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Monica Olivera


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DYK? The Spanish eBook 2017 for grades K - 5 is now available at no charge. It is jam packed with tips, inspiration, and RESOURCES for your Pre K-5th Grade Spanish classroom! 18 Spanish-language TpT authors contributed a free printable, an original teaching tip, and other fantastic products that they have available to help you have a stellar school year. raisingbilingualkids raisingbilingualchildren bilingualism bilingualfamily bilingualkids inglesencasa niñosbilingües bilingualisbetter raisingabilingualchild biliterate bilingualchild spanish4kids spanishclass spanishteacher mkbkids multiculturalhomeschool worldschooling

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Clase de cocina del surfcamp 🌊 Las pizzas quedaron deliciosas, y un lujo de alumnitas: Pequeñas grandes personas y cocineras 👩🏼‍🍳💜👩🏽‍🍳 surfcamp spanishclass cookingclass pizza children learning & playing 🙌🏼

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language tuition


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Remember our intensive holiday Spanish Summer courses are about to start. Check our website for more information. japan🇯🇵 learnspanish learn latinamerica latinoamerica spain🇪🇸 justlearn whynotlearn spanishclass languages languagelearning languagetuitionnottingham england🇬🇧 nott notts nottingham nottinghamshire summertime holidayseason holidays

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When you, carolingkats, and your profesores are el equipo de sueños. And your final Spanish class is an Amazing Race style competition through the streets of Quito, chullavida eppp2017

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Carmen Rodriguez


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Chuqui the new student of the Spanish classes! Ay, ay, ay 😂😂😈😰 spanish spanishclass chucky buffalo chuqui fear muvie famus

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Sophie Rainbow


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¡Oh my Gaudí!spanishclassmems ⚡️ . . . . . solotravel gapyear europe spain barcelona lasagradafamilia gaudi spanishclass throwback

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Siobhan Hill


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I'm not offended by my colleagues laughing at some of my ideas in fact I love it. I absolutely love the Australian sense of humour which to me is giving your friends a hard time (it's suppose to be taken as funny and light hearted but it can be savage AF). Jacinto jato_07 pointed out that my videos need a beginning, middle and an end. It's hard to achieve that in 60 seconds but even if I had longer, I may still overlook this. Communicating with influence is one of the skills I hope to develop in Toastmasters. I don't think Toastmasters is a joke. I think it's only going to help me and other members become better communicators. Communication is such an important skill 💼💲💊📒💻✏

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Spaneasy Madrid-Spanish school


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Clase práctica en el mercado, comprando ingredientes en el mercadodeantonmartin para hacer una rica macedonia, ¡hay que cuidarse comiendo fruta! 🍌🍎🍐🍉🍑 . . healthylife speakspanish speakrealspanish studyinmadrid studyspanish learnspanishinmadrid spanishlessonsinmadrid spanishcourses spanishclass spanishlesson aprenderespañol

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University of Iowa-Des Moines


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Still need to meet your world languages requirement? The UI is offering an intermediate Spanish class in-person at the Iowa Center for Higher Education in Des Moines! hawksindsm finishwhatyoustarted gened spanishclass

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International Spanish


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Este error es muy común entre los estudiantes anglosajones, franceses e italianos (entre otros). ** Esta semana tengo un otro examen - INCORRECTO ** Esta semana tengo otro examen - CORRECTO ** Esta semana tengo un examen - CORRECTO spanish spanisch espagne espanhol espagnol الاسبانية испанский 西班牙语 スペイン語 스페인사람 ესპანური สเปน hiszpański hiszpańskiego İspanyolca instagramele ele siele spanishclass spanishlesson spanishstudent spanishgrammar gramática profedeele hola felizdia felizmiercoles felizmiércoles felizsemana

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We love flip books! Such a fun way to organize notes and practice activities! This flip book works well for the first week in Spanish class. ❤️👍😊link in comments and temp link in profile.

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Homeschool Connections


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Preschool-High School classes including music, Spanish, and MORE!! homeschool inlandempirehomeschool homeschooling homeschoolclasses homeschoolinranchocucamonga flipsidechurchacts176 homeschoollife spanishclass classesforkids classesforhomeschoolers homeschoolcommunity

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Esther Gonzalez


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¿Cuál es tu pasatiempo favorito? . Comenta abajo 💁 . spanish teacher español profedeespañol teachersofinstagram igteachers teachingspanish spanishtribe iteachspanish spanishclass spanishteacherlife instaspanish vocabulary elearning onlinecourse profedeele easyspanish spanishwords learnspanish followme education languagelearning

