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Hakunge Säteri


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Hoppsan.. hakungesäteri gårdsliv livetpålandet johndeere johndeeresverige timmervagn optimist städahagar sly

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Cisco Balbontin


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From the heart ❤️- Repost officialslystallone ・・・ I absolutely love pictures like this. When I was 26, totally broke, going nowhere VERY fast, owned two pair of pants that barely fit, shoes that had holes in them and dreams of being successful were as far away as the sun… But I had my dog, BUTKUS, my best friend, my confidant, Who always laughed at my jokes, and put up with my moods, and was the one living thing that loved me for who I was! man's best friendBullMastiff Loyalty NewYorkCityAmericanDreams rocky idol childhoodhero comeback sly officialstallone hollywood legend epic legendary moviefranchise creed apollo drago

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✨Beautiful Mind Bea✨


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[3.30.17] Hi lovelies!!!! I liked this idea for a theme much more. I have great news!!! So today we had band assessments, only this is different. Depending on how we did, my music teacher would decide what chair/part we were. After we all L mated he announced the order. After being second flute for the entire time I've been here since I moved. I'm first flute, third chair. I was so happy I started crying. I am veeeery excited for chapter two. I know it will be amazing and I just can't wait. I also am going to record bea tonight on the James cordan show. I'm soooo proud of her. That's really all I have this week, love y'all beamiller stresslessbaby beamiller beatricemiller yesgirl sly icb bb notanapology edsheeran demilovato sabrinacarpenter evolution evolutiontour

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Comment from Dyana:

Home sweet home 🏡♥️🌞 sweet home redhead redgirl sunshine sun red sly

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Comment from #mizukitty:

. 最近のプリクラ誰レベル👀😱💫 福岡最終日でした👌🏻 この1週間はほんとバタバタしたけど 全部終わらせて行けるからよかった🙆 後、2時間後に旅立つ✈️💫早く寝よう。gn🌙 style code jeans denim fashion moussy f4f outer outfit instagood instafashion tops today ootd slyjeanslike4like instalikefollowmegirlfukuokajapanphoto一眼レフカメラファインダー越しの私の世界 nikon1j5 写真好きな人と繋がりたい sly kyoto カメラ女子カメラ好きな人と繋がりたい

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なかなか、post出来ないので、今日も何か眠れないから、検証中…(笑)😱シフトチェンジ中に発見した服を、テキトーに着てみた❗(笑)😅何にも考えていない組み合わせ…どうなんだろ、これは…😆💣✨(爆) . . やっとpost出来た………😓😓😓タグ付けで、弾かれていたみたい………😱😱😱あー、インスタって、意外と大変だ………(爆)😅😅😅ちなみに、画像が荒くなったようで、パンツには、柄はありません😭😭😭😱⚠️ . . tity tityandco sly moussy friday fridayfashion instafashion instafashionist instacode fashion ootd outfitoftheday outfit マウジー スライ ティティーアンドコー ファッションコーデ ファッション 大人可愛い 大人可愛いコーデ 今日のコーデ オシャレ おしゃれ おしゃれ大好き 夏 夏コーデ きれいめコーデ きれいめ 綺麗系 シンプル

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Olga Shevchenko


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"Чтобы понять женщин, надо стать женщиной, а если ей стать невозможно, то остается только принять женщин такими, какими они есть — полными загадок и милого очарования в своей индивидуальности"(c) мысливслух ваша sly fox🐺

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♕A L B I N A _ E L L Y♕


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Love you guys 😘💋 walter_palk ashleighogle ryan_m_keys . . safw rkss rkss17 safashion fashionweek stylish cool hot beautifulpeople sly friends fun drunk funny silly blogger couple fashion southafrica johannesburg crazy друзья неделямоды приколы

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Draco Is Our King 🐍


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A drink you say? 🖤 dracomalfoytomfeltondrarrydramioneshiphogwartsfirstclassharrypotterslytherinslytherinaestheticslyravenclawhufflepuffgryffindormalfoylikeemmawatsonotpfeltsonhogwarsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardryfunny

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Comment from leaf_elif:

can we go now? dog beautiful glow snowwhite cars dogsofinstgram dogsofturkey cityscape sunshine alaçatı alacati seaside izmir turkey🇹🇷 pretty animals smirk sly

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Comment from みーすけ:

こんな時間にローテで着る春物コート引っ張り出す。また暫くしたら飽きて変えるんだろーけどこれは夜中の奇行。まだ寒い日あるから冬物も出しておく。そして去年から着たコート類はクリーニング行きとしてまとめた! 朝方の奇行 コート sly blackbymoussy spring

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🇺🇸 Joe Pascual


Comment from 🇺🇸 Joe Pascual:

One of the greatest and inspirational true stories I've heard. Did you know he wrote the scripts for Rocky? Poor and broke he got offered thousands of dollars for his scripts but he did not buy in. He will not sell his script until they allow him to play the role himself which he eventually did. There's more to this story, I know he have to sell his dog and eventually bought it back. True legend. Rocky Sly Inspiration Motivation Regrann from officialslystallone - 1971... Since we're on the subject of " man's best friend" this is myself and Butkus as a puppy , we were both , thin , hungry and living in a flophouse above a subway stop, I used to say this apartment had " … Hot and cold running roaches" anyway there was not much to do except spend time with each other and that's where I started to learn the craft of screenwriting. Since I never went out, I relied on his companionship , And actually it was his idea to write Rocky, but don't tell anyone…New York City HellsKitchen BullMastiff It'sADogsWorld. MoreToComeinspiration ThunderingYourHeart GoingThedistance702 ClarkCounty Henderson LasVegas LasVegasLocals MovingToVegas Nevada RealEstate REALTOR® REALTORS® Summerlin - regrann

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Comment from proalienz:

Okay get ready for a brand new Billie Joe fangirl rant. Look at that smile!!!!! He is adorkAble he is the best man, yall he is the sexiest american idiot eveeer ❤️❤️😆(lol im not even exaggerating the slightest) dadbilliejoearmstrongawesomebeansmolslycoolkingohyeeeahIlovehimgreendayfanrantingmikedirnttrecoolinsomniacamericanidiot

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Comment from Yamô:

Jaqueta jeans + colete = Tudo isso numa única peça... 😱😱😱😱 Não acreditooo!!! Eu queroooo.... 😍😍😍 slycristofoliyamo lovelindademorrer winter17

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Loja Twiggy


Comment from Loja Twiggy:

Macaquinho SLY! Conforto e estilo! Lindo! New Collection twiggy fashion sly look fashionlover trend look

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Comment from Santtaluz:

Aquele look para arrasar na estação! 🍂🍁❤ Vestido e colete Sly, bolsa e sapato Schutz! ❤ santtaluz preview outonoinverno sly slywear schutz schutzlovers

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Comment from colinfilgate:

Playing with photoshop! sly drawing art scad digitalart character painting draw gamer

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Comment from AtlDoc1:

Caption this. 📷: Credit goes to californiacardusters) I love both these men.

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