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Comment from kyleesabrinafitness_:

It costs $0.00 to be kind, why not make our world just a little bit more positive everyday. Sprinkle kindness on everyone you meet! "I put that sh*t on everything" -Franks Redhot Sauce. girlboss quote girlswithtattoos catmom baseballgirl hockeygirl smalltowngirl girlswithtats liveauthentic liveinbalance livelaughlove positivemindset positivechanges positivelifestyle bekind curlyhair brunette browneyes selflove teamflyfree choosehappiness positivelife livelifetothefullest stepoutofyourcomfortzone livetoflyfree naturegirl faceyourfears sprinklekindness positiveworld makeitbettereveryday

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Yogalution Movement


Comment from Yogalution Movement:

Oooohhhh.... Brene brown with another amazing wisdom bomb!!!! _________________________________ Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone! _________________________________ Join us for yoga practice today, we guarantee it will help cultivate courage! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Thursday Yoga Schedule : 6am : Morning Salutations : Bridgette 7am : Flow Strong : Laila Barada 930am : Beginners Yoga : Drew Wall 11am : Bhakti Shakti Flow : Tiffany Shaddock 1pm : Anahata Yoga : Erin Grissom 430pm : Finding Flow : Millie Nene 545pm : Mantra Meditation : Dharma Shakti 6pm : Shakti Vinyasa Flow : Dharma Shakti 745pm : Yin Yoga : Carina Nickerson ___________________________________________ Donation Based Yoga ✊🏼 Long Beach, Ca Only at yogalutionmovement ✨🙏🏼✨ ____________________________________________ lbcayoga yogalbca yogalbc longbeachyogalution longbeach lbc community yogaliving igyoga iloveyoga yogapractice inspiration motivation inspiredyogis inspiredliving sacred sacredpractice bodymovememt calisthenics yogateacher loveyourbody selfhealing selflove healyourlife wellness wellbeing yogadaily igyogacommunity yogispiration

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Comment from Hollyloufitness:

I know that little Charlie was placed in my life for a reason. But sometimes I still question it!strongmomsrock momofboys selflove maketime beaglemom

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Tara Foye Clark


Comment from Tara Foye Clark:

It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself. livehappy selflove selfworth recovery bodypositive yoga yogaeverydamnday tarayoga yogaposes naturallife gomukhasana naturallife

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Comment from Chloe:

bmpicadaymay today's theme is I love me! I picked a montage of catsuits because what is life without a catsuit or 6 (other sample mermaid not photographed as I could only fit 5 in 🙈) if I could live in catsuits forever I would never not have a smile on my face!! 🙌🏼🦄💜 hats off to blackmilkclothing & blackmilkactive for nailing the catty game! blackmilkclothing catsuit bmuk uksharkie bmmechanicalbonecatsuit bmmermaidcatsuit bmsheercatsuit picadaymay tbt throwbackthursday ootd bmcatsuit mermaid mechanicalbones givemenylonorgivemedeath sharkie nylon poser gymwear swag selfie happypost iloveme selflove killingit positivevibesonly

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Jennifer Medeiros 🤘🏻


Comment from Jennifer Medeiros 🤘🏻:

Because why not? How will you kick ass today?? 👊🏻

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Marina's Lounge Of Style


Comment from Marina's Lounge Of Style:

✨💕 Your Inner Light Shines When You Are At Peace With Yourself And The World Around You. Let Go Of The Struggle And FEEL THE BEAUTY INSIDE YOU. Allow To Just Be And JUST BE YOU! 💕✨✝️ Blessed CommittedToInnerPeace Growth SelfLove and Gratitude

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Cerise Fairfax


Comment from Cerise Fairfax:

. . . . . astrology lifecoach zodiac lifecoaching zodiacsigns Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces coaching businesscoach horoscopes watersign personaldevelopment zodiacsign selfhelp healthcoach personalgrowth zodiacs starsigns selflove

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🌸Safe Place/Support Group🌸


Comment from 🌸Safe Place/Support Group🌸:

How is everyone doing?{Vic} emo youwillbefound white lgbt support stayalive itwillbeokay smile peace love help selflove confidence depressed depression anxiety selfharm comingout selfhelp

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Jennifer Ammer


Comment from Jennifer Ammer:

Be curious and watch new paths unfold in your life 💖

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Shantella 🌻 ♒️+♓️♒️♋️ 🐠🔮🎶Ⓥ 🚲☥


Comment from Shantella 🌻 ♒️+♓️♒️♋️ 🐠🔮🎶Ⓥ 🚲☥:

Nature Box 🌿 YOGA ____________________________________________________ •🍃 Welcome to NatureBoxYOGA❗️with nieceypeace_ & myself 🙂🙏🏾🌿 ( stay tuned for further posts on the whole trinity of the Mind ✨ Body ✨ Spirit ) Be sure to check out and follow our page >>> natureboxyoga 🌿🍃_______________________________________________________ •🍃 Yoga isn’t just about how flexible you can be or how long you can hold a pose BUT yoga is about the journey of self, through self, to self. SelfLove . Alot of us have no idea how amazing our bodies are truly supposed to feel. NatureBox Yoga is the perfect example of holistic health because of its combination of mind , body and spirit. After all the body cannot exist without the mind and the mind cannot exist without the spirit. By repairing the body, we are more able to repair the mind & spirit. If you feel tense in the neck, shoulders, or hips, you’ll find it more difficult to relax and be happy. In order to do this NatureBox Yoga is comprised of the asanas (physical postures) and a philosophy that offers tools to finding true, lasting happiness.🌿✨ NatureBoxYOGA is simply a sacred place where you can come take your shoes off, immerse within the frequencies of GAIA. Allowing thy beings to feel and become free and opened. Heal thyself with NATURE BOX YOGA - For you are home 🍃🌿🍃 OneLove Namaste _______________________________________________________ HUGE BIG UPS to the talented >>> elisortiz24 for creating this dope promo video for us. Namaste 🙏🏾🍃🌿

