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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Celia ♡


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Celia ♡:

My wild boy 💜 • He was gorgeous today! Didn't ride him bc I have a show with him at 90cm next week and I had to give him a break, so I rode Cash Flow and I fell from him, he's like 17hh so it did kinda hurt 😅 But well, Orión was INSANE today, as you can see he was galloping and bucking all over the field bc there was a new horse with them and they were really exited! 😍 Love seeing him this powerful and beautiful 💜 - The song is Wild Things by Alessa Clara - - LEAVE A NICE COMMENT IT MEANS A LOT! I WILL RETURN ‼️ ybh_post yourbeautyhorse

1 Hours ago

Rēzija🇱🇻 15 y/o


Comment from Rēzija🇱🇻 15 y/o:

We both love jumping so much!💖 . . . . . . . . horse pferd mare tricks soulmate bestfriend twohearts horselover eq equestrian ponies failfriday greysofinstagram elegance cute gaintrick gainparty horsebackriding tackless trust liberty

1 Hours ago

Jessica Fletcher


Comment from Jessica Fletcher:

tackless irishsporthorse bigbay myworld foster horsesofinstagram bareback

2 Hours ago

Emeli Kruijt


Comment from Emeli Kruijt:

Honestly miss doing stuff like this!🙁 ••• This is my old pony Jasper for those that don't know, it's coming up to nearly a year since we sold him😭⭐️ ••• So excited to fly up and go see him though in the summer!!!🚁☀️🌈 ••• Argghhh don't want to go back to school🌚 tripleJ showjumping pony coloured bestpony tackless liberty misshim favourite shoutout follow

2 Hours ago



Comment from YANGO & MIREIA & MERLIN:

Yesterday Yango was amazing😍 • 📷: fearlessorion •  4everloveshorses yango😍equine horse horses equestrian horse horses horsebackriding crosscountry eventing eventer dressage dressagerider dressagepony dressagehorse showjumping showjumper pferde bareback tackless connemarapony connemara hispanoarabian bay bayhorse

3 Hours ago

Eva Roemaat


Comment from Eva Roemaat:

Gaetan Bocklandt and his PRE stallion Seni Kripton.... YES!!!! 😍❤ bitless PRE purarazaespanola tackless flandersexpo horse horseagram horseaddict

4 Hours ago

Solara Wing


Comment from Solara Wing:

We had a wonderful beach ride a few days ago :) On Thursday a friend and I rode down to Sandy Bay Beach. It's a Nudist beach and it was a hot day, so we saw a few too many sights we didn't want to see 🙈 I had to edit people out in some of the photos 😳 other than that, it was an amazing ride! Lots of galloping and funny attempts at getting the horses to go into the large waves and walk over the kelp 😄Eventually we got them to walk through some fairly shallow rock pools where I lost a boot, but luckily managed to reach down and grab it before it was sucked out to sea! Jynx was amazing, he had unbelievable amounts of energy! But he still listened when I asked him to stop at the traffic lights and slow down when we went down a steep hill :) I'm so lucky to have such an amazing equine friend ❤ Have you ever ridden on the beach?

5 Hours ago

🇦 🇱 🇪 🇽 🇮 🇸 & 🇮 🇲 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇦


Comment from 🇦 🇱 🇪 🇽 🇮 🇸 & 🇮 🇲 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇦:

Some clips from our last training session. We've just beginned our work with the pedistal and it's going great! I 'beg' too much for him to follow my lead though, as you can se in my body language. This is a bad thing, because he'll follow me anyway as you see in the second clip and this buggs him aswell and puts him in a higher position. For those of you who don't have experience with rearings, you can se my clues (arms back, chest up & forward, bending my knees and leaning backwards). And look at how my energy reflects on him when I take my arms up in the middle of the rear. . . horse pony liberty libertyhorsemanship horsemanship naturalhorsemanship nh dressage showjumping crosscountry tricktraining tackless noequipment tacklessriding horsetricktraining impala iimpla rear rearing rearinghorse

5 Hours ago

Riona Edwards


Comment from Riona Edwards:

Big smiles!! Pc: equillence

5 Hours ago

🇦 🇱 🇪 🇽 🇮 🇸 & 🇮 🇲 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇦


Comment from 🇦 🇱 🇪 🇽 🇮 🇸 & 🇮 🇲 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇦:

Someone was a bit frisky and naughty yesterday.. 😂🙃 Look at the end where he rears at me and I tell him that it's not ok and he's just like "I do whatever I want to. Catch me if you can!" . . horse pony liberty libertyhorsemanship horsemanship naturalhorsemanship nh dressage showjumping crosscountry tricktraining tackless noequipment tacklessriding horsetricktraining impala iimpla rear rearing rearinghorse horsefail

5 Hours ago

Olivia and Brego


Comment from Olivia and Brego:

A whole lot of navy. 💙 • Got some hot days coming up next week, probably won't be riding until the sun goes down. 😂 • Pc: maelong.equestrian • equestrian equine horse horses horseriding riding standardbred offthetrack racehorse exracehorse eventing eventer horserescue rescuehorse dressage trust pferd crosscountry showjumping photography horsesofinstagram liberty naturalhorsemanship tackless bridless free freedom

9 Hours ago

Steph 😄🌟Follow Back Please ☺️🌟


Comment from Steph 😄🌟Follow Back Please ☺️🌟:

🌟 he was being a turd to do tackless so I had to put a bridle on 😒 It was stormy so that's probs why 😂 comment 🦄 if you want me to do an educational post on how Jasper and I learnt tackless! 🙈 🌟 jasperstockhorsebarebacktacklessjumpingshowjumperhorseequestrianhorseaccountflyingfreeriding

10 Hours ago

The girls🙌🏼


Comment from The girls🙌🏼:

These horses are saints 😍❤️ - - Have any of you laid down with your horses?

14 Hours ago

🍂Zoella Mae🍂


Comment from 🍂Zoella Mae🍂:

Any love dependent on someone else's behavior wasn't love in the first place . I love you for who you are not for what you can do. If you chose to never follow me again, to never allow me on your back again , to never love me again , my love for you would never change. I will love you forever, unconditionally. I love who you are and the person you are. And with that I am forever thankful that you do chose to follow me and you do chose to let me on your back and you love me the same as I love you. I will never expect rather be grateful and appreciate every single gift you give me. You are my heart . . . . . . 《♡libertyhorsemanship liberty naturalhorsemanship tackless bareback equestrian clickertraining tricktraining beautiful horses horse riding freeriding animals beautiful instagood cowgirl country countrygirl winter magic♡》

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Comment from CDH:

I think I have issues 😂 or a death wish 😂😂 bonnie bonbon dg dreamgirl bestponies muchlove jumping matchy tackless the_big_bair

17 Hours ago

Fanni Szentpéteri


Comment from Fanni Szentpéteri:

It's finally spring <3 horse naturalhorsemanship neckrope tackless bitless bridleless

19 Hours ago

Circusrobbie ~ Alex


Comment from Circusrobbie ~ Alex:

Jumping completely tackless on Robbie! I wanted to test our steering over some small jumps and he was listening so well, barely even had to use the whips to steer him! My horse is amazing♥️😍😘! tackless bareback bridleless clickertraining positivereinforcement horsejumping bitless

20 Hours ago

Solara Wing


Comment from Solara Wