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Sol Azúcar Curriculum

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This game gets wild!!

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Here are some tips for learning how to properly speak English! Aquí hay unos pequeños ejercicios para practicar el inglés! englishclasses englishclassesmiami learnenglish learnanotherlanguage miamiclasses spanishclass classesdeespañol classesdeinglésenmiami classesdeinglés doralclasses englishindoral classesendoral aprenderingles aprenderinglés doral doralcity doralevents doralnews languageclass languageclasses languageclassesforadults englishclassesinmiami learnspanish conversationclasses englishclassesmiami englishclass englishandspanish

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Genial learning


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EL AGUA - The water El agua está fría - The water is cold! New words every day ¡GENIAL! spanish spanishincolombia spanishstudents learningspanish learningspanishisfun espanol español anewwordeveryday geniallearning españolencolombia languages idiomas learnspanish aprenderespañol spanishclass spanishclasses letslearnspanishtoday aprender agua thewater

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Time flies ... She is growing so fast! Love her to the Moon and back ❤️👩‍🎓😘 spanishspanishforkidsspanishclasslearninglearningspanishstudentlittlemonkeycuteиспанскийучимиспанскийученицастудентсаcalifornia

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Tot Town Children's Play Space


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Yaaay! So excited to have the Canta Espanol Program join Tot Town's line up! Ana's voice and energy were amazing today! Don't miss out take advantage of our Spring Savings Sale and purchase your child's 8 week package today! Stay and play for FREE after every class! spanishclass kidsmusic brooklynkids explore imagine create brooklynkids crownheights prospectheights tottown brooklyn spanishimmersion

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LME Tutors


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Spanish for Beginners. bedford Saturday 22nd April 2017 Bedford Quaker Meeting House, 5 Lansdowne Road, Bedford, MK40 2BY * 15 hour course over 10 weeks, one 1.5 hour class per week * Class Time: 10.00 - 11.30 * Max Class Size: 10 Min Class Size: 5 * Focuses on practical language use outside of the classroom * Teaching method is communicative and interactive * Ideal for long-term learning, busy people or those learning for enjoyment * Fully qualified and experienced Tutor. 1.5 hours per week for 10 weeks £120.00. Class enrolment If you wish to join the class please contact us phone 07773932705 or email - languagelearning spanishclass

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Tawny Marie


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I am stuck inside for the rest of the night learning Spanish instead of enjoying this amazing weather 🙈 No me gusta 😂. . . . . . . spanish spanishclass beauty atx austin austintexas curls curlsfordays curlyhair curlyhairdontcare naturalhair naturalbeauty naturalcurls

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Noah Fehks


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snow esno spanish spanishclass spanishwordoftheday noah27 noahfehks noah_fehks fuckyou

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Oscar Antonio Ramírez


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🤔?? Español Spanish Inglés English Idiomas Languages EnglishClass SpanishClass

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Español Automatico Podcast


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👉NUEVO PODCAST👈 ¡Buenísimos días, encanto! ☀️mitad de la semana, ya casi casi lo tenemos. ¡Se nota se siente el finde está presente! Jajajaja! 💃💃 Y con este ritmo que me he marcado me pongo al lío ya 🔜📚🎧 Luego dos clases de 🥊🤼‍♀️ y podré dar el día por concluido ☺️ ¡Feliz día, encanto! Mucha fuerza para seguir luchando por tu sueño 💭💭🇪🇸 ¡y no te olvides de ser feliz!💚

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MarchMusicaMadness is over with Sofia by alvarosoler as the winning song. It joins tengotulove and vivirmivida banners hanging in classroom. spanishclass spanishtribe spanishteacher

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My spanish professor asked me to scream savagely for the whole class, little did everyone know that they were listening to a little piece of me dying inside. Ha today was a good day. screaming savagely spanishclass selcaoftheday omg aliteration nerd picturehasnothingtodowiththecaption ijustwantedapicture thatisall

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Spanish with a Mexican


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Word of the day: floor = piso I like the color of your floor = Me gusta el color de tu piso spanishclass learningspanish

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Language Door


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Some love for today spanishclass kids kidsclass cutekids bilingual bilingualkids smartkids espanol greatteachers languageschool languageclass languagelearning learningisfun toocute clasedeespañol irvine sd encino oc language_door

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Transparent Language


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It's Day 81 of 100waysin100days! We're teaching you greetings in all 💯 languages in Transparent Language Online. Today's language is Latin American Spanish!

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🇻🇪🇨🇺🇪🇸La Española🇵🇪🇦🇷🇧🇴


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Una frase que dicen absolutamente todos los españoles pero que son mentira "Estoy llegando" en la mente de un español se traduce en una variable de tiempo indeterminada que va desde los 5 minutos hasta los 28 días hábiles. El consejo es esperar sentado, a cubierto (puedes encontrarte con un cambio de estación) y con algo de beber para evitar la deshidratación.

5 Hours ago

Kristine O'Brien


Comment from Kristine O'Brien:

Spanish 2 students are "spelling" out the one word that best describes their March break. Welcome back, and looking forward to a fun spring trimester! chch spanishclass español misvacaciones

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Español con María


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Para expresar que algo te gusta puedes usar cualquiera de estas expresiones, pero cada una muestra una cantidad de gusto diferente. // to say that you like something you can use any of these expressions, however, each one express a different "quantity of liking" Escribe un ejemplo usando las tres expresiones. Les comparto el mío. A mi me gusta comer piña al desayuno, pero me encantan los huevos fritos. Si tuviera que elegir entre la piña y los huevos, me quedo con los huevos. Sin embargo, hay algo que me fascina y es el jugo de naranja. Para mí no hay desayuno sin jugo de naranja. learnspanishfree learnspanish aprenderespanol learningspanish aprenderespañol inspanish spanishteacher studyspanish spanishclass spanish espagnol espanhol

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World Language Classroom


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ACTFL core practice for language teaching. Click the the link on my profile page to learn more about the schools I work with in Nicaragua and Haiti along with  tips and tools for learning and teaching foreignlanguage. french spanish italian portuguese. spain france paris quebec mexico learnfrench portugal brazil learnspanish frenchclass spanishclass linguistics language italy spanishtribe learn teacher vacation volunteer travel teachersofinstagram

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Comment from ameyamiee:

Last class in ucl, with wine, homemade cake, nice Carmen, and sunshine afternoon. love Spanish class, happy happy happy. Una fiesta en la clase de español. Qué tengas buenas Suerte, todos! UCL spanishclass wine cake sunshine happy spanish wednesday final farewell fiesta orange suerte feliz español (在每次上课都要吃个橙子的超喜欢的西班牙语课结束了诶

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