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Joshua Intercambio Events


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Are you guys up for a good conversation? Follow me intercambiobarcelona ⬅️ . Come join the biggest free Intercambios every Weds 7pm to 9pm at Craft Barcelona. Speak Spanish, English, Catalan or more with our regular social language intercambio. Even if you just want to come & meet people, you are most welcome. We have a stage & mic for members who wants to talk to the group. Meet amazing people and expand your language skills in Barcelona. Special offers: 2 for 1 on alcohol & food combos for language exchange. Plus we host a FREE English comedy show after the language exchange for the members who wants to attend. More details at: . Shoutout to targetteachers & wonder.and.awe . ig_bcn barcelonamola barcelona2016 bcngourmet catalunyatestimo lasramblas ramblas bcnlovers madeinbarcelona anonymous_cat catalunyafotos rambla barcelonacity raconsde_catalunya barcelone ig_barcelona instantes_fotograficos espagne IntercambioBarcelona pumpage english teaching learningenglish englishlanguage spanishclass speakenglish iamateacher spanishlanguageexchange languageexchange learnenglish_easily

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Don't miss out! Last day to grab $1.00 deals on Teachers Pay Teachers. Search christmasinjuly 👍🏼

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Daily walk to spanish class 🏙📝 bigcitylife lapaz spanishclass travel

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luluescapesSharing with you one of the best views over Ibiza town from my best friend apartment ♡ Who wouldn't want to wake up to this view every morning? . . . ◇ Join me on Facebook ∘ Pinterest ∘ Twitter ↠ Lulu Escapes ◇ . . . . ibiza ibizastyle ibizablogger ibizabound ibizaready ibizagirls ibizafashion baleares balearesislands spain spaintravel spain_greatshots spanishclass spanishstyle igerspain igerseurope spain_vacations ig_spain visitspain ivizagoodvibes originalexperiences luxuryworldtraveler luxuryescaping luxury myvillas awesomelifestyle luxeladyofficial travelerrday travelergirl travelife

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Spanish Lessons Online


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🔹Esta semana tuve la oportunidad de colaborar en una conversación, acerca del voseo con Martín de espanolreal y con Estefy de spanishwithestefy. . 🔹El voseo es esa característica de cambiar el "Tú" por el "Vos" en español. Es muy utilizado en muchos países latinos y especialmente en Argentina. . 🔹Te invito a que mires la conversación en el canal de YouTube de Español Real, es un poco larga, pero vale la pena escucharla. . 🔹Es especialmente interesante porque tenemos a Estefy que es nativa de Argentina, el país mas voseante del mundo ¡así que ve a la conversación ahora mismo! . hablandoenespañol speakingspanish vos voseo

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Spanish Lessons Online


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🔹¿Has escuchado el voseo en español? Mira la conversación que tuve con espanolreal y spanishwithestefy en vídeo acerca de este tema. Link en mi bio. . conversation conversación vos voseo

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💡Jorge Sivit 🇪🇸


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✏️✏️Can you write an example using the imperfect tense subjunctive after PARA? 📕VERB PONER (to put) IMPERFECT TENSE SUBJUNCTIVE 📘You can review its conjugation in my previous post. 💡We use the Imperfect Tense Subjunctive in a sentence introduced by PARA when the subject in that sentence is not the same one as in the main sentence. In the following example, the subject in the main sentence is LA DIRECTORA, while the subject in the sentence introduced by PARA is NOSOTROS (although it doesn’t appear in the sentence, you can tell because we are using PUSIÉRAMOS, which is the 1st person-plural form of the verb). 🇪🇸La directora convocó una reunión para que la pusiéramos al corriente. (The director called a meeting for us to bring her up to date.) ●LA: the [definite article, feminine-singular] ●DIRECTORA: director [common noun, feminine-singular] ●CONVOCÓ: called [verb CONVOCAR, 3rd person-singular, preterite tense, indicative] ●UNA: a [indefinite article, feminine-singular] ●REUNIÓN: meeting [common noun, feminine-singular] ●PARA: for, in order to [preposition, invariable] ●QUE: that [conjunction, invariable] ●LA: her [personal pronoun (direct object), 3rd person-singular-feminine] ●PUSIÉRAMOS: we put [verb PONER, 1st person-plural, imperfect tense, subjunctive] ●AL CORRIENTE: up to date AL: contraction of A + EL A: to [preposition, invariable] EL: the [definite article, masculine-singular] CORRIENTE: regular [descriptive adjective, invariable in gender, singular] - - Learn to pronounce this sentence LIKE A NATIVE SPEAKER with the video I’ll post tomorrow! - - - - - - - - - spanish learnspanish learningspanish studyspanish speakspanish keeppracticing inspanish enespañol aprendeespañol spanishteacher spanishlessons spanishclass spanishbasics spanishsteps languagelearning español espanol spanisch spanische spanischlernen espagnol apprendreespagnol испанский スペイン語 lightonspanish spanishgrammar spanishverbs spanishconjugations spanishinuse poner

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