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Let go 🙏 💚💫 . . . . . . suffering letgo consciousmind awareness mindfulness lightworker pain feelings emotions thoughts ego awakenedlove consciousness Buddha

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Saiward Turnbaugh


Comment from Saiward Turnbaugh:

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." khalilgibran . . . . . pain suffering chronicillness lymedisease rise growth strength perserverance sunsetlessons vermontsunset

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Becky Badforya Babypain


Comment from Becky Badforya Babypain:

normal programming will resume soon instabitch is currently suffering technical difficulty .....functional posts return upon the dawn thankyou

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fear us


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Honestly, I'd rather bleed - - - - creepy scary wounds blood gore ants creepystories creepyfacts fact facts horror scarystories scarymovie scaryfacts horrorfacts horrifying dark darkness horrormovie horrorstories dead death spooky suffering spookyfacts terror terrifying campfire campfirestories skeletons

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Comment from katnokescbt:

Take a moment. Remember the suffering that strengthened you. mindfulness therapy cbt suffering hope

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💟Sherri Dickison💟


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suffering from a headache fightingitallday mindovermatter pizzahut🍕 deliveriedtomydoor myfriendsarethebest!!! supperin

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Comment from grantramsey:

Such a struggle living in SoCal suffering kayaking lajolla sandiego

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Syahir Halid


Comment from Syahir Halid:

Among empty space which a symbolic unity leadership suffering vigilance strength courage sacrifice fighting the emergency malay period. tugunegara nationalmonument malaysia travel

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JD Blom


Comment from JD Blom:

No greater declaration of the assurance of faith than to recognize your Redeemer live from the darkness of suffering suffering assuranceoffaith faith redeemed redeemer job

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Juliane Corona


Comment from Juliane Corona:

{ special delivery } I took Jessica her 🍓STRAWBERRY 🍓 Flavored Placenta Pills yesterday 😍 I asked her where she heard about placenta encapsulation? Why she was interested in it? And what made her take the leap and say "Yes" to an amazing postpartum recovery? ❤️ I first heard about encapsulation a few years ago but did not really think about it too much until recently. I was on FB & my girlfriend liked one of your posts which made me curious especially since you were here locally. I had horrible PPD with my son & never took care of my needs like I should have. When I saw all of the benefits-increased energy, help with baby blues I knew I had to do it.❤️ mommymadeencapsulation teamplacenta placentaencapsulation ppdawareness nomore suffering tears of joy only yourbest postpartum ipromise itsworthit

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Jess Richer


Comment from Jess Richer:

I've made mistakes I've suffered and I've learnt... now to wake up everyday with a smile and live each day like it's the last my time👌💜 lessonlearned mistakes suffering itsanewday mytime smilelikeyoumeanit everyoneswatching icandothis

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People think that I'm fine because they don't see cuts on my wrists, the truth is I'm not okay, at all. Thighs are a thing. • • • • depression pain suffering depressed sad sadness anxiety hopeless anorexia death worthless disappointment imnotokay imfine imnotfine

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Ijeoma Eze


Comment from Ijeoma Eze:

The legitimate troublemaker ubongking at the freeconfrence and his troubleshooters bestteamever Nuggets from ubongking >> Pain is the down payment for gain >> Until you read, you cannot lead >> Anger is the gift of God to change you from suffering to enjoying >> Passion is traceable to something that pains you >> What you eat well, will eventually eat you up ---- read the2017project workatit freeconfrence jimitewe iamfree troublemaker greatness greatteam journeytoself enigma peppedemgang

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Miroslav Kralovič


Comment from Miroslav Kralovič:

....Sadness and Sorrow....when one of Your parents passed away, it will flip your entire life...and the worst can do shit about it.... sadness grief sorrow suffering lifewillneverbethesame iloveyoudad bloodisthickerthanwater sonofmyfather greatestmanonearth tatibyljsiformat nejrovnejsichlap potd sadplayboy czechrepublic slovakbloodline slovakblood

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Comment from popeye_sports_travel:

What a day! The vertical up in Kitzbühel was exhausting and awesome. Thanks to steffi_joleen and the rest of my support team. 😉verticalup kitzbühel upthemountain sport extreme onlycrazypeople suffering upinthefinish illbeback nextyear

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Samantha Grant


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Gonna fix that arm in post.... comics art suffering

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happiness imbroken depression silentmindsspeaktheloudest insanity suffering isufferfromdepression

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Free Your Mind


Comment from Free Your Mind:

If you think you have a tough life... We have to appreciate and be grateful... life hard struggle suffering grateful appreciate humanity children world thinking criticalthinking thinkforyourself perspective foodforthought freeyourmind freeyourmindandthink freethinker

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Chelsea♡23 Years Old♡Canada


Comment from Chelsea♡23 Years Old♡Canada:

°°°° Haaaaaaaaa --🌸-- {♡ blah helpme staystrong mentalhealth mentalillness mentalillnesses mentallyill iwannadie diediedie selfhate iwanttodie depression depressed sickandtired fuckmylife suicide suicidal selfharmmm selfharmmmm lifesucks selfhate selfhating everythinghurts schizophrenia schizophrenic schizo. misery lifesajoke socialanxiety suffering lol ♡}

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Comment from JourneyToParadise:

Repost crwnmeshondaa with repostapp ・・・ I love when people ask why I'm vegan ? and I give my rationale behind this life I live and their automatic response is your ancestors ate meat 🙄 our ancestors had to eat certain things to survive but if you want to really go in to depth about african diet , kemetic diets , and alkaline based diets we can 😂😂 all in all I never judge other people on their preferences so don't try to convince me that your hog water and cow mucus is better than my avocados 🥑 peace love y'all ❤ forcedlabour forcefed forcedfood whichpartdontyouget ignorance loveyourself educateyourself eattolive livefoods life nature death suffering meat vegan whatveganseat electric sebi drsebi drsebiapproved seededfruits vegetables ancientgrains herbs naturalspicss naturalteas naturaleverything blackwomanisgod weallcamefromher

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