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Part 2: Mistakes. See previous post for more _ Today, there is no blame towards my mother. I love her and my post is not about this relationship. It was merely to support how one can create unhealthy behaviors towards making mistakes. My dear fellow travelers, all people with whom we share a relationship affects us, superficially or profoundly, and in negative or in positive. Either way we must look within ourselves to see if there is a lesson bc sometimes there isn't, sometimes there is an energy field or place holder for others to see themselves through us! _ When I make a mistake or there has been a misunderstanding, I apologize earnestly. Sometimes we unintentionally hurt or irritate another, but once the apology is given and you ask how you can make it right again, you've taken responsibility. Two emotionally mature people usually move into a better space. And hopefully that better space has given us a chance to view ourselves 🔎to improve communication, behavior, or simply become more mindful for the next time _ You see, when someone makes a mistake or says something that seems in your eyes to be rude, you must ask yourself if indeed this is true? Maybe you feel triggered but still want to punish the person who you think is being rude (fill in the blank). We must challenge our assumptions for better clarification, that is if we desire to live AUTHENTICALLY 🏹 _ A few questions to ask yourself the next time you make a mistake or are unforgiving without giving the person a chance: Do I really have all the facts about this person? Am I being fair? Is my own woundedness getting in the way of building a better relationship with this person? Overall, has this person treated me well, and if they have, why am I so rigid towards them? Why be so hard in return? __ . . . Image by Rosie Hardy . . mistakes instastories friday personaldevelopment growth assumptions blame apologize heartfelt selfcare triggers psychology accountability responsability wellnesscoach selfawareness insta clearminded loveothers thework lookwithin suffering emotionalhealth negativity betruetoyourself itiswhatitis moveon doingthebestican

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We don't like to talk about depression and mentalhealth but we have got to stay woke . The brain is one of the most important parts of the body. It is sort of the essence of our humanity. Yet we treat it with such scant regard and frown upon those who have mentalissues. It is not taboo to speak about it! People are suffering day in day out. They hide behind the fake smiles but suicide is no joke. Today I tell you, inhale exhale and that my dears is the most obvious example of hope. suicide is not the answer. It is a permanent fix for a temporary problem. I love you. The world needs you. There is hope! inspire inspired instagood instablogger instawrite writer writersofinstagram motivation depression depressed suicide

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But Jesus said, Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven. 🌞⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ god getcreative lampandlight santograal praises staytruetoyourself biblegram proverbs31ministries chapel jesusfollower encouragementgallery godislove suffering faithful yourock godwords trustingod biblescripture chatedral forgive familyfirst lifelonglearning acknowledge bethankful whatyougiveiswhatyouget worshipper churchtime proudtobechristian jesuschristislord lifelessons

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•I'm starting to feel that my masks 🎭 are starting to fall off because I'm finding my ugliness is showing for all to see. Then tell me how can anyone accept the Monster I've become.• • • •Suicidal •Manic depressive •Disappointment •Dissociative identity disorder •Borderline OCD •Multiple personality disorder •Schizophrenia •Sociopathic •Psychopathic •Narcissistic •Sadist • • lovesuicidalinsanedepressedlonelyunstablesadbrokencuttingdyingheartreaperbloodcollectortorturetrappedevilpainhelllostsufferingpsychoangerdeathdarknessfearmonster 💀control 💀beastsoul💀

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day8 rome lagalerianazionale weareallflesh berlindedebruyckere suffering and the horror of violence unite both humans and animals

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Meet the Marksman Slayer, conceptart by character designer and our teacher, terrywolfinger for the computer game suffering, for which, stanwinstonstudio was hired to design the look of the monsters.

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You are not alone. Contact a friend. Contact a stranger. Message me in my DMs, reach out. Please don't think you're alone in this. You are not alone, and your life is worth living. REPOST REPOSTTHIS

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👁 truth suffering

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"Why is everything so heavy?" This post is dedicated to Chester Bennington a great singer and a leader of Linkin Park, one of the most popular rock groups, who committed suicide yesterday. I want to believe that it is a silly joke or even a marketing ploy not truth. His death was shoking news for his colleagues and fans. I still find it's hard to believe that the voice of modern generation, an idol of millions of teenagers, a father of many children, a person who had already overcome many difficulties in his life and sang about the need not to give up was able to kill himself. What could make the man who had already achieved success, fame, wealth, who had friends and family turn to suicide? Was it the feeling of being lonely in the society, the desire of getting rid of contstant attention to him or a dream of peace? But was it worth the endless grief of his relatives? Was the suicide inevitable? Wasn't it a betrayal of family, colleagues and people who believed the lyrics of Linkin Park's songs and tried to struggle with life complexities following Chester's example? In my opinion, ones who become suicidals despite having family, being wealthy and not being a castawaty are the most powerless, the unhappiest, and the most selfish people. Pain, fear and suffering are unavoidable companions of lives of most of us. Nevertheless, we shouldn't surrender and forget that we are responsible not only for ourselves but also for others. However, alas, "in the end it doesn't even matter" Rest In Peace ChesterBennington I hope you've found a place for you head Now you can sing with ChrisCornell again LinkinParkheartbrokendeathsuicidesingervocalmusicianselfcontrolpowerlessnumbsufferingcrawlingfaintfromtheinsidegivenupheavygoodgoodbyeintheendnobodycouldsavehim

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Rode a little harder today for my dad who is in the hospital for his heart. 1 KOM for him!!! suffering stravacycling cyclinglife cycling kom trekbikes bontrager

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... ما که خودمان را پنهان می کنیم در تابستان، در چمدان های نقره‌ای، در سفرهایی به سمت شمال، در عکس‌های دسته جمعی، در باران، در شادیِ مرطوبِ دریایی در رامسر؛ "رنج"چگونه آدرس ها را پیدا می کند؟!.. life lifequotes suffering Photo by: s_herdegen

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Séance 3RM au clean and jerk à l'instant, une première pour moi qui n'avais que jeté une barre rackée... C'était dur 😅 surtout le 9min AMRAP d'après à 85%.( Ou j'ai du très vite décharger...) 😵😵😵 On valide 50kg H.A.P.P.Y crossfitfrance crossfiteuse crossfitgirl fitgirl girlwholift weightlifting cleanandjerk maxi wod amrap nopainnogain suffering challenge motivation merciauxcopains sourireforcé corpsensouffrance maintenantdodo happy photo 😘

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A daily reading: Job 23–24. Job gives Eliphaz one last piece of his mind. . . . . . abidingtime abide dwellingintheword thesabbathlife dwell bible bibleverse biblequotes biblestudy bibledaily scripturedaily god godsword dailydevotion dailymeditation oldtestament wisdom wisdomliterature suffering theologyofsuffering god job

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•I don't know what to do anymore, i seem to be losing a piece of the real me day by day, i get told take control and leave the monsters and demons behind, thats so funny because i cant escape my mind• • • •Suicidal •Manic depressive •Disappointment •Dissociative identity disorder •Borderline OCD •Multiple personality disorder •Schizophrenia •Sociopathic •Psychopathic •Narcissistic •Sadist • • lovesuicidalinsanedepressedlonelyunstablesadbrokencuttingdyingheartreaperbloodcollectortorturetrappedevilpainhelllostsufferingpsychoangerdeathdarknessfearmonster 💀control 💀beastsoul💀

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pain suffering optional quotes

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