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Comment from Jessica:

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Collin Chandler


Comment from Collin Chandler:

People are going to tell you their opinion on what you do in life; You can't let that stop you from accomplishing your goals. People are going to try to tell you to buy this by that because without this or that you won't be able to make money... that you just need this one thing to make money. Social media marketing is not a get-rich-quick you're not going to make money fast you're not going to get traffic if you're not willing to pay.... free traffic is an illusion you can try to make money on your own you can try to be a lone wolf. You will not be able to accomplish your goals for free you need to spend money. You can buy the cheap stuff; you can try to find a way around it but you won't make enough money, your business will soon fail. You can try to learn how to do it yourself but without having the skill to do so it can be years before you even see a dime of your investment.

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Leka Fineman


Comment from Leka Fineman:

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MAZ Glover Fit@50


Comment from MAZ Glover Fit@50:

Some fine tuning need.. and i want to learn how to do C2b. . So all tips welcome.. StayingFit.50 strongwomen gymnastics ButterflyPullups crossfitmaster crossfitplymouthuk

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Emelie Elisabeth


Comment from Emelie Elisabeth:

Double like for summer and life 🙌🏽 summerlovesummerlovelovelifelovegymfeministindependentwomanblondelipsfillersfitstrongstrongwomenfitnessfitnessmomfitnessaddictfitnessfreakfitnesswomengymgymmomcurvessquatbootyblessed

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Comment from ANSELM MEYER 📽️:

Official ATHENA poster2. Fantasy-action drama 2016. For full short film go here:, actionmovie action kungfu wingtsun fantasy superhuman fightscene drama movie vancouverisland martialarts, indie indiefilm independentfilm film filmmaking acting actor actorslife epicfightscene greekgods greekgoddess greekmythology athens ancientgreek athenashortfilm athena strongwomen womenpower women

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Machteld Groeneveld


Comment from Machteld Groeneveld:

A lot of respect for the mother of Europe, Angela Merkel. . . . inspiringinfluencerinspiringwomeninspiringpeoplestrongwomengirlbossbadassshecantheotherhalfexamplerolemodelmakeitcountforminimeminime

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Nahid Shahalimi


Comment from Nahid Shahalimi:

Aziza Rahimzada childactivist inspiringafghanwomen❤️🇦🇫 todayswork🎥🎬🇦🇫 wethewomen💕 fieldwork🎥🇦🇫 wethewomenafghanistan💁🏻❤️ nahidshahalimi strongwomen

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Kat Serenbetz


Comment from Kat Serenbetz:

R3W2D6✅ powersculpt I'm late at posting like usual lol. But either way I got my workout done. Thank good tomorrow is a rest day because I need it. yougotthis believeinyourself nevergiveup strongereveryday strongwomen fit fit💪 fitness fitlife fitnessgoals fitnessbody fitnessaddict fitnessmotivation health healthy healthylife healthierme healthygirl healthylifestyle

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Comment from Mercedes:

I knew before evening beginning this rep that my body wasn't going to perform but I thought I'd try to push through it. This was my fourth rep at 43kg, I've felt like crap all week and tried so hard to grizz through it, clearly it got to me. My only good clean at 43kg was my first and second which obviously I didn't catch. Sometimes, when you know you need a break.. take it. Your body needs to rest. Happy Saturday and here's to hoping my next lift is better 👋🏻 love phys work balance strong stretch strength strongwomen strongwomenempowerwomen crossfit nano clean bail body bodysaysno rest gym fitness nottoday

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Marta Jobrane


Comment from Marta Jobrane:

Baby, push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. women strongwomen motivation goalsnotdreams thestruggleisreal weightlossjourney instagood priorities liveyourlife makeithappen dowhatyoulove

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Natallia Mazol-Taylor


Comment from Natallia Mazol-Taylor:

What a beautiful day! Enjoying our stay in West Palm Beach🌴🌴🌴. thankful blessed westpalmbeach sunny beautiful cityplace summer spring vacation mylife simplelife bestlife mystyle joy travel peaceful strongwomen patience beach sand palmtrees may2017 somuchtosee smile love life memories photooftheday

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Charlotte Bez


Comment from Charlotte Bez:

Je n'apprends jamais rien à l'avance, je fais du mieux que je peux..☄🌠 frenchgirl strongwomen saturday sunnyday 🌞

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Tamara Singh


Comment from Tamara Singh:

So lucky to be home only if it's for the weekend ❤️ home centralcoast morrobay fitspo fitfam morrorock beach strongwomen

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Jacqueline Wende


Comment from Jacqueline Wende:

Everyday a step closer reachhigher biggergoals bestrong patience happy proud fitbit fitbitalta trackingprogress strongwomen enjoyinglife goodvibes nolimits 🏃🏻‍♀️😁👌🏻iwillwhatiwant

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Comment from Shannon:

Dance Fitness class and a bit of biking done. whatimlisteningto nowplaying for myhaloslipped . . IcanIwill fitmom fitgirl fitgirls fattofit fitness fitlife strong strongwomen strongnotskinny gym weights weightlifting workout fitwomen fitfam fitnessjourney weightloss weightlossjourney inspiration weightlossinspiration weightlossmotivation progressnotperfection teambreakinghealthy

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Comment from 😝🤓:

She's fire and ice. You'll fear the cold and crave the burn. redhair fireandice strongwomen grind baddest keepdoingyou

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Järnfrun 🇸🇪


Comment from Järnfrun 🇸🇪:

🙌☀️🇸🇪 32C (89F). cleaneating iifym iifymgirls iifymwomen motmintoppform minresaräknas meagainstme fitmom fitness fitspo fitnessjourney fitfood fitfam strongwomen sweden linköping sweat hälsa motivation viktnedgång viktminskning weightloss bbg bbgmoms bbggirls jagtogbeslutet intermittentfasting

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Vyomax Fitness


Comment from Vyomax Fitness:

Repost emmabikinifitness (get_repost) ・・・ Part of my leg day routine.. Superset: 5x10 Sumo and narrow stance squat vyomaxfitness vyomax saturday gymgirl gymkiller gymflow gymmotivation legday killerworkout strengthtraining strength strong strongwomen mumswholift muscle musclegain gaintrain squats glutes manchester manchesterpersonaltrainer manchestergym trafford

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Comment from Woman4merica:

When people call me a fat pig... I slayyyyyy the pig and embrace it... happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. 🐷 MAGA trumpisourpresident woman4merica woman4trump antifeminism antifeminist antiislam antisjw oinkoink slayy politicalpage politicalmemes 2a 1a womanpatriot strongwomen womenempowerment funny liberallogic feminazi woman4guns politicalpig ♥️

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