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Photographer Vipul Sharma


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Here is our latest video .. go to youtube and watch this one 😍 weddingvideos instagramers youtuber vip couple love story life latest

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Comment from midnightball:

****We were on TV today.**** Most people don't know that I had a concussion that impacted the course of my life. In recent times, I have been working with a wonderful survivor named Lisa to create a website to help others recovering from concussion and traumatic brain injury. This is a broadcast about Lisa's condition and our new site for concussion information. Check out our story from KVUE and visit the site if you like. concussion tbi tv news concussionsurvival survivors kvue Austin Texas project world work give back story helpothers life follow

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Bed time stories ❤ 📖 story bedtime reading literature goodnight

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유리 고


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왠 외계인이... 😱 . . . artartworkartistsculpturefineartprogressstorydailyportraits2017painteroilpaintingeyesconceptseriesfineart🎨드로잉과제intestine

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Abdullah Omar


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Vishrut Panday


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Rohyadi Tampi


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Dulu pernah ada cinta yg mengisi dalam hatiku. Namun cinta itu hanya omong kosong , dulu aku juga pernah merasakan ribuan kali sakit hati. Tpi sekarang tuhan mempertemukan ku dengan wanita yg baik. Pernah ku berpikir tak mau mengenal yg nama nya cinta. Ku ucapkan syukur saat bertemu dengan mu , ketika bertemu dengan mu hati ini terbuka kembali. Iya.. Memang iya.. Aq jatuh cinta pada saat pandangan pertama. Semoga kau yg terakhir dalam kisah cinta ku ini.. love story lovestory

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Comment from Lilu:

✌🏻Onece Upon a time in America 😀 friends funny instaselfie story streetstyle instagram cali california losangelescalifornia

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Comment from Jacqueline:

Regrann from dreadful.horror - SWIPE➡️➡️➡️ The best roasts will get featured on my story! I remember how savage you guys were on my last swipe post like this, so let's see if you can somehow roast even better🤗🔥 ILL START BY ROASTING THE PICTURE ABOVE: Why he look like marge from the simpsons? With two brains you think he'd be smart, but when you see that look on his face, you know that's not the case🔥🔥 . 👹• ғollow dreadful.horror ғor мore gore! •👹 . ↝👍•ι alwayѕ lιĸe тнe ғιrѕт coммenт and alѕo a ғew тнaт are eхтreмely ғυnny or deѕervιng! . ↝🚨•ιғ ѕoмeone υѕeѕ тнιѕ poѕт wιтнoυт тaggιng υѕ, dм υѕ ѕo we can reporт тнeм! . ↝😇•ιғ yoυ're looĸιng тo υѕe oυr pιcтυre, yoυ мυѕт тag us! yoυ wιll 100% geт noтιced ιғ yoυ do ιт anyway, ѕo wнy noт? . ↝💁•doυвle тap ιғ yoυ learned ѕoмeтнιng new and apprecιaтe тнe eғғorт pυт ιnтo мaĸιng тнeѕe poѕтѕ daιly ғor yoυ gυyѕ! . ↝📥•dм υѕ тнe ѕcarιeѕт ғacт тнaт yoυ ĸnow and we мιgнт poѕт ιт ιғ ιт'ѕ real! ιғ ιт'ѕ already on oυr accoυnт or ιт'ѕ ғaĸe, we won't reѕpond. yoυ alѕo мυѕт ѕay wнeтнer yoυ wanт credιт or noт ιn тнe dм! . ↝🔔•тυrn on poѕт noтιғιcaтιonѕ тo ѕee rιgнт wнen we poѕт! ............︵.....___..... ↝🖐¬👁‿👁-👉•тag a ғrιend and ѕpooĸ тнeм oυт! . . . meme creepy scary spooky horror zombie ghost dark evil ghosts spoopy story textpost nightmare death spooky monster tag friends demon like4like awesome world likeforlike facts fact funnymeme unknown

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Rachel queen


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Alexis Taylor


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Martecoles de poemas y poesia! Cuando la hora se te pasa volando jaja. Porque no todo es entrenar y matar a alguien a golpes dentro de una jaula! 😂 "Una mente enojada, es una mente limitada." 🐍 books book read reading reader page pages instagood library author bestoftheday love photooftheday imagine story literature literate stories words text quote quotes comment comments tweegram quoteoftheday life instagood instadaily true

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Tmblr Story


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💫 Tmblrstory 💫 Follow our Travel Account 🌴 travelspell travelspell travelspell

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Siddharth Mahadik


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يوما ما حين تقابلين الشخص المناسب ستفهمين لماذا لم ينجح الأمر مع غيره إلى ذالك الوقت لا تضيعي حياتك بالبكاء على الحمقى...😊💕💎 صباح_الحب😊💕💎 mywordslivelovelifehopehoppyjustasimolethingsstoryحباشتياقشوقغرامحكايامحبهجنونصداقهوفاءوطنحياة

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Creafa Indonesia


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PERTAMA DI INDONESIA!, "CREAFA TUBE TEES – KAOS TABUNG BERKUALITAS” Pssstt.... Please Don't Tell. _ Check It Out _ Pssstt.... Please Don't Tell. _ CREAFA PleaseDontTell jakarta Indoensia CreafaSecret fun happy smart creative story like iloveindonesia netizen music song sound musiclovers lovemusic

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Oki Heru Cahyono99


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Kadang kita yg di anggap remeh sm mereka!!! . . . . lfl fff beach moment friends instagood instamood instagramer indohits anakhitz kekinian cloud beanature love life story music indonesian like4like sunset🌅 sunlight bali seaview sea🌊 skyhigh travelphoto romantic sunnydays

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Jivan Moulandi 🇮🇹 🇨🇩 🇨🇬


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Overland to China km 1700+, The road , Mastuj to Gilgit 5 am and the NATCO EXPRESS VIP (VIP was only the painting) bus bound for Gilgit is ready for departure 12 hours scheduled time but it took 16 hours due to multiples vehicle breakdown. However it gave me the time to enjoy the scenery . Highlight was the Shandur lake at an altitude of 3700m. Photo taken with Samsung S7 travelphotography travels overland pakistan chitral landscape lake montain story emjivantravels

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cute😙 naughty😘 munda😎


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