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Ulla Keijama


Comment from Ulla Keijama:

When you are alone at home in Saturday evening and try to decide wheter to clean the house or lay on the couch watching a boring TV-show... Forget both, go to the box and carry some heavy stuff alwaysagoodchoice 😁

1 Hours ago

Laura Barton


Comment from Laura Barton:

Taming the wild meadow!! 💪🏼 😂strengthworkout gardening garden meadows workout

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Comment from Merri:

One of my favourite Ab exercises that actually gets amazing results!! Hanging leg raises!! There are so many variations (oblique crunches/pulses, legs extended/bent, wipers left/right and the list goes on!!) You can also do this exercise anywhere where you will find a bar - kids playground, fence at the local oval, gym.. wherever!! 😂 Give it ago next time you see a bar!! Results are amazing!!! 💪 . . Love what you see? Make sure you follow me on my instagram and Facebook page (link in my bio above) for more FREE recipes, workouts and nutrition advice!! abs strong strongabs strongwoman mari_whyte strongwomen stronggirls fun funinthegym gym strengthtraining strength strengthworkout strengthvideos merrishealthykitchen merrishealthykitchenandfitness ironaddictsringwood muscles oxygenmagau teamhattie iamoxygen healthymum healthy

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Tom Mans - Fitness Page


Comment from Tom Mans - Fitness Page:

RUSH HOUR FIT - MET CON WORKOUT 2 ⠀ ⠀ Here's the 2nd Metabolic Conditioning workout. Using the same principles as the first workout, 1 set of Db's and 30mins long. ⠀ ⠀ 4 Rounds with 30 secs rest between rounds ⠀ ⠀ A.1 Single Arm Uppercut x10 Each Arm (EA)⠀ - This variation of the DB shoulder press works the lateral core and rotational strength more compared to the standard shoulder press. ⠀ ⠀ A.2 Single Arm Freestanding Row x10 EA⠀ - Maintain a neutral spine and load the hamstring in the front leg. ⠀ ⠀ A.3 Offset Reverse Lunge x10 Each Leg ⠀ ⠀ A.4 Core Extension x10⠀ - Maintain a flat lower back. Brace your core so your ribs are not flared.⠀ ⠀ Tag your training partner and give it a go.

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Comment from Ryszard:

24kg x 500 snatch snatch snatchtraining wod workout strengthworkout streetworkout crossfit calisthenics bodyweighttraining bodybuilding kettlebellworkout kettlebell dedication folowme lifestyle neverstop nevergiveup nopainnogain muscle motivation inspiration instafit polishworkout

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Ashish Rex


Comment from Ashish Rex:

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. Fit is not a destination it's a way of lifestrengthworkoutlatenyt

16 Hours ago

gregory thomas


Comment from gregory thomas:

A lil buckle in the knee after doin like 5 of them gregorythomas beardgang puttininwork beastmode superbeast powerclean jerk 170 bodyweight strengthworkout strengthtraining strength getstrongstaystrong getfitstayfit boutthatbody boutthatlife

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Comment from vitathetrainer:

Come n join TRX class bbarre_jkt strongcore strengthworkout powerful nevergiveup fullpower bodyweighttraining loveyourself loveyourbody fitnessmotivation fitness thanks for join the class tristan and michellelayanto

19 Hours ago

Holly Wallace


Comment from Holly Wallace:

Happy Friday!!! Hubby came home a day early from the big city, so we had a run date this morning while one kid was in school and we dropped the other two off at our go to drop in care. I honestly don't remember the last time we have run together with no kids in tow! Once we picked the kids up and did some morning errands, I followed up our run with an arm workout. I LOVE strength and know that it is ridiculously important for injury prevention and power at the end of a hard race, but it's always the first thing that goes when I get short on time. I am really working toward incorporating 3 days a week for strength/core with some quick made up workouts written by ME and sometimes home DVDs! This workout took about 30 minutes!! Give it a try! Have a safe weekend! - - - motherrunner dateworkout strengthtraining strength strengthworkout arms recoveryrun runningmama runningcommunity instarunner run4prs marathontraining teamrun4prs fridayfitness workouts workoutideas 30minuteworkout injuryprevention noexcuses welcometothegunshow

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Comment from bu&&y:

seaside🌊🌌 strengthworkout strengthandgrace perfectclimate newstyleyoga prefecttimetoworkout😂 luckbychancepose luckbychanceclick 😜 likeforfriendship👻👻👻 😍😘

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Comment from PowerCycle:

What do you have planned for the holiday weekend?! We hope you are planning to relax and refresh. We have an adjusted schedule for Monday!

