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Strength & Conditioning coach


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Ontem foi punk rock!!! Mas a equipe representou bem 🏋. Mais de 200 kcal em 12 minutos. E aí, aguenta? . . . tavarescoach

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Stronger Than Yesterday


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PatrickMcVey BootcampAthletics


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This pic 🙌 Sumo deads supersetted with one leg shoulder bridge. Feel this pic could be an advert for a gym haha. 💪🙌 deadlift gym coreworkoutglasgow strongswissball glasgowstrengthtraining athleticstrackandfieldsprints fitnessmotivation fitspiration fitness fit fitfam fitspo justdoitweightlossjourney personaltrainerhappines exercise strength health healthy motivation run strengthtraining progressnotperfection gymlife💪

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David Evans


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Ash McBride


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Tempo squats- 3 second negative with a 2 second pause, I was a little speedy tonight but will work on that! 6x3 80kg last set shown, ouch 😫😫Getting there 👌🏼👌🏼 also, hello traps 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 little_miss_beast girlswhopowerlift girlswholift powerlifting girlswholiftheavy girlswithmuscles squats temposquats legday progress strengthtraining compprep nationalsprep ipf nzipf gains fitness weightlifting

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Coach Clark getting a pr on his deadlift yesterday 485. He's still working hard even when he's away. I can't wait to have him back.❤️💪🏼👏🏼 strengthtraining strongereveryday strength powerlifting td7greenwood tfw4life liftheavyandsprinton dl

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Champion PT and Performance


Comment from Champion PT and Performance:

Hip Mobility For Squatting . In this week’s MovementMonday, fitnesspainfree talks about how you can improve your hip mobility for squatting. . Comment below if you have any questions, and be sure to follow 👉 championptp for more great content, and catch up on our past posts: . ✅ Monday: Movement Monday 🏃 ✅ Tuesday: Technique Tuesday 🏋 ✅ Wednesday: Weekly Champion Challenge 🏆 ✅ Thursday: Team Champion Thursday 💪 ✅ Friday: New Champion TV episodes 🎬 . WANT TO TRAIN WITH CHAMPION? 💪 . You can now train with us at Champion or online! Near Waltham, MA? Great. Nope? No problem, our new online training programs are amazing. Join teamchampion and get ready to look, feel, move, and perform like a Champion. . Click here 👉 championptp 👈 to visit our link in bio or contact us from our profile for more info about our online or in-person training. . . . boston waltham watertown belmont newton lexington strength strengthtraining strengthandconditioning strengthcoach conditioning training gym weightlifting sportsperformance fitness exercise personaltraining performbetter fitfam

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She had the bags in a spin!! 🥊🥊🥊 . . . . . . . . empoweringyoungpeople pcycpenrith 80yearsyoung juniorboxing fitness fitnessmotivation fitspiration instafitness boxing boxingtraining boxinglife pcycboxing boxingforfitness boxing4life boxing4fitness exercise youth healthyliving pcycnsw learning teaching strongertogether boxingwithkids strengthtraining comevisitus youth wehavethepower findthefun community getactive

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Comment from PT 💪🏽 ONLINE COACHING 🌏:

Just under 12 weeks out. Started a new program this week which is definitely a step up from the last one 😅 but I'm feeling good. I will be starting carb cycling again as of next week so will update you on my cals/ macros then but at the moment my daily cals are at about 2200 and have been having a refeed day each week where calories/ carbs are significantly higher. I have also decided to go back to flexible dieting until about 4-6 weeks out, for me I love variety and tasty food & I can't eat the same thing everyday 😂 my stomach doesn't like this as much and it's definitely a little more bloated but I'm willing to deal with it for now for the sake of sanity and enjoying alllll the foods 🙌🏽 other then a little more bloating, I'm feeling really good!

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ᖇOᗯEᑎᗩ ᑕᗩᒪᗪEᖇᗯOOᗪ


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Today I crossed a 'goal' off 😺30 Unbroken Butterfly Pull-ups. The irony is last year I wanted this so bad. I did things to make it happen. I followed a process. I wrote the goal down. I wrote a date I wanted to achieve it by. I structured my training to achieve it. The year came and went and I didn't get what I wanted. In the process of trying to achieve I forgot to enjoy the journey . My goal became hard work. When exercise is 'work' ( and yes I know it's what I do for a living but that's different 🙄) it somehow lost the joy. Each time I failed I felt disappointed. I stopped trying because I forgot what the goal meant. I succumbed to the many road blocks life throws at you and I believed myself to not be worthy of achieving my goal. So I gave up. It's easy to say you didn't do something because you didn't try. Far easier than admitting you tried and failed. I felt like as it took longer than expected that I had failed. This year I set no training goals. I finally realised that my love for exercise does not come from some fabricated numbers that I set myself. I realised the true joy for me in fitness is in fitness itself! Moving brings me joy. Sweating with friends brings me joy. The true goal is being able to enjoy my body in its healthy state. You see - the issue with some goals is once you achieve them - you set another - and another. When does the moment arrive when you just sit back and say ' jeesh I'm good' So today I gave myself a pat on the back and smiled. I got what I asked for - and I truely believe it's because my mind was at peace . 🌱

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Cayley Alyce


Comment from Cayley Alyce:

Feeling those booty gains this month 🍑 Actually feeling a lot of lower body gains overall. And no....squats are not my secret 🙈 ....or those Jen Selter Style kickbacks. I did get a pretty bad cold a few weeks ago which set me back...and I can feel another one lurking...hopefully I can fight it off before it hits! Anyway stay tuned for more and maybe one day ill share my secrets 🍑🙊

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Dry Rub


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All the way up! ⬆️🌶

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drop the ashes


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Upgraded my garage gym with some new toys. Tested these dip stands with 3x5 weighted dips with 40kg

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GRIT Strength Training/Fitness


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Test yourself in a slightly different way on your bench sets with these Half/Full ROM Partial Reps. Lower the bar halfway down, press back up, then proceed through the full ROM. That equals 1 rep. __________________________________________________ Stopping the momentum of the bar on the way down gives your muscles something different to deal with and can help with sticking points. __________________________________________________ chest chestday pecs bench benchpress strong stronger strength strengthcoach strengthtraining strengthandconditioning sportsperformance athleticperformance lift exercise bodybuilding guyswholift weightlifting getfit getstrong trainlikeanathlete trainlikeabeast fit fitness fitcoach fitnessmotivation workout workoutmotivation workharder gritstrength

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Omarr Performance


Comment from Omarr Performance:

Bulgarian split squat super set with Frontal lunges . Killer combo with the 45secs to 60secs rest between sets, by the time you finished 5rounds you heart rate will sky rocketing . (180-200bpm) Great combination for fat loss as well . Remember the legs are the biggest muscle so if you want to burn fat work your legs proper . DM if you interested in the GetFast (HIST) Strength training programme for fatloss.operformance Link in bio. strengthtraining onlinetrainining performancetraining

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Elite Five Performance


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First Endurance Russia


Comment from First Endurance Russia:

Традиционно мы проводим сравнение наших продуктов с продукцией других брендов. Сегодня мы сравним такой важный параметр, как уровень электролитов, так как он является критически важным для спорта на выносливость. . В проведенном нами сравнении приняли участие наиболее распространенные изотоники на российском рынке. Для чистоты мы включили в сравнение продукцию только тех брендов, которые работают на рынке спорта на выносливость, так как все остальные либо официально отсутствуют в продаже, либо не имеют отношение к данному спорту. .
Полный обзор читайте у нас на сайте - ссылка в описании профиля.

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