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Andreas Silva Bravo


Comment from Andreas Silva Bravo:

Pridest is the house instafit motivation fit TFLers fitness gymlife pushpullgrind grindout flex instafitness gym trainhard eatclean grow focus dedication strength ripped swole fitnessgear muscle shredded squat bigbench cardio sweat grind lifestyle pushpullgrind

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Comment from Aaron_nevergiveup:

It’s crazy.. the journey has been full of hate, criticism, and judgement from people I don’t even know, too people I once did. It only made me stronger.. all that pain, only made me strive for a higher purpose. There’s still proof that I have a lot of people to prove wrong, and my story will forever go on. Never give up. destinedforgreatness determination dedicated bodybuildingmotivation imnotdoneyet strength strong growth live express fight aesthetic girlswholift guyswholift achieve bisceps transformation bodybuilding bodybuilder rememberme storyofmylife

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Kris Manning


Comment from Kris Manning:

Muscle clean emom for me, power clean for parky. jp_arkinson 12min EMOM 2 cleans 70kg 110 muscle clean ima coming for you!... bullpenfitness bullpencompetitors muscle strong strengthtraining strength emom chasing goals powerclean weights weightlifting olympiclifting olympicweightlifting fit fitness sport gym gymlife lifting cf crossfit

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david thornton


Comment from david thornton:

620 pound deadlift attemptbackday deadlifting deadlift lats traps heavylifting Romaniandeadlifts weightlifting strong strongman strongmantraining strengthtraining strength fitnessaddict fitness guyswholift fitmen powerlifter powerlifting muscles heavylifting fitbody fitbod

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Abbey Giza


Comment from Abbey Giza:

Happy Summer! (No permission to copy, paste or use my information and pictures on websites or anywhere else. Opt It Out!) instafit motivation fit TFLers fitness gymlife pushpullgrind grindout flex instafitness gym trainhard eatclean grow focus dedication strength ripped swole fitnessgear muscle shredded squat bigbench cardio sweat grind lifestyle pushpullgrind

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Periodization For MMA


Comment from Periodization For MMA:

Repost strong_by_science (get_repost) ・・・ (Haff and Nimphius, 2012) An overly simplified answer... . . . I post a lot of different exercises on this page. Some are for more advanced athletes while some can be used with pretty much everyone. . . Despite the different exercises being used, the core concepts remain the same. It is imperative to remember, in order to develop maximal power a certain level of raw force producing capabilities need to exist. The way in which you improve these abilities can be debated, but literature strongly indicates that these levels must exist. . . Again, it can be debated as to which ways best improve these desired neuromuscular adaptations, but there isn't much debate as to whether or not they need to be there. But, on the other side of the coin, this does not mean other power facilitating qualities cannot be trained in conjunction. A simple mix methods approach is probably the easiest way to achieve optimal adaptations. Move different loads at different speeds with maximal intent and you will get stronger. Jump against resistance and with assistance and anything in between and you will probably jump higher (as well as get stronger). Improve the musculature, improve the nervous system and you will improve the potential to perform better. . .. . trackandfield sportsperformance exercisescience training train science strengthandconditioning strength strengthtraining strengthtrain train lift weights conjugate powerlifting weightlifting cscs exercisephysiology

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Jared Chase


Comment from Jared Chase:

While it's important to be humble, it's also important to recognize your own progress. Balance the two so you can be critical of yourself while also being proud of yourself • I finally have access to a gym again, but of course now I'm having back pain 🙄, so anyway here's this flexfriday post in the meantime. Hoping to be working out again soon 👊🏾 • • • fitness gym gymlife health fitspo workhard lifestyle passion dedication grind gymgrind gymflow myfitnessjourney trainhard gains gymmotivation fitfam progress strength muscles exercise fitlife fitnessaddict workout physique gainz healthy

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Kendall Ganus


Comment from Kendall Ganus:

Got up to 100lbs for 8 on my lat pulldowns today. Not to bad for coming back from my bronchitis hiatus. Another great upper body workout in the books. Seriously loving this strong bastard program and the progress I've seen after only 3 weeks. workout fitness fitlife fitgirl gym gymlife gymgirl gymaddict fitnessaddict upperbodyworkout chest shoulders biceps delts triceps lats gains strength strong strongwomen weights weightlifting lifting girlswholift latpulldown progress pump muscle gettingstronger workhard

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Comment from PORN PAGE:

(Girls) follow this amazing boy😍michaelvavrik . . . . instafit motivation fit hörnydm fitness gymlife pushpullgrind grindout flex instafitness gym trainhard eatclean hörnyrp focus sëxcode strength ripped swole fitnessgear muscle šextâçkğ squat sëxcoфe cardio sweat grind lifestyle pushpullgrind boy

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Maria Paletta-Shreve


Comment from Maria Paletta-Shreve:

I remember a time I'd have to fight for this pace. Today it was an easy walk/run in 71% humidity with 0% motivation! 🙌🏼 Remember: easy is all relative to the person, the place, and the time. Monday I ran this same route fresh off a rest day nearly 30 seconds per mile faster. Training has peaks and pits that allow you to peak on race day! bostonafterbaby bq bostonstrong bostonorbust marathonmonday marathon marathontraining eriemarathon triathlon ironman runner run macros iifym fitfoodie mealprep mealplan womensrunning strength homeworkout momprenur homeworkout

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Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger


Comment from Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger:

That's great I like it😅💪👍

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Ulysses De León


Comment from Ulysses De León:

I really feel this is so true! If only people really knew how it felt! To all my sufferers out there keep your head up, you can pull through it. men women kids truth reality strength panicdisorder anxiety panicattack staypositive dontletitwin panicdisorderawareness

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Mike Delgado


Comment from Mike Delgado:

Haven't posted any cleanandjerk in a while. A nice day getting into some lifting cj fitness lift clean oly olympiclifts strength strengthtrain strong trainhard trainsmart

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Jeni D


Comment from Jeni D:

For all I love is right in front of me 🙏🏼 instafit motivation fit carlsbad fitness gymlife pushpullgrind sandiegofitness flex instafitness gym trainhard fitmom grow focus dedication strength ripped l fitnessgear muscle shredded squat prayer cardio god grind lifestyle momswholift

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Linda Terjesen 🇺🇸🇳🇴


Comment from Linda Terjesen 🇺🇸🇳🇴:

Resting my neck on my saearc wooden pillow 🙏🏻 rest neck strength flexible relax healthylifestyle fitness exercisedaily pillow exercise health relaxing fitgirl muscle muscles inspire yogi fit fitlife personaltrainer workoutmotivation inspire trainer break healthy fitnesslifestyle noexcuses fitnessmotivation home healthylife

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Orangetheory FinancialDistrict


Comment from Orangetheory FinancialDistrict:

Since you all enjoyed our early morning Saturday 90 minute a few weeks ago so much, we have a treat for you - it's time for round 2! 🔥🔥🔥 Challenge yourself with our ORANGE 90 MINUTE this Sunday at 8:45am! Make sure to pre-book, there are only a few spots left 🍊💪🏻

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Tyler Thomas


Comment from Tyler Thomas:

To be the best you gotta drink the best pre workout💪🏼 outlift nutrex supzilla

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Sonia Di Felice


Comment from Sonia Di Felice:

Venerdì alternativi con lorenzaperrone ❤️❤️❤️ monkeylabaerialstudio

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MuvStrong, Inc


Comment from MuvStrong, Inc:

Selfies at the perform_better summit with one of the best in the business donsaladino from drive_clubs in nyc || loved the talk, looking forward to continuing to work together!

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Benson Williams III


Comment from Benson Williams III:

To feel a strong need or desire to suffer for GOLD. 📸 itsslickrick

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