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Another AWA Region Champ Justin Onello justin.onello strengthandconditioning strengthtraining thebestpersonaltrainer imcoming impactzone strikezone winning wrestler wrestling wrestlinglife

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Rise and Resurge


Comment from Rise and Resurge:

Challenge accepted!

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Ma'ayan Lapidot


Comment from Ma'ayan Lapidot:

Had a killer legday today . barbell workouts are my favorite legexercises and today I achieved another PR - a few posts back I managed a 80 kg trapbardeadlift and today I did a 2 rep barbelldeadlift - challengeyourself and the sky is the limit !!! personaltrainer מאמנתכושר backchain glutes gluteactivation lowerback strengthtraining strength mobility bootymaking strongmind strong lbm gains quads rom

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Preston Knutson


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Challenge accepted

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Empire Supplements Manchester


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* OFFER * Buy Instant Mass Heavyweight and get Pre-Workout for FREE! or buy Instant Mass on it's own for £24.99! Only at Empire Supplements, Kiosk 1, Wythenshawe Town Centre, M22 5RQ, Manchester STAY STRONG! - The Empire Supplements Team . . . empiresupplements manchester quest supplements empiresupplementsmanchester glutenfree lactosefree proteinbar grenade carbkilla chocolate cleancheat protein wythenshawe powerlifting strengthtraining gains vitamins weightlifting powerlifting keto girlsthatlift fitness weightloss girlsthatlift abs fitspo instagood fitness fitfam fitgirl health bodybuilding

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Prerna Khanna

Comment from Prerna Khanna:

🕎Archangel & Ascended Master Affirmation🕎 🔊For Orders ☎ Contact:- 09810067916 ✉ 🍁🍁🍁Angels remind us that, despite all appearances to the contrary, everything really is okay in the end. Let this Powerful Archangel & Ascended Master Affirmation guide you towards better health whether it is to return your body to optimal health, guide you towards healthy foods and beverages as well as keep your surroundings happy this prayer covers all the aspects !! Let their beautiful energies guide you.🍁🍁🍁 health goodhealth goodhealth healthyfood wholefoods veganfood vegetarian fitness strengthtraining yoga prerna_tarotanswers india delhigram lawofattraction loa angel food beverage drinks healthydrink goodenergy highvibrations vibes energyfield energyhealing energywork goodvibe beautiful quotes sayings

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H-Kore 💪🏼


Comment from H-Kore 💪🏼:

Injuries 101 📢: Did you know that strength training can reduce injuries to less than a third, and overuse injuries by almost 50%? Proprioceptive movement, which is performed in lagree fitness, reduces injuries risk by 50%. From prehab to rehab, our client Shane who had 3 ACL reconstructive surgeries shares with us his recovery progress at H-Kore. Read (and subscribe!) our newsletter [link in bio] to find out his best practices to deal with his injuries. injuries rehabilitation strengthen strengthtrainingrecovery journey fitfam fitspo lagreefitness lagreefamily hkig

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Papakostas Ioannis


Comment from Papakostas Ioannis:

Every day can be beautiful if you have beautiful people on your side strong strengthtraining deadlift squats benchpress powerlifting supplements food training trainhard beast beastmode beautiful

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🏃🏼‍♀️a • R • m 🏃🏼‍♀️


Comment from 🏃🏼‍♀️a • R • m 🏃🏼‍♀️:

Back to my 6am training sessions |with some modifications| 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 even though I overslept this Morning and didn't give myself enough time to run 🤦🏼‍♀️ baby steps y'all. Baby steps.

