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Jetts North Sydney


Comment from Jetts North Sydney:

Hey guys. Don't mind the awful chalkboard skills, but check out our new group classes coming soon to Jetts. Inquire with our staff about getting yourself a free trial. If you're looking to get fit, lose weight or gain some muscle, give it a try. We are doing Muay Thai, boxing and strength and conditioning circuits!!! . . . . . . . . gym gymlife gymmotivation gymrat gymflow fit fitness fitspo fitlife fitfam fitstagram strength training strengthtraining weightlifting weights weighttraining dedication dedicated progress goals barbell powerlifting circuit crossfit

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Paul Eaton


Comment from Paul Eaton:

Micro Workout For The Mega Busy - The 4x15 Workout - 15seconds Hill Climb/15seconds Double Legs/15seconds Hill Climb/15seconds Touch Down Jax as fast as you can = 1 round - Do 6 rounds in just 6 minutes - Get it Done ✅ mymicroworkout microworkout workout workouts workoutanytime anytimeworkouts weightloss motivation fitness strength strengthtraining cardio

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Tina Gulliksen


Comment from Tina Gulliksen:

Flex Wednesday 💪🏽 shameless fitness fit flex gains arms workoutmotivation fitnessmotivation muscles progress girlswholift treningsforum treningsglede trening fitnessjourney traininsane beastmode gymlife fitfam gainz gohardorgohome gaintrick stayfit weightlifting strengthtraining

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Comment from TeleLIFE:

Its WorkoutWednesday! 💪✌️ The standing side hip raise exercise targets the muscles of the hips and thighs. Click on the link in the profile to know how to do it along with more leg exercises to work on those calf muscles!

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Sharon Low ♏️


Comment from Sharon Low ♏️:

Das ist so schmerzhaft! After about 6 - 7 attempts at this, my right hand is slightly swollen now. Hello anyways, dragonfly! 👋🏽

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Comment from Fitness:

fresh freshman MANYUNYU YA MVUA KWA SIAFU NI MAFULIKO by Ngosha the Don therealfidq 👊 . . . . . . . . . fitnessmotivation fit body circuittraining cardio strengthtraining strengthtraining bodyweighttraining gym mood fitness model dubaifitness dubaifashion wednesday morning goodmorningpost

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Comment from Sophie:

Oh hey again big boy plates 😊 Me and bench have never been besties...I pressed this a couple of times a while ago in the gym, finally got it in comp at the start of this year and then got really really shit at bench again so it's nice to have the big plates back again and finally be benching just above body weight 😍...apparently 4:30am get ups in Berlin, airport delays and heading straight to the gym after landing are the way forward for benching 🤷🏼‍♀️ bench benchpress . . . . . squat squats strength ironfamily gymfam crossfit powerlifter girlswholift workout girlswhopowerlift girlswithmuscles fitfam instafit strongnotskinny olympiclifting olympicweightlifting strongmantraining strongman strongwoman weightlifting thisgirlcan beastmode strengthtraining figure bodybuilding

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Mrs B


Comment from Mrs B:

Another early morning gym session done ✅ today we did legs and abs. Taking it one day at a time. “If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.” - Dwayne “The Rock”

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Comment from Zoe:

W e d n e s d a y🌸 Another early morning calls for another bowl of zoats, ready to fuel me until lunchtime✨ Today's zoats are made using gonutritionuk triple chocolate whey protein, nutristrength vanilla pea protein, bioglanuk cacao and maca powder, and frozen berries❄️🍓 Toppings include bioglanuk chia & flax seeds, blueberries, sultanas, strawberries, kinder__chocolate mini bar, pipandnut crunchy almond butter and my homemade granola (recipe on my blog, link is in my bio☝🏻) Spending my morning/afternoon at work and then hitting the gym later! Who else is training today?!💪🏻🏋🏼‍♀️ Happy Hump Day peeps 🍑 | | | Protein discounts👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 | For 20% off your whey_box protein box just use my code: WBOX20 | | For 25% off your first myproteinuk order, just use my code: ZOE-ROG | | StrengthFeed thedailyoat foodblogfeed gloobyfood

