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Angie Lykins


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Comment from CHELSEA ANTMAN ☾:

Today is the day! I am so excited to sit in Circle with seven women who have heard the call and are ready to circle back to their divinely feminine roots♡ sacredawakeningscircle

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Comment from CHELSEA ANTMAN ☾:

▽CONTRIBUTE TODAY▽ {{Eleven Ways We Can Contribute Today}} ♥︎If you are in Australia, vote for marriage equality! Ensure your address is up to date on the Electoral Role before August 24th. ​ ♥︎Use your platform for greater good. Speak your truth in a gentle, loving way. ​ ♥︎ Be a conscious consumer. This goes for not only the products you consume but also reading material and who you follow on social media. ​ ♥︎ Do not turn away from the news just because it is uncomfortable and painful. That is white privilege in action. Maybe there was a time in your awakening where you needed to block out the horrors of the world as you were experiencing your own internal crisis, but we cannot go avoiding it forever. ♥︎ Create or join something beautiful that contributes to love and healing. ​♥︎ Donate to a worthy cause. Something you feel really passionate about. ​ ♥︎ Sign up for a Safety Pin Box Subscription: The service, run by black female activists, informs users about the various systems of privilege and oppression that disempower certain groups, while also giving specific tasks on how subscribers can challenge the status quo as allies in the real world. ​ ♥︎ Hold the light of hope. There is a massive global shift taking place in the world right now. A rapid up-levelling in individual and collective consciousness is beginning to change old worn out patriarchal paradigms and even though it may feel like at the moment everything is coming to a head, this may actually be the way we see the paradigm shift occur! ​​ ♥︎ Cultivate inclusion and diversity in all that you do.​​ ♥︎ Actively stand up to any racism, hate, bigotry, violence and homophobia the moment you witness it. ​♥︎ Extend your offerings and services to women who are experiencing trauma or suffering. Offer it out of the goodness of your heart not asking for anything in return. You will know when it feels right. Personally I have been offering a few Reiki Healings and coaching/mentoring to women in my community in need. Start today. ​The paradigm shift is here♥︎ 📷 taken by fimimsphotography from Sacred Circle Live Training with sorasuryano ♡

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J. Daniel


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Jade Wolfe


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An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language...soul language 1❤ soulspeak upclose eyes horse beautiful . . equestrianlove pocket_dof depthobsessed depthoffield lashes browneyes fence thedownmarket

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Rhonda Riegel, Owner


Comment from Rhonda Riegel, Owner:

Guess who dropped in to say hello & do some readings for us today! The beautiful, talented visionary Ms. Sunday Hamilton! goddesstones She will be here until 5 p.m. if you would like to get a psychic/intuitive reading, get your questions answered, find out your soul's purpose and/or see what she sees in your tea leaves! Come listen to your soul speak! intuitivealchemy gigharbor intuitivereading psychic soulspeak

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Real talk💯💯💯 When you grind hard, the haters wait for the moment you fall. Cut that negativity out from your life. soulspeak short stories DM feature tales characters quotes motivation inspiration life strong strength

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Sylvia Kho


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peace happy love quietmind soulspeak meditation

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Comment from claritywithkait:

🙌🏻 .... having been born a 🔥fire sign, I have always been drawn to the light but it's also smart AF to just go into the light. 🌟💫✨ smartest thing I've ever done ✅ claritywithkait 💌

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MissAdventures of Me.


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Nikhil MohanKrishnan


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Words to live by... Amen wordgasm wordstoliveby greatquotes thebookofquotations soulspeak soulfray writings notestoself gentlereminders wordsofwisdom erinvanvuren soulspeak life love music art loss philosophy books words literature thelifetimeofthoughts introspections thoughtsthatmatter worthysharing instagram

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Saint Sanchez


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Anyone interested in performing, contact thewonderofivy --------------------------- saint saintsanchez saint_sanchez virgo steel_vaginaz graffiti urban hiphop readingpa reading_pa pennsylvania artchurchcrew soulspeak rdgsoulspeak openmic event graphicdesign typography september

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Comment from SoulSpeak:

Doing a mental check in for the week that has gone by and writing it down is so beneficial. 1. It helps you see clearly what you have achieved. Things that you should give yourself a pat on the back for and you really should give yourself that pat on the back regardless of how small you think it is 2. Writing down challenges clarifies the things that didn't work as they should, shows you were you need to push harder or even where you need to let go off stuff that's holding you back. 3. Planning for the new week will help you see where your energies need to be focused so you can achieve the most wins. Writing it down creates a mental accountability check and helps you commit to doing the work required. weekendinventory 3stepsystem successes challenges plans accountabilitypartner accountabilitygroup soulspeakcircle soulspeak

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Comment from Victoria:

Who am I? Well I don't know. There is more to all of us than our bones and our skin. There is something that lies deeper. We see it in the love we spread. Love and joy. This is the real me, the real us. But what about everything else? Well everything else is a vehicle for spreading this love and joy. Then why is there pain and sadness and why are love and joy sometimes hard to find? Well if we spent forever laying in a comfortable bed, this bed would become normal, often even uncomfortable. It would no longer be as soft and as fluffy as it felt after taking a long hike. And so we must sometimes experience pain and sadness. But joy and love is forever within us and can be brought about with the right perspective. And so listen to people, especially when they have a love for something. That is their soul speaking. And it will help you see from a new point of view. And it will help you become who you really are. And your soul will speak too. Feel the beauty of being alive, look at it for all that it is in both its simplicity and complexity. And you will find iT.

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Pinktales Chapter 3: Girl In The Mirror- The Tale Of The Mirror part4 . . . GirlInTheMirror PinktalesChapter3 shortstories tinytales tinytalesoflife chaptersoflife wordsofwisdom thoughtforsoul womenthoughts forwomenbywomen womanpower taleoftheweek totw soulspeak wordsforthoughts instatales instastories instawomen APinkPerspective PinknestIndia pinkperspective

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Colorful Blac


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If you watch our show, you will see how by the end of the third set that it's a complete workout! Whatever you do, give it your all!! mindbodyspirit workout livemusic workhard heartandsoul soulspeak tellitfrommyheart soulmusic liveperformance cairns keepingitreal staygrounded cairnstoportdouglas colorfulblac cairnsmusic centerstage acousticduo entertainmentcairns igivemyall

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Comment from claritywithkait:

She was less concerned in finding love. And dead set on spreading it. 💞💫🌎chooselove latergram claritywithkait 💌

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Nishanth Raja


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Best place for meditation ✌ divinelove soulspeak innerpeace mobilevideography

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