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Comment from Jerzy:

humpday legday fun times. Unfortunately, anyone who has been lifting long enough knows that when it comes to strength & hypertrophy progress is NOT linear. 🔹 Tonight was one of those nights we all have where sometimes you just are "off" for seemingly no reason. Came in thinking I was going to hit a new PR and I did, but not quite. Last time my top RP set was 255 for 8, 6, and 5. So today I bumped to 260 in the hopes of doing 7-8, 4-5, and 3-4. Not even close, only being able to do 5, 3, 2. Shown is the final set of 2 which I honestly felt like I wouldn't be able to lockout. This probably seems like a lose, but to me it was still a win because I've never taken this much weight to parallel and what seems like BELOW parallel while maintaining strict form. So looking at the broader picture I'm thrilled. After taking 90 seconds, I managed to get another 3 so it wasn't a total loss rep wise. 🔹 Could I have pushed it? Maybe, but I was NOT feeling it and I'd rather not risk injury for the sake of an extra couple reps. The reps will come, but more important to me was hitting depth and keeping form intact. Slow and steady wins the race, especially if you're wanting to maintain longevity with bodybuilding.☺️💪👍 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ girlslikeaniceasstoo formcheck squats quads glutes legworkout hypertrophy timetogrow improvementseason offseason npc flexibledieting grind lawyerswholift bodybuilding classicphysique fit fitfam fitness fitgram gains itsjerzynotjersey lifting liftheavy nerdslifttoo strong weightlifting weighttraining

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Debra Patel


Comment from Debra Patel:

Part 5 of 6 - leg workout aim for 3-5 sets 20 jumping lunges / alternating plyo lunges Step into a lunge - using your arms to help you explode up and switch legs. Push through the front foot (flat foot not toes) jump up and change legs, when landing try to land on foot not toes. Then reach down to touch the ground. This will give you bigger range of motion. workoutsjust4u InstaFit InstaFitness BodyBuilding Inspiration jumping FitLife Motivation EatClean Physique squats Gym Workout Aesthetics Muscle Fitness FitnessModel Lifestyle Weightloss Transformation legs Healthy GymLife FitFam igfitness personaltrainer fitchicks changinglives fitmodel instagood

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Eugene Anderson


Comment from Eugene Anderson:

A late night chest, Tri's, and shoulders tonight.AlphaAsFuck BeastMode BodyBuilding BoutThatLife Doyouevenlift Train Dedication Fitfam Gain Gains Gainz GymFlow GymLife HardWork Strong Nutrition Inspiration Muscle Legs Motivation Results Swole Strength Training Squats Teamfit Fitnessaddict Workout Noexcuses gainsandfeet

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Bret Lusis


Comment from Bret Lusis:

Cool little tri set to burn out on. Behind the back shoulder press into front shoulder press followed by ab rollers, which are great for strengthening your deep core flexers. This is the one ab exercise that does make a difference. Lol Shoot for 3-4 sets with 90 second rest in between. shredded npc muscles muscle gymflow bodybuilding training chestday squats equinox fitnessmotivation fitfam dedication santamonica powerlifting abdominal workout selfie werkme abs ootd instadaily fashion instafit santamonica shoulderworkout motivation transformation personaltrainer

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Gym Girls Of Instagram


Comment from Gym Girls Of Instagram:

Fitness model and WBFF bikini pro Chanee Malfavon is 4 weeks out from the WBFF 2017 World Championship in London England. Follow her amazing journey at: wbffworlds2017 wbffpro wbffbikini

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Comment from ❤️Food❤️💁🏽✌🏻️:

Good Morning ihr süßen!!! Auuuuufsssteeeehen 😂😂😂😂! Morgen ist es endlich so weit !! Dann geht es ab nach mallorca. Hätte ich da nur nicht die Flugangst 🙈😳! Dennoch freue ich mich einfach mal abzuschalten. Ich wünsche euch noch einen wunderschönen Tag. Und denkt dran ... es ist FRIDAY! freeletics freeleticsgermany iifym sport gym motivated shelifts squats naturalmakeup photooftheday ootd fitness fitnessgirl fitspo fitfam fashionblogger smile love shredded workout healthylifestyle healthychoices doyourbest instadaily instafashion instagood

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Conquer Performance Wear


Comment from Conquer Performance Wear:

FRIYAY 💪🏽 stephs_amy loves our performance shirts and Evo legging - Black 🏴 shop yours online conquerwear link in bio.

