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Lidya De Boer


Comment from Lidya De Boer:

Fasted cardio✔ read about this method, doing cardio first thing in the morning. Your body has fasted while you slept. Method to burn stubborn fat. I had an up and down diet and workout for the past month, my body feel less power and 'heavy' ( meaning less smooth when I run 😁). So I'll be doing this for 3 times a week before having any meal for 2 weeks. This morning was more cardio mixed with strength training I did. 30 mnts jumping rope , 50 push up, 2 mnts plank and 7 set jumping box and stairs run. I must say I've done 2 times fasted cardio this week, I feel the different already. And conscious eating everyday...1,5 weeks to go 😊 hometrainingfastedcardioworkoutfitnessfitplanfitandstrongactivelifestylefitandhappyfitwomanstrenghtpowerenergyspeedprogramfitlifelovelife

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AlexWongCF 黄志富


Comment from AlexWongCF 黄志富:

Handstand inversion 🙏🏻 aloyoga igyoga yogaeverywhere yogaphotography gymnastics travel strong inspire motivation fitspo summer handstand handstands practicedaily strenght balance flexibility yogainspiration inspiration yogalive yogaeverydamnday yogainspo practicemakesperfect yogafun yogachallenge yogajourney 乐活瑜伽 bestrongyogis armworkout

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Comment from #BoltFitnessSupply:

Squat Stand, Adjustable Bench, Barbell : ----------------------------------- squatrack barbellsquats weightroom gymtime squat squats sports weightroom lifting olympiclifting olympicweightlifting homegym powerlifting planetfitness strengthtraining strenght strength bellairetx houston houstongym houstongalleria texas texasgym texas🇨🇱 sporttime functionaltraining homegym fit fitness boltfitnesssupply

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Fitness | Health | Motivation


Comment from Fitness | Health | Motivation:

Shoulder Workout!! And for some reason I threw some random things into this so I guess it's not all shoulders 😂 I was feeling some hex bad deadlifts. Video📹📹 suzie_kb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . . . . cuttingseason highintensity excersise girlfit gainster fitnessman allkindsofgains fitnessphotography athleticfitness hiittraining gainsville hardworkout fitfoodporn bigarms earlymorningworkout proteinfood summerbodyinprogress ilovegym fitnesstime girlwithmuscles morningcardio gainsfordays aesthetixera sportsmodel fitmodel cardioday strenght bodyengineers treadmill eatfit

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Ronaldo Lopes 🇧🇷


Comment from Ronaldo Lopes 🇧🇷:

boanoite ficagrandeporra blessed folowme bodybuilder pushpullgrind bodybuilding lifestyle fitness muscle fit fitspiration nopainnogain motivation dedication foco semdorsemganhos strenght strengthtraining fitnessgear instafitness flex cardio smartfit faith spiderman saindodajaula sereclamarpostomais esmagaquecresce instalandomusculos

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Dana Rah-Khem


Comment from Dana Rah-Khem:

One picture just could not capture the amazingness of this shirt 😍 lularoe lularoeclassic lularoecassie

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Masser Ghibli


Comment from Masser Ghibli:

ironsharkapparel doing again, motivating me to push. shredded fit motivation picoftheday photooftheday fitfamily gym gymlife muscle strenght instafit work strongman uspa spartan workhard ifbb deadlift instagood love instamood instagram

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Fengky Irawan


Comment from Fengky Irawan:

Morning in Frame ✌🏻️ goodmorning morninginspiration inspirasisiang strenght courage inspiringstory jemberhits jemberpunya traveller pesonajember pesonawisata pesonaindonesia wisataindonesia wisatajawatimur kemejapria kemejastylist kemeja2017 batikpria batiksongket batikindonesia batikkeren batikmodern celanapria celanafashion stylepria manstylemanoftheman fashionstyle fashion2017

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Rodrigo Gonçalves Neves-Digão


Comment from Rodrigo Gonçalves Neves-Digão:

Gym! focoforcaefefitfitnesssmartfitacademiacomeeagachafibradoporrafibradomotivationgymlifepushpullgrindgrindoutflexgymtrainhardbumbumnanucagrowficagrandeporrastrenghtrippedteamtretamuscleshreddedswetfodaseopadraogalerafitnesstreinododiavempromeumundofmu educacaofisicafmu

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Myriam Guignard


Comment from Myriam Guignard:

When I saw today's WOD: Run 5K as fast as you can, I automatically canceled my inscription for today's class. Why? Because I am ashamed of my current cardio and I knew I would never do it in 20 minutes like most of my friends at CFA. So I chose to do interval training alone tonight. 1 minute I was walking (av. pace of 5K/h) and 1 minute I was running (av. Pace of 13K/h). This is how I will get that cardio back. I am mad because I used to run easily, but I am ready to get up, work hard and improve again. After all: ''Strenght doesn't come from what you do; it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't''. startingfromthebottom backatit toughshit 6k intervals

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Ken Rocker


Comment from Ken Rocker:

161of365 and 162of365 P90x2 Strenght RecoveryWeek Beachbody X2ShoulderAndArms X2RecoveryAndMobility TonysHorton YearOfTheTony YOTT Gym 12miles BikeTraining MissedThat Cycling ItsInMySoul

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Lucas Hideki


Comment from Lucas Hideki:

Churras em plena quarta 😎

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Erica Yoko


Comment from Erica Yoko:

Alone in paradise. sky birds clouds flying strenght direction

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Seda Caliskan


Comment from Seda Caliskan:

Mendatory gym bathroom photo! Love how my hair looks at the moment, not gonna lie. Lol // Bodyattack + Grit Strength Wednesday! lesmills hiit fitness bodyattack grit gym workout challenge workoutchallenge healthy fitnessgoals goals fit fitfam inspiration sweat awesome instagram instagood instamood instadaily instalove instalike instapic photooftheday instaphoto instafollow strenght strong instafit

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Comment from Chnöpfli:

tiger kitty catsofinstagram siberian white siberiankitten blueeyes cute strenght animalart pet waldkatze cat kitten love igers photography white animals furry nofilter catlover instacat catstagram lovely babycat meow beautiful eyes miau

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Christina Secret


Comment from Christina Secret:

gettingbackinthegame motivation strenght makeithappen pickupthepace

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La Nutritionniste Active


Comment from La Nutritionniste Active:

5 x 8-10 reps à 265 lbs au trapbar deadlift ce soir ! 💪🏼

39 Minutes ago

AlexWongCF 黄志富


Comment from AlexWongCF 黄志富:

Holding long. Be strong. Be stable will help your arm balance poses. Especially handstand inversion .🙏🏻 aloyoga igyoga yogaeverywhere yogaphotography gymnastics travel strong inspire motivation fitspo summer handstand handstands practicedaily strenght balance flexibility yogainspiration inspiration yogalive yogaeverydamnday yogainspo practicemakesperfect yogafun yogachallenge yogajourney 乐活瑜伽 bestrongyogis armworkout

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Comment from A1PAPITO😋:

😁😁😁underarmour fitspiration fitliving fitlife workout shredzathletes bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilder overtraining flex bodybuilding gymshark gymgod fitnessmodel bulkup aminox lifting traininsane shredzarmy shredzathlete strenght gymholic afterworkout allkindsofgains bodybuildinglifestyle body muscles getfit gaintrick fitfreaksupps

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Felippe Pagotto


Comment from Felippe Pagotto:

E não foi que rolou o vídeo/treino marcoscalvo beatrizheleninha kkkkkk -PREPARAÇÃO movimento com vipr_global -TREINO DE FORÇA - Total 8 Séries - Exercícios Supino Barra (100kg) Supino Halteres (32,5kg cada halter) . . . EVOLVE treinointeligente vipr EXOS strenght

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