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Yat a cook Jamaicasettings My brother johndoe5185 a deal with the fireside 👊🏾Steamfishokrastrongback

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Marina Milanovska 🇲🇰

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Moments like this. momentsunkissedoceanvacationgriechenlandrhodosrhodeszafulviewhappydayhappinessstrongstrongbackfitprogresstravelperfectholidaylovestoryblueblondewatersunholiday

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Javier Andres


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Buenas tardes . Quiero compartir esta rutina de espalda con ustedes. Pull Dow en maquina 4set 15 rep. Low row en maquina 4set 15 rep. Una biserie Barbel remo X pull over con mancuerna 4 set de 15 Jalón de polea con agarre invertido 4 set de 15 rep. Más una super serie descendiendo. Siempre asegúrate d extender bien que te hale los dorsales En cada movimiento, cuando ejecutes el ejercicio recuerda siempre apretar bien atrás de 1-2segundos. Espero que sirva de ayuda. motivationbackstrongbackhipertropiamuscleabsphysiquesantodomingordfitnnesmotivationgymlyfestylebodybuildingfollowfollow4follow

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Michael Nachtnebel


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KaJóÕò Šãlêh


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Otho London


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Patience and hard word on the roadtorecovery. scott___watson working hard everyday dedicated and committed and coming back tentimesstronger . Thank you g2athletics for this post and video. basketball basketballplayer workhard fitness health teamwork strongback strongmind

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monday Un peu de lecture en ce milieu de journee 😊 J espère que vous avez passe un bon week-end. Retrouvez aussi l'article de toutsavoirsanté sur ma page Facebook Fit&Beauty. Merci aux journalistes qui nous ont interviewées Nadine Garcia, créatrice de la méthode et moi meme. 🙏🏻 Dans ce guide spécial ventre des postures issues de la méthode posturalball pour travailler votre transverse et obtenir un ventre plat. Mais aussi, Si vous êtes enceintes des postures pour soulager vos maux. En effet le postural_ball est accessible à tous. Ce n est pas parceque l on est enceinte que l'on doit arrêter toute activité physique. Le Postural ball® permet notamment aux femmes de vivre leur grossesse autrement en continuant à se muscler tout en libérant les tensions et en se relaxant. methodedouce zen onsemuscle onserelaxe relax goodvibes swissball prenatal women baby ventreplat dosfort strongback pilates yoga sportsante bienetre wellness

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Searching for that elusive kundalini shakti 🤣❤️. ashtangi selfpractice ashtanga yogaforall humbleyogis blissbandits getonyourmat zenpolitan yogahamburg concentration mindcontrol viparitasalabhasana flexible ashtangayoga focus flexystretchyyogis advancedseries advanceda backbend flexyback strongback locustpose thirdseries fearless shameless kundalini energy gandhaberundhasana shakti

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Aykut Yıldız


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Elbet herkez bir gün yaşlanacak , son nefese kadar çalısmaya devam 💪🏻💪🏻👊🏻👊🏻😎😎😎 strongarm muscularbody strongback commando rocky rockybalboa sportslover workout iloveiron

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Sarah Elisabeth Gebhart


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sometimes I pretend to be normal - but it gets boring - so I go back to being fabulously weird instead 👻🙋🏻🌀fitnessmotivationbodygoalsfoodfoodlovestrongirlsgirlswithmusclesbodyfitnessstyleliftinggirlssweatingbeautiesbodytransformationinprogressstrongbackshoulderschestleggainsproudofmyselfholdondoitforyourselfsummerlovesummertannedvonnichtskommtnichtsflf

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The Beauty Of Artemis


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Hope You feel much better soon Ms. Rubia! You are awesome! Repost: rubiamood - "Little update. I've been on bedrest almost continuously for 9 days now after I injured my sacro-iliac joint pretty bad. 😨 Every day now the pain fades a little more and I can't wait to get started again with training, working and shooting! Over the last week I couldn't be more grateful for my loving family who took care of me at my worst. I received a lot of support from all of you as well, thanks for the sweet DM's! Also, this cute top from icaniwill arrived, which is exactly the message I wanna share with you. I CAN and I WILL recover and get stronger, thanks for having my back 😍 💞 setback injury staystrong athome longhair cute babe freddypants freddypantroom freddywrup sporty girl dontgiveup mood positivity recovery strongback skin"

