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Linus Rehnström


Comment from Linus Rehnström:

hockeyseason ending soon! Then it's time for strengthtraining this summer! Allready waiting for 2018 season

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Mrs.Southern Legend Blues


Comment from Mrs.Southern Legend Blues:

Hiatus over. mrsslbk mrsslbkgetsfit getfit getfitdontquit strengthtraining armworkout armday workout workoutvideo workoutoftheday workoutflow exercise gym gymtime gymlife gymvideos fitness fitnessjourney fitfam fitjourney weightloss weightlossjourney 🎶future cominoutstrong

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Axé Capoeira Tucson⭐STUDIO AXÉ


Comment from Axé Capoeira Tucson⭐STUDIO AXÉ:

Parabéns Professor Tizoc and Instrutor Sombra!!!!💯%AXÉ

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Comment from 💙🌍🌞🌚🌊💯:

🙈🙉🙊🗣👂📲☎☏📞 noresponse respond words listen growth notime keepitmoving allthewayup strengthtraining silencespeakslouderthanwords human2oxygen gwheeler jonathancarroll

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Gauravdeep Singh


Comment from Gauravdeep Singh:

After 3 weeks rest from head injury still manage to lift 180kg at 74kg bodyweight on 1st day. ✌

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Cindy Scarborough


Comment from Cindy Scarborough:

Where do you want to go? God's power fulfills wishes and dreams. follow dreambig wish desire strengthtraining strengthfortheweary findgod getanswers travel desire Godcares goforit goals alignment powerofprayer walkwithgod walkthewalk dontquit nevergiveup giveittogod journey life

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Neha Khincha


Comment from Neha Khincha:

New achievement unlocked - Ver 1.0 Deadlifting 100 kgs. ☺️ A lot of improvement is required on the depth, also lifting a t-bar is way easier than lifting a normal barbel, as the weight is evenly distributed. But doing 5 reps of 100 kgs was a huge achievement for someone who struggled with the lightest weights a few months ago. A big shout out to my favorite coaches devrath_vijay and suhail8726 and every else at outfitgym who has been an inspiration. ☺️ deadlifts progress strength strengthtraining funtionalfitness fitnessjunkie fitspiration fitnessaddict functionaltraining learningeveryday nike fitfam progressnotperfection workout gymlife t-bar

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Adam McCubbin


Comment from Adam McCubbin:

From client Carolyn "So when I started training with Adam I thought I knew what I was in for. Well I didn’t. Training with Adam has been both an education and a delight – well after all my muscles stop hurting that is. I enjoy and look forward to my weekly sessions which have constantly evolved over the years. Adam is a passionate and committed professional who is always seeking to improve his knowledge and ensure that our sessions are challenging and varied. He tailors the sessions according to need and ability and I have a far fitter and stronger body shape than before." testimonial . . . . . . . : . . . fitness fitfam instafitness barbell training performance mydubai dubaipersonaltrainer strengthtraining strength igfitness nutrition health strengthtraining workout dubaifitfam intergratedcoaching personaltraining uae fitspo goals dubaifitness dubaiblogger dubailife dubai fit lifestyle muscle instafit

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Comment from jonnycee2.0:

Never my tail I was chasing, but you get the gist 🙊😂😅 fit fitguy fitness fitlife fitspo fitfam exercise health workout weights strengthtraining liftheavy florida cardio food beast beastmode run motivation lift loveit flex nopainnogain followme fitchicks f4f love fitgirls fitnessaddict music

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Comment from CrossFitSydney:

A Day of Holds crossfitsydney crossfit functionalfitness fitness sydneystrengthconditioning strengthandconditioning strengthtraining bodyweight sydneyalexandria sydneyfitness

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Sanny Prawira


Comment from Sanny Prawira:

🎥Working on my shoulder mobility, strength what not 💪🏻 can't step up right tho 😫 notyet • • • • • hspu handstandpushups shoulderworkout shouldermobility calisthenics fitfam fitspo strengthtraining upsidedown 🙃 bodyweightworkout bodyweighttraining upperbodyworkout gymlife gymjunkie fitlife fitgirls fitnessjourney gym

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Merav Oliva Barzilai


Comment from Merav Oliva Barzilai:

Have you ever heard about keto tehina bread 🍞??? It's the tastiest bread ever!! Mix 6 spoons of whole sesame tehina, 3 eggs, 50g almond flour, 1 tea spoon baking powder, 1 table spoon peanut butter (100% natural, no sugar) and if you are not ketogenic you can add a spoon of silan (date honey) to make it a bit sweeter. Spread on top sun flower seeds and put in the oven for 20 minutes....Ditch the carbs 😉😘

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Johnathon Byrd


Comment from Johnathon Byrd:

