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Comment from _Såchin_Döbariya_:

Happy Birthday to AnkitPatel 🎂🍕🍨🍫🍰🍷🍺 StayHappyStayBlessed PartyHard

3 Hours ago

Urvi Arambolkar


Comment from Urvi Arambolkar:

Haha someone has turned 14 now😂 still your a kid in front of me😂🤘 look at the first picture, it was clicked 2 years ago! Everything has changed so much⚡we've had so many silly fights😂 remember that duster thing😂 anyways forget it alll😁 People say if any friendship lasts for more than 5 years that means its gonna last forever🔥and our friendship has completed 12 yearsss🔥haha,anyways! Happiest birthday you idiot😗 may god bless you🤘 keep making us laugh🤣 n stay blessed😙 love you lottsss🌏 Bestfriend12yearsandcountinghappybirthdaybirthdaywishesstayhappystayblessedgoodvibeslovelovetaptapdoubletapheartitlikeitkbye

3 Days ago

pooja chopra


Comment from pooja chopra:

I wish the rainbow never leaves your sky. rainbow sky nature stayhappystayblessed

3 Days ago



Comment from अnikaa:

☝🏻Satya vachan 😜 . . followyourheart ♥️ followyourdreams stayhappystayblessed calligraphylearning calligraphyattempt rougharoundtheedges inkblending inkbleed redandblue

8 Days ago

Anuj Pathak


Comment from Anuj Pathak:

mtvdropout - "My journey of owning myself" Do Watch my full episode this SATURDAY,7 PM , only on mtvindia & repeats everyday. Do comment Ur views on mtvindia Official FB n Insta page after the show. keepsharing keepsupporting haklaandtalkas selfie coming soon.... surprise moresurprisestocome mtvdropout mtvdropoutpvtltd mtv mtvroadies insta followforfollow followback stayaddicted stageaddict micaddict stayhappystayblessed 😍😋😎🤗

9 Days ago



Comment from _Såchin_Döbariya_:

When we are Happy, we want to share our Happiness with someone close and dear to our heart, because we know that it’ll make him Happy too. When we are upset, we also want to share our sadness with someone who’s able to change our mood for the better. And this someone is the BestFriend 😄🤗❤😘😇 Dedicated to all friends who help me directly or indirectly in every phase of my life..... MissUAllFriends StayHappyStayBlessed KeepInTouch LoveUAllFriends 😘😘Yaroo_Dosti_Badi_hi_HASSEN_hai_Ye_Na_ho_to_kya_fir_Bolo_ZINDGI_hai 😘😘 💫🙏🏻HappyFriendshipDay🙏🏻💫

14 Days ago

Prachi Godbole


Comment from Prachi Godbole:

Birthday wishes to this most amazing duo. samedaybirthday uniqueintheirownway stayhappystayblessed

18 Days ago



Comment from SAURABH®:

Stop lying about me...ill stop telling the truth about you!✌🏻 hatersgonnahate happy love peace stayhappystayblessed marwadibeast

24 Days ago

Mags Ghai


Comment from Mags Ghai:

shubhanshu.sharma I always knew you were meant for something bigger, something none of us did! Aaandd finally you're off to do the things you belong with, nitwarangal . Tbh I'm the happiest sister in the whole world rn! :') youmademeproudthisRakshabandhan keeprising stayhappystayblessed and I hope you find my bhabhi there 🤣 foreversingleaadmi hopetoseeyousoon

24 Days ago

Riva Karki


Comment from Riva Karki:

I have two more teeth coming through. I love chewing and biting things. And I love giving smiles and flaunt my teeth. I always stay happy. Because happiness is the key to everything. stayhappystayblessed day376 year1day11

24 Days ago

sѧm sєţһi


Comment from sѧm sєţһi:

Happy wala Birthday Dee...😇😘 Aab Party to Bnti hai....StayHappyStayBlessed GBU 😳

29 Days ago

"The Queen"👑🇮🇳


Comment from "The Queen"👑🇮🇳:

"Because when you stop look around yourself,this LIFE is pretty amazing"🍃🍂 stayhappystayblessed 🌸 the_queen👑 browngirl

30 Days ago

Official Armeena Khan Fanclub💕


Comment from Official Armeena Khan Fanclub💕:

⚠ THE CUTEST COUPLE IN TOWN⚠ Meena bae with her BAE!!!😍😭❤ HAYEEEE!! THEY LOOK SO PYAAREYYYYY TOGETHER!😭😍 MASHALLAH! MASHALLAH!!❤❤❤ Always stay happy n blessed.💙💙 armeenakhanofficial ArmeenaKhan 💕 Meena 🌸 BabyBooWithHerBAE 😍 MashAllah ❤❤ StayHappyStayBlessed 💙 Loveyousomuch 💕

32 Days ago

Rekha Sivam


Comment from Rekha Sivam:

Goodnight insta lowessss 🌙😴😘💤 winkatyou stayhappystayblessed

47 Days ago



Comment from HARSH:

Keep looking up ! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There is nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day..... Rachel Boston. sunset mesmerizing heaven beautiful peace believeinyourself livefortoday instagood instagram instaphoto stayhappystayblessed instagood instadaily instagram instafollowers instagrammers followforfollow followme travelphotography

53 Days ago



Comment from vAMp:

friendshipgoals 💕 stayhappystayblessed 😚 eidceleberations 😊

53 Days ago



Comment from Rubiya:

Instastory update by shaheernsheikh Congratulations stayhappystayblessed

53 Days ago



Comment from Rubiya:

Good morning Shaheer shaheernsheikh shaheersheikh stayhappystayblessed weareonefc_

53 Days ago



Comment from SAURABH®:

In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy. brothers bestfriend motivation inspiration swag lifestyle friendship brothersforlife foreverfriends happiness stayhappystayblessed

57 Days ago




I am a Desert Dry, And in my Thirsty Eyes,YOU look like Rain. . .rain youandi songlyrics flowers lukebryan roaming livinginchrist onelove movingon mydailypost instalove isthislove smphy joy smiles evening whatisphotography dharan teenagedays shadesoflife stayhappystayblessed exploremorenature mostgirls exploremore_smritii

67 Days ago