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Comment from Alyson:

Treino físico de funcional na greenlifeeusebio pra aprimorar o gás!!! rft boxjump , sprawl squat . Treinando antes do jiu pra chegar no tatame quente!!!!. jiujitsu bjj

14 Minutes ago

Harry Rice


Comment from Harry Rice:

Muscle. Day 114. chicago cubs urban sprawl

1 Hours ago

Uninterrupted Entertainment


Comment from Uninterrupted Entertainment:

Cage Wars 1 is not only a sporting event but an opportunity for us at Uninterrupted Entertainment Ltd to highlight the silent epidemic that is violence against women and girls in an effort to lend support to the worthwhile cause. . . Kelly Campbell, a third-degree black belt and director of instructor development for Krav Maga Worldwide, believes that learning just a few simple self-defense mma moves can give women the skills and confidence they need, if ever faced with a situation in which they have to defend themselves. . . Move 1: Straight punch If someone is in front of you and you've ID'd him or her as a threat, a straight punch can be very effective. Push from the ball of your foot and thrust your hip and fist forward at the same time, which will maximize your strength, says Campbell. Also, keep in mind that aiming your punch for a vulnerable area—for example, your attacker's eyes, nose, or throat—will be most effective, says Campbell. (Taken from MMA Follow like4like КонорМакГрегор Fighter Fight KO Knockout tko Sprawl бокс Mgmgrand Motivation нокаут Boxing Grappling Wrestling Judo Sambo TheNotoriousMMA uninterruptedentertainment ruffntuff selfdefense prevention protection caribbeansports trinidadandtobago

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Comment from Matilda:

Oh, you had better believe I'm comfy! fireside sprawl bulldoglife englishbulldog englishbulldogs bulldog bulldogs dogswithwrinkles dogs dogstagram igbulldogs igbulldogs_canada igbulldogs_worldwide pets petstagram bulliesofinstagram bulldogsofinstagram puppy cute aww bullieslife bulldogdays theworldofbullies allcutepets bulldogloversofinsta

4 Hours ago

Nico Pulvermüller


Comment from Nico Pulvermüller:

venum painistemporary gohardorgohome mmafighter BJJ sprawl doublelegtakedown singellegtakedown prideisforever MMA Judo grappling solodrills neverbackdown

6 Hours ago

Emanuel Myle


Comment from Emanuel Myle:

Neben den 100 Snatch und 50 Gorilla Snatch gab es heute das hier: Reverse Lunge ->??Press?? -> Figure Eight. Nach den Kettlebells geht es zu den Körpergewichtsübungen.💅 Muscle Ups -> Pistols -> Rollouts Functional Training immer Montags und Freitags von 18:30 bis 19:30. leMiniBizepsClub livingthedream zaberfeld zabergäu kettlebell kettlebellworkout kettlebelltraining kettlebells kettlebell kettlebellkings gorillasports functionaltraining fitfam fitnessmotivation gymowner personaltrainer healthy hiit hiitworkout gesunderrücken sprawl

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Comment from 💮:

Home Sweet Home | Vacations are fun, but there's no place like your bed and it's rainy too. perfectweather turnup sleep rain rainday homesweethome teamnosleep sprawl life lovd inreallife nap hadtocutmyheaton cuddleweather ineedthis af couchsuffering

6 Hours ago

Chris Beeby


Comment from Chris Beeby:

thIIIrd thepresentmma . . . . . mma kickboxing thirdstance wrestling jiujitsu bjj takedowndefense sprawl basics microdrilling drilling drilltowin drillersarekillers work manifest art abundance sportpsychology ufc bellator LFA cffc conquerfighting glory lionfight

6 Hours ago

10th Planet Irvine


Comment from 10th Planet Irvine:

10th Planet competing in San Diego. 👿 monstersquad jiujitsu oss tournamentready 10pvs10p attitude teamoyama sprawl nogi gi selfdefense grappler || 📸: jitz_ography

6 Hours ago

10th Planet Costa Mesa


Comment from 10th Planet Costa Mesa:

Costa Mesa competing in San Diego. 👿 monstersquad jiujitsu oss tournamentready 10pvs10p attitude sprawl || 📸: jitz_ography

6 Hours ago

Ella & Sebastian


Comment from Ella & Sebastian:

enjoying the exciting fights at welovemma in ludwigshafen. shoutout to our friend tobimzw who won his contenderfight in the second round via rear naked choke 😊

7 Hours ago



Comment from shockeybeatz:

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7 Hours ago

Naomi Mison


Comment from Naomi Mison:

When you show up with a middle seat and get bumped up to the emergency exit row. Three seats just for me! naptime sprawl allmine zzzz

9 Hours ago

Valerio Fogliati


Comment from Valerio Fogliati:

New texture of black. texture pattern black blackandwhite geometry afterlife blackistheway sprawl off livinginthesprawl urban outoftheblue white fashion fravshop architect ineedthedarknesssomeonepleasecutthelights

9 Hours ago

João Henrique


Comment from João Henrique:

Treino Hard ! Oss boatarde preparacaofisica oss treinoduro streigthtraining training sprawl pliometria speed corpoforte menteforte treinofuncional

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Comment from Mark:

Liverpool suburbs Liverpool building industrial urban sprawl expanding consuming city old new bnw blackandwhitephotography 120film film filmisnotdead filmphotography mamiya mamiya645 mediumformat photography photographer photooftheday

11 Hours ago

Sarah Craft


Comment from Sarah Craft:

Urban nature architecture metropolis urban design creation visual city hills destruction expansion sprawl

12 Hours ago

Rafael Alves


Comment from Rafael Alves:

Treino de sprawl com a bola suíça 🤼‍♂️ funcionalfightclub numero1 sprawl

12 Hours ago



Comment from ariyoshitakashi:

new work artwork illustrator art illustration illustrations artistsoninstagram tattoo tattoodesign popculture comics 有吉勇志 sprawl

13 Hours ago

The New Normal


Comment from The New Normal:

Our benjaminbratton by metahaven sprawl platformaesthetics fromcaliforniatomoscow missyoubenjamin strelkathenewnormal

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