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Addie Jones


Comment from Addie Jones:

My work food as Its time to get to 5% Body fat! Just for the sake of it 1kg veg Loads of fatty Oil powerlifting powerlifter strength strengthtraining fitness training fatloss weightloss fitnessmotivation gym gymmotivation weightlifting weights weighttraining squat Deadlift benchpress personaltrainer transformation atgsquat asstograss pt strengthcoach coaching crossfit crossfit 531 keto ketogenic pagan shredded

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Fernando Torgoff


Comment from Fernando Torgoff:

After workout😎☀️

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Tilt Cycling


Comment from Tilt Cycling:

Start your Monday with Nikki Czechowski at Full Tilt and You will never be disappointed! Cardio + Strength = Major Calories Burned. It's a full body workout like no other! indoorcycling strengthtraining burnedsomecalories getyourleanon

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Ali Woodward


Comment from Ali Woodward:

Watching v8mnm progress these past few months has been utterly inspiring. He is one of our group training clients and grafts ridiculously hard in sessions. You need only talk to him for a couple of minutes and the mindset that he has adopted to achieve these incredible results becomes very clear. Very proud of you, Marshall. Repost silvermerefit with repostapp ・・・ MotivationMonday: What a difference a year can make. Marshall took charge of his life and CHANGED. He has now lost over 25 kgs and built a physique he is proud of. "You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great". Nothing outrageous, nothing hardcore. Just an educated approach to training and nutrition and building fundamentals healthy habits.

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Ripped Gym


Comment from Ripped Gym:

ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS AT RIPPED GYM. 5 TV'S ROLLING LOOP. £40 PER MONTH. YOU PROVIDE YOUR FOOTAGE. Contact the club for details 01279433043. Ask for Sarah itaintrocketscience itsjusthardcoretraining bodybuilding strengthtraining instafit nutrition fitness motivation nopainnogain muscles fitnessmotivation instafit championsaremadehere gymmotivation fitnesslifestyle gains bulking diet strength gymlife

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Gabrielle Orr ✨


Comment from Gabrielle Orr ✨:

Following on from mine and sc0ttyfit's chat yesterday regarding sports psychology and performance 👌 . Rensta Repost: chrisabeardsley via renstapp: “ When trying to increase performance in an exercise, most strength coaches will focus on developing physical qualities. However, research is increasingly demonstrating that performance in exercises is at least partly dependent upon mental qualities as well, such as self-efficacy or mental toughness. These mental qualities can be developed with dedicated training in a very short period of time. But what is the best way to approach mental imagery training? This study compared a traditional (visualization) approach to mental imagery training with a functionally equivalent approach, called PETTLEP. Functionally equivalent means making the imagery used in training represent the real life movement as closely as possible, particularly in the following areas: P - physical (posture and objects) E - environment (surroundings) T - task T - timing (speed) L - learning (changes over time) E - emotion (arousal) P - perspective (person) The researchers found that the PETTLEP approach to mental imagery training was more successful than traditional visualization for increasing strength, suggesting that it may be better for using with athletes to enhance performance. -------------------- sandcresearch strengthandconditioning strengthtraining strength sportsscience biomechanics research athlete biceps curls sport sports psychology sportspsychology selfefficacy mindset staypositive positive positivethinking positivevibes positiveenergy positivity success ”

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Yoga Instructor


Comment from Yoga Instructor:

"We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds." Patanjali yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday yogapose vasisthasana sideplank strengthtraining calisthenics yogapractice yogajourney yogini yogagirl yogalove yogalife yogaaddict yogachallenge leagueofextraordinaryyogis yogadaily yogateacher yogainspiration kendinolmutlukal istanbulyogamerkezi yogacommunity yogaofinstagram yogagram

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Damien Webb


Comment from Damien Webb:

Deadlift day following a 531 training programme it's a slow process but seems to be paying off 200kg for 3 reps no straps Could really do with sorting form out as it's not the best I'm aiming for 300kg this year sometime deadlifts strengthtraining 531 200kg ardenfitness instructor strongmantraining

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Comment from Sarah:

squat PR 4x5 205! Wasn't that bad! - - - weightloss weightlossjourney weightlifting igfitness iifym powerlifting workout strengthtraining diet dieting fatloss fitness fitfam fitspo fitchick flexibledieting gym girlswholift girlswithmuscle fitlife gymlife noexcuses bodybuilding nutrition getstrong motivation muscle workout getfit

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Jo Shallcross


Comment from Jo Shallcross:

Wants to be just like his daddy 😊❤️️. Startingthemyoung benchpress rolemodels parentsthatlift strength strengthtraining weights

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Ronan Cambon


Comment from Ronan Cambon:

Little bit of a party weekend, but it's Monday; chest-day, lets go! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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