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Stef and Lily


Comment from Stef and Lily:

Day 37. Stef: Happiness is knowing you can make your special someone really happy just by being you and nobody else. steflily100 happy 100daysofhappiness myflowermylove forever soulspeak myheartlovesyours seeyousoonbaby countdown 78335459 🌷

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Keely Ann Roberts


Comment from Keely Ann Roberts:

Surrender listen quietthemind soulspeak wisdom nativeamerican cherokeeheritage heart surrenderyourself silenttruth seewithyourheart proverbs

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Comment from Soulspeak:

2 days to go and first quarter, 2017 will be done and dusted. How would you rate your performance on goals that you planned to complete within this time frame? What lessons have you learned? How have you improved? How much value did you gain? These next couple of days offers a chance to set or realign goals for Quarter 2 and set down strategy on how to achieve those goals. Set goals that will inherently motivate you to get up and do the work. Whether or not you do the work, the time will pass. It is up to you to make sure the time counts for something. thoughts quarter1 realignment goals performancereview soulspeak soulspeakcircle goals dates

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Nour oma


Comment from Nour oma:

alexandra__domelleThere is no path to Love; rather, Love is the way. - Alexandra Domelle UnconditionalLoveHayHouseUKGoodVibesOnlyOprahMagazineQuotesForLifeLifeQuotesMotivationInspirationalQuotesSpiritualityHayHouseInspirationDailyQuotesQuoteOfTheDayPresentMomentReminderSoulSoulSpeakWordsThatMatterMostWordsThatSetYouFreeWisdomLoveLightTruthJoyPeaceMindfulnessAlexandraDomelleDivineAwakening

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Julie Lynn Joyce


Comment from Julie Lynn Joyce:

I love the first signs of spring in my yard. It's been a long painful winter and I am ready for warmer temps tulips spring warmth beautiful purple blessed nature sunshine soulspeak spirit

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Azman SBT


Comment from Azman SBT:

Before U ask God for what U want, first... thank God for what U have. thankyou godisgreat lifeisajourney lifeisbeautiful soulspeak mothersoul patience sabr POSITIV moyoolemera sbt hurmmm

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Comment from Vicky:

Love my hand painted stone from Cyprus courtesy of Dream Happy 💛 creative handpainted stone cyprus dreamhappy soul meditation quitemind soulspeak

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Comment from worthyofyourlove:

Signs red flags • Be still and observe . . spiritualguidance soulspeak words wordporn wordsofwisdom wordstoliveby guidance motivation potd connected

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Christy Sinkevitch


Comment from Christy Sinkevitch:

repost alfa.poet soulspeak poetsofinstagram soulgarden seeher

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Megan Gogoll


Comment from Megan Gogoll:

Mmmm wanna hear some wild awakened ROARS?! Then make sure you enter theanxiouspoet and blessedbrisbane GIVEAWAY 🎆🎆🎆 Win a double pass to see the incredible spoken word artist lukalesson in his brilliant Living Poets Societ tour Brisbane this Saturday!!! Entries close 5pm today so get amongst it! See previous post for all entry details. Good luck! 🤓

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RedBarn Studios Bookarts


Comment from RedBarn Studios Bookarts:

The latest mini-episode of Soul Speak is out. This week..."On choosing light" { click link in profile to access } 🌷 ------------------------------ soulspeak heartwords wordstoinspire inspirationalwords whispersfromyourheart choosinglight shineyourlight kgracehowes redbarnstudiosbookarts

20 Hours ago

Alexandra Domelle


Comment from Alexandra Domelle:

There is no line where you end and I begin. We are One. - Alexandra Domelle

21 Hours ago

Girls With Sole


Comment from Girls With Sole:

Don't get me wrong - I can be as vain as the next person. But if I had the choice of only impacting others in one of two ways, I would rather make an impact on their hearts as opposed to their eyes. mindbodysoul love instagood inspire encourage passion compassion soulspeak careaboutothers bethechange dopesoul

21 Hours ago

Faith E. / Evil Pawn Jewelry


Comment from Faith E. / Evil Pawn Jewelry:

Human beings are a sheer wonder to me. I often ponder how we are affected by our surroundings; the things that happen to us, the energy we surround ourselves with, the constant 'seek' mode that keeps us breathing. Even those who do not consider themselves 'artist' still create. With every breath they take creating conversation, creating thought processes such as solutions, creating a plan or agenda for the day. We are creators and we cannot help but to create. Art is a side effect of being human; creating is our affection for the other side we long to get back to. The place where our Godhead knew it's own language of Spirit Speak. SoulSpeak Amazonite Art Artist Thought creators highervibrations rotd ringsoftheday hawkeye epj evilpawnjewelry onyx septagram sevenpointedstar enlightenment adornyourselfinmetal become Lightworker

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Comment from Soulspeak:

Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and the false sense of security that it offers and embrace adventures waiting to happen. awesomeness rightchoices newthingsahead adventuresofalifetime soulspeak soulspeakcircle

1 Days ago

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Community 6ix


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Community 6ix:

° Your Art = Your Expression | When art surpasses your imagination ; ekownimako ° community6ix repost c6seesyou iseeyou sotalented soulspeak loveyourwork art lego expression dope C6 yourartyourexpression

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Steph Boogy


Comment from Steph Boogy:

I believe in Angels, they all behave in the same manner, have the same characteristics. They perform their miracle when you're most vulnerable. They provide comfort, support, peace and security when you least expect it. These Angels, they come in different forms. People call them different things. I'm blessed to be surrounded by Angels.💕 mood soulspeak spiritual life angels blackgirlmagic melaningoddess natural afrolatina dominicana trinidadian alchemist divineenergy sapiosexual

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Comment from 💫Soulspeak💫:

No time for surface relationships. depth goodvibesonly findyourtribe compassion empaths soulspeak bestillandlisten 🕉👁💖

1 Days ago

Margarita Rodriguez


Comment from Margarita Rodriguez:

No hay mejor ejemplo que reconocer tus faltas y cambiar. Tomar una nueva dirección hacer los ajustes necesarios. No todos tenemos la misma perspectiva de lo que es dar "un buen ejemplo". Si fallaste una vez , o dos , o tres.... ya eres de mal ejemplo, según la crítica de algunos. Ahora bien, lo importante es que nos esforcemos en cambiar, en buscar ser mejores, no ser mejores que otros sino ser mejores por nosotros mismos. Toma valentía y humildad reconocer nuestras faltas. Mira tus faltas y arréglalas , no mires la del otro y trates de arreglarlos a ellos. 🙅🏻💡🌞 feelingblessed soulspiration soulspeak

1 Days ago

The Brisbane Mum


Comment from The Brisbane Mum:

I have realised in the last few weeks that I don't have to put up with other people's bullshit. I deserve to be a priority and not an afterthought or second choice. puttingmefirst loveyourself enough to letgo of people, things & situations that don't growyoursoul or makeyouhappy soulspeak personalgrowth mentalhealth findingmyself

1 Days ago