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Comment from Clarissa:

Have a lovely day and always believe in yourself 💙 personaltraining millionairepie trainingbelieve believeinyourself selflove goodmorninglovehappiness proudrepostpicoftheday quotes instaquote fitfamfitmodelmotivation inspirationphotooftheday beautiful instabeauty palmamallorcamajorcaislasbaleares vegetarianFitnessmotivation

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Comment from Venus:

Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much and still standing 🙏 wordsofwisdom wordstoliveby naturelovers refecltion beautyeverywhere manifest awakened inthemoment postivequotes higherconsciousness selflove mentalhealthawareness outdoors weareconnected nature_perfection naturephotography natures_hub

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Comment from DianaBlack:

I blurted this out this evening. Sometimes I'm not sure who runs my mouth. Shenanigans, man. sense nonsense love writing writer poetry life selflove positivity peace awakening healing youdoyou rhnegative listen meditation truth change destiny soul journey confidence motivation release be free timeless ego

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Kathryn Tippery


Comment from Kathryn Tippery:

"if you are not enough for yourself / you will never be enough / for someone else" - rupi kaur milkandhoneyrupikaurpoetryillustrationtattooselflovecomplete oldschooltattooandpiercing

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Comment from R&H | FITNESS X TRAVEL:

Details - photography by amermanstale

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Comment from |CurvesB€ŶøñdMeà$ure|:

❤❤❤❤ bodypositive bopo bbw selflove selfie wegivenofuckshere

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Cat 🌺🌸🌷🌹


Comment from Cat 🌺🌸🌷🌹:

Boys are hecking gr8 y'all are all important and loved stevenuniverse art spam lgbt pansexual aromantic textpost support help introvert fandoms gravityfalls svtfoe pastel selflove youtube shanedawson tumblr equality phan twentyonepilots falloutboy mychemicalromance panicatthedisco brendonurie melaniemartinez greenday blink182

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Daisy J. Cervantes


Comment from Daisy J. Cervantes:

"Dream big start small" Girl Boss will always be one of my favorites !! Her story is very inspiring & it inspires me to look forward to some day writing my own story... Very empowering book for women. 👍🏼💪🏼💋💄👯 Girlboss entrepreneurship womeninbusiness selflove personaldevelopment positivemindset visionary bookworm empoweringwomen selfdevelopment

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Comment from melideekatt:

From day to night , it's been a productive one and pretty wiped out. Time for bed😴 nite nite selfietuesday greatday prettygirls selflove transition daytonight nativegirl navajoindian goodnight

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Alice Meяcado Duffy


Comment from Alice Meяcado Duffy:

Hunk... Of course, mine! Haha oinkkk! ♥ ilovemyhusband summer swimming us sun sand water beach sky boats sea philippines iamloved yoga meditation myreflections innerpeace mindfulness vegan veganlifestyle veganism veganfitness fitness selflove govegan filipinovegan pinoy namaste

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Bikini Breakthrough Beach Day


Comment from Bikini Breakthrough Beach Day:

There is still time to join the 7 Day Wear the Bikini Challenge! bikinisforeveryBODY Regrann from thecurvyconfidencecoach - The bikini for so many women is a symbol of the unattainable. The thing you can only wear once you have the perfect body. But what if you didn't have to wait? And what if, by wearing the one thing that you should not be supposed to wear, what if you gain the courage to do all of the other things you're not "supposed" to do too? That's what this is about. Bravely bare your belly, back, and body hair on the beach. Join me June 26th for the Wear the Bikini challenge! (PS you don't HAVE to wear a bikini to be a part of the challenge. Join us if you want to play a long and see what it opens up for you!). Link in the profile! takebackthebeach wearthebikini . . . . . effyourbeautystandards celebratemysize allbodiesaregoodbodies bopo embraceyourcurves ihaveembraced existinphotos mybeachbody myswimbody bodylove selflove haes empowerment plussize bodypositive healthyisthenewskinny losehatenotweight allbodiesarebeautiful plusisequal curvygirl mycurvescan bodyimage takingupspace nobodyshame plussizefashion

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Nini Jenkins


Comment from Nini Jenkins:

I have posted this before. But it's so true. People expect to be perfect, but it's not about being perfect. It's about committing to yourself and being real. ✨ . . . . . . . fitnessmotivation fitfam selfloveclub weightlossjourney wellnesswarrior youareabadass thickandfit selflove onlinecoaching shauntfitness trainandtransform youvsyou bodyinprogress strongnotskinny confidence results consistency gains girlswholift progress keepgoing ninithings

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Nicola Graham


Comment from Nicola Graham:

Last day in this beautiful place ☀️🌴 Guess I'll spend it rocking a bikini and soaking up the sun then.. 🙃💙💦 bumpselfie 27weekspregnant bodypositive

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Comment from Laticia-Rose:

A couple of days ago I had one of the best experiences of my life. I went to the fjords in Norway and then to trolls pass which was stunningly beautiful and also where I touched snow for the first time. To some this may not seem like a big deal but to me, it was huge. 3 and a half years ago at 17, I began treatment for an eating disorder. At this point in my life I could never have imagined I'd ever really see snow, even though I had been dreaming of it since I was a kid. I tried to find a photo to compare between now and then but I couldn't find one of me smiling. Not only because I was constantly depressed but because I hated the way my cheeks looked and how my eyes would get puffy when I smiled. So I just didn't take any photos while smiling. I also couldn't find a single full length photo of myself from back then because I wouldn't take a photo if it was full length. Back then, this photo wouldn't have happened and I don't mean the snow. What I'm referring to is the angle of the photo, the clothes I'm wearing, my hair, the fact that I'm smiling because I'm truly ecstatic - it just NEVER would have happened. Recovery was the hardest thing I've ever had to do but I can't put into words how happy I am that I made the decision to start. I can't stress enough how important it is to ask for help, to take that first step. Life isn't meant to be spent in the shadows, it's meant to be spent in Norway's sunlight discovering snow for the first time. That is what life is meant to be. norway🇳🇴 trollspass explorenorway topdecker topdeck travelgoals travelblogger travellove fbblogger beautyblogger livelife bucketlistdestination mountains snow edawareness bodylove bodypositivity mentalhealth edrecovery bullimiarecovery bullimiaawareness selflove selfesteem mentalhealthaustralia

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Danielle De Marco


Comment from Danielle De Marco:

You made me feel as though I was enough 🖤 selfieselfloveducklipsselfiequeendarkhairdontcareeyebrowsonfleekjamesarthursayyouwontletgocalmdownitsjustasonghappinessissimplecanilivegirlswithtattoos

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Marina Caceres


Comment from Marina Caceres:

Letting Go. To create space for new, finding liberation in change and breaking the boundaries of your own expectations. createspaceselflovetakecareofyoufreedomexpressionwriteelevateinspireloveagainloveisloveyogasutras

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Comment from Emma_ChaseXO:

Basics 101. 🤓 pitsarebetter

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Comment from GOOEY GIRL:

I've been having a rough time letting go of my story this week so I had my bb gurl taracarrara pull a tarot card for me. It was the Five of Staves aka Chamber (aka kind of scary lol) and this is what she said bout it: "The Chamber is a reminder that we create our own prisons in our minds. The mind is a wasted organ. It's not our friend. Surprise surprise! lol but the chamber represents this unreal realm we've trapped ourselves in that has no basis in reality, it's just the monster that feeds the pain body and becomes imprisoned in its own judgment, disquiet, and darkness." 🙃 So this is my note the self and to anyone else who needs it: Recognize when your mind is playing games and call it out on its shit! Don't let it trick you into thinking your story is all you'll ever be. Right here and now has so much more to offer. 🤙🏽taratarot

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Vivien ♥️


Comment from Vivien ♥️:

Well, it's been a little bit of a rough night for your girl. I've a had about two bottles of wine and I'm missing $20 and a few tracks of weave, but bitch, LOOK AT ME! I'm still slaying you hoes with nofilter. Looking like a tasty snack while you basic bitches are looking like prison food! Perhaps that's why you're so bothered 🤔? I know I look good. Your man knows I look good! I'm killing the game tonight 💅🏽 Gag on it. selfiegamestrong nofilterneeded naturalbeauty instabae baddie makeup facebeat hairlaid anastasiabeverlyhills abhdipbrow tarte maccosmetics lashextensions abhglowkit liquidlipstick brazilianvirginhair bundles instagood instacute selflove

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Rasika Nair


Comment from Rasika Nair:

Experiments with myself selflove rasammakesportraits portraitphotography

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