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Darla Coffman


Comment from Darla Coffman:

🌻 Introducing HippyYogis 🌻 Day 8 : Mandukasana / Frog pose. __________ Can someone please just sit on my butt? I am not patient enough to wait for gravity to sink my hips tonight. I got things to do! Always the best stretch 👌🏻💕 __________ With this challenge we will be aiming to increase flexibility in our hips that have become tight through our regular daily activities, while allowing ourselves to release physical and emotional tensions which are stored in the hip area. ______________________________________ 🌻Tag and follow all hosts bohemian_heart bek_rox yog_a_melia 🌻Tag and follow all sponsors aloyoga (outfit) liforme (Mat) loveprayjewelry (bracelet)

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Comment from WTF:

Repost leel_body ・・・After workout stretching tonight. Stretching out my back, quads and hammies. Love this song by wethefix yoga yogapose yogadaily yogajourney yogapractice yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration igyoga stretch back quads fitfam fitlife fitness fitchick fitsporation fitnessjourney fitnessaddict fitlife fit instagramfitness training trainhard train trusttheprocess rebound isupportrealmusic

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olivia miller


Comment from olivia miller:

This took the top of the list on reasons why I needed (wanted) resistance bands, working on that center and center oversplit ⭐️⭐️ thanks to the bestie caragriesenauer I can 👯 shesthebest bestfriendgoals aerialist aerialistsofig aerialfit aerialfitness aerialnation abs aerialbeauty aerialsilks stretch muscles resistancebands oversplit centersplits straddles flexibility flexible cirque circus circusarts circusgirl circuseverydamnday circusinspiration messybun victoriasecretsport capezio

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Sweater Slime😇


Comment from Sweater Slime😇:

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows😍 -----------------------------------------This is cute 💗 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Dm and comment any suggestions or questions 💋 slime slimes slimey slimetime stretch stretchy stretching poke poking satisfaction satisfying satisfy slimevid asmr slimethailand slimeindo floam asmrcommunity satisfyingvideo slimevideo asmrtingles slimeindonesia crunchy fluffyslime oddlysatisfying stressrelief crunch sleepaid anxiety bubbles

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Amber Bamber


Comment from Amber Bamber:

A nice back bend does the mind good! Sleep well everyone and don't forget to keep positive and love life 🦄🦄🦄✌💜💜🌼🌹👍 yoga mama fitness momlife yogi goodvibes stretch practice exercise fullcamelpose

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Gravter (aka:owner/father)


Comment from Gravter (aka:owner/father):

(Jazzmine) Don't forget your daily stretches my kitties 😽bengalsofinstagram dailyexercise stretch cat chat

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Zelda Wilkowski


Comment from Zelda Wilkowski:

Rory kitty says she needs more room in her house kitty cat fluffy domesticlonghair itfitsisits mygirl myfirstgirl stretch

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Comment from Icedslimes:

Heyyy! Second post! Oh my gosh..thank you so much for getting my first video to 1,988 views!!! Also thank you all so much for 58 followers! 😁😁😁 Omg y'all I have so much hw and school is just so long....... Anyways,,,,, • • • Name: Marshmallow Dream☁️☁️☁️☁️(this is, once again a terrible name lol so lemme know if you have any better names.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Tags•• fluffyslime superfluffyslime obsessed dreamcloudslime slime slimey asmr superpretty satifying satisfaction poke poking stretch streching slimethailand slimeysatisfaction asmrtingles slimevid slimevideo anxiety tinglyslime

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Dylan Soong


Comment from Dylan Soong:

Warming up before my 20 minutes rope jumping.💪 skippingrope warmup warmups warmingup stretch gardengym instafit bulking physique bodyimage muskeln fitspo fitfam hommes beastmodeon jumpropeworkout burncalories crossrope fitgoals tonedbody getfit instamale strongfit leanmuscle modelworkout calisthenics jumpingrope morningexercise

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Hunter Clarke


Comment from Hunter Clarke:

Always be a work in progress . . . yoga stretch health fit fitness brunette girl bikini sailboat catamaran sail ocean sand like4like likeforlike blue beach sun beautiful photography tropical zen balance

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Comment from Savannah:

It's not quite Tuesday yet but almost....happy tilttuesday tickettobroadway style! happiness dance jazzdance jazzsolo dowhatyoulove lovetodance prettyinpurple tilt stretch smile leghold flexibility datwfeature dancers_showplace _flexibilitypost_ thedancersfeature

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Comment from yogachick_:

Variation for hipimmersion with cyogalab sponsors: daughtersofculture & brissobracelets yogapractice yogajourney yogagirl yogafun stretch flexible igyogafam hipopener

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Rachel Disalvo


Comment from Rachel Disalvo:

A good stretch ✔️

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ストレッチONE esaka


Comment from ストレッチONE esaka:

こんにちは!大阪、江坂のストレッチ専門店「ストレッチONE」です。 すっかり暖かくなってきましたね😊 薄着になる季節を前に、当店では夏に向けて新メニューをご用意しております! 美ボディコース、背中美人コース、メリハリ脚コース等お客様のお悩みに合わせてお選びいただけます🤗 是非、ご来店お待ちしております! ストレッチONE esaka 営業時間 10:00〜22:00(21:00受付) 定休日 水曜日(年末年始、夏期休業有り) TEL 06-6155-8570 web ストレッチONE ストレッチ専門店 ストレッチ パーソナルストレッチ 江坂 吹田 健康 筋肉 マット 体 バランスセルフストレッチ osaka esaka stretch

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Spencer Tatham


Comment from Spencer Tatham:

Sauna stretch before legs legday stretch sauna

8 Minutes ago

Melinda Koder

Comment from Melinda Koder:

Starting the week off right with a little sweatequity. What have you invested in yourself lately? 🙄🏋️‍♀️ . dumbellworkout ohpress singlelegdeadlift dumbelldeadlifts pistolsquat singlearmsnatch isolate buildmuscle corestrength balance farmerscarry pushups dips pullups cablecurls cabletricepextension cablerows stairmaster stretch move sweat everydamnday

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Welcome to Mystery Slimes! 👥


Comment from Welcome to Mystery Slimes! 👥:

Vanilla Bean☁️🖤 Fc:632 • • • 🍓Dm us if you have any questions or if you want any recipes🍓 - - - satisfying asmr fluffy fluffyslime green white black sticky stretch stretchy swirl bubbles poke glitter squishy

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Dance Barre by Katie Dickens


Comment from Dance Barre by Katie Dickens:

Awesome to see some of our DB girls in for a public holiday morning workout 💪🏼 We have 5am - 9pm access for Full Members to make use of our weights room and the Katie Dickens video workouts 💦 So you can get a sweat on even outside of class time 😏

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Marc Zaccaria


Comment from Marc Zaccaria:

❌ Do you suffer from pain in your heel?* * ❌ Is it more severe in the morning with your first step out of bed?* * ❌Do you experience more pain the longer you are on your feet? * * You may be experiencing Plantar Fasciitis pain! * * Common measures to help prevent and treat Plantar fasciitis is* * 1️⃣correcting poor foot mechanics 2️⃣maintaining a healthy weight 3️⃣wearing supportive footwear. * * It is essential that you look after your feet as neglect can often result in problems further up such as in the hips and knees.** * * We here performbetterphysio can accurately diagnose where your pain is coming from and get you back on the road to recovery! Don't put it off any longer!

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Comment from O C E A N S L I M E S:

R A I N B O W C O L O R E D C R U N C H ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 •••••••••••• slime slimes slimey slimetime stretch stretchy stretching poke poking satisfaction satisfying satisfy slimevid asmr slimethailand slimeindo floam asmrcommunity satisfyingvideo slimevideo asmrtingles slimeindonesia crunchy fluffyslime oddlysatisfying stressrelief crunch sleepaid anxiety bubbles

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