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Siana Hewett


Comment from Siana Hewett:

MASSAGE BALLS FOR PAIN RELIEF! Think of massage balls like a deep tissue massage. Massage balls get deep into the muscle or tendon belly, relieving those tight and sore spots that are also known as 'trigger points'. Start off applying a light amount of pressure and increase gradually to a pressure that may be uncomfortable but tolerable. It is natural to tense up when you hit a trigger point, but breathe through it and stay in the spot until the area relaxes and becomes less uncomfortable. Massage balls are good for so many parts of the body and they are fantastic for foot pain! For all of you corporate ladies that wear heels during the week for work, you can easily chuck one in your handbag and roll it under your feet while sitting at your desk! Rolling it under the heel and arch of the foot can relieve arch and plantar fascia pain. Other benefits of spiky balls include: • Improving blood flow to the area and therefore making recovery faster • Injury prevention • Reducing pain levels • Improving flexibility & range of motion

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etienne yerovi hernandez


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Beyza Sözer


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Just Be Yourself & Have FUN 😎💃🏽😆 havefun beyourself saturday morning haveaniceweekend saturdaymorning thankful pilates instructor pilatesinstructor stretch stretching flexibility strength balance breathe discipline motivation exercise workout befit fit energy happy feelgood body posture matpilates pilateslovers

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Comment from Sembene:

The workout 1. treadmillsprints x 30 minutes 2. stairmaster x 40 flights 3. elliptical x 10 minutes 4. SPRI Ignite 900-Calorie Burn video (Upper Body HIIT portion) 5. p90x Shoulders and Arms 6. p90x Chest and Back STATS: avg HR 138 max HR 182 fat burn 203 g calories 1566 cardio strengthtraining stretching exercise fitness itstimetobeast thisis40 muvalionesslifts muvalionessgetsitin flexibility sweatequity sweatissexy HIIT

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Lexie Sommers


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Something about empty studio space just makes me wanna move...and be grateful that my body still can 🙏🏼dance flow - - - - flexibility yoga yogaflow fitgirls gymselfie friday stretch studio portland fitfam girlswithmuscles lengthen stretching yogaposes dowhatyoulove yogastretch yogafit yogainspiration fitchick fridayvibes breath pnw

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ChokeOuT Cancer


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Jeferson Moreno


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Hay vamos 😊 flex flexibility flexibilidade mobility stretching assistedflexibility alongamiento elongación crossfit fitness poledance pole

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T . P O R T E R , R . N .


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You're stronger than you think. Keep pushing and keep holding on. Your breakthrough is coming 🙏🏾 . . . . yogalife yogapractice yogadaily yogafun yogagram yogagirl myyogalife yogi yogainspiration yogamotivation myyoga blackgirlyoga naturalhair yogateacher colorsofyoga stretching iloveyoga worldstar practiceandalliscoming namaste asana yoga yogamom feeltheyogahigh igyoga yogalove yogajourney yogaeverydamnday yogaaddict afrogirlfitness

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Drew Shaw


Comment from Drew Shaw:

A note on stretching 📝 . - ARE YOU DOING IT?! Nope didn't think so.. - Often suffering from aches, pains and general poor movement quality..? Thought so.. - Chances are that some of these issues could be prevented with some regular TLC of your body... nah, not that kind of TLC 😉. - Training our muscle causes muscle stiffness and if un treated can result in shortened muscle length leading to poor movement quality and even worse - injury❗️. - Ensure that you are incorporating at least 5 minutes movement preparation before each session AND separate doses of stretching around that. I would recommend a start of 3 x 5 minutes blocks and even more when you have the time ⌚️. - This can include foam rolling, yoga, or standard full body stretching. Focus particularly on hips, spine and ankles - the parts that commonly get tight/taught from bad postural habits (being desk bound all day, looking down at phones, lazy posture etc..) but also don't neglect the smaller areas 👌. - shawfitness | breakingPRs . ⬇️-⬇️-⬇️-⬇️ Check for more information or 📧 for info on training plans and coaching 🌍.

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Comment from miniminie:

운동하고 영화보기. . 주말스타그램 아침운동 다이어터 혼자영화보기 혼자서도잘놀아요 덩케르트 daily workout yoga stretching watchingmovies dunkirk beattheheat

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Arianna Peyton👑👧🏽🎀


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Repost stretchitoutstretchladder (get_repost) ・・・ Got to shoot with these beautiful people today!!!!! So much fun ❤️❤️❤️ stretch stretching stretchitoutcrew flexible flexibility dancelife dancers dancer dancing gymnast gymnasts gymnastics cheer cheerbow cheerlife cheerleader cheerleading.

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💙🐚Just a happy little mermaid


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Just dance.💜💃🏼 tbt dance dancer jazz stretching exam sautdechat

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Comment from Sarah:

promised myself i'd stretch more. gymtime stretching hotelgym goodmorning earlyworkout startfresh bringontheday

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Angel's Aerial Fitness Ltd.


Comment from Angel's Aerial Fitness Ltd.:

Our Intensive Stretch and Contortion class gettjng stretchy!! AngelsAerialFamily AngelsAerialFitness warmup PoleFitness STRENGTHISSEXY STRETCHING flexible bendy flexibility notyoga lovinglife trynewthings trainwithfriends goals ResultsorExcuses cityofpg fitfam

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Sara Kate's Dance Studio


Comment from Sara Kate's Dance Studio:

These guys did great at the Stretch and Flex class tonight! Lots of progress made in just 2 hours!! dance dancer dances skds stretch stretching flex flexible flexibility progress gains nopainnogain

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Comment from Rene:

One of my main concerns when I started crossfit was I would lose my flexibility; however I have noticed an improvement. This is my best over split to date. My crotch isn't on the floor but is it the closest it has ever been and I wasnt screaming in pain (on the outside or inside). I'm stoked!!! Also, how cute are these leggings from fabletics? yogawheel splits oversplitspractice flexibility stretching fleximom

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Comment from Applebear:

알버트 & 빨리 집에 가자고 보채는 리오 🦁 daddy and doggy 🐶 whiney dog stretching

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Comment from Sarah:

good morning singapore thanks for the sunshine! break travel workout singapore stretching readyfortheday newbalance

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Comment from MD:

Stretching into the weekend 🙌🏻🙏🏻

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Carmelo Bantique DC


Comment from Carmelo Bantique DC:

Repost vinnierehab ・・・ 😲WHY STRETCHING YOUR LUMBAR SPINE IS DANGEROUS!!!! [stretching advice] . Do you find yourself doing the stretch above to relieve 😩tension off your lower back? Even though it probably feels great in the short term, it's one of the WORST things you can do for your lower back! Why you ask? To fully understand let's look at 🔄rotation ROM in the spine . In the spine, the lumbar spine has very little rotation. The overall range available is calculated to be roughly only 13 degrees! The rotation between each segment between T10-L5 is 2 degrees. The greatest rotational range available is between L5 and S1, and it is still only a measly 5 degrees . If you compare it to the T-spine, which has an overall rotational range of roughly 30-40 degrees, it's clear to see that unlike the T-spine, the lumbar spine isn't designed to rotate . 📄Studies has shown that as little as 3.5 degrees in the lumbar region can tear the annulus of the disc!!! If max lumbar rotation is 2 degrees then it means that if you stretch ONLY 1.5 degrees over you run the risk of TEARING your lumbar spine 😵 . 🤔So what does this all mean?! If too much lumbar spine rotation is a bad idea for your lower back, then it only makes sense to eliminate any exercise or stretch that would put your lumbar spine at risk . The above lower back twisting stretch places all the stretch in your lumbar spine (with the counter-rotating t-spine adding even more torque 😣) and will only aggravate your back in the long run, creating extra slack in an area that doesn't need it . ⁉️So if you can't do this stretch, what can you do? If your lower back is hurting, oftentimes it can be due to poor mobility above (t-spine) or below (hips) the area of pain . So instead of trying to increase range in the lower back to make up for lack of range where it's stiff, the better idea would be to look at ⬆️INCREASING thoracic spine and hip mobility through specific exercises, which yes...I will post! Nothing magical folks, just straight common sense . 👉🏼Increase mobility in stiff joints and great things will happen... 🙌🏼😄 . Myodetox dontdothisstretch

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