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Comment from Tenxin:

Haha having a blast at the range. memorialdayweekend spring17 smithandwesson

35 Seconds ago

Eric Lindsay


Comment from Eric Lindsay:

Range day Sunday Memorial Day with the Smith and Wesson Victory and Shield, shooting with family. Shot the Victory .22LR at 65 yards off hand at the g3targets 10" target gong, hit 9 out of 10. guns gun gunsdaily igmilitia sundaygunday shooting pistol smithandwesson rangeday 9mm pewpew pewpewlife conservative america americana 22lr rimfire rimfiredaily

52 Seconds ago

Disola 🇦🇱🇱🇷

Comment from Disola 🇦🇱🇱🇷:

Celebrating Memorial Day weekend with a little bit of freedom. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 epicsnugglebunny dini_malaj geni_struga _________________________________________________ girl freedom merica memorialdayweekend grateful guns girlswithguns fitgirl fitgirls smithandwesson 9mm utah ut weekend albania badass lol girlsandguns handgun 2a

1 Minutes ago

Firearm Life


Comment from Firearm Life:

Weapons of choice: hk vp40 40cal wilsoncombat ar15 300blackout lockedandloaded

5 Minutes ago

Jeep Warrior


Comment from Jeep Warrior:

Sunday 329 PD weighs less than most of my other guns! sunsoutgunsout sundaygunday smithandwesson 44magnum 329pd wheelgun revolver oldschool accurate reliable beauty nikon style carryon bearded guardian vigilant edcwithstyle onlythebest seiko almar smooth sexy sere everydaycarry freedom 2ndamendment gunlife

10 Minutes ago

Alpha Foxtrot


Comment from Alpha Foxtrot:

Shot 11 courses of fire, 10 of them classifiers. My right arm did not enjoy the strong hand only courses of fire we had. This was the only one with movement in it and shooting behind cover. I am not fast. I know. I have a lot to learn and plan on doing a lot of work to become the shooter I want to be. I had fun. I was safe. I did not get DQ'd. I was impressed with some of my scores. Some not so much. Timmins was good to me, minus the damn black flies!!!!!! ipsc praticalshooting ipscladies ipscontario pewpewlife girlswhoshoot rangedayapparel mp9 smithandwesson

15 Minutes ago



Comment from Brooker:

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these! The new smithwessoncorp M&P 10 chambered in 6.5 creedmoor. Hope it's a tack driver like the 308 is. smithandwesson mp10 performancecenter 65creedmoor tackdriver longrangeshooting longrange vortex vortexoptics magpul deadairsilencers surefire badgerordnance igmilitia guns gun rifle rifles weapons firearms firearmsphotography pewpew pewpewpew pewpewlife shooting precisionrifle sickguns gunchannels

17 Minutes ago

S&W All Day Everyday


Comment from S&W All Day Everyday:

From theeug Left my everyday sun glasses at work so I had to pull these fold up wayfarers out. You can kind of see my reflection in the lense. So it's a sort of selfie. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ shieldsquad shieldsquadsunday shield shield9 smithandwesson smithandwessonfanatics mandp mandpshield9 9mm apexthatshield gun gunsdaily gunporn gunfanatics pistol handgun 2a 2ndamendment secondamendment pewpew pewpewlife rayban wayfarer sunglasses gunz wv westvirginia huntington dodgeram

18 Minutes ago

Tony Montgomery


Comment from Tony Montgomery:

New CCW Smith & Wesson M&P40c w/the crimson trace laser on the grip. This thing is awesome!gunporn gun guns pistol m&p40 smithandwesson smithandwesson40 crimsontrace ccw 2a 3percent

18 Minutes ago



Comment from the_notperator:

Meet the Smith's _______________________________________________________ smithandwesson smithandwesson_fanatics mandpmonday mandpaholics mandp shield9mm shieldsquad mandp9c mp9pro 9mm parabellum ccw edc hd notperator DTOMAF

19 Minutes ago

Emily D


Comment from Emily D:

We got pretty darn close to zeroing the dot on the TacSol rail on the Buckmark 22. And had a successful run testing and adjusting my new CompTac mag holders for smithwessoncorp M&P 9L CORE. Shot new lot of Freedom Munitions 9mm 124gr HP. rangeday shoottogetherstaytogether pewpewlife merica testitbeforeyoutrustit comptac 2a igguns igmilitia smithandwesson buckmark freedommunitions

20 Minutes ago

Southernized Gear


Comment from Southernized Gear:

memorialdayweekend shooting thepewpewlife pewpew rangetherapy slanginlead 2a Repost jbroome23 (get_repost) ・・・ A little outdoor shooting today! southernizedgear girlsshoottoo girlsthatshoot pistols glock smithandwesson 22mag itsnotwhereyouliveitshowyoulive

25 Minutes ago

jonathan scott


Comment from jonathan scott:

New handgun! smithandwesson mpshield9 9mm snapontools dieselmechanic

27 Minutes ago

Gun Gear Armory


Comment from Gun Gear Armory:

It's sigsunday and I'll be shooting this little p938 on Tuesday to help my mom decide what her edc will be. What's your EDC? I trade off between my glock19 and my shield45 sigsauerinc sigfanatics sigsaueroptics smithandwesson_fanatics smithwessoncorp p938 glockporn glockfeed perfection performance performancecenter smithandwesson shield

37 Minutes ago

Brandi Long


Comment from Brandi Long:

Love when we bond hoytignite hoytvixen girlswhobowhunt girlswithtattoos girlswhobowhunt hoytpowermax hoytbowhunting hoyttargetarchery hoytarchery smithandwesson sheild9mm

37 Minutes ago

Chris Lopez (Knightfall)


Comment from Chris Lopez (Knightfall):

St. Patrick's cathedral. What architecture. Let me know if anyone needs any gear. Shoot me a message kydex kydexholster custom customholster glockglockfamily gun guns holster g19 g23 glocks 1911glock17 glock19 glock22 glock23 glock20 glock21mp9 mp40 glockporn kydexholsters 2a sig shieldsmithandwesson glock43 hk sig sig320

43 Minutes ago



Comment from Guns:

Tag a friend that needs this M&P 2.0! . PC: mapleleaffirearms . . smithandwesson mandp mandp2point0 9mm edc gunporn

43 Minutes ago



Comment from Sarah:

shooting memorialdayweekend bernardstonma memorialdayweekend targetpractice usa45 smithandwesson

43 Minutes ago



Comment from NeoMag®:

Repost mitche24 ・・・ Another picture of my favorite carry gun and accessories neomag hyvetechnologies smithandwesson shieldsquad shield9mm shield ccw edc smithandwessonfanatics

45 Minutes ago



Comment from TheBeardedFlyFlinger:

It's going to be a long night at the bench...but I got my 357magnum loads dailed perfectly. Might see me out shooting some steel wearing a number here very soon... reloading 357magnum shootyourownload perfectpracticemakesperfect shooteverydamnday shooting shootingsports sportshooting smithandwesson reload molonlabe

49 Minutes ago