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Comment from #STAGE:

Never limit yourself from creating and showcasing your creative talent to the world. You never know who you'd inspire, motive, teach or make feel good with your art. Art is contagious and that's a beautiful thing. - Brooke | balancewithSTAGE⠀ ⠀ ThursdayTools intellectualwellness

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Dee | Beatnik Naturals


Comment from Dee | Beatnik Naturals:

Don't forget to keep posting your self care practice each week for a chance to win store credit! Use the hash tag weeklyselfcarechallenge

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Lisa Enriquez


Comment from Lisa Enriquez:

Jennifer's photo on the left was her daughter's 3rd birthday. She weighed 280 lbs. On the right, this last Mother's Day, Jennifer looks amazing at 159 lbs. Jennifer shares, "Anything is possible. Small choices made daily. Be the best you." I am in awe of this incredible transformation and how our amazing nutritional system is changing lives.

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Kimberley Blaine


Comment from Kimberley Blaine:

I've always believed that our radiant energy is waiting to shine through, but only if we are willing to do the work to release it. Nobody is going to come along and coach it out of us. There's no force to pull it from us. It will shine the minute we decide it's worth the work... 💫🙏🏼

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♡ BLÜ ♡


Comment from ♡ BLÜ ♡:

i got too comfortable only posting pictures of myself with my eyebrows done & a lil facetune magic for that forehead. SO HERE i AM 👽 wash'n'wear hair, no makeup, no filter (slight light editing)... pimple cream & all. still working on self-care & self-love every single day. i'm not flawless, but i am learning to embrace them one by one. selfcare selflove tybg growinandglowin 145of365

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A girl that wants 2 motivate


Comment from A girl that wants 2 motivate:

Puuuh, alles für heute erledigt.💪 Es gibt einfach nichts besseres als zu wissen, dass man all seine Sachen die man machen wollte erledigt hat. 24h sind meiner Meinung nach viel zu kurz... genauso wie 7h schlaf - wie kann einem sowas reichen?😣 Also ich bin ja die totale Schlafmütze. Schlafen, essen, trainieren. Das war's.😄 Wie sieht euer Tag immer so für gewöhnlich aus?🤔 - - BODYCONFIDENCEselfloveselfacceptancesizedoesntmatteryouarenotalonebeyouredheadnikebootyteamlinateamnotitsmusclesunbearbeitetnaturalbodybuildingatheletfitnessbeautybodybuildingmotivationbootymotivationjustmeliftitheavyliftingyoung

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Chey (Shy)


Comment from Chey (Shy):

Lunch today was this lovely sandwich, a lemon tart and a pear 🍐☺️👌🏻the sandwich has some hummus, mashed chickpeas, cucumber, peppers and whatever that green stuff is 😂😂😂 I'm gonna be honest, this sandwich was pretty difficult to make... hummus is a big fear food of mine so when I was putting the hummus on my bread I was terrified and all the ED thoughts came and I got very overwhelmed because I'm also going to the movies which means I'm having a heap ton of "junk food" tonight so I started to want to take things out (restrict) to make up for today's new challenges but then I stopped myself because hummus is healthy for you and so is all the stuff I'm having tonight!!! All food is good in moderation. I deserved this food as does everyone else 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 once I ate the sandwich I was completely fine because I distracted myself👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I used my positive coping instead Of letting my ED (Eddie) win!!! Another thing I did which I find helpful is I asked my friend to eat the hummus with me, she wasn't in the same home as me but it was just comforting knowing she was also eating it!!! So challenge yourselves because the more you do it the closer you are to being fully recovered and getting your lives back!!! Stay strong and have a great day beautiful people 💛🌻☀️ veganvegansofinstagramveganfoodshareveganfoodpornrecoveryispossiblerecoveryisworthitanorexìanervosarecoveryeatingdisorderrecoveryedfamhclfplantbasedfoodcrueltyfreeweightrestoredeattolivefightingedselflovefoodisfuelpositiverecoveryedfreeveganeatsgofruityourselfcarbthefuckupepilepsypearschickpeastreatyoselflemonmeringuelemonveggiesfearfood

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🖤Kayla Sumpter🖤


Comment from 🖤Kayla Sumpter🖤:

Practicing some poses in the hallway 🙃🙏🏼 yoga yogamom home yogalife yogaflow yogagram yogainspiration yogaposes yogapants yogaeverydamnday yogajourney namaste meditation selflove serenity findyourself

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Comment from J E S S I E C O U R T N E Y:

Last night I had this overwhelming sense of fulfillment. 💕 I started this journey with Team Full Heart in December to re kickstart my own health journey. It's now transformed into something so much more. I picked myself back up and at the same time inspired others to start their own journey and become their best selves. The ladies in my summer bootcamp are so inspiring. It's like a boomerang effect - I sparked the inspiration in them but now their daily efforts and progress is inspiring me everyday. ⭐️Ladies - - you are absolutely killin' it! Registration is always OPEN for All Summer Long - Babe Bootcamp, if your curious or need that spark in your life to get you going contact me! LINK IN BIO 💜👯 inspired sweatysisterhood boomerang

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