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Custom Body Bootcamp


Comment from Custom Body Bootcamp:

Everyday is LEG day! Come join the fun & get fit! Monday to Friday 630pm Custombodybootcamp pasadenatx deerparktx legdayeveryday squatsforthebooty squats hardwork

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Comment from mel_d_fit:

18 lbs heavier 😊 !!! Loving every step of the process. Never compare your progress with anyone else because we all have different goals & ethic . Our bodies are all unique in size and shape . Focus , stay in your own lane , do what makes YOU proud . I am doing it "naturally". I have a very small frame, and a metabolism of ...a horse 😭😂 I don't gain size that fast and it is ok. I have zero need to rush. Wouldn't choose to do it any other way either 😎 Fitness is my lifestyle . Competing is my tool to set goal for MYSELF . I am not competitive type of girls who get mad for... not winning a trophy, and I will never get it. At the end of the day, if YOU are your own judge! Crown yourself when you work damn hard for something. You don't need others to justify your own worth. 👑 Being recognized for hard work is awesome ! But always remember you're doing it for YOU. 💁🏻 Hard working ? Good . Now go back and work HARDER.

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Comment from toiletdiaries:

Apparently smells like a summer meadow 😂Somebody pass the bleach! 😷 whiteish toilet squats nightmare bin cleanmeup bleachme bleach dettol avoid

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Comment from Sebney-Sebum:

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Comment from Giovannachiacchio:

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Johnny TrainWithTrey Rugby 💔


Comment from Johnny TrainWithTrey Rugby 💔:

Many goals accomplished thus far, some goals still in progress and some new bigger goals set. Plus push for that annual birthday PRs (next Friday) playoff mode DripSet ClickClackReload • • • • "Without obsession, yo ass will never be great!" CT the Superman from Compton • • • • JohnnyRugbyTv LetBoobieSpin BramptonRugby Squats LegPress UnderArmour RunningBackClub SavSzn2017 FootballPictures Football FootballLife FootballTraining GTA GTAallstar NFC RunningBackU RunningBack BeastMode SavageMode RugbyTraining RugbyLife fitness RugbyGram FitGram FitnessMotivation CFL CFLRecruit NorthernFootballConference •

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Comment from BodyByPaola:

Awesome circuit don't by the famous coach k. drenched functionaltraining hitt plyos fitnessmotivationdaily fitfamily bandwork transformation goals bikini cardio fitnessjourney gymjunkie BodyByPaola results mindovermatter selflove pushyourself workout legs dedication compoundworkouts kettlebell trx squats clients results

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Comment from vitalinamenina5086:

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Leti Seby


Comment from Leti Seby:

😍happiness love squats instagood butt fit fitspo fitness fitnessmodel sport inspiration girls workouts fitnessgirls ebony food abs lunges motivation fitnessjourney bodygoals gym physique fitgirls diet bodybuilding sportmotivation lifestyle girl

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Miguel Negrete


Comment from Miguel Negrete:

If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand! grind blessedgymfitfamsquatslegdaygainssavagegymbeastmodefitnessfitgoalsmotivationbelieveachievedestroyhustle

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Marcus Ramey (Pastorgainz)


Comment from Marcus Ramey (Pastorgainz):

"Life ain't about trying to be like someone else stop trying to do so admire there work and be like yourself. Make it in your own way. We need more of people being themselves that's it.we don't live to be a copy of someone else."- fbaftermath adidasoriginals underarmour aquahydrate completenutritioncolumbusga justsaiyan_gear gfuelenergy gammalabs Aklan fitspiration abs realtalk fitness fitfam gainz nevergiveup liftheavy pumpchasers whateverittakes welcometomyworld bodybuilding weightlifting benchpress deadlift squats nasmcpt gymaddict gymrat gymlife nodaysoff youtubefitness followme 24strengthformula

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🇦🇺 Monte Luxe Official


Comment from 🇦🇺 Monte Luxe Official:

Feeling great getting back to training after a couple of weeks away from the gym! SORE... but great. 😉

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Comment from twerking4booty:

Booty or boobs? . fitness ass sexy workout booty hot love fit legs abs gym girl model squats bikini follow motivation boobs followme beauty girls body beautiful gay bodybuilding squat gymlife photooftheday thong muscles

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