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Freedom Sport Shooting


Comment from Freedom Sport Shooting:

Oh the Dragunov freedom sport shooting love guns pistol rifle glock ar15 tactical custom america merica military instagram 2ndamendment nra thinblueline getsome colt 1911 classic dragonuv precision sniper scope

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Brenno Rangel Arcoverde


Comment from Brenno Rangel Arcoverde:

Ficando do jeito 😉 airsoft dmr sniper m4a1 magpul RJ multicam Brasil seals marines g&p

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Comment from GUN CROSS:

Keep it in the Wife's Car america molanlabe pewlife pewpewpew weapon gunporn 2a gun rifle 2ndAmendment freedom tactical knives assaultrifle suppressor sniper pocketdump 3percenter Hecklerandkoch everydaydump everydaycarry blade machinegun knife ak47 concealcarry AR15 guns

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Comment from RifleAddicts:

Hoping to gain a little more publicity in this adventure. We are putting together an 80% complete ar15 build kit for our nations finest, and hoping to keep paying it forward continuously. We have many participants already, and are looking for more!! If you would like to donate or apply to be involved in the lottery, please visit and check us out!! rifles sniper weapons

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Comment from KUBObor:

Stroboscope Light Drawing chraniboranalogphotographynofilternopostproductionprakticainvisiblesniperstroboscopeopenedexposurefirsttryphotoofthedaypicofthedayinstacoolfunartfollowmefollowmeistillshootfilmissfkeepfilmalivefilmisnotdeadfilmphotothefilmcommunity

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Iskar 🇮🇩


Comment from Iskar 🇮🇩:

Fokus adalah salah satu kunci sebuah tugas... . . . msg sniper indomiliter

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They Call Me D


Comment from They Call Me D:

When you play sweats too much (I love echo no homo) xtwist3d__her0 🙂 violet.slayss 💙 echoslays_ 🗑❤ whiix 🅱️👀 mediocreguy 💀💦 ignore tags destiny destinythegame ps4 playstation4 ToO RoI titan hunter huntermasterrace warlock crucible sniper triple TTK warlockmasterrace shotty stormtrance trialsofosiris ironbanner

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Comment from Backup:

Pretty decent games. ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊. (Tags) cod callofduty MWR blackops xbox xboxone xb1 treyarch activision ps4 playstation4 InfiniteWarfare gta gtav gta5 IW playstation scuf scufgaming rage sniper Bo2 bo3 bo3zombies Scuf codmeme clips Tryhard bo3zombies Codclips

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Gt: Live4K


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امشى و احب الناس 😁


Comment from امشى و احب الناس 😁:

يا ليل الي يهيطون على بعض الناس ❤️ . . . gta gtav gta5 lol troll bw kingalw7sh huni rpg sniper like xd YouTube tag any w7sh monster

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Comment from R3gicidal:

Yep. Follow my partners: traderkirk_ splodindragon deadpoolxx20 enviablexflame death.influence rilesmgiles odairyuu imateenn wgard.destiny exotic_aim Clan page: r3gicidal_clan love art music design destiny destinythegame overwatch overwatchmemes guns girls mlg jumpshot quickscope mlg xbox ps4 titan warlock hunter dankmemes like4like likeforlike zenyatta trickshot l4l sniper 420 Genji videogames

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Comment from TTOG:

Push yourself in training to see what your weaknesses are in order to exploit them- stay in the fight ttog tacticaltraining trainlikeyoufight trainlikeabeast firearmstraining firearms 2a tactical range guns gunlife gunsofinstagram gunporn pewpewlife sniper hashtagtical weaponsdaily dailydefense swat swatlife lawenforcement thinblueline police military veterans veteran usmc

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sea eagle airsoft


Comment from sea eagle airsoft:

Sale 2nd sniper L96 Good condition Fps 400 bb 0,2 Sling, bipod, box, scope IDR 3.700.000 airsoftindonesia tokoairsoft jualairsoft toko lapak kios olshop jual jualan bekas baru murah bagus sniper spring boltaction l96 fai abu porgasi perbakin hobi komunitas olahraga menembak koleksi kolektor tni polri

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Comment from COD.Trickshots:

Dank shot from ordxr ... I like this --------------------------- Tag Some Friends That Would Likes This Shot 😊 ••• Can we get 400+ Views 😭 ••• 200+ Likes = New Post ✅ ••• 250+ Likes Would Be Dope😊 ••• Dont Be A Ghost Like The Post 👻 ••• Ignore Tags 🏷 bo2 billcam blackops blackops2 aw cod callofduty era faze fazerain fazeadapt fazeapex soar sniper sniping snap snapspm obey ps3 ps4 xbox360 quickscope pamaj saw trickshot wallbang logic freex xxxtentacion kyle

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Comment from Pasha🌊:

4 Bubbles 1 Smash 1 Hammers today was so much fun realnorthly fluerfx reglitch sirazaza GMT doesn't have IG . <...............................> SPONSORED BY theadamexpress use code "swigg" for 5% off! <...............................> The Family💜 eyxsluna |sirazaza | missxsarai | dayz_me_trollin ninjasakuraa | lostbrenn fluerfx | <................................> Other Social media🐍 Twitch: iSwiggity Twitter iSwiggity YouTube Sir xSwiggity . <..................................> IGNORE TAGS🇨🇦 . <...................................> . Destiny RiseofIron RoI Destinyplayers sniper Bungie Clips Montage TakenKing TrialsofOsris DestinytheGame VideoGames PS4 XBOX1 PlayStation Gamer

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Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁶:

If my other post get 22 more likes I will add music ⬇ Follow the team⬇ ×××××××××××××××××××× Leader: Co-Leaders: suicide_is_a_diy fracture.trapz puppzt Members: kingdom.clipz fracture.ex0n0t fracture_feeds fracture_gravity glizzfull fracture_cloudzz fracture_xeyz itz.iv3r ×××××××××××××××××××× DM To Join ×××××××××××××××××××× Tags (Ignore) bo2 cod trickshot faze callofduty xbox mw2 mw3 gamer bo3 ps3 xboxone gaming blackops2 ps4 bo1 advancedwarfare xbox360 sniper mlg

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Comment from RT:

At one point in my life I ate, slept, and breathed hockey. On the ice for the last game of the season. hockey icehockey greenmachine jrislanders bobcats sniper ticklingtwine Kovalev 27 nyr

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Comment from DeathByCheese-:

They tell me, mediocreguy, you're falling off your meme game. I tell em, "Ni🅱🅱a, you never had none 👇😤👇." ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Partner (s): - im_demonic 💦💂 - purehypee 👌 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tags: destiny destinythegame trials trialsofosiris playstation sniper feed trickshots gamer shotgun carry super clip videogames gamer ps4 playstation overwatch meme destinyjokes destinymemes spongebobmeme montage edit logo commission destinyhumor

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overwatch memes & art


Comment from overwatch memes & art:

I have been playing too much destiny now my aim is off in overwatch ;-; I can't widow like I used to send help pls . . DM me! Let's chat! 🤓 ~•~•~•~•~ 平和と愛 ♡ ~•~•~•~•~• 평화와 사랑 ♡ ~\\~\\~\\~\\ Partners: mercy_shimada thehealingsniper overwatchwidowmaker shimada.ghost hp.reaper >>Art by:? . . . 👀Ignore these Tags!!》overwatch dva meka korean memes gaming videogames hanasong star widowmaker art gamers pink heart cyborg love blizzard soldier76 friends ana anaamari sniper egypt healer support xbox ps4 pc gamers angel orisa

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Vitor Rosado ⚓️


Comment from Vitor Rosado ⚓️:

Primos primeiros🚀 paintball sniper 🔫💣💥

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