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Today's workout almost didn't happen. Why you ask? Because, I went to bed later than usual, woke up later than usual on purpose (Thank God for my flexible work schedule), then left my house at 6:35am for my usual 15 min drive and wonderful ole Atlanta threw a wrench in my supposed to be smooth morning. It took me 40 mins to get to the gym! I turned around once to go home and told myself "you'll be mad at yourself if you didn't do this workout.", so I turned back around and hit the gym. Shoulders and a little bit of legs. Going to finish legs before I do my spin class tonight. I finished the first round of 6-week shred and started a new round this week. I am going to focus more on what I put in my body and achieve physique goals. I already got stronger, now I need to lose this body fat. #strengthtraining #barbells #dumbbells #fitchick #fitness #strong #irunthisbody #training #runnerslife #irun4mylife #50states #halfmarathons #halfcrazy #irun4mysanity #atlrunner #fitfactory #p4s #pace4success #gymlife #gymchick #instarunner #diaryofarunnergirl #diaryofarunner #runnergirl #runnerslifestyle #runnerforlife #mercedeshalf #atlpublixhalf

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Good morning & happy Thursday!!! Dropping this knowledge bomb for y'all to get this morning going!!! Let's do this!!! 💪👊💥

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A few years ago we would feel real guilt for missing a night at the gym & although we knew our bodies needed rest we'd maybe have 1 day off every 9-10 days. Now, we embrace rest days & hope you do too. . . A rest day doesn't mean you stay in bed all day but it does mean you take a day off from intense working out. This allows your muscles recover & gives you time to mix up your days. It also prevents physical & mental burn out. . . Enjoy your rest days, aim for 2-3 a week - it will do your body & mind good. . . 📷 @jeffmindell

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Lifetime bench pr here. Failed the first rep or hubby got scared lol! Second was a touch n go. I wanted to paused but I was so nervous I forgot. I'll come back for this and it will be cleaner but I am so stoked. I been chasing 130 for ever been stuck at 125 because life happened lol this was a big mental barrier that I broke today . So happy. 135 is so close! #iifym #momswholift #powerlifter #powerliftingchicks #femalepowerlifter #chickswholift #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #peachgangmember #strengthtraining #fitmom #fitness #liftheavy #usapa #atg #squats #bench #deadlift #fitfam #progressnotperfection #gains #strengthandconditioning #millitarymuscle #sbd #inzer #slingshot

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Comment from Derrick Johnson:

Gettin some heart healthy calorie burning cardio in there ✔ Glutes, hamstrings and core work in there with the Swimmer exercise ✔ And some strength training with some Sumo Romanian Deadlifts ✔ I'd say time well spent 💪And then she's off to conquer the day, Boss mode activated✔ Make sure you're making it count ✌ #derrickdjohnson #solifitness #phillypersonaltrainer #phillytrainer #personaltraining #eastfalls #fitnesstips #workoutroutines #goals #hearthealthy #cardio #core #coreexercise #strengthtraining #kettlebells #romaniandeadlift #swimmer #coreworkout #trainingsession #motivation #running #personalstudio #results #glutework #gainz #weightloss

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Ways to Improve Your Day or Week If You Need A Pick-me-up: *Wake up and think of 3 things you are grateful for. *When you're feeling stressed, stop, smile and think a happy thought. *Plan your meals--or at LEAST one (and my Shakeology helps me with that being one snack I have that is portable, full of nutrition and quick 😉 ) *Be silly! Lighten up! Have fun! * Get sweaty! You can with me and/or my group of ladies...oh and for $.55 a day doing ANY beachbody program ever made whenever you so choose! *Plan something to look forward to-weekend trip, night out, etc. *Set small goals each day and reward yourself for reaching them! Am I missing anything? OH, practice self-love and self-care. You deserve it and your life will dramatically change. Oh, and also, I'm starting to open spots up for my February accountability group! It will fill up fast so don't wait!! And remember, you can get your hands on every BB workout plan ever made, all the new programs coming out this year, @shakeology, me as a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach to coach/guide you, nutrition plans and so much more for $.55 A DAY all year long. And...your other half can use this "membership" too so really you pay $.27 a day for 2 memberships in one 🙂. Comment below, message me or email me! Don't miss out ❤ Here is a move from my Dynamic Strength @coredeforce workout today. Enjoy!

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I'm stuck! I'm stuck! Can't get the start of this one at all. 📷 @eclecticcake

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I DID IT! I'm so proud of myself 😎💪🏼 I am aware that this doesn't mean much for a lot of people but 6months ago I could't even raise myself the tiniest bit! I can squat 70kg without a problem but pull-ups... that's a different kind of hard for me 😅 So yay to be able to do one pull-up all by myself' 😇 ps: please try to ignore all the faces I make. The camera-angle is also not helping haha. #balloonface #whyisthatacommonhashtag #poorballoonfaces

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Beast Mode with @claudegroulxifbbpro Mr.Olympia Master 2003 With EMS training you gain rapid strength in a shorter period of time💪🏼

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