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⌜25/O2/2O17 - FINALLY, THE ARTLINE STIX ARE HERE! my theme's getting messed up, I think I'm going to stick with white backgrounds for a more aesthetic look. Idk I'm still experimenting. Q: what do you guys think? ⌟

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Reposting this to try out the new feature ~ ☺️ studies art drawing snakes snake sketch sketchbook

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Dominika Ozimek


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today 🤓👏🏻 studies dietetic studybreak studentlife

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6 days away from my birthday 🎂6days birthday birthdaycake birthdayparty briemode weekend school studies exams tests pressure bepositive positivemind attitude nevergiveup staystrong stayfearless fearless instagram follow4follow like4like followme

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Daily Wisdom


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Part 2 of 2 - How to Lower Your Cholesterol and heart disease risk: High BloodPressure is a risk factor for HeartDisease and can lead to strokes and other serious health problems. Fortunately, this is an area where we can benefit by controlling our eating habits. Salt has an effect on blood pressure and should be kept to a minimum. The Dietary Guidelines state that daily sodium intake should be less than 2,300 mg; people over age 51 should reduce their intake even more to 1,500 mg. On average, Americans consume around 3,400 mg/day. Numerous studies have shown that vegetarians have lower blood pressure than nonvegetarians. A low-fat, high-fiber vegetarian diet, even without reduced salt intake, can lower blood pressure by as much as 10 percent. While the biological explanation for this has never been clear, vegetarian diets are lower in fat and sodium and may have other blood pressure-lowering effects. Some of these factors include the potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, and fiber found in plant-based foods. The National Heart, Lung and Blood and Institute performed a study in which people consumed a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The results showed a drop in blood pressure, possibly due to the increased dietary levels of potassium and magnesium. Additional studies report that consuming 5-10 servings per day of fruits and also reduces blood pressure. An additional benefit is reduced iron storage in vegetarians. Studies have shown strong links between iron and heart disease and hypertension. Carrying excess weight can increase the risk for heart disease. People who are thick around the middle (apple-shaped) are at a higher risk than those who carry excess around the hips and buttocks (pear-shaped). Apple-shaped people can lose through a low-fat diet and aerobic exercise. Visceral fat surrounds the organs and can release dangerous chemicals, some of which increase the risk of heart disease. Subcutaneous is found under the skin and is not as hazardous. Read more in comments... yoga meditation vegan instadaily hashtag veganism health fitness consciousness help foodie science

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This is how deekay_17 takes break between studies . . . . . . . . . . . exams studies break breaktime cube rubikscube destress myson mylife loveofmylife loveofmylife❤️ picoftheday instagramers instapic

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A Club Sandwich with chicken and bacon for the afternoon break, a big glas of water and 20 cups of Espresso will do it for now 😎💪☕️ afternoon break studies coffee sandwich clubsandwich water food drinks saturday night weekend love life peaceful motivation happiness mindfulness inspiration inspo passion moments workforit realistic positivevibes lifestyle choices home countrygirl

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Laia MI


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Qué difícil es concentrarse un sábado tarde. Pero como dice mi lámina de patadeganso "Soy más fuerte que las excusas" 💪🏻 • • How difficult it's to concentrare on Saturday afternoons. But as my patadeganso print says "I'm stronger than the excuses". 💪🏻 • • study studymotivacion studytime studies studymodeon studies studylaw studyjudge judge law studying nonstopstudying studyallthetime opos oposiciones opositorafeliz opositorareal opocompis opozulo opozuleando opozulotime opositando opositandoqueesgerundio carrerajudicialyfiscal juez judicaturas opofamily turnodetarfe

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😻 friendshipsgirlsaviationfunstudiesniceenjoyhappymomentsplanesweetfeelinggood

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Time for course reading 📚👓☕️ booklover bookworm bookstagram book coffee 북스타그램 책 커피 english literature 영문학 studies

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Kajol Asnani.


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MY OWN PHOTO DIARIES. 2/8. In frame: clicking_kajol. Shooting weapon: Samsung galaxy core. me myself own diaries phone_only photooftheday pixelography mobogenius monochromeindia blackandwhite frustrated tired studies exams coming soon.

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Happy face no meu sábado de carnaval 🎉 hahah carnival carnaval studies saturday saturdayafternoon london home uniforme uniform pijama meucantinho happyface lar estudando master law llm

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Director, blogger, linguist


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Смотрю на свою жизнь со стороны и задаю себе только один вопрос (риторический) 🌅ПОЧЕМУ Я НЕ НАЧАЛА ВСЕ ЭТО РАНЬШЕ ? 🌄 Для счастья нужно : 💝 Правильное окружение (👌 Готово) 💝 Больше солнечных дней (👌 Готово) А для прогресса : 💪🏻 Чёткая информация в действии со 💯 % концентрацией. 💪🏻 Поддержка сильных спецов и , в целом, дальновидных людей с гениальными идеями . Мир очень быстро развивается , представляю , что будут уметь наши дети ! 🤔🙄 В сфере образовательной индустрии каждый месяц примерно вводится новый инструмент . С каждым годом человек быстрее осваивает ВСЁ! Иностранные языки в том числе . Поэтому вот так радостно бегу к новому , две программы уже обновлены , введены тренды геймификации, сторителлинга, мнемоники, карт памяти . Мне гордо заявлять , что наш студент самый самый стильный и современный ☺ И я готова сделать даже невозможное , чтобы так было всегда . Я создаю компанию на поколения вперёд и вывожу её в онлайн 👑 Да, в иностранных такое тоже уже есть .

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Kathryn MacPhail


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This was fun. Did about 6 but I liked these best studies

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👽 bored kid girl studies

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studygram 🐧


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:))) - - - studygram studyblr studyspo study studytips studies penguinstudies motivational studying studygrind studynotes studylife inspirational calligraphy planner stationery pens

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prints studies dreamextraction surrealism blackandwhite mixedmediadrawing flashback

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Kim Ha Neul (天空)


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En sevdiğim bölümlerden💡verimli çalışmalar ☕️☕️☕️coffee motivasyon motivation studygram studyblogger studies studying study studyblog studyblr dersçalışmak pesetmekyok vazgeçmekyok birhayalimvar hayallerimicin hayallerimiçin tayfa2018 lys ygs ygs2018

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Anandita 💞


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Well said when cofused grab a book it will give u answers. "So decide carefully, what you want. Which story you want to tell." -savi sharma Taking a much needed break from regular course studies... instame instagramers studies bookstagram books savisharma thankyou neededme needed this newconcept lovedit hopetoseeyousoon with another amazing story .

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Учебный микроскоп микромед с-12 microscope medicine medical_college pshysicochemical_methods_of_research микроскоп лабораторнаядиагностика микромед studies

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