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Comment from katherine_moonrose:

Sitting the silence & sipping my camomile tea, I listen once again to a resent recording of a spiritual healing session. My human form is exhausted. This spiritual stuff is hard work. I've broken ancestral patterns by being an unconditional loving mother. Every thing that feels like I've endured, I chose in spirit form. Forgiveness, is still on my ' to do ' soul lessons list....healing emotionalabuse soulsearching innerchild devinefeminine goddess spirituality

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Caroline Gindro


Comment from Caroline Gindro:

✨ Today take some time to search your inner light ✨ spreadlovenothate bekind enjoylife betolerant soulsearching soul buddha candle nikonphotography nikondf peace enjoythelittlethings beyourself relaxation meditation

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Onenonly Fatin


Comment from Onenonly Fatin:

petang2 layan cucoq bawang cicah cili sos.. kena pulak kopi o panaih.. hangpa rasa? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 rasa lapaq lar kan skrg kan? . . haitafron haitafron1stsolotrip soulsearching eatsleepchillrepeat minumpetangcarakampung

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Jennifer Jean


Comment from Jennifer Jean:


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chantal vanderhaeghen


Comment from chantal vanderhaeghen:

So true. There is such clarity of thought when you slow down, connect to your thoughts, weed out the negative and irrelevant. Such joy and lightness of being. Thanks to chopracenter for the share

21 Minutes ago

Soup UK


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Lyckobackens© levAnde


Comment from Lyckobackens© levAnde:

Talismans. ❤ Mother Mary miracle medal (an actual antique one dated back to 1830 when these were first made after nun Catherine Labouré's divine visions. Found in an antique-store on Etsy 😍) and the Chalice Well-lid. Combined and entwined. Powerful a f. 👊 IAm rooted grounded bewinged goddessrising unfuckwithable miraclemaker dreamer YOUniverse blessed grateful thankful happiness magic meditator spiritjunkie unapologeticallyme soulsearching rawfoodie lightworker intuitive bliss love trueself free whitewitch grAttitude gratitude swedishlightworkersisterhood

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Comment from Aneesh:

Simizu island El Nido ❤️ elnido elnidopalawan wander wanderlust solobackpacker solobackpackersgoal beautifulview beatifulbeach beautifuldestination travel solotravel solotraveler beautifulview travelgram soulsearching

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Comment from abenajoyous:

😃Think about this, yes what if you woke up tomorrow, with only the things you were thankful for today. That is scary right?😆😄. Be thankful throughout the day for all the little things, they add up to something big😄😆GodblessingJesuslove  believerslove bornagainforgiveness everyoneblessedpeopleAfrica naturalfriendsjesusoursaviorchristianity saturdayactorcommercialsinners photography illustrators lifeentertainers depressed fashionactress singerschurchmembers soulsearchingclubcityworker

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Jayeeta Dutta


Comment from Jayeeta Dutta:

May my trails be all crooked, winding and dangerous, leading to the most amazing and beautiful view rhododendronseason sandakphutrail throwback instaamazing beautifulview iphonephotography picoftheday aprilphotochallenge naturephotography natureblowsmymind instabeautiful trekkingtrail lovingit photo solace soulsearching nostalgia preciousmoments siliguridiaries dooarsdiaries sandakphudiaries kurseongdiaries darjeelingdiaries sikkimdiaries

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Comment from 🌹🌹🌹🌹:

This book just captivated my soul. Made my heart feel a real kind of love for the first time in a long time. Love is not easy and sometimes we do not end up with the ones are heart truly loves. But we will always know that the footprints of the people who once walked together will never fade away. ❤ bookstagram bookworm booknerd bibliophile bookcollector latenightread theloveofbooks soulsearching heartwarming

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Comment from IVN:

Lonely road ahead, fasten your seatbelt 😌 quiet scenery travel travelgram instatravel wanderlust soulsearching

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Ines Matić


Comment from Ines Matić:

"Dance with me. Bring my demons to their knees." [N. Lyons] Photo by: partsofthesun art photography momentsintime throwback redhair soulsearching beauty misterious misteriousbeauty capture

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Bärbel Bimschas


Comment from Bärbel Bimschas:

Da ist er, der Atlantik! Portugal algarve portugaldenorteasul atlantic meeresbrise meeresrauschen meeresblick oceanview grünundblau soulsearching visitportugal wellen wildewiese wilderness

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ysille gray


Comment from ysille gray:

faded lostintime soulsearching

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Cristina Hisarza Hagos


Comment from Cristina Hisarza Hagos:

Sometimes it's the memories that hurt the most.." Reminiscing soulsearching SunSet wheninmasbate🌻🐳🐬 I❤Masbate

1 Hours ago

Tasha Eimreh 👑


Comment from Tasha Eimreh 👑:

tongues out \m/ . . . . . backpackers backpackerlife beachlife soulsearching travel travelph travelphotography travelalone travelgoals travelph travelgram traveldeeper traveldiaries traveller islandlife islandgirl explore photography photographysouls oldstyle tour ig igers igersdaily instagood goals wander wandering wanderlusting

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Friday is here!And it's time for us to slow down and enjoy the moments!As we get ready for the weekend, don't forget that Euzoea (well-being) is about enjoying the things you like with the people you love!

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Muhamad Taufik Bin Kamarudin


Comment from Muhamad Taufik Bin Kamarudin:

The Saga Continues. alwaysatraveller soulsearching deeperconversation exploretheheart liveyourlife comeasyouare mediaprima mediaprimadigital

2 Hours ago

Amelia Errington


Comment from Amelia Errington:

This place, we used to call it the Marina Square ; referring to the vicinity. I was little when it was constructed, and was so in awe of the three hotels that inhabited this zone : Pan Pacific, Mandarin Oriental & Marina Mandarin. Later on when I was an adult, I would return to stay from time to time - an escape from life; just a little bit. These little escapes reminded me of how it feels to be me, and alone time feels good. Over the years I have found my way back several times,searching for a quiet rest. When I am here, I have only the sounds from the streets and my own thoughts for company. It is peaceful. Now we have Suntec City, Ritz Carlton, Conrad etc to add to this beautiful area which will always in my un-updated heart called, Marina.Marina. marinasquare cityscape singapore beautifulsingapore reststop marinamandarin newsingapore singaporememories rememerwhen whatirecall bringingbackmemories peaceful quietinthecity citylife urban urbansingapore rechargingbatteries soulsearching

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