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Comment from ALEX🎓:

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Comment from Switzerland:

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calysta upperman


Comment from calysta upperman:

bodybuilding is an individual, subjective sport. no doubt. but the support, encouragement and kindness between women within it is incredible. when i was a cheerleader, on an TEAM, where we HAD to work together to achieve a common goal there was competitiveness, negativity and cattiness between teammates (spoken or not). everyone was still at competition with each other it seemed. don't get me wrong, cheerleading helped develop my work ethic and athlete i am today and was full of amazing experiences. this was not a constant feeling, but was lingering. maybe i've been fortunate, but i have not experienced that with women in bodybuilding. maybe it's because we know we cannot control the judges or what they're looking for. maybe it's because we have grown, matured and realized we need to be kind to one another. as women in this period of time we need to spend more energy building each other up than tearing each other down. love > hate ❤️ teamhexx npc npcbikini npcbikinicompetitor npcoregon bikini womenempoweringwomen strongwomen encouragement positivevibes iifymgirls iifym emeraldcup2017 portlandor portland pdx fit fitness fitgirls fitspo empower lovetrumpshate loveoneanother bekind bodybuilding athlete love kindness kickass

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❣Different Is Beautiful❣


Comment from ❣Different Is Beautiful❣:

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Comment from PhoenixRising:

23 black female scientists that changed the world! BREAKUNGGLASSCEILINGS STRONGWOMEN STRONGGIRLS EQUALITY FEMINISM ~ Phoenix Rising ©2017 MISTRESS2MUZIC PHOENIXRISINGZ TWITTER phoenix_risings

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Jacqueline Willenbrock


Comment from Jacqueline Willenbrock:

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Ashley Whittemore


Comment from Ashley Whittemore:

Hell yes! 👊🏼 Luv ya ladies! I scroll through and see all these beautiful women, and I know the world we live in all too well: the world that constantly tells us we are too fat, too pale, don't have big enough boobs, need to cake on the make-up, need to edit that pic, need to look drop-dead gorgeous, etc. How happy would you be if you were just carefree and acted like yourself? Sure, I like to get dressed up and curl my hair every now and then, but day-to-day I'm happiest spending time laughing and playing outdoors in jeans and a T-shirt. It's a simple life, but it's "me." Find you and just be you. Like all women, I am constantly working on confidence (so I don't mean to sound "preachy" because I'm no expert,) but one thing that helps me is to acknowledge the beauty in others. I'm not here to compete with other women, I'm here to encourage them. YOU are uniquely beautiful. Someone will realize that at some point, and it will be the best feeling ever. beyourself beautifulwomen beabadass dontsellout beautyandbrains sexy confidence dignity selfrespect happygirl smartissexy classywomen sassyandclassy happygirlsaretheprettiest character raisingadaughter leadbyexample inspirationalquotes bemorethanjustaprettyface beautifulwomen love effyourbeautystandards fuckwhatsocietythinks positivequotes sendinglove haveconfidenceinyourself strongwomen

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Comment from Lisa:

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Comment from ❤️💛💚🌬Stephanie@ChronicStrength:

Got an extra push of motivation from my favorite chronicstrength hoodie & it was well needed!💪🏼☠I'd be lying if I said I had a killer leg workout yesterday. My lower back wasn't cooperating & lately it's been hard for me to focus with so much on my mind. My sleep schedule is off even when I try to get back on track & oftentimes I don't sleep sound like I used to. It's definitely frustrating to say the least, & sometimes I'm so discouraged I want to quit, but no matter what, I won't give in. chronicstrength 💀 Feeling it or not, I still do my workouts, cuz I love it & I made a promise to myself 20 years ago that I will not break! And not to mention it's great therapy y'all! Always a work in progress, aiming to be stronger than I was yesterday! Fueled by the chronicstrengthproteinkitchen Protein Crumble!😋🌿 ChronicStrength instrengthwetrust illrestwhenimdead chronicstrong chroniclifter dedication perseverance squats legday hoodie apparel strength gymlife strengthmatters gymtime gymflow powerlifting fitlife bodybuilding weightlifting fitlifestyle lifestylebrand strongwoman strongwomen chickswholift girlswholift fitapparel gymapparel gymrat ironaddict

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Comment from 💋Sylvia💋:

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Personal Growth/ Productivity


Comment from Personal Growth/ Productivity:

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Casia Justine


Comment from Casia Justine:

