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Braeden Martin


Comment from Braeden Martin:

Creeping up on rekt_rspec . . . . . . subie bugeye subaru slammed boost battlegang subienation camber subaru subieflow subiesquad wrx bagged stance slammed sti jdm jdm turbo jdm bigwanggang scenepoints stretch acura static slammed low brz wrx sti camber blobeye tlx brz frs subie001 violentclique

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Comment from maadslime:

Slime smoothie 👽 This is a small piece of a big slime smoothie turned out more of a gray but I added black food coloring • • • • • • • • Tagz slime slimes slimey slimetime satisfying Satisfyingslime bubbles Bubblespopping Satisfyingvideo flufflyslime crunch oddlysatisfying asmr asmrslime poke poking Stretch Stretchy

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Comment from IlonaS:

Day 25-28 / 28 yoga4growth This is all I can do with my back right now, so this pose covers last four poses 😅 I really need some intensive class for helping my back. Thanks for the challenge ❤ yogachallenge yogaalmosteverydamnday yogagirl yogaeverywhere yogagram yogainspiration yogalife yogalove myyogatrip instayoga yogadaily practice asana practiceandalliscoming stretch fitness health wellbeing stayfit fitgirl namaste yogini havefunwithyoga backbends balance moreyoga stayfit justbreathe breathdeeply thanks for 💗 koyawebb ladydork sunwarriortribe liforme toesox getlovedup 💗

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Vinha Wickham 💁🏻📸


Comment from Vinha Wickham 💁🏻📸:

Stretching with mom 💪🏽 stayflexiblestretchsundayfunday_flexibiltypost_ flexibilitystayfitigfitstrongstaystrongdancedancergymnast

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Ali Viktor


Comment from Ali Viktor:

SummerSelfLove Day 7: supersoldier I wish I knew an easier variation of this but I couldn't find it 😬 this is another work in progress 😊💕 Thank you to the beautiful HOSTS: martina__rando martina_sergi rebekahletch seonia and the guest host the_southern_yogi & SPONSORS: aloyoga radhabeauty selflove aloyoga beagoddess THETWOMARTINAS yogachallenge yogalife yogagirl yogafun yogalove yogapractice yogastrength yogainspiration yogapose yogi yogajourney yoga flexible namaste strength yogaeverydamnday stretch strong

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Stefanie Zaster


Comment from Stefanie Zaster:

My very first time playing with my new yogawheel Absolutely loving how werebear_extraordinaire is my own personal cheerleader during this. Trying this variation of the camelpose was a first for me, as was using a yogawheel, so there is so much to improve, but I thought I'd share this anyway. yogapose yogawithprops yoga yogaeverydamnday yogalove backbend backflexibility wheel stretch flexible workinprogress workhard backarch yogalovers pinkhair bluehairdontcare training

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Ma Rieke


Comment from Ma Rieke:

About this morning maximaal ijzerhappen.. basicfit mindset focus fitness gym gymlife gymshark team4juli shredded fitblueline fitcops beastmode pbp training personalbodyplan mindset workout stretch debesteversievanjezelf fitnessjunkie fitnessjunkie fitfamnl

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Chris Kelly


Comment from Chris Kelly:

THIS POST GOES OUT TO SUFFERERS OF HIP OR SPINAL ARTHRITIS... Arthritis is typically an issue in load bearing joints which are used most throughout our lifetime. In the case of the hip, many years of sitting, poor posture snd a lack of movement create conditions for bone on bone contact which eventually sets off inflammation, swelling and bursitis. We can strength train, walk and take bone builders medications until we are blue in the face but until we address this bone on bone contact issue, things will continue to go south. This is why I am so excited to present a daily routine which addresses these issues at each major joint in my Arthritis seminar tommorrow at 10 AM! This routine does so in two distinct ways: 1. By irradiating (or stiffening) everything except for the joint we are moving, we are greatly improving bodily control and efficiency of movement (aka less tweaks to joints everytime we take a step) 2. We are pulling apart (or distracting) joint surfaces which rub against one another to prevent sustained bone on bone contact. In today's example, I demonstrate a hip CAR drill which mobilizes each part of the hip joint. This is great to perform for 5 before and after work to unglue the hip. I will be presenting more on this topic at my Unlocking Arthritis seminar tommorrow at 10 AM. Post below for more info on attending and with further questions. fitness fit stretch stretching yoga yogainspiration trainer personaltrainer personaltraining running run osteoarthritis arthritis mobility pilates powerlifting weightlifting selfcare kneepain backpain controlyourself doanything crossfit bursitis peakfitnesslakeland fitnessrehab lakeland tampa orlando strength

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Comment from 🍰Livia🍰:

I understand I see I speak I love I do I feel I am 🌈 sevenchakras ✨ yogayogi yogini yogamom yogaday yogadaily yogagram yogisofinstagram yogaeveryday beginner me practice practiceeveryday yogagirl yogaeverydamnday healthylife healthyliving freeyoursoul freeyourmind iger igers igersoftheday instamood instagood instadaily stretch

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✨ Mirai ✨ Next Con ➡️ AX2017


Comment from ✨ Mirai ✨ Next Con ➡️ AX2017:

💙💀💛 Look at these two NERDS. Stoner bois best watch their asses. . And skelefucker is my handsome af Stretch, as always~ . . undertale sans cosplay sanscosplay undertalecosplay undertalecosplayer undertalesans undertalesanscosplay sanstheskeleton undertalesanstheskeleton undertalecosplaymakeup sanstheskeletoncosplay undertale papyrus cosplay underswap underswappapyrus stretch underswapstretch underswappapyruscosplay undertalecosplaymakeup underswapcosplaymakeup underswapstretchcosplay stretchcosplay honeyketchup papyrustheskeletoncosplay fontcest fontcestcosplay

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💖 Christi Yogi 💖


Comment from 💖 Christi Yogi 💖:

Had a lovely walk by the river today with safari_heidi ... Planning our next trip to Africa next Summer!!!! 🙌 TeamNourishTakesKenya !!!💃 I am so excited to get to go back to some of the places we fell in love with as well as see some new ones. The trip will have a purpose to. Plans are in the works! Life is so abundantly full of opportunities to go, see, learn and DO. SoBlessed

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Chiara Pillon


Comment from Chiara Pillon:

Loooong cat is long instacat cat cats leothecat leo stretch catsofinstagram

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Comment from Moa:

Bridgie vacay 😎 hannaherbertson

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Rebekah Rotstein


Comment from Rebekah Rotstein:

A few of our buffbones instructors came to town and had a mini masterclass with our band programming. (One of them is a former ballerina who danced with nureyev. If it's challenging enough for her, it's probably good enough for you!😉) • stretch strength nationalosteoporosismonth

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Workout plans 💯


Comment from Workout plans 💯:

pilatesbody perthpilates perthfitfam perthfitness strong strongwomen burn strengthtraining weights exercisephysiology exercisephysiologist core extension stretch floreatbeach alimentaçãosaudável nutriçãocomamor saúde dicasdesaúde dicasdenutrição reeducaçãoalimentar exerciciofisico treino academia atividadefisica emagrecer emagrecimento perdadepeso instaemagrecimento obesidade

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Leidy Na


Comment from Leidy Na:

Always walk faster than pain sunday painfulbody stretch walkingasoption

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Comment from Sara:

"I know that they will say I'm crazy, but I don't care You don't have to make me wait, but baby I'll still be there"

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Andrea Štěchová


Comment from Andrea Štěchová:

Ej kej ej ako ste na tom vy a strečing? Kladiete na neho veľký dôraz alebo je kameňom úrazu? U mňa pravdupovediac to nie je vždy ružové ale pracujem na tom 💃🏼 fitfitfamstretchstretchingworkforitworkoutkeepgoinghealthylifehealthyhappylifemusclesgymgainzgymsharknikenikewomenexercisemotivationfitnessmotivationgymtimegymgirl

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Comment from danashark:

Beautiful flowers from my godfather yesterday ❤️

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Comment from Mél:

Yoga Time with my son ✌ yogi yoga praticedaily igyoga yogastyle etirement flexible flexibility contortion zen stretch stretching fitgirl fit fitfam yogagirl motivation noexcuses nopainnogain muscle bienetre equilibre souplesse yogaart yogainspiration pilates inversion maman mumandson kids

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