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Tightening collagen peel -This is a fabulous peel off mask containing 10% organic rice powder which gives the skin a soft smooth and velvety touch. It has a unique gelling process. The mask is a very fine, white powder in a sealed sachet. When it is mixed with water, it starts to gel thanks to its high alginate content seaweed. When applied, the mask removes dead skin cells and lifts impurities from the skin. Although the mask tightens the skin, it is not uncomfortable at all - rather, it feels cooling on the skin as it sets and gets to work. The feeling is quite refreshing and when the mask is peeled off, it leaves the skin visibly refreshed and brighter, ready for moisturisers or intensive serums. High end salons and spas apply serums after the mask has been removed and then apply a fresh mask on top. This creates a perfect “second skin effect” encouraging the intensive, active rich serums to penetrate the skin. The second mask is then peeled off. Measure out the amount of mask powder as well as the water and mix together. Apply the paste immediately to the face while avoiding the eyes contour. Apply in a thick even layer paying particular attention to the edges of the mask so that they are thick enough to peel off easily rather than needing to be rubbed off afterwards. The mask sets in about 6 minutes following the application. Relax and try not to talk. Leave the mask to work its magic for about 15-20 minutes. #london #beautiful #flawlessmakeup #psoriasis #gone #mua #spa #flawless #glow #with #organza #vegan #smooth #skin #velvet #healthy

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Everything you need for a smooth, comfortable shave.

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