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Christina Luhm Wood


Comment from Christina Luhm Wood:

I unintentionally went (almost) all out for WearPinkWednesday today💞  At least I didn't wear a pink shirt too (but my phone is actually pink though)! Definitely not my favorite color but at least I felt a little extra girlie while getting my lift on😜  I'm still working on getting my strength back, but I'm feeling stronger every day...just 12 more days until I kick off marathon training, and I cannot wait!  Happy hump day everyone.

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Comment from mari_haydee:

This week I finished an 8 week program of weight lifting & homemade food. I could have gotten better results if I would not have slacked these past 10 days... However, I'm happy with the results. We only get what we put in! I was trying to maintain weight & build muscle mass. I lost 4 pounds & I'm a little shocked by it because I usually just shrink in measurements, but I am able to maintain body weight... I haven't lost weight since 2013 during Chase's last deployment. It was bad! I was down to my teenage weight, my hair was falling off, my face was breaking out & it didn't matter how much I was eating, I could not stop losing weight. My point is, our bodies go through changes & it's important we are in tune with them. What worked for us 10 years ago, it might not work anymore... If we never see the results we want, it might be time to do the things we have never done. You ready? 🏋🏽‍♀️ ✨✨

23 Minutes ago

Extreme Aesthetics | Follow👆


Comment from Extreme Aesthetics | Follow👆:

Amazing core 😍👌 - 📷 vanessamfit

1 Hours ago

Johan Allstrin


Comment from Johan Allstrin:

Wanted to do 4x120 but got 3 reps, next time i will get it!powerlifting styrkelyft strongmantraining lyftköttaväx heart4fitness workout getfit fitness fitexercise traininsane gymshark progress selfie gymlife weightloss weightlossjourney fitfam bodybuilding muscles squat deadlift benchpress instafit fitspo gymrat gym strongman strenghttraining training

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The Durhams


Comment from The Durhams:

Got the gun show?!? pecan_tan_durham arms biceps muscle musclesaresexy strength strenghttraining strong power fitnesslife fitnessmotivation fitchick guns topgun weightlifting cablecurls swolemates

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Kat Ja


Comment from Kat Ja:

Nach einem kleinen Leistungstief gings heute wieder aufwärts im Training 🏋🏻 70kg LH Deadlift - Whooop! mit sajorg Ich freu mich schon so auf den FT Summit! Wer ist noch da? strenghttraining noexcuses sportaddict deadliftday ftclub ftsummit2017 bestertrainingsbuddy

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Barbara Bailey


Comment from Barbara Bailey:

Today insipiration! . Now I let you have my secret diet plan.❤️ You may loss 13-24 lbs in less than a month! . 😱Download it in my profile link! . irishfitspo fitteen strenghttraining myproteinfr eatbiggetbig fit4fun sportoutfit mealpreponfleek myproteinfamily eatforgains superphysique extremotivation trainlikeaboss dbff fatloss mealprep pushups losingweight wod postworkout eatforabs bootybuilding bodyfitness discipline bikinifitness absaremadeinthekitchen eathealthy eattogrow

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Carlos Sanabria


Comment from Carlos Sanabria:

a one hour workout is just 4 percent of your day! You can change if you decide too! lovecardiotraining strenghttraining summer17 changeyourmindset nutritionlifestyle

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Comment from Nada:

Today insipiration! Awesome body transformation from anoukwaalderbos Check out the brand new 2 week diet with the link in our bio. . I give away my secret diet plan.❤️ You might loss 13-24 lbs in less than a month! . 😱Get it in my profile link! . everydayistrainingday trainlikeaboss eattogain beyondyourself feedthebeast morningtraining sportoutfit lennyandlarrys dicipline prisedemasse strenghttraining kettlebellsport turkishgetup fitnessfreak sixpack cleanfood squat pump fitfrenchies fitbody lowfat bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilder conditioning irishfitfam losingweight

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Mauro Maddalena


Comment from Mauro Maddalena:

Allievo di powerlifting. Bench press with pause 140kg. Touch&go 145kg. 108kg BW. Direct per Online Coaching. powerlifting strenghttraining strong benchpress deadlift squat

2 Hours ago

Papa La Fritas


Comment from Papa La Fritas:

Working on my calves beast moding today, y'all talkin' bout wcw while I'm overe here trynna get deez gains . . powerlifting powerlifter bodybuilding bodybuilder strongman crossfitter crossfit fitness fitnessfamily beastmode yoga yogapants pilates isymfs calves gymhumor gymshark mma strenghtathlete strenghttraining nopainnogain inspiration gymmotivation lesbiansofinstagram legday calesthenics fitpole poledance

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Comment from Maverick:

Nothing beats a P90 workout !!! Cardio and sweat to the Max !! p90 p90workout p90workouts p90workout👊💪 cardioworkout cardio strenghttraining coreworkout core

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Mette Aaby Pedersen


Comment from Mette Aaby Pedersen:

Mange gode råd fik jeg efter min snatch-video i går... i dag prøvede jeg så at løfte i Metcons. Det føltes lidt sjovt, fordi jeg ikke er vant til det... men ikke desto mindre fik jeg det løft, som jeg ikke kunne få i mandags... 😁😎🤡 smallprogresscrossfitcrossfitgirlsWEEKENDweightliftingvægtløftningsnatchtrækrunrunningspinningstrenghtstrenghttrainingstyrketræningbodybuildingfitfitnessfitnessdkinlove fitnessdk

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Comment from FIGURTRAINER:

Variiere bei jedem Training Deine Übungen, Wiederholungen und die Abfolge, sonst gewöhnt sich Dein Körper zu schnell an alles und entwickelt sich nicht optimal. variation training trainingsplan workout workoutmotivation onlinepersonaltrainer figurtrainer shapeyourself motivationstrainer exercise kraftsport krafttraining strenghttraining naturalbodybuilding gym instafitness dirkraven Foto: nadinedilly muskelaufbau muscle abnehmen vorsätze2017 abwechslung dasaundo körper abfolge optimal

3 Hours ago

Frank Jongsma


Comment from Frank Jongsma:

Great preworkout meal! Wrap, chicken, cucumber, avocado, pine nuts and rucola! Tomato is optinal😂🤣. Ready for some beastmode in the gym!!! Love my life❤😘🤙🤙🤙 bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu jiujitsufactory mma grappling bjjbeastmode strenghttraining powerlifting fitness fit healthylifestyle healthylife healthyfood cleanfood healthy calisthenics kettlebell preperation feelgood happyme energyfood enjoy blessed

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Comment from Ela:

🎼🎧The sun in your eyes The heat is in your hair They seem to hate you Because you're there It's a wonderful wonderful life Wonderful life Wonderful life Wonderful life🎼🎧 playingwiththemusic lovedancing -------------------------------------------- ▪️ Más en/More in elapolefitness ▪️ -------------------------------------------- strenghttraining dancingtime poledancer poletricks polefitnessvideos polelifestyle lifestyles lovemusically flexibilidad poleplaying poledancenation unitedbypole contemporarypoledance polefitnessvideos spinnypole spinnypolecombo pdofinstagram poledanceofig ig_poledancers poledancemurcia fitstagram poleflowpolesensual pdcombo muscle pdallegravariation pdbananasplit pdsplit poletrickoftheday

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Comment from Christoph:

🔙🔛🔝 calisthenics strenghttraining streetworkout corestrenght onearm handstand strenght bodyweight outdoorworkoutss calisthenicsbeastz fitness fitfam aesthetics shredz fit health instafit igfitness madbarz travelphotography

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Francesco cariello


Comment from Francesco cariello:

Todays only deadlift and Pull ups. 3_1 x 12 of deadlift. With 160 180 and 190 kg... Have a good day gymlife gyminspiration motivation fit fitness healthy conditioning dailyworkout workoutoftheday powerlifting squat deadlift benchpress squatloworgohome strenght strenghttraining taekwondoitf preparationformma mma fitlifeworkout martialarts lift weightliftinggarageworkoutinstapic instafitomniavincitamor neveralone

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Nina Halgrimsen


Comment from Nina Halgrimsen:

Når man ikke aner hva man skal trene🙈😂ja da blir det litt bootyworkout 🍑 Gotta love 👆🏻 hipthrustworkoutstrenghttrainingbootyworkoutprogresstreningsgledegoalsgainsbodybuildingdedikasjon

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Földes Roni


Comment from Földes Roni:

Leg day strenghttraining over40andfit legday over40fitness fitness

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