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Comment from usernplus1:

barbell thruster cardio weightlifting strengthtraining explosive technique kettlebell uesaka iron

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Chronic Fitness


Comment from Chronic Fitness:

This is me fed up but here. Spent a few hours in emergency with my daughter last night due to severe abdominal pain. By the time the Drs got there it had gone so they have no idea what it was. This is my only spare time today in between multiple appointments but after being sick this is the first time I've made it to the gym this week so I had to come. Once you show up that's the hard part done and you've already won

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👑Rachel Tairyoku 体力


Comment from 👑Rachel Tairyoku 体力:

All that upper body training is starting to show❤️💪🏼

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Level 4 Health Club


Comment from Level 4 Health Club:


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Taylor Stone


Comment from Taylor Stone:

🔥Client staz_michael_michaels going through his set of depth jumps.🔥 - ➕Aiming to develop his explosive power and production of vertical force through the stretch shortening cycle➕ - ➕Usually you would want to program this at the beginning of a session, as the athlete is neurologically fresh and able to create necessary pathways and adaptations, I have experimented a little bit and programmed these deeper into the session to put the athlete under some metabolic fatigue that he may face when completing similar movements in a football game.➕ - 💥Next we will progress to jumping onto another box.💥 - - 💥DM me for coaching💥 - personaltrainer strengthtraining explosivepower strengthandconditioning fitness fitnessmotivation athletedevelopment plyometrics fitfam beastmode trecnutrition trecteam getstrong workoutmotivation nopainnogain Follow melbournefitness exercisescience

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CYC Fitness


Comment from CYC Fitness:

craigyoungconsulting will officially launch the new hitrainer treadmill range at The NEC, Birmingham next month. If you are planning on visiting the bodypowerexpo Fitness Trade Show on the 12/13th September be sure to drop by stand C100 or the dedicated functional training area to test drive the HiTrainer treadmill. The HiTrainer is a self propelled treadmill built for conditioning, weight management and rehabilitation. It is the only treadmill that measures power (Watts) and left/right forces to detect imbalances. For further information; Email - Website - Tel: 01978 812829 treadmilll hitrainer birminbham nec bodypower gym fitness tradeshow runningmachine workout strengthtraining strengthandconditioning

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Carolina Rivera


Comment from Carolina Rivera:

Back, triceps, and abs tonight with the little sis! No cardio tonight, but going for a canyon run tomorrow...(now I HAVE to do it.) backinthehabit strengthtraining fitnesswithfamily

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GHN Sponsored Fitness Athlete


Comment from GHN Sponsored Fitness Athlete:

Happy hump day! 💙 humpday

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Running Miss Amie


Comment from Running Miss Amie:

WARRIOR ... MODE! After an active rest day yesterday, I was a tad worried to get in the gym and lift some weights (I take a few minutes to get into it). So on came my heyhollafitwear top which always puts me in mode without fail! We will forget the moment a nice gentleman had to help me get a clip on the bar ... it was a dodgy clip ... AND I got it off myself! This also proves what everyone says, don't be afraid of the weights area! People are there to help and encourage! gym activewear strengthtraining cardio Running Fitness run HealthyBody ukrunchat IGRun RunnersOfInstagram fitfam girlswholift instafit fashion womensrunningcommunity WomensRunning bodypositivity gymwear ethical weights curves fitnessgear hhfitsquad plantbased FindYourOwnFit Fitwear warrior Organic sustainablefashion

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Michelle (PolekittenLondon)


Comment from Michelle (PolekittenLondon):

Just hangin' around at gymboxofficial... happy Humpday fitfam. gymcookies gymbox aerialhoop

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Callan McDonald


Comment from Callan McDonald:

I have been doing a few yoga classes over the last few weeks and have found it very beneficial in my recovery and increasing my mobility. If you haven't tried it give it a go 💦☀️👌 --- ----- yoga crow crowpose recovery mobility sunshine fitness fitfam healthybody healthymind core balance strength flexibility fitlife elitefunctionaltraining mentalhealth crossfit bodybuilding strengthtraining instafit onlinecoach gains

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