Hay House author of many books.. latest one "Love Your Lady Landscape" (which I highly recommend reading!!) as well as a yoga teacher and facilitator of women's work for many years. During this week we will be exploring our power as women and why it is we are so disconnected from our wombs, and cyclic nature, how in this patriarchal society we have become more linear, and how a culture of "down-there" dis-ease in the form of taking synthetic hormones like the pill, suffering endometriosis, PCOS, feeling shame or guilt around our sexuality have become NORMALISED in today's world. This will be an educational yet totally healing and transformative week as we begin to tap into much of our inner wisdom and intuitive sense of worth, light & power. Click the link in my bio to read the full info! @holistichealthproject #followyourangelsbelly #EducateEmpowerTransform

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