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Comment from steve_morley:

Dedicated training and strict diet is easier that being fat and out of shape......gymdietoverweight obesity fatlossjourney health slimmergymrat bodybuildingbodybuilderstrongback leanerover40 triceps smallerwaist deadlifts cleanfood cleaneating followfollowback moretocome like4like cardiophysique

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blackberrycream🙏® MD


Comment from blackberrycream🙏® MD:

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Gallery Studio


Comment from Gallery Studio:

🌈 I *think* this is my favorite shot from the recent Pompom Fantasy Shoot with the sohanidesigns fabric art exhibit, but I'm not quite sure ... there were so many. 😍 GalleryStudio. . ~~~~ Erotic Creature: erikazoe_ca 💕. 💡: nicholasleland. 📷: directorklove. ~~~~ . . . . FineArtImagery by KristinaLloyd KristinaLloydPhotography arch arched backbends mermaids rainbow rainbows 🌈 studio studiocity tujungavillage pompom fantasy photoshoot nets fishnets mermaid studiolight girlgaze laphotographer session photosession insession censored strongback nofilter

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Yemisi Rathmann


Comment from Yemisi Rathmann:

backday. I see progress but not as quickly as I'd like 😜 I depend on different types of rows, lat pull downs, bent over lat raises and assisted chin ups. Hopefully they'll take me somewhere 🏋🏼‍♀️. strongback dumbbellrows getstrong stayfit cardio fitnesshealth buildmuscle girlswholift fitstagram instahealth ripped getripped

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👤 Laura Pape (23), Hannover


Comment from 👤 Laura Pape (23), Hannover:

My morning vs yours 💪🏼 scitecnutrition ❤️ yudecide2017 ❤️ mymorningvsyours scitecnutrition yudecide pullup pullups klimmzüge girlswholift powerlifting fit fitspo muscle bodybuilding strongback stronggirls flexingladies flexingfriday backattack backday fitfam fitness bodybuildinglifestyle bodybuildingmotivation eatclean trainhard beastmode gymlife gymrat gymfreak fitgirl _______________________________________________________ 💪🏻 Follow teamscitec 🇩🇪 for more motivation: 🔄scitec_deutschland 🔄 🏋‍♀️Girls: lisa_beck_fitness victoria.perez_ifbb tinabambiiina hann_taschi gymgym_couple isa.weis mandy_fit_healthy fit_sanii 🏋Boys: mauricelaass_official ifbbalintositiu dino_mite_91 pepovenus sebi_netix olli.bammbamm.geroellheimer dennis.doerr sergej.gigel chris_santalucia

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Doungat Jairuen


Comment from Doungat Jairuen:

Friday workout .Back day .TGIF backworkout sexyback strongback sexymuscles

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Treice Leonard-Rogers


Comment from Treice Leonard-Rogers:

Learning from the best. Today chent_pt showed me how to properly face pull. Just dont do too much weight on this exercise-keep it light. Pull the rope towards your forehead, squeeze those shoulder blades while keeping elbows nice and high. If the elbows drop you not gonna be using your rear delts as much. Thanks for the tip chent_pt . . . bodybuilding bodybuilder bikinifitness bikinilife back backworkout backtraining sexyback facepull facepulls facepulling weighttolose weightlossjourney weightlifting weight girlssquat girlsback momwholifts womenwholift fitness nzfit nzfitness fitfam gym gymmotivation motivation strongissexy strongback strongnotskinny vegan

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Joeangel Royce


Comment from Joeangel Royce:

Just a 225 guy doing a few pull ups at the end of the day dead but still going, showing gains out here..them shoulders tho and back 💪💪 gains swolemodel swole arms gaintrain gainsareforever gunshow💪 cannons💪 bitcheslovecannons bodybuilding lifter lifterlife gains puttinginwork cantstopwontstop jacked gymrat gymlife liftingdreams swolegoals nopainnogain weightlifterforlife flexforlife liftingislife mypassion lovingwhatido shoulders strongback

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Comment from solomcfly:

it didn't show me lifting the weight so i had to repost it 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 but at 6'1" , weighing about 194lbs , i maxed out my deadlift for the first time ever, i bluffed my first attempt but i didn't record, but i prevailed and conquered my max of 405lbs and yes i work out w/ my golds in idc 😂😂 but 💪🏽😤 thanks to bullet_egk2024 as my motivation and instructor 🙏🏽 PickUpThatFatGirl YouFit iFit 405lbs MaxedOut StrongBack Nikes Roshes Customs

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Susan Buelvas


Comment from Susan Buelvas:

Recordar es vivir. tbt surviving minca shittyweek itsgonnabeok crossfit crossfitgirl crossfitter strongback girslwholift motivationmonday bodyandmind yoga yogaeveryday yogagirl

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Ruben Mora


Comment from Ruben Mora:

Enfermo o no hay que tratar de Mantenerse la Banda aca No para en playa!!! Rebecca Lane - Mi Estilo Es Natural Residente - Immigrant qe get the Job Done. Escuchen lo que dice!!!! 🎼🎧🎼🎧🎶🎵🎶🎵 Emom 10 mins 3 D.L. 3 Hang Power Cleans 3 Push Jerks justkeepworking sharkattack Disciplina Consistencia Pasion Amor Muscles FitCoach arsharktankfitness BarbellCyclying StrongBack

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Comment from climbmountains3:

Did some body building stuff today and it was painful. So many reps-so many tears 😢. Here's a little snippet. Had to speed up to fit into the Instagram world. 6 Rounds 10 push-ups 20 lat pull downs 25 flys 20 curls 30 tricep pulldowns bodybuilding powerlifting girlswholift strongback womenwholift girlswithmuscles strong womenwhopowerlift fitchick powerliftingwomen strengthathlete rehab girlswhopowerlift squat lats triceps glutes hamstrings

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John Sheppard


Comment from John Sheppard:

After a vacation and ... a bit of a struggle lately. These deadlifts felt really nice. I'm getting my meals back on track and it's time to smash some goals. Let's go pushcarsasideclub . . . . . . . jonathonsheppardfitness deadlift deadlifts ontariomuscle ontarioweightlifting torontomuscle torontofit torontobeaches torontofitness justlift dadbod strongdad bemore strongback stronglegs musclecanada bestronger havefun welcomeback fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation gymmotivation workoutmotivation

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Dr.T, Denver Chiropractic, LLC


Comment from Dr.T, Denver Chiropractic, LLC:

Just because Tiger Woods does it, doesn’t mean you should too! Self adjustment can seriously injure your neck, and feeling the need to adjust your neck is often an indication that you are ready to see a Chiropractor. Let us help you get your head on straight!

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Comment from Kylie:

backprogress strongback transformationthursday

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Extreme Fitness Lover


Comment from Extreme Fitness Lover:

Follow extremefitnesslover for daily pictures of the fittest women on Instagram! * for more 👈🏻 ✨ Double tap if you Like it ✨ * * Source: girls_fitness_vault *

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Comment from ania:

selfie me polishgirl polishmum blondegirl fitmum wife strongback tatoo instagirl instaphoto

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Comment from SHLZCK:

Repost doitfitandhealthy (get_repost) ・・・ Elementary poses for the back and general flexibility. Breathe deeply, and hold each pose for 3 to 5 breaths. miz.liz . . yoga yogalove yogafam yogafit yogastretch strongback beginneryoga busyfitandhealthy doitfitandhealthy fitandhealthy focus yogadaily

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Yemisi Rathmann


Comment from Yemisi Rathmann:

Best home alternative for back exercises, especially for beginners who haven't quite mastered the full chin up. lebertequalizer The lebert equalizer is my go to and never fails to make me work hard. lebertequalizers workoutmotivation wortoutathome stayfocused strongmama girlswholift girlswholikemuscles homegym gymbunny gymbody slayback strongback rippedback fitspo followme getfit fitness workouthard workoutholic workouthome

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Nicole Bennett


Comment from Nicole Bennett:

Some spinal articulation and scapula stabilization exercises for healingwithpilates for functionfabulous & zaynagold ✨ One of my personal favourite at home exercises. I always like to do these before performing push ups 🌟 first start off with a bit of protraction and retraction at a forward fold position (make sure knees are soft and powerhouse is held in) 🌟 one arm at a time 🌟 then both arms (arms got a bit stuck on the granite 🙈😜) 🌟finish with some cat 🐱which feel super good on the spine and on the shoulders!!! 😊😊😊pilatesinstructor classicalpilates modifiedcadillac athomefitness pilates

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