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Meditation is also about focus and concentrate. Focus is more important than intelligence. Focus on problems u will have more problems, Focua on possibilities u will have more opportunities. Open your third eye. . . . . . . indobarian indobarianmethod indobarian_indonesia focus meditation consciousness fitgoals concentrates eyes thirdeye namaste warrior peace soldiers tni sniper likes followforfollow

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J.c. Schmerker


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My wasteland Sniper. fanime fanime2017 cosplay costuming cosplayer wasteland postapocalyptic dystopian sniper sniperrifle

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In A Relationship ♥️


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Platform: XBOX ONE Gamertag: DEATH WISH 1991 Rank 635 Kill death ratio 3.17 Im not a Modder, and my account wasn't recovered. See more at DEATHWISH1991 DEATHWISHclips Thanks for watching and following _________________________________________________________love xbox xboxone xbox grandtheftauto gta gtav gta5 gtaonline gta5online gtavonline lossantos gtaphotography rockstargames videogames gamer gamerguy girlgamers guygamers nerd onlinegaming sniper youtube headshot epic funny savage beastmode videooftheday

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🇲 🇰 ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ ᴘᴀɢᴇ


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А мне стреляять, а мне стреляяять, а мне стреляяяять охото...😎 Фото из архива 2016. Цель поражена с первой попытки😆 Практическая стрельба из нарезного карабина.😍 shooterwoman sniper shooting weapons

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گنج جنگ


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. مردان بزرگ هوانیروز همانهایی که با ملخ های روشن سوخت میزدند و میرفتند، صف میشکستند و روحیه میدادند و بازمیگشتند... مرجع نشر تخصصی دلاوریهای مردان جنگ-گنج جنگ به جمع قهرمانان جنگ بپیوندید 👆👆👆 👆 ganjejang ganjejang ganjejang weaponriflesniperairforcemilitarysoldeirmarineshistory militaryhistoryarmedforcesveteransday veteranveteranstankaircraft aviationphantomhelicopterjet pilotpilotsfighterpilotfighterfighterpilotfighterjetwarwarhistory

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seattle seattlewa washington snoqualmie waterfall clearskies beautifulday nottheseattleweatheriremember latepost igers_seattle sniper caughtthephotographer igninja Thank you KN

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💜💜Here is an Widowmaker edit I did, with her hair down I used the app called Color from Picsart! It also has to do with the same rp I'm doing with her with 1onefruedian1 the base is rightfully owned by Blizzard playoverwatch 💜💜 infrasight visor longhair purple pink widowmaker edit overwatch art hairedit sniper

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‎‏ganas_15 ‎صيد مقناص السعودية الكويت اسبانيا استجمام اجازه المغرب منغوليا جنوب_افريقيا السودان رومانيا اذربيجان الارجنتين بط وز مكشات طرح قميري قطا بنلي السودان رومانيا طير tripssniperairgunhunting

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‎‏ganas_15 ‎صيد مقناص السعودية الكويت اسبانيا استجمام اجازه المغرب منغوليا جنوب_افريقيا السودان رومانيا اذربيجان الارجنتين بط وز مكشات طرح قميري قطا بنلي السودان رومانيا طير tripssniperairgunhunting

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springer semarang


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S. M. A. R seng penting yakin... wargame wargames skirmish milsim organisasi airsofter photooftheday urbanphotography airsoft airsoftgun sniper airsoftgun airsoftsemarang airsoftworld airsoftinternational airsoftindonesia airsoftspring gbb gbbr aeg lpeg spring airsoftphotography

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Mad Mike


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😈⛽⏰🎯🌎 See Cold Part Bout It, I Would Feed People And Blow Gas For Free Too. Nah Not Anymore. Growers Cutting Niggas Off Too. Thought They Was Gone Keep Tha Growers I Grew Up With. People Forget Who Really Put Em In Tha Game. No Shipping. Gotta Take A Road Trip To Get It For Tha Low Now. How Bow Dah...✌😑✌Sniper PewPew Stoner Marketing RollUp AnotherOne Whatever TwoTimes StillFunny OrNah Dope Finesse 420 Pothead Motivation Gas OG Dabs Wax Shatter

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AirSoft Team folgt ate_airsoft gspairsoft airsoftinternational airsoftsniper sniper airsoft airsoftsniper gsp

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Jeremy Johnson


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Did private matches and I thought this was funny considering I kept killing the hunter with a headshot but keep killing the warlock in other ways😂 Check out my partners: knowlxdgee (savage)😎 skxrri (Dad)😍 one_word_phrase (killer)☠️ vaeinity (The Man with pictures)🌅 ii_muchhate_ii (sweaty)💦 _ugly_jesus_ (not ugly)😊 aphroditesn8mr (Slay)👑 flawlessguardian (Lit) 🔥 . . Artist: Song: . . (Ignore these please) destiny destinythegame riseofiron crucible crucibledaliy ironbanner trialsofosirs hunter nolandbeyond sidearm shotgun sniper universalremote ps4 sony microsoft xboxone gamer gaming twitch twitchdestiny primary whatsaprimary averageplayer averagedestinyplayer destiny2 destiny2ps4 destiny2xboxone destiny2pc

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first experience realgun realbullet shotgun 22machinegun sniper awesome 🔫

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Pew pew •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• titanfall titanfall2 battlefield1 cod infinitewarfare respawn eagaming gaming xboxone ps4 pilot titan tone ronin northstar scorch ion legion monarch DMR skillz rekt sniper

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Gt - Naus Venomz


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Hey Guys❤️ Like The Post Comment ☘️ For Good Luck ✊️TaGs✊️ cod callofduty callofdutytrickshot FaZe FaZetrickshot Red Soar sui sniper callofduty2 callofduty3 dope lit cod4remasterd followers follower follow insane delta 150 wallbang gtav halo game gamer gaming

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Jared Wharton


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Memorial Day. Ending it with a beer finally! Concrete is hard work! Who knew? I chose The Ox by holymtnbrewing and I chose wisely.

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sniper 50cal shooting guns

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Don't forget to check my other videos on YouTube : Angry Viking ⚠ . . Enjoy Your Day angryvikinggaming subscribe to my youtube channel bf1 sniper headshot middleeast desert ps4 xboxone pc game videogames gaming gamer . battlefieldempire battlefield_1_official bobbydiigiital battlefieldsbest battlefield1_video wise_gaming_owl

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