I've been training now for about two months, boxing and kick boxing, and I am loving it! It's been the best way for me to keep my mind clear and I have a pretty amazing coach. Still learning and remembering the moves. boxing kickboxing training fitness fitnessmotivation endurance cardio coach strongwomen femaletrainer personaltrainer

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Flannel Fly 66, LLC


Comment from Flannel Fly 66, LLC:

Our amazing friend Clare from across the pond showing off our It Ain't Over design on a blue tank. FlannelFly66 supportlgbt support supporttranswomen supportwomen illgowithyou itaintover itaintoveryet keepgoing keepyourheadup tank tanktop tanktops tankgirl tankmodel tanktopseason strongher strongwomen strongmom strongwoman persistence persist persistance existanceisresistance

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Anna modele photo


Comment from Anna modele photo:

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Camille Longy


Comment from Camille Longy:

Encore un super bouquin de annedubndidu 👍💪😊 il est top et complet, pleins de conseils, pleins de recettes originales et variées !! Pour ceux intéressés par ce type d'ouvrage, n'hésitez pas, achetez le !!!😊😊😊eatclean strongwomen cleaneating running detox vegan healthy fitnessmotivation fitspo weightloss reequilibragealimentaire workout motivation diet crosstraining frenchgirl follow4follow fitnessgirl eathealthy fitnessaddict training fitlife crossfitgirls crossfit trainhard fitgirls fitfam healthyliving

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Comment from Lennette:

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✖️B R I T T A N Y ☀️ H A L E


Comment from ✖️B R I T T A N Y ☀️ H A L E:

At the end of the day it's all about your MINDSET✨ I used to be the biggest debbie downer of them all. I always thought I wasn't good enough & I would just follow what everyone else was doing and get by. Until one day, that wasn't ENOUGH for me. I DESERVED more and my future family and husband deserved more. My parents deserve more. I want to be able to take care of them when they are old and can I do that on a mediocre salary? NOT in today's world ✋🏻✋🏻 I don't want my kids to struggle with money like I did. I want them to have a life I didn't. I want to be able to vacation with my family whenever I want and have that FREEDOM🐛🦋 . . I REFUSE to follow in line with everyone else. I REFUSE to work a job I HATE strictly to "get by." I REFUSE to live paycheck to paycheck! 🤷🏼‍♀️🙌🏼 . . I'm inviting you a chance to be a part of this and build something LIFE-CHANGING with me 💫Why do I coach? Why am I passionate about helping others? Why am I on this journey to better my mind and my future? BECAUSE ITS WHAT I DESERVE 💕😘 . . No one raised you to be mediocre, so DONT be🗣👀 Your future SELF will thank you when you are out on the beach, just because, on a random monday and not stressing for one second about your finances, what job you should be at or what bill you need to pay 🙌🏼 WHY? Because you put in the time to build a business that's given you a life of financial FREEDOM and you can do shiz like that🙌🏼🌈🔥 . . ***always here to help when you are ready to build a life you are crazy about! Message me and ask 📲 your future is depending on it!

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Comment from Susan:

This is my favourite place where I like to do my outdoor workouts....had a fab powerwalk today...feeling very motivated! 💪🏻💪🏻And I'm officially on annual leave!!!! 😆😆 loveyourself slimmingworldmotivation slimmingeats strongwomen workouts swukfamily swfollowers swmafia slimmingworldjourney slimmingworldusa slimmingworldaustralia encourage getoutside thisgirlcan exercise slimmingworldmember motivation healthylifestyle foodoptimising weightlossmotivation weightwatchers

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Yessi Colica


Comment from Yessi Colica:

GymSelfies are a must 😊👌💪 HappyThursday _BeautyandFitSpringCut LiftingIsLife GirlsWhoLift LiveLoveLift instatimeinstaselfieinstagrammer

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Pati ' 99 💏


Comment from Pati ' 99 💏:

Rok ciężkiej pracy i mnóstwo wyrzeczeń, ale to jest w tym najpiękniejsze ❤ redukcja 2016 ➡ koniec masy, marzec 2017 🐷🐗 Ile mogłam nabudowałam, teraz tylko, albo "aż" to odkryć 😂 "Bycie pewnym siebie to nie powód do zadzierania nosa, czy powód do czucia się lepszym od innych, to zbudowanie swojego JA z którego jesteś dumny, którego jesteś pewny i który daje Ci spokój ducha bo wiesz że z nikim nie musisz rywalizować będąc sobą." banasikmarta bodystrongbodybackstrongbackprogresslifestylegymgymgirlstrongwomenstronggirlmusclemusclebodyfitfitnessfitnessmodel

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