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A Trash Can And Meme


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I barely know how to love myself - - - - - - - { triggerwarning | drugs | selfharmmm | selfhate | selfhatred | worthless | pain | ana | alone | broken | depressed | ugly | fat | anorexic | bulimia | sad | trigger | anxiety | l4l | suicidal | suicide | depression | hurting | lonely | cuts | mia | f4f | gore | secretsociety123 }

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I'm A Relative


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Suicide Is Badass


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Why does it have to go really quiet tho - - - - gay cringe autism isis dankmeme meme cancer downs minecraft hentai roblox roblox4life weeaboo suicide nazi trump killme savage furry

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I will 🔜🔚my life 🙂


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Since November 7, 2015


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Shae✨Shae🌱 Koolay💦


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I could pull up on anybody🖤 but the way my curve game set up🤔 I dip on em✊🏼 mentalillnessawareness mentalillnessrecovery recoveryispossible2017 selfharm anxiety depression savealifebysharing helpsomeone share repost likeforlike followforfollow staystrong semicolontattoo doubletap prayforKeshae prayersforKeshae shrecovery prettygirl suicide thankfulforanotherday anythingispossible itspossible justbelieve

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Scott Shrubsole


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I know to some that this sounds messed up but it's true. Some young people do look at other people's cuts and think that they need to cut deeper or increase the quantity of cuts so they can prove "how bad they feel". Even in my years of harming myself that thought crossed my mind. But, if you self-harm then you self-harm. I don't believe it needs to be measured or judge on a scale. No matter how often or many times you cut or how deep you may cut; I hope that the road to recovery is just around the corner on your journey. Visit my "self-harm and achievement" website; LINK IN BIO. Also visit and subscribe to self-harm recovery and success channel at or search "youth potential" depression suicide anxiety wanttodie mentalhealth youthpotential selfharrm suicidal selfharn unhappy selfinjury worthless hatemyself triggerwarning inspiration motivation positive success goals lifegoals help support selfhelp happiness mentalillness selfcaremarch parents

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You're Stupid Cunt


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I can't stop... suicide killmyself bisexual cantstop

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I just want to stop breathing right now. Creds: farawaypoetry saveme anxiety suicide depression selfharm unloved forgotten alone depressed

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You're Stupid Cunt


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She cheated on him 😔😩 ........................... . ............................ ............................ saddatboi dankestmemes sad nuclearmeme depression madworld mama filthyfrank wow anxiety whatsthedifference cry suicide allalone bushdid911 lonely 911memes eataburger dankmemes mama 3am

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Excuse The Shitty Username


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most people call me trash


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Pls flirt with me and send me titty pics . . . lgbt memes dankmemes lol bushdid911 idubbbz filthyfrank anime weeaboo emo depression shitpost aesthetic vape vaporwave memecucks suicide sadness furry weed cancer lol cringe anxiety vegan gay funny pokemon cute

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Spicy Noodles


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Beautifulz Couture


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