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The Wolf Hill Farm family has pulled off surprising our trainer with a new horse! This has all secretly been pulled together in the last 36 hours and we made it happen. The smile on her face was priceless when she met the newest edition to the herd. #sassyinthesaddle #sammytphotography

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EC Equestrian


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Finished our updated version of the non-slip saddle pad! Also now adding the option of a double trim! What do y'all think?! Love this jumper pad for @jaymelandrynault in the Blue Angels colors! 💓 Please shop and contact us through the link in our bio!

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its not christmas but he looked cute! • • so tomorrow i have a lesson and im pumped!!! i havent been at the barn since Thursday because i was thrown off blah blah blah long story. and then i get to watch (and possibly scrub in) on a neuter of our barn kittens!!! i was also thing about going live tonight but i doubt anyone would watch so idk!!!

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stephanie prince


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a lot of you have been wanting to see a whole course so here you guys go 😊🙈

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I Randomly Shoutout Actives 😎


Both ponies were fabulous today! Pax man is learning how to stop and steer like a riding horse and Phoenix pony was super soft and cantered really quietly!

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Big Red's Stable Snacks


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Big Red's Stable Snacks


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Frequent Wtds 🎉


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Please go vote ❤❤

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Delaney Warren Eventing ™


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