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Comment from sizz:

yes i know this shots trash but i been grinding all day and kept hitting stuff like this. so i'm posting to let y'all know i'm on bo2 now :)

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Lots Of Guns!


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Follow guns.. For Daily Posts Of The Sexiest Guns On Instagram 🔫 ⠀ 💯😂 ⠀ Photo Posted By: uniqueweapons

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Its Loffy


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-Cool shot I hit with my friend auci._ - -hashtags bo2bo3callofdutybillcamtrickshotbillcamblackops2blackops3awmw2memesgamingfazegfuelscufxbox360xbox1ps4ps3quickscopesniper

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Beast Binoculars


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Perfect zoom to look at this breath taking scenery.... scope hunting trees rifle boltactionrifle boltaction 30cal clearshot binoculars monocular huntingscope spottingscope beastbinoculars green mountains beautiful weekend life hunt zoomedin sniper snipe

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Careful Giraffe


Comment from Careful Giraffe:

Symmetry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Destiny destiny2 Titan hunter warlock twitch ttv trialsofosiris beta handcannon pvp crucible mlg scuf teamscuf ps4 xboxone halo bungie activision Destinymotw sniper gaurdian

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Comment from CODBO2:

Most the time I question how this works but Ima let it slide CODsniperinsanitynewcodliketrickshot

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Adam Leblanc


Comment from Adam Leblanc:

Batman Arkham Knight Somebody That I Use To Know youtube rearward dude dumb fps shooting guns skateboard america sniper robot playlist FULL VIDEO AVAILABLE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TOMORROW

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Comment from TTOG:

"Survival means work- It means dedication- It means that training is a priority" Consider how important your life is and the lives of those you are sworn to protect Now that you've thought about it come out and train with some of the most well versed instructors around- LE Pistol Concepts Level II - 8/13/17 LE Pistol Concepts Level I - 8/20/17 ttog tacticaltraining trainlikeyoufight trainlikeabeast firearmstraining firearms 2a tactical range guns gunlife gunsofinstagram gunporn pewpewlife sniper hashtagtical weaponsdaily dailydefense swat swatlife lawenforcement thinblueline police military veterans veteran usmc uspsa steelchallenge homesteadtrainingcenter viceindustries jonathanruano

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Comment from farrokhbulsara_:

nembak bokong wkwk hitmansniper hitman sniper

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Honored to host a Military / L.E. Vet with 50+ years of experience to give us the expert rundown on how he would use our tactical slings. barrett longgun sniper americansniper madeinusa guns rifle firearms shooting grovtec sling veteran

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Militares do Mundo


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Não espere o futuro mudar sua vida! 💀👮 Guerreiras Militar - Don't expect the future to change your life! Military Warriors brasil usa force força honra fé like4like likeforlike tagsforlikes determination blessedmilitar guerra war good follow4follow policiamilitar militaresdomundo respect polizeibope goodnight boanoite soldier female goodmorning sniper bomdia military good army

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Jeremy Johnson


Comment from Jeremy Johnson:

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Momma Mercy 🖤💋


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Widow is bae af. Peep that quad feed 😩 Really miss low gravity tbh. ❥ ✿ Xbox- Neyiah ❥ ⇢Clan. ♔queensofgaming 💜 ❥ ⇢ Partners. ♔pluxeon |garbagemercy ♚mythril_kitten | lemondropshotxo ❥ ⇢ CornBread Squad 🌽🍞 ♔intruhcate | imsooacid ♚izanami.mia | das.dragon ❥ ⇢Slay Squad 💋🖤. ♚ironmaeden | perfexia ♔sinon.slay | slay_noah18 ♚smf0018 | skyrau ❥ ___________________________ ;ignore these. destinycrucibledestinycruciblesnipersnipingvideogamevideogamesbungieironbannercallofdutygencycodgearsofwar4blackops3gearsofwarxboxxbox1xboxoneplayofthegameps4skilloverskinplaystationplaystation4gaminggamergamergirlnerdgirlgamernerdyoverwatch

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Ryker Vorton [Ph]


Comment from Ryker Vorton [Ph]:

En la mira de la asesina . florlsoto.16 model rykervorton soldier warrior guerrera sniper gun sexy

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Grosir Senapan Angin


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Comment from shes.underrated:

Prolly the only time im gonna put 2 shots in one post. Only did it cuz i missed yesterdays post _ __ ___ ____ _____ __________________ 👇 Ignore 👇 videogames games InstaTags4Likes online gamer gaming instagaming playinggames onlinegaming videogameaddict gamestagram girlgamer gamergirl video ps4 xbox trickshot sniper edit cod sniper

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