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Anwesha Bardhan


Comment from Anwesha Bardhan:

Go find your better half or go find yourself.. either one will do to help you go through. life love betterhalf findyourself struggle soulmate strength feather flowers feathersofinstagram flowersofinstagram lifeofinstagram loveofinstagram naturelovers nature naturephotography photo_pond art ig_india ig_indianphotography click_india_click indiaclickindia iginstaview

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Comment from Andrew:

Some nice lil pause squats :p 405 3x3 beltless and 455 2x3 .. .. .. .. powerlifting powerlift powerlifter power lift squat bench deadlift skwaat gains gainz bulk men me eatandgrow fit instafit igfit fit bulk strong strength swole jacked

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Comment from Bearfit:

100% custom program specific to you and your goals 👍🏋🏃🚴‍♀️😃 Register today, unlimited monthly 1on1 sessions for $60 at bearfit fitness workout strength massage rehab gym personaltrainer tucson arizona bootcamp athlete ironman swimbikerun running runningclub health

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Comment from Tori:

If you are struggling, check your passion levels. If passion isn't the problem, check persistence. If it's not persistence, check the plan. If the plan is not the problem, reassess your purpose. If none of those are issues, then you have no issues. Stop worrying and get back to work. -Brendon Burchard

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Owner of Warfit Clothing Co™


Comment from Owner of Warfit Clothing Co™:

warfit_clothing_co ・・・ 💥Ends at Midnight!💥 ・・・ 👊Warfit.Net 👊We are wrapping up April by giving out free Premium 18" Wrist Wraps for all orders over $75. 👊 . 💥24 Hour Promo 💥This promotion ends 4/30/17 at MIDNIGHT. Don't miss out on your FREE pair. You must have a Subtotal over $75 (before Taxes and Shipping) and enter the code "FREEWRAPS" at checkout to get your pair. .

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Kotera Bhairavi Ponnappa 🇮🇳


Comment from Kotera Bhairavi Ponnappa 🇮🇳:

_minzy_mz SuperWoman Snippet Cover 👸🏻 There are days when we all feel sad and defeated. Facing tough instances in life and keeping your head held high is a thin thread of consciousness. This song is inspiring and is a constant reminder of our strength to persevere ❤️🙏🏻✨💁🏻⚡️🎼🎤 SuperWoman MINZY KPop KPopShoutOut BeYourself Confidence LoveYourself Strength BeYourOwnBoss MusicCover Music MusicWorks

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Comment from Kat:

Do it for the universe.. but more importantly, do it for yourself. Same thing, after all. dotheuniverseafavor donthideyourmagic magic magicinsideyou youvegotthemagic ivgotthemagic universe withinyourself lookwithin strength empower growth favor universeinsideyou boom thereitis doitforyourself youaretheuniverse

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Comment from eumuchogusto:

Day 21 of effectivehandstands 💪🏼 is padmasana or lotus pose for meditation and rest 🙏🏻 ✨ My knee's been bothering me lately so I didn't force it into full padmasana but decided to show you what it's like to meditate at a house with four dogs 😂🐩 Sped up by 3x Hosts: beachyogagirl & kinoyoga Sponsor: omstarsofficial 💫 yoga yogaeverydamnday yogagirl yogacostarica yogachallenge strength yogilife balance handstand meditation rest

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Heather/ PB •Hair Artistry•


Comment from Heather/ PB •Hair Artistry•:

platinumblondehairartistry loveyourself courage strength authentic powerful bossbabe ownit kelownahairstylist downtoearth beyourself bereal confidence shine myway happyclients lifeisgood imtheboss

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Alpha Runners

Comment from Alpha Runners:

Motivation 24/7 TAG us getfit abs motivate muscles shredded inspire quoteoftheday fitlife gymspiration fitnessmodel gainz fitnessaddict gains getstrong fit fitspiration healthylifestyle healthy healthylife speed cardio motivated instadaily strength dedication workout motivation fitmodel fitnessgoals fitness

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Comment from amazing_love:

amazinggrace saves mighty greatness grace temptation avoid revive glory salvation kindness power shield strength word love grace mighty goodness god greatness mercy glory focus kindness patience humility

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Comment from 🦋AmandaWheeler🌹:

🌺 hope alive strength 🌺

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Andrew Prue


Comment from Andrew Prue:

Sunday Funday? You mean Leg Day right? I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend! We are officially in the month of May, which means summer is right around the corner. Head over to and Amazon for all the latest ergogenix deals and products to help get your summer body right!💪☉ 📸caseyk1ng📸 bodybuilding bodybuilder mensphysique gymrat meathead muscle muscles LegDay legpress strength aesthetics inspire npc SCnpc getbigordietrying preworkout diet contestprep ambition TeamErgo ergogenix ERGO LegGainz DontSkipLegDay dedication gym supplements focused beachbody myrtlebeach

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Comment from Altitud2600:

crossfitconnections crossfitcolombia crossfit crossfitopen crossfitter crossfitlife crossfitlove fit fitness fitnessmotivation workout workhard altitud2600 exercise focus fit fitnees crossfitcommunity wod weghtlifting opensnatchstrong strength gimnastics getfit workhard open2017 InTheOpen workouts wodstockcolombia wodstock

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Crossfit and Life Style


Comment from Crossfit and Life Style:

5 Back Squat 275 PR [Conditioning] 800m run with 25lb plate 14 Round of 5 SPU 5 Burpee tuck Jump 3 PCL 185lbs 800m Run with 25lb plate =DNF(38min, run - 650m) [Strength] 5*5 Back Squat 140-175-210-240-275(PR) cfsentinelifc billstarr strength 크로스핏

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Reiss Adams


Comment from Reiss Adams:

The abdominals and "Core muscles" remember when training core, don't just work the front muscles that look good in the mirror, ensure you work all the muscles around the spine; front, sides and back! This will give you a much healthier balance, help prevent injury and make you a much more efficient athlete!! 🏋️🤸‍♂️🤾‍♀️🏄 core abbs obliques strength resistance balance stability injuryprevention musclebalance sportstherapy optimaltherapy optimalfitness runner triathlete triathlon optimaltri reissadams_sportstherapist

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Sheryl Chauhan


Comment from Sheryl Chauhan:

Strong brookewellss 💪🐒 by powerful ltevebaugh 📸👌 dias_luiza and camile.morales 🛂👉imsheryl tagafriend beachbody crossfit workout gymmotivation train fitfam progress photooftheday fit strong motivation instagood fitnessmodel crossfitter crossfitworld crossfitgames instafit motivation fit fitness gymlife instafitness gym fitnesslife strength crossfitmom fitnessgear crossfitgirl shredded squat cardio

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Marc Floyd


Comment from Marc Floyd:

Live for power live for aesthetics muscle powerlifting bodybuilding classicbodybuilding backday lats deadlift fitness strength bodybuildingmotivation fitness musclemodel classicphysique dontmindmyface strongman

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George G


Comment from George G:

⛱You can be half relaxing & half working your booty with this at a park! ~ Resistance band to a pole. Pick your resistance wisely as well as your distance away from the pole, as this (increased distance) will increase resistance. Slow controlled movement. • When doing the single leg presses, you can rest your hand on the band to keep it from wobbling and assist you. The single leg press will help stabilize muscles in the leg

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Abdi Kayse


Comment from Abdi Kayse:

A happy home❤

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