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Comment from Phil:

Caught some pad work, trying to work on pressure fighting and power. I've put on 3kg after hitting the weights, some much needed strength training. training boxing weights strenghtraining power pressure rivals thering ring padwork boxing boxersofinstagram lovinglife

17 Minutes ago

Ethan Hunter Jordan


Comment from Ethan Hunter Jordan:

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49 Minutes ago

Dean Fowler


Comment from Dean Fowler:

Had to get a close up, hard works paying off, feeling lighter on the bar and starting to be able to get more advanced moves. . Shoutout to tallz_stp for the 📸 . foreverwham whambros workhardandmaintain . calisthenics gains closeup abs instadaily sun knoxxfitbrz park strenghtraining formfirst setsandreps outdoorworkouts fitness fitnessmotivation ukcalisthenics london uk

2 Hours ago

Leo Nuñez


Comment from Leo Nuñez:

strenghtraining hypertrophytraining hypertrophyaddict 😔

3 Hours ago

Jean-Philippe Tessier


Comment from Jean-Philippe Tessier:

3 x 365lbs deadlift!! Keep up the good work Ruben 👍💪

4 Hours ago

Hassan Osto


Comment from Hassan Osto:

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Comment from fitandgymmemes:

Follow us for more! fitandgymmemes swolenation gohardorgohome motivation weightlifting fitfam gymlife gymaddict gymrat weighttraining nolimits lift running workoutoftheday kettlebelltraining girevoysport squatjumps fitnessmodels gymtherapy gymaholic lifter gymday plyometrics lunges functionalfitness funny fitnessdiet resistancebands doyouevenlift strenghtraining swole

7 Hours ago

Ebony Blanton, CEO

Comment from Ebony Blanton, CEO:

My senior class never ceases to amaze me!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! hiitfit zumbafit chairworkouts strenghtraining cardio abs glutes funfitness

7 Hours ago

Joan CM


Comment from Joan CM:

Sunrise today!! Oh Florida you will never leave my heart, our run together has changed me. havehope joanmills fitness beachbodycoach shakeology healthymom healthykids brooks running nutrition brooksrunning savannah coach health food exercise training georgia vetastrong teamveta childhoodcancer hairstylist leukemia bodybuilding runner blondehair curlyhair strenghtraining god muscles

7 Hours ago

Marita Elvemo Sivertsen


Comment from Marita Elvemo Sivertsen:

Post workout. At my mothers house. Having a wonderful delicious and healthy dinner of fish. Then full relaxation on the couch. Happy and satisfied! satisfaction postworkout muskelmat treningsglede restitusjon restitution styrketrening strenghtraining mett

8 Hours ago

Andy Rose


Comment from Andy Rose:

Over the last couple of years I have been logging my workouts in this wee book. This has allowed me to look back and see what progress I have made. Keeping track of your progress is crucial, how else are you supposed to know if you are improving? Looking through my book I can see that my training has followed a similar pattern the past few years. I train consistently from December-March then I fall off from April onwards due to exams. Plus I have been training for half/full marathons in the second half of the year meaning that I have seen little to no progress in the gym. This year however I am determined to break this trend, I am going to be more organised and make sure I give myself enough time to both study and work out, and I am going to focus on weight training all year round. The take away points here are that you have to be prepared and consistent with your fitness goals and make sure you are logging everything to know if you are progressing or not. fitness exercise strenghtraining strength healthandfitness workout motivation fitfamuk knowledge lifting

8 Hours ago

Marcelo Arancibia


Comment from Marcelo Arancibia:

Testeando mi Homemade Vertec strenghtraining weightlifting strenght verticaljump vert hoops ms exos fms

9 Hours ago

Jacobs House


Comment from Jacobs House:

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: - Isaiah 28:10 wordofyah bible strenghtraining warfare hebrew

10 Hours ago

Lady Grunge


Comment from Lady Grunge:

Panie. inkedgirl inked fitness fitnessgirl strenghtraining workout alternative polishgirl

10 Hours ago



Comment from Jenn:

1 mile run & Body Beast Bulk Back to start my morning! 👊🏻💪🏻 5amworkout cardio instarun instafit inspiringwomenrunners applewatch sweatpink sweatyselfie strongnotskinny flexitpink fitchick fitspo beachbody bodybeast beastmode bodybeastwomen beachbodyondemand liftingladies strenghtraining 5amclub whateverittakes incrediblehulk superherotshirt

11 Hours ago

Valentin GT | MCMXC 👶


Comment from Valentin GT | MCMXC 👶:

Qui dit retour du soleil dit .. retour du sport ! ☀️💪 sportworkhardplayhardmusculationoutdoorfitnesspictureofthedayabdospompescardiobodyweighttrainingtrainingbefithealthystrenghtrainingpushupparisdijonfrenchman

14 Hours ago

Joan CM


Comment from Joan CM:

The lord brings us places we will never know! Where does your journey begin? havehope joanmills fitness beachbodycoach shakeology healthymom healthykids brooks running nutrition brooksrunning savannah coach health food exercise training georgia vetastrong teamveta childhoodcancer hairstylist leukemia bodybuilding runner blondehair curlyhair strenghtraining god muscles

15 Hours ago

Coach Mark 💯


Comment from Coach Mark 💯:

You don't need to train everyday! ( actually, that might be big mistake!) commonsense trainingforlife thinkthin fitness fitbody strenghtraining recoverytraining endurance bodybuilding body exercise exercisemotivation

16 Hours ago



Comment from Patrizia:

Morning, morning. 👊🏼🤸🏼‍♀️ gym workout rowing flexible stretching deadlift strenghtraining bodybuilding fitspo fitness fitnessgirl inked inkedgirl justdoit grlpower depression anxiety mentalhealth mentalillnessmatters

17 Hours ago



Comment from Emma:

Godmorgon torsdag! Jag laddar inför en dag på jobbet och i eftermiddag blir det gymmet 🏋️‍♀️ imorgon blir det vilodag! Vad gör du denna sista torsdagen i mars? . . . happy glad träning träningsglädje training workout gym gymmet weekday vardag kettlebell kb träna personligtränare personaltrainer runnergirl runlikeagirl runner womenrunning styrka styrketräning strenght strenghtraining

20 Hours ago