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Now, even though I have not, yet, been lucky enough to meet #TheFirstLady of #UnitedStates in person, she's the closest thing to a role model in my life. And believe me when I say, am NOT a person who has or believes in having #rolemodels , simply because I have never come across any one in my life who makes me want to be them. Sure! There have been few who were able to inspire me to be a better person, they still do. But this woman, whom I have never actually met and is not even from my country, sits somewhat 12000 Km away, motivating and inspiring men & women across the globe, makes me want to BE her. You know why? Because that is how smart, strong and amazing she is; that is how good she is at being a #woman. Everybody has some image or an idea in their head, that, this is how a perfect or a perfect man should be; for me, that's her. I know! Nobody's perfect. But if you separate your idea of a perfect human being from that of a perfect and delve into the collective consciousness of men and women, you'll come out with a handful of characteristics that you want to see in a #woman in today's tough and ever- changing times- Smart, Strong, Elegant,Compassionate and Independent. And that is everything who she is. P. S. - Happy Birthday! XOXO @michelleobama #someonetolookupto #powerfulwomen #successfulwomen #inspirationalwomen #xoxo

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Proud Wifey moment! This guys dedication to his career is admirable. When he says he's going to do something, he does it. The words written about him are exceptional and every bit true... so read it!! #bigbearpatrol #someonetolookupto #myhusbandrocks

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