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Comment from SHELLIE:

SPARKLE, SHINE, BE UNIQUE, BE YOU. Why try to fit into the "crowd", the "norm" when you were born to stand out. There is only one YOU!! Don't become a carbon copy to keep people happy or for them to like you. Step up, shine bright and love the person you are. #ladylife

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Comment from Samantha McCabe:

Currently situation at 15 weeks out 💪🏼🔥 loving every minute of my new program with coach @ericdilauroprotrainer! I can't wait to see what we can make happen before show time. Of course with @mike_wheels_ifbbpro by my side, happier than ever, anything is possible! 💕💪🏼 thought: it's funny. Some of us are still in this sport for the love of the challenge, progression, drive, purpose, health, the weights, fitness, etc. And some are in it for the likes and follows. I commit 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 100% without the need to use every free minute I have checking how many likes a post got, who liked or viewed my post, or check everyone else's. I have goals and a future and my time is precious - each minute needs to go towards what and who I love. Not trivial stuff that seems to run society. For the love of it all, not just the recognition or few minutes on stage. 💕❤ @bulldogvaughan @ryu_apparel #beautiful #beautifultough #respectyouruniverse #standout #photooftheday #inspiration #instalike #humpday #humpdaywithnobareass #classy #abs #healthy @prepshop_to #mealprep #eatclean #fitness #athlete #figure #competitor #wednesday #winter #15weeks

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Am i the only one finding it hard to get back into the groove of everything in the new year? I've gone through the phases of mean girl talk that i'm not showing up within my business and being consistent with blog posts, social media etc which ends in a vicious cycle of me beating myself up thinking that i'm not cut out for this. However, after two weeks of easing into things and giving myself the time and space that i needed i now feel like i'm now ready to serve and work on my passion a lot more than if i was to push through resulting in me running myself into the ground and the fact is i sure as hell wouldn't be able to serve anyone then. So let's be real here for a second and get clear on the message i'm trying to share. STOP COMPARING Don't compare yourself to that person that is constantly on the go, who can survive off minimal sleep and seem like their juggling a thousand different balls, that person may be a extrovert who actually really loves that stuff or you may not be seeing the whole truth, you may only be seeing the happy, bubbly photos that are shown on their highlight reel. Just because one thing works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you, listen to your body, soul and intuition and do what is right for you! Don't feel guilt for doing what is right for you, by looking after yourself and putting you first you are being the best version of yourself for your family and friends. DONT BE AFRAID TO BE YOU.

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Stacked. Statement. 💛✌

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