1 Days ago

Laura Wilkins


Comment from Laura Wilkins:

No hands 😂exercise polefitness pose blonde thighworkout legs poleart polefun poleplay poleposition polelove poletrick poletraining aerial aerialist aerialfun strength strengthtraining strengthworkout strongwomen unitedbypole thisgirlcan womenwholift womensfitness

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Comment from SisterFit👯:

Lots of reps and drop setssss 💪🏻💪🏻🙌 back day 👯 back backworkout strong strengthworkout strongnotskinny girlswholift fitfam fitfamuk weights barbell dropset hypertrophy weighttraining flexfriday gains gaintrain fitgirlsguide

1 Days ago

CrossFit box V


Comment from CrossFit box V:

260517 Warmup: 5min Jump Rope 10 Inchworm 10 Reverse Lunge 30s/30s Hip Opener 2R of 5 Sumo DL 5 DL 10 Hang Power Clean 5 Push Jerk sWOD > Sumo DL 5-5-5+ 1.set 75% 2.set 80% 3.set 85% Filler > Lateral Box Step Up 8/8 x3 WOD > 5R for time > DT 12 Deadlift 9 Hang Power Clean 6 Push Jerk Comp 70kg/50kg RX 50kg/35kg Fitn 40kg/25kg Cashout > Mobility + 3R of 300m row 15 TTB 1min rest CrossFitBoxV boxV XVcommunity community strengthworkout wod hero workout bodyweight skill strength corestability fun friends progress dedication practice fit fitness liftheavy barbell squat olylift beastmode notyourregulargym crossfit affiliate split

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Comment from Hazlenuts:

Few months didn't do Wall ball. Fuh fav workout ni. Work that a**. Front squat 3-3-3-3 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Deadlift Push up SELAMAT BERPUASA. crossfit crossfitter reebokcrossfit reebok revobox wallballs squats wod workout perdanapark strengthworkout student studentlife asianboy imissyou workthatass

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Comment from Kristin:

30 minutes is only 2% of your day! 2 PERCENT! And its just enough time to get your blood flowing, your heart rate up, and put a smile on your face. Yes, a SMILE - even after a killer back and core workout! Because you never regret getting active. Your body ALWAYS benefits - even in ways you might not be able to see. So please, take just 2% of the day and use it to better YOU - okay?? Get up, get moving. Even on Friday. Even on the start of a long weekend. Because you are WORTH IT!

1 Days ago



Comment from Ryszard:

training trening wod workout strengthworkout streetworkout chest calisthenics triceps bodyweighttraining bodybuilding pushup pushuptraining dynamicpushup dedication folowme lifestyle neverstop nutrition nevergiveup nopainnogain muscle motivation inspiration instafit polishworkout

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Drills!! Drills!! Drills!! officialkinggator MethodToMyMadness 12roundsoffitness fitnessaddict fitspo endurance agility fitforlife 2fit2quit train strengthworkout StrongerThenYesterday PersonalTrainer stronglikebull boxingtraining squarecircle padwork instahealth boxing TrainInsaneOrRemainTheSame bodyinmotion exercise endurance challengeyourbody afm traindifferent alexfitnessmethod strong

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Comment from Ryszard:

training trening wod workout strengthworkout streetworkout crossfit chest calisthenics bodyweighttraining bodybuilding pushup pushuptraining dynamicpushup dedication folowme lifestyle neverstop nevergiveup nopainnogain muscle motivation inspiration instafit

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AB WORK witnessthefitness trusttheprocess lifestyle StrongerThenYesterday exercise BeastModeOn AFM Alexfitnessmethod fit 12roundsoffitness nodaysoff noexcuses fitnessmotivation fitforlife fitspo workout dedication motivation FitnessIsMyLifeStyle stronglikebull HIIT boxingtraining allday strengthworkout calisthenics stamina afm

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