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Waking The Guru


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I think there's this misconception in Westernculture that wanting things is a solution. It’s actually a form of suffering. I wouldn't be surprised if most people thought that wanting things, & then having those cravings satisfied, is happiness. So they're constantly chasing after these sensual things, & maybe for some amount of time after a craving is gratified, a person feels relief from this deeper suffering. But then it comes back again. It's actually stronger because the cycle of wanting & gratification is a habit, & now the habit has gotten more ingrained. That's why even when people get all this money it’s not enough; they might get a collection of sports cars. Then they get one giant mansion, & that's not enough. So they get a summer home. Then they get a summer home in France. It just keeps going. Then they start buying politicians & buying ideologies & changing the whole fabric of Western culture. But that's still not enough. So space tourism is coming along. The craving never ends. It’s infinite. Even the people who do make this connection, I think a lot of them don't understand that it takes a lot of work to start to change this. It's like practicing the piano. They think they'll suddenly be enlightened. Right? Maybe people don't think this way, but certainly for a lot of my life, before I actually started meditating, I had this sense that enlightenment was this kind of mystical thing that was out of my power to obtain, but that through some kind of grace, some kind of mystical process that I don't understand, maybe suddenly it could happen. In fact, what I found out about meditation & about dealing with this habit is that it takes a lot of practice, like becoming a concert pianist. You practice it every day, & there's nothing mystical about it. But I don't see these 7.2 billion people all starting to do that. I think we should absolutely be doing that because that's the path that will make us come out of our suffering & make us be happier. Maybe it can happen fast. Maybe it will take hundreds of years, or maybe thousands of years. I don't think anyone can predict. Maybe, ultimately, it will catch on. - via PeterKalmus spirituality

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Stephane E

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Trust Your Journey 🙌


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This is why I can't hate or be mad at him. I felt this long before I read it. ifyoulovethemletthemgo maybethenextlifetime notmeanttobe suffering addictedtosuffering itsfamiliar fearwillkillyourspirit fearwillkillyou breakthecycle iwishyouthebest nomudnolotus mindfulness befearless bethelove bethechange wishyouluck forgiveness lovewithmadness lovewithoutfear befree loveyourself myhearthurtsforthem betheenergy lovelightandpeace lovelightandpositivity letgo learning livelearnevolve

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Isabelle Dorion


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Do you have faith ? Do you beleive in something? What gives you hope when you are desperated ? I like to beleive that there is something beautiful that is waiting for me once a cross this difficulttimes . beleiveinmiracles and you will freeyourself from suffering 🙏🏽

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To stay with oneself is the best journey because no one has to arrive anywhere. Unfortunately, when we travel to arrive at a destination, then there are lots of things to carry. There is always this extra load of hopes and expectations. Actually, to have a destination means to have a psychologically secure future. Our future is always someone's present, we just try to arrive there in our own way. Well, there is a lot of struggle, aim, goal, expectations, pain, pleasure, suffering, loneliness and hopes are being involved in this. However, when you don't have to arrive, you will just travel. Nothing to carry except yourself and the more you end yourself, more freely you would travel. To stay with yourself means to be who you are is like traveling. videoquote inshot inspiration insight meditation beach sea life time instaclip instavideo

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My Infertility Journey


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Having such a hard day today. I'm 1dpo and I just want to cry. I wish I had my baby with me and not in heaven. This journey is so hard and never knowing when it ends kills me inside. My husband is so sweet and encouraging, but I don't know if anything can get you past the pain of a loss. missyouballoon loveyouballoon

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It's the first time I post a poem in Bulgarian. I am unable to fully convey its meaning in English. I believe words are beautiful - each and every one has its colour and emotion , message. And so do languages. poetry beauty words meaning brave inspiration wordporn wordgasm poetryisnotdead poetrycorner poetsofig writersofig instapoem instagood salvation mood pain lost heartbreak love suffering поезия поема любов страдание поет българия отлюбовкъмписането

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Jose A. Paniagua

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You got backstabbed? You can't even imagine how Jesus felt. You think you know pain? What we feel is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what Jesus suffered. suffering of Christ cross pain

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Dimitry P.


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Belinda animal activist


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Repostveganzeusvswolf The only time she will feel the sunshine or see the sunlight is when she is being​ trucked to her demise. After being denied even the ability to even turn around, because of the size of her containment crate, denied the ability to nurture her babies. She will be met with a horrific brutal death. She will suffer being kicked, punched, prodded, and electrically shocked. She will see others before her bleeding out as she tries to hide in fear. They will meet her cries for mercy with the blade of a knife. But that isn't even the end of her suffering...Before her death, as she lays suffering from her wounds, she will be thrown into boiling water Alive. In the boiling water she still begs for mercy and screams in pain. Death at this moment is welcomed...But not by her, as she still has the will to live. But by those that murdered her, so that they may move onto the next senseless murder of an innocent animal . GO VEGAN animals sufferingcompassion pigpigletporkchops baconsteakfitnessweightlifting weightlossmotivation environment mothersday easterdiet dinnerdate restaurants vegan veganism cardio bbq artsy art🎨 beerbabiesbirthday

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Altered states. temple details psychedelic art enlightenment soul healing mind body spirit cosm release all the suffering

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Michael Blunt 🕉


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Stress is masked in many different forms, a few to mention but are not limited to: FEAR, anger, hatred, suffering, pain, competition, discontent, confusion, arguing, worry, etc...This is not spiritual, nor is it religious, this is science. .. Reduce stress = live healthy longer. When you understand the science, your choices become easier. .. transformationtuesday workplace stress kills science anger hatred confusion suffering pain fear spiritual thoughts sick pathogens infection immunesystem live healthy health bacteria

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[SFM FNAF] The Last Suffering 2 [SFM FNAF] The Last Suffering 2 Zajcu37 Link do oglądania:

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Exactly... Goodnight.. 0:01 . hatemyself wantpeace suicidalthoughts suicidial depressiv depresed depresedgirl depressedquotes alone lonely lonliness pain blood selfcut suffering die dying darkness demons

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The truth about emotions and starting your path towards consciously healing them when they come up ⚡️😭😫😡😕😖😃 emotions truth you healing processing allowing accepting suffering awareness consciousness life energy release melbourne southmelbourne southbankmelbourne victoria sydney huntervalley australia world

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✝ To Him Be Glory ✝ SCYA


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He loves you this much... 🙏🏽❤️ JesusSacrifice Love prayer faith hope Passion Christ PassionOfTheChrist Scourged Bloodshed Agony Suffering CrownOfThorns Humiliation Pray Catholic Christian

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Dead Serious Basketball


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So sad to have a love one taken how much can one family endure 😢😤prayforus prayforthem lafayette family suffering

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