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Comment from Pritchard:

Thought today was Monday. It clearly is not. People say they hate Mondays. Work retail on a Sunday. Everyone is mad and annoying. After a retail Sunday of working you'll want to kill yourself. Here are the same items you see 5 days a week, haha. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ shieldsquad shield smithandwesson smithandwessongun smithandwessonfanatics mandp mandpshield9 emerson emersonknives olight olightflashlights gun gunporn gunfanatics 2a 2ndamendment 9mm secondamendment knives knifefanatics knifecommunity edc edcpocketdump everydaycarry everydaydump geardump handdump handgun pistol

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The #1 Tactical Feed


Comment from The #1 Tactical Feed:

Combo Pack 🔥 How to find? Search: Combo Pack - All Products Available NOW! Shop now: - knives swords blade blades smithandwesson gerber balisong butterflyknife

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Austin Kazi Morton


Comment from Austin Kazi Morton:

There's few people I trust with my life, but the guys that wear this uniform with me will always be at the top of the list. The guys I have are undoubtedly amongst the best. We have a highly dysfunctional group of guys when we are in plain clothes..but as soon as the gear goes on we knuckle down and everything changes and there's no one else I would rather have on my team than the many guys I do. Some of them I have nurtured and brought to the caliber they are, others have come top notch and grown and molded into and with our team. I'm very proud and thankful for all the guys I have. Here's only a couple faces that I'm so proud to stand next to. brotherhood dangerouslife highcaliber shield topnotch topflightsecuritycraig topflightsecurity EagleEyeIndianaSecurity SecurityTeam teamglock badge privatesecurity Indiana 260 40cal 45 9mm blackhawk tactical infill servingourcommunity safety youngbloodworkers asp smithandwesson glock tacticalperformance performancetactical propper proppertactical

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Comment from TacticalRack:

Self Defense Shield comprehensive legal & financial protection..uscca proud member ccw 2ndamendment guns edc pewpew smithandwesson m&pshield

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RYDEN Enterprises LLC


Comment from RYDEN Enterprises LLC:

We are proud to be an American! This picture says it all for me 5 Generations of Patriots!!! Thank you to all of our customers and for those of you who are serving our country today! americapatriotserviceusafarmynavymarinescoastguardmoabnrausccasmithandwessonknivescamoholstersmountarnofeargodblesscountryusaveteranspolice

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Rory Maitland


Comment from Rory Maitland:

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. smithandwesson pistol 9mm airsoft milsim milsimuk stirlingairsoft secondsystem spear sheild

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Blake Graham


Comment from Blake Graham:

You've been good to me Ann Arbor. This last week is bittersweet. Im excited for a taste of midland this summer, but I will be back in the fall. . . . . AnnArborArms AnnArbor UofM planetrock Climbing bouldering Outdoors Bikelife cycling mtb CPL CityLife PureMichigan puremittigan trek bontrager garmin foxracing vw Shimano pedaldamnit smithandwesson smithoptics EnjoytheOutdoors getafterit engineering

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Marcos Quijano


Comment from Marcos Quijano:

Some "zero" time ! sunday gunday guns igguns pewpew training ar-15 ar15 smithandwesson merica🇺🇸 maga m&p vtac romeo5 sigsauerinc sigsauerusa smithwessoncorp 2admendment donttreadonme🐍 molonlabe

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Kyle Vensel


Comment from Kyle Vensel:

A clean weapon is a happy weapon is an effective weapon. gunsofinstagram ar15 ar15build customAR frankensteinAR m4 assaultrifle pistol semiauto guncleaning mandp smithandwesson doggophotobomb smithwessoncorp fortismfg bravocompanyusa spikes_tactical headdownproducts battlecomp lucid_optics

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Comment from OutdoorSportsman:

Sale starts today! shooting fishing waltherp22 smithandwesson funwithguns henryrifles keltec ksg taurus blackhawk 22lr cci strikeking hexmag vicious jackall swimbait bassfishing outdoorsportsman209 shoplocal

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Comment from Scott:

smithandwesson revolver 38special wheelgunsforever wheelgun snubnose snubby guns secondamendment concealedcarry selfdefense wheelgunrealgun

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Dave Evers


Comment from Dave Evers:

rangetime 40caliber shooting range practice smithandwesson glock23

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Red White & Blue Industries


Comment from Red White & Blue Industries:

I dare you 😠 MolonLabe 2ndAmendment NRA guns gunstuff gunsdaıly springfieldarmory smithandwesson fnusa donttreadonme pewpew pewpewlife

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Don Womble Jr.


Comment from Don Womble Jr.:

Just a little fun last night 😍 pew maga trump freedom texas pewpew ar15 22 magpul smithandwesson liberty igmilitia vortexoptics santantactical 223 556 2a protectthe2nd comeandtakeit

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U.S. Tac Fac


Comment from U.S. Tac Fac:

Dark Matter 😈 Search "Combo" to find! - All Products Available NOW! Shop now: - knives swords blade blades smithandwesson gerber balisong butterflyknife

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Comment from Dave:

Today's waist carry. Surprised how comfortable it is sitting in a car. S&W smithandwesson sd40ve bladetech sog sogsealpup kydex sogknives lastchancebelt edc carry 2a pew pewpewlife merica knives guns

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Comment from grey.wolf.tactical:

Smith & Wesson Model 351 PD Pistol in .22 Magnum This is a seven shot revolver made with titanium and Smith & Wesson's proprietary Scandium frame. This gun is fitted with a fiber optic front sight as well as Crimson's Traces rubber over-molded laser grip. The gun has been test fired only, comes with factory box and the original factory grip. This is the greatest little gun for concealed carry. Manufacture- smithwessoncorp crimsontrace Sold at- nwponyexpress smithandwesson 22mag 22wmr revolver wheelgun sixshooter wheelgun handgun pistol gun shooting defendthesecond 2a 2ndamendment igguns rimfire glock concealedcarry everydaycarry ak47 ar15 rifle carbine igmilitia tactical tacticool police lawenforcement firearm firearmphotography greywolftactical

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Comment from Time2Conceal:

Great class going on! For more details visit Classes are only $95! Saturday's and Sunday's 9am. Phase 1 online training included ($60 value)!! Group rates available.. Time2Conceal CCW Cleveland Ohio Protection Safety 2ndAmendment RightToBearArms Guns Firearms GunShow Glock Beretta SmithandWesson Taurus HK Freedom GirlswithGuns wickliffe AR-15 range exercise

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Comment from Silah.Sevdasi💎:

vinecapsturkiye ARKADAŞINI ETİKETLE 💰👇 gunslikeforlikesfrommeandlike silahsilahlarpietroredblackdailyinstagraminstagoodinstalikeinstadailycoltcoltssmithandwessonpicofthedayrepostdanisnotonfiregünaydıngoldownerglockglock19tagforlikesdesigndesertlike4likelikeforlikelikeforlikesfrommeandlike

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John Comerford


Comment from John Comerford:

I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy or nervous. SmithandWesson

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