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Comment from Daniel.Ana.Henry:

Boa noite , caras bravos fazendo segurança pra mamãe aclauanna nossa vida 😍❤👐💪👏focoforcaefebomdia fitnesssmartfitacademiacomeeagachafibradoporrafibradomotivationgymlifepushpullgrindgrindoutflexgymtrainhardbumbumnanucagrowficagrandeporrastrenghtripppedteamtretamuscleshreddedswetgoodmorninggalerafitnesstreinododiavempromeumundofollow4followfollowforfollow

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Let's burn that chest🔥💪🏻 TAG A FRIEND TO SEE IF THEY CAN 🏆‼️ silverchallenge . . . - [x] silverbarsapp silverbars calisthenics streetworkout workout pain nopainnogain motivation inspiration change buildbody body bodyfit fit fitness bars muscleup pullups dips street strenght barbrothers inspiration respect

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Sophit Peralta


Comment from Sophit Peralta:

Repost from sophieperalta. "CrossFit Training" 🏋🏽 Es un entrenamiento de fuerza y acondicionamiento basado en ejercicios funcionales constantemente variados realizados a una alta intensidad. Este programa desarrolla capacidades físicas como: Resistencia Cardiovascular✔️ Resistencia Energética✔️ Fuerza✔️ Flexibilidad✔️Potencia✔️Velocidad✔️Coordinación✔️Agilidad✔️Equilibrio✔️y Precisión✔️ Recomendado para deportes con picos de intensidad muy altos pero muy cortos, como El Béisbol ⚾️ El Fútbol 🏈⚽️ o El Tenis 🎾 El atleta deberá cumplir el trabajo lo más veloz y eficientemente posible con el incentivo de que así podrá descansar. Para empezar... * 2 mins salto de cuerda (Jump rope) * 15 a 30 sentadillas con mucho peso (Squats adding heavy weight) * 10 a 15 pechadas con levantamiento alterno de brazos. (push up lifting arms sides). Repetir 5 veces (Do 5 rounds each) EnForma AlDespertar Univision41 Univisionny CrossFit ExercisesRoutine ToneItUp Strenght Endurance Flexibility Coordination Agility Balance Fitness Sophit 21daysChallenge tlsweightloss

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Fitness Motivation


Comment from Fitness Motivation:

Featuring: vadym_oleynik muscle bodybuilding fitgirl fitboy fitwoman fitness deadlift lifting squat benchpress powerlifting run strong strenght nopainnogain booty bootybuilding arms abs legs calisthenics planche frontlever athlete summer bardance

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Comment from Daniel.Ana.Henry:

Boa noite mais um dia acompanhando ela minha vida lá no fundo de calça rosa e blusa cinza fazendo fit dance foco amor vamos lá 😍❤👐💪👏focoforcaefeboanoite fitnesssmartfitacademiacomeeagachafibradoporrafibradomotivationgymlifepushpullgrindgrindoutflexgymtrainhardgoodnight growficagrandeporrastrenghtripppedteamtretamuscleshreddedswetbumbumnanuca galerafitnesstreinododiavempromeumundofollow4followfollowforfollow

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Coach Butts


Comment from Coach Butts:

Tired of looking for healthy options?? Well here's a game changer right here!! I will be sharing new recipes that are not only easy to make but good for you! New Stuff Shrimp and Avocado blog post is up!! Click the link in my bio and the recipe!! Happy Friday peeps! cleaneating

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Comment from Johnson:

Another successful meet up with these fabulous mommies👍 This hill was a killer but we motivated each other and get it done!💪👏 teamwork toddlermom noexcusemom hike hill mommylife fitlife mylife fitlife fitness mom momfit family instagram fitmom goals fitness core strenght justdoit fullbody fitjourney strong sweatybeast beastmode

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Julietta💗Savva ∞


Comment from Julietta💗Savva ∞:

Воспоминания 💚💛💙🌴🌈🌴Белек🌊Август 2013 г.💚 . . . instafit motivation model ravagegear apparel fitness gymlife fashionblogger clothingbrand bodybuilding instafitness lifestayle trainhard gymlie gymfashion urbanwear dedication strenght ripped swole fitnessaddict muscle shredded mensfashion casualwear workout streetweae zyzz designer fashionmodel

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Pauline ❤


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Ana Celia Dos Santos


Comment from Ana Celia Dos Santos:

Quando mi vieni quella voglia di assaltare il frigo... 😁😄😂 2 misurino di strenght gusto cioccolato,troppo buono cioccolato protein nutricion herbalifeitalia instamoment h24 mylife strenght 😋

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Alba Coniglio 🌷🌸


Comment from Alba Coniglio 🌷🌸:

I'm my personal hero!💪❤👊 picoftheday picofthemoment heroes greatquote quotes quotesoftheday myway mystrength strenght cool pics horizon instaquote personalitypic recent4recent likeforlike love cool wow

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Comment from MarekGuniaCrossFitLvl1Trainer:

Help for muscles 👍🏋️‍♀️🙈needle That was painfull. --------------------------------------------krakowskafabrykazdrowia powercoreandfitness kacperdybowski -------------------------------------------- menshealth strenght training physiotherapist instagood men crossfit iron athletes 🏋️‍♀️nopainnogain eatcleantraindirty

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nicolas hurtado


Comment from nicolas hurtado:

No es mucho Pero por algo se puede ir comenzando Poco a poco dará frutos streetstyle calisthenics gym workout handstand onearm yoga flex bboy motivation exercised ripped aesthetics fitness sport urbano freeruning progression strenght balance

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Menina Style Bikinis


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🦋🦄 Reversible Braided Body Suit + Comfy Yoga Pants 🦄🦋 MeninaStyle One Of a Kind 💕 StronWoman WomanPower Strenght skull Fuerza Força redroses Paddle watersports sportwear rideordie yoga caveiras neon pink polefitness roses skulls skullart horshorts AmoreMio comfywear swims swimsuitstore bikinistore bikinishop beachshop beachboutique beachstore

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Comment from יַעֲקֹב:

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Mark Mcinerney


Comment from Mark Mcinerney:

Friday evenings spent getting swole marcusfilly style. - A) 15 mins power snatch technique B1)single arm Z press - 8es B2)single incline press -12 es By4 - C1)Fat grip db row -12 reps C2)Seated rope pulls- 1 length C3)20m handstand walk By 4 - D) 300m row ,Single arm deadlifts ,Strict press Double over head carry, Plank 45sec 4 rounds - functionalbodybuilding fitness crossfitperpetua strenght conditioning snatch functionaltraining bodybuilding awakentrainingseries crossfit gainz fitfam

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Julia Frąckowiak


Comment from Julia Frąckowiak:

polishgirlf4fstrenght 👌

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Comment from Fitness_gym:

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m o n i c a c o l u s s i


Comment from m o n i c a c o l u s s i:

Wearing art. A huge thank you to kokorolondon and to the Queen of Leather kisolola who generated such a dream jacket. All this at the opening of italianjob at motorvillageuk with laura_zeni_art nicolapuccidibenisi salvalessi & albertobertoldi privateview contemporaryart groupshow leather leatherart kokorolondon ginamcquen paintingonleather hybiscus spider jungle motorvillage monicacolussilondon phoenix strenght power renewal marylebone london

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