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Sivan Yeshayaho Shaziri


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Little Miss Sunshine


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Finally! After two consecutive days of working on this as my main focus it finally happened. Can't wait to hold it for as long as I hold my headstands but this feels amazing! And I can breathe through it as well...who knew holding your breath was never a good idea 🙄🙄🙄👌🤘😝 happydays achievement milestone strongisfun invertaddict invertlife yogafit yogatraining yogagirl forearms forearmbalance yogagirl yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogaaddict strongback coreworkout engageabs balance gazelle inversiontraining weekendfun forearmyogastand upsidedown

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Comment from ABBEY | ORR:

THE CHIN UP Is one of my ultimate FAVOURITE exercises if done correctly 👌🏼The big cue here to to retract the shoulder blades down and back and pull from here as apposed to ur traps. In this demonstration I'm using neutral grip (palms towards eachother) I don't do these a lot but like to add them in every now and then to make sure I can still get out 10. 😜 This week I'll be running through some tips and tricks I use to get into a full chin up. Stay posted for video tutorials to come. firstbasefitness onlinecoach comfortzone chinup strongback bosslady onlinecoach exercise fitness strengthtraining strength strong strengthsystem pullup education learn

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Tiffany Soi•AstroPhysicalist


Comment from Tiffany Soi•AstroPhysicalist:

R u n B a b y R u n 💨 Running is not my forte: I've spent most of my life as an explosive/power athlete - think 90 seconds max intensity - so distance is definitely not my strength. Done right and with care, running is a great full body exercise, which is no wonder why it's so popular. For my peeps in Singapore: Kudos to shape_sg for hosting another year of Shape Run: Singapore’s first all-woman race for the good spirited and equally competitive! With 5k, 10k and the team relay events, it's going to be an awesome and encouraging social event with your fellow ladies. Aim for your personalbest and let me encourage you further by giving you up to 22% off your entry ticket using the promo code ☀️☀️ CRINFSH17 ☀️☀️ (valid til 3 July!) - Date (13 August), Time (6.45am), Venue (Kallang Practice Track Head to to sign up 🙌 It's never too late to set new goals, push your personal boundaries or try something different, especially when you have the support of other women around you! To everyone the world over: Happy Monday!! 🌞 I am wishing you well and the inspiration to discover new horizons. shaperun runmypersonalbest runningchallenge

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Snap Fitness Kaleen


Comment from Snap Fitness Kaleen:

Welcome back from your holiday wesleysuradnya ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Repost thepandacoaches (get_repost) ・・・ [Back to Basics Series] - Single arm dumbbell rows is a key free weight functional movement for your back that works the back muscles iso laterally in a horizontal plane. These muscles include the lats, rhomboids, traps and teres major. - Common mistakes people make when executing this include: ❌Excessively swinging to row the weight to the midsection which leads to poor activation of the back muscles through concentric phase of the movement. ❌Lack of control in the eccentric when you are letting your arm straighten. Can lead to tears in the muscles because of lack of control when the muscle is lengthening. Also eccentric phase can be beneficial for increasing time under tension which has benefits in hypertrophy and strength. ❌Standing upright too much - Poor activation of back muscles especially lats/teres major because in order the properly shorten these muscles you need to drive your elbows back past your ribs and slightly in towards your midline. When standing upright too much most of the flexion and extension going on is at your elbow meaning your biceps are being mainly worked. The line of pull/force becomes in line with your upper/mid traps shifting more focus here out of all the back muscles. ❌Rowing with elbows out - This direct more of the focus to your traps and rhomboids rather than your lats and teres major. - Correct execution: ✅Relatively neutral spine and chest up. ✅Torso almost parallel with ground. Initiate movement with scapulas (shoulder blades) by driving them together and down. ✅Keep elbows in constantly. ✅Drive elbows back, focusing on driving them down and behind your back. Controlled eccentric. - 💡Recommended Training: • 1 - 2 times a week • 3 - 5 Sets • 8 - 15 repetitions • 1 - 2 minutes rest

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