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Jessica Caruss


Comment from Jessica Caruss:

I'm a day late posting this, but it's always the right time to take this test! knowyournumbers diabetic diabetes a1c type1diabetes type2diabetes sugar amdiabetesassn ilivewithdiabetes gethealthystayhealthy knowyourrisk itsnevertoolate health diet selfcare selflove alifeworthliving

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Jayd Typo Links


Comment from Jayd Typo Links:

One day you will search for me in someone and you won't find me todayichoosejoy ichoosehappiness me selflove cozican childofthemosthigh sonofaking hope gay gayboy gayguy homo gaystagram gayswithbeards beard black nofilter blackgayman lgbt proud

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Be Fulfilled


Comment from Be Fulfilled:

Refuse to be manipulated and controlled any longer, free your mind. Repost: thematrixisreal thirdeye innerpeace zen compassion empathy spirituality awakening higherconsciousness selflove selfgrowth healing woke enlightenment fulfillment freeyourmind fuckthesystem vibratehigher wakeup questioneverything freethinker lawofattraction sheeple fucksociety content success positivethinking positivity wisdom entrepreneur lifelessons

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Comment from Jackygodiva_fitover40:

Remember love yourself first!! 💋💋💋💋 notetomyself motivationalquotes loveyourself iloveme selflove selfloveisthebestlove selfesteem autoestima actitud confidence believeinyourself bekindtoyourself fitfam fit40 womenempoweringwomen imbeautiful wonderwoman

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Lauren Smith


Comment from Lauren Smith:

TheseFiltersThough FlowerPower SnapSnap SelfLove WCW IGotMe SeeMeThroughMyEyes

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True You, LLC


Comment from True You, LLC:

Go be awesome today! 🔥 trueyou affirmations riseup bemore choosehappy beyourbest lovemore bethechange brave dream gratitude selflove loveyourself letgo meditation growth

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Uche Agidi


Comment from Uche Agidi:

Kiss your own fingertips and hug your own curves. You are made of waves and honey and spicy peppers when it is necessary. You are a goddess, I hope you haven't forgotten. 👸selflove 💕

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⚧Kade James #Kadewyd(^◇^)3.5K?


Comment from ⚧Kade James #Kadewyd(^◇^)3.5K?:

2010 vs. 2017, still making the same damn face😂💙Damn look at those bangs, LOL. It's cool to see how much I've changed honestly :) Me and my cousin will have to recreate this photo some day😂A little tbt for your Wednesday, have you changed a lot? Use my code "KADE" for 10% off of your ENTIRE order from the link in my bio😏 You're never alone, my dms are always open🤘🏼💙 • TAGS femaletomale selfmade lgbtq trans transandproud f2m selflove pride transgender bisexual transpride transgenderpride lgbt ftm pansexual transition nonbinary transguy lgbt transman guys ftmtrans transboy thisiswhattranslookslike equality pret

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Don't Let Words Define You


Comment from Don't Let Words Define You:

❤For more follow ( beauitful_scars ) writer writers poetry poem deep writing quote quotes heartbreak wordswithkings wordswithqueens love tumblr tumblrquotes sadquotepage eyes instapoem tumblrquotes heartbroken quotes sadquotes lovequotes deep deepquotes tumblr boys selflove love tears heartbreak heartbroken eyes tumblrquotes poetry writers writing writer inspiration crying depressed hurt fallinginsociety

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Comment from Splurgerina:

"No one is you and that is your power." 🌌🌟🌌

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Comment from GloriousBabes:

Just a lil reminder for you babes out there 🖤

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Comment from Samantha:

Good morning 😃 ☀️ today is a new day many reasons to be happy 😊 loveyourself selflove behappy

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Comment from SelfieQueen:

Wondering around!! Have a great Day everyone!!!

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Waterhouse Young


Comment from Waterhouse Young:

Food, sleep and exercise are the 3 cornerstones to improved and optimal wellness. Understand why - check link in the bio for more info! 🍇😴🏃🏻 WednesdayWisdom SelfLove

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Bootii Bottle® OFFICIAL💕✨


Comment from Bootii Bottle® OFFICIAL💕✨:

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Ecubed Business Systems


Comment from Ecubed Business Systems:

You are worth more than you know! iamenough worthy greatness ecubedbs value affirmation selflove innerstrength love positivequotes motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes determination success faith blessed

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Comment from HOW IS LOVE?:

You're worthy. Don't forget that! selflove

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Jamie Lynn

Comment from Jamie Lynn:

I just love quotes from Kevyn Aucoin. His perspective on true beauty is one I can get on board with. Everyone is different and that's what makes them beautiful. Influencers in social media need to teach young women that it's okay to look like themselves. beyourself bedifferentbeyou truebeauty inspirationalquotes kevynaucoin youarebeautiful selflove selfesteem

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Comment from 👑:

Fresh makeup and a doggytail. fresh makeup freshcut tail doggytail nike justdoit home morning sunnyday beautifulweather window orchid bright estonian estoniangirl browsonfleek relax upsidedown highlight selflove selfie messyhairdontcare

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Comment from Lien:

Sometimes I lose myself when it comes to food. I panic and cry, but I'm getting better. 💙 lieflijf

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