Man, if you can't tell this sweatshirt is heavy! ...😐...😑...😐...🤦🏻‍♂️ Also it was armday tonight for my latenightworkout latenightlifting planetfitness. thechaseforgreatness continued tonight! armday went well. I was able to do overhead dumbbell tricep extensions without any pain in my elbow joints!!! Been A WHILE since that happened! littlevictories As always, workforwhatyouwant and also be well! Have a good night IG and a better tomorrow! fit fitfam fitbit fitness fitforlife health healthy healthylife healthyeating healthyliving healthylifestyle strength strengthtraining strengthconditioning supermanintraining workout weights weightlifting lifting liftingweights gym gymrat

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Rachel Tairyoku 体力


Comment from Rachel Tairyoku 体力:

Very light training sesh today❤Practiced singles with Squats and Bench. Squats 185 x 1 rep x 4 sets Bench 125 x 1 rep x 4 sets Thanks for the company ladies nika_wiebusch agentvalentine arielaflo ✨13 DAYS OUT✨ ▪️▪️▪️ Strength Coach: monkaycrak gabriel_aseron 830crewcheckin

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Shaun Gudge


Comment from Shaun Gudge:

That's cutting it close to me 04:30 max drivinghours ... now time for a break mondaymotivation keepontruckin truckerslife aireyysltd alterego ambassador onthegrind tmtransport MotivateMe motivation inspire instafit musclebuilding strengthtraining wintertraining gardengym noexcuses

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Erica L


Comment from Erica L:

Enjoying our last rays of Mexican sunshine ☀️ 🌅 We had a wonderful time with family this week! 😊😊entrepreneurlife sunshine sunset mexico

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Emperor Fitness


Comment from Emperor Fitness:

gymlife workout workhard strengthtraining ownbodyweight training gymfam fitfam lifestyle workout workmode exercise condtioning consistency keepitmoving dedication morningmotivation goodmorning makewayformenay teamemperorfitness

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Wellness Coach, L.Benz, Mtl🇨🇦


Comment from Wellness Coach, L.Benz, Mtl🇨🇦:

T spine ALERT! Thoracic vertebrae is the middle layer of your spine; it travels from your lower neck to the end of your ribs. Its emphasis is important, it should be focused upon if you are someone who sits all day slouching or suffer from a kyphotic posture because of repetitive posture issues and if you have ever suffered from shoulder injuries which could be from poor mechanics. Thoracic Extension should be your focus which is to open up the thoracic vertebrae. Especially athletes should focus upon this for back squats and overhead movements because it provides sufficient shoulder mobility. Why do you think there is so much emphasis on keeping a tight posture when in exercise or daily activities? There are multiple exercises you can perform but one i like to do is with the foam roller. Lie on your back on the foam roller with it horizontally in back of you and keeping the hips down on the floor, make sure to keep the hips on the floor throughout the movement. Begin at T12, extend your upper torso slowly until you feel a slight stretch in the thoracic area, after 3 sec come up. Do Not Go all the way back to the floor behind you! Bring the hip up and roll the foam roller slightly higher in your thoracic region each time until you reach the last T-Vertebrae. Put the hips back down to the floor, repeat as previous. Each part of thoracic vertebrae should be done to open up the entire area. This is great before a workout if you plan on doing overhead lifts or any of the compound movements like squat, deadlifts etc.. Let me know what you think! Safe and Happy Training! . . . . . . calisthenics correctiveexercises thoracicmobility shoulder strengthtraining athletictraining bodybuilding personaltrainer personaltrainerinthemaking buildabetterbody buildabetteryou spine

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Comment from Emma:

Managed to get a new personal best on deadlifts yesterday - I'd only lifted 105kg before yesterday, but decided to push myself for 115kg and got it! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 It definitely helped having prudenceroseanna as my cheer squad and davidjohnferguson as my coach!❤🍑💪🏽 thanks again ptcsydney for the day! deadlift pb personalbest powerlifting lifting weightlifting weights weighttraining girlswholift sydneyfitness fitsydney peachesandbarbell sydney beastgenetics adidas fitspo workouts trainhard heavy strong strength strengthtraining happy

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Tony 🔱


Comment from Tony 🔱:

Hit the bench press today. I was scheduled to do 7x5x205lbs and I was successful. I have a great feeling about this Smolov program. The rest of my routine was followed with bodybuilding type lifts. . I did a close grip because I don't want to bug my shoulder too much. . . bench benchpress chest chestday shoulders deltoids triceps bodybuilding powerlifting strengthtraining powerbuilding muscles physique aesthetic aesthetics squat deadlift workout weightlifting weighttraining barbell challengeyourself f4f smolovjr fitness fit fitlife

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