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Violet Photography


Comment from Violet Photography:

"Fallen Tree" . . . . woods photographer photography photocornwall canonshutterwoody swisbest tehidywoods instagood instaphoto photooftheday longshuttercapturephotographysouls photographylife photographyartblackandwhiteisworththefight blackandwhitephoto blackandwhitephotography blacknwhite_perfection blackandwhiteisworththefight

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Comment from 🐚:

Mavi panjurlu ev 💙🌸 beautifulday blue shutter

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Roger Hatcliffe


Comment from Roger Hatcliffe:

Clay moth insect moths moth lepidoptera wild wings flying flight nature wildlife photograph photography canon7D 100mm lens trap tripod shutter focus auto manual North Lincolnshire garden light

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Comment from Life.Decor:

selfie shutter ที่ถ่ายรูปบลูทูธ มาแย้ว ชิ้นสุดท้าย ❗️❗️❗️ ของล็อตนี้หมดแล้วค่ะ ใช้งานง่ายม้ากกก แค่จับคู่กัน แล้วใช้ได้เลย ใช้ได้ทั้งระบบ IOS และ Android นะ ระยะควบคุมได้ไกลถึง 10 เมตร ตัวสินค้าทำจากซิลิโคน นุ่มนิ่ม บิดงอได้ ตัวควบคุมถอดออกจากตัวรูปหนูได้ด้วยนะ พร้อมสายคล้องไว้ห้อยกระเป๋า ห้อยมือถือ ราคา 530 บาท ค่าส่ง Kerry 50 บาท ค่ะ ไม่ต้องง้อใครล้ะ :-) เหลือชิ้นสุดท้ายนะคะ ลายหนู สินค้าจริงตามภาพเลย ✔️ รับออเดอร์ตลอดค่ะ กดสั่งได้เยยน้า กล้อง มือถือ ถ่ายรูป พร้อมส่ง น่ารัก miniclick shutter bluetooth

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Comment from 陳雪莹🍭ᎯUⅅℛℰᎽ:

After Sunset 🌄 . . 6🈷️26日2017 . . sunset 日落 scenery captured shutter sky scenery 愛上了天空 天空愛好者 天空 photography iphone6plus 攝影 hongkonger discoversingapore 新加坡 igers singaporeig 珍惜 cherish raw unedited skyscape igers

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Comment from 陳雪莹🍭ᎯUⅅℛℰᎽ:

Before Sunset 🌄 . . 6🈷️26日2017 . . sunset 日落 scenery captured shutter sky scenery 愛上了天空 天空愛好者 天空 photography iphone6plus 攝影 hongkonger discoversingapore 新加坡 igers singaporeig 珍惜 cherish raw unedited skyscape igers

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Daniel Beatson


Comment from Daniel Beatson:

Pinecone, from Chatsworth House Gardens.

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Jenna Parker


Comment from Jenna Parker:

Awnings and things in Bilbao. awning shutter graffiti streetart bilbao spain europe

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Devin Winter


Comment from Devin Winter:

Ready or not💈 - - panasonic sigma 18mm aperture shutter inatagood skate photoshop lightroom tealandorange glitch

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Comment from aabrphotography:

iran sunset fade fog beautiful photooftheday canon shutter nature travel

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Comment from Photographer|Explorer|Ninja™:

beautifuldestinations arpino narrow iloveitaly house alley door street architecture shutter instaitalia town instaarpino italianmoments doorway destination noperson building italiansummer passage travel city window step pavement italy narrow house alley door street architecture shutter town daylight doorway noperson building passage family home city travel window step pavement

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Jenna Parker


Comment from Jenna Parker:

Shutters and things in Bilbao. shutter awning graffiti streetart bilbao spain europe

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Jack Brown Photos


Comment from Jack Brown Photos:

I think a bird lost this? - - - - - bokeh nikon naturephotography 40mm macro macrolens d3400 prime photography shallowdepthoffield shutter iso sorryforthehashtags hpow

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budi sugiarto|©>>Foam's Art <<


Comment from budi sugiarto|©>>Foam's Art <<:

Semoga Sehat Selalu pak... wpap desain pop budisugiartofoam cycle shutter illustrator boom low picture arusmudik arusbalik lebaran free

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Comment from Instaphotographers:

. A Instpg hash tag pick WATER SPLASH Movement of water is one of the most beautiful but difficult things to capture, as most of the photographers will agree too. Thanks to more advanced high speed Photography nowadays, we can achieve great results as this image. You all may try too.... Steps to try out - Take a glass full of water. Drop your subject, here it is Tomato. Maintain distance approx. 2 ft. Make the scene underexposed to get good black background, or can be underexposed using post processing techniques too. EXIF - f/8 , 1/2000s, ISO 800 Nikon D500 Nikkor 18-55mm Photo by suyog_bhore_photography Don't forget to check his wonderful pics Use instpg for a feature. Add it to your templates ! Added by itspaul14 ************************************************************* Team Admin: m_u_g_i_l shah_harsh24 Mod: itspaul14 karthicksurendran Our friendly pages international.birders lego_of_pittsburgh ************************************************************* Turn ON post notifications for insta_photo_graphers Got any interesting technique/pic DM us We love great stuff to be shared!! 😊 instpg indiaclicks indianphotographers natgeo peoplescreative indiapictures _soi storiesofindia indiainblack shutter photography

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Muhammad Taufik Ristanto


Comment from Muhammad Taufik Ristanto:

Let The Ball Come volleyball volley voli competition struggle skies teamwork sport sport_photography hobby hobi village likeforfollow like4like instalike instapic instagood photooftheday moments shutter shutterspeed santrifotografi photography canoneos kuninganrepost pesonakuningan shots shoes sportshoes sportfashion

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Lisa Shedlock


Comment from Lisa Shedlock:

Love this dining room * those plantation shutters! shutter diningroom oldmetairie openhouse agentonduty

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Aaryan Sinha


Comment from Aaryan Sinha:

• • • • • • shutterbugsindia shutter shutterbugs shotoncanon click canon canon7d canonindia canon_photos india instagood indiaclicks bikanerhouse black camera clickindia clickindiaclick delhigram delhi blackandwhite monochrome blackandwhitephoto photography photooftheday delhi blackandwhitephotography

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Comment from Olaf:

playing with shutter speed shutterspeed

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Clementine Bernhardt


Comment from Clementine Bernhardt:

Day two of solo Nice, beginning with a gentle bus ride up the winding Cimiez hill - original site of the Victorian British holiday elite. Worth the trip alone for the delightful MuséeMatisse in this gloriously opulent rust-coloured Italianate mansion. Left with a new-found exuberance for a very very talented and diverse painter. matisse musée museum gallery gallerie art nice côtedazur France southoffrance explore travelgram architecture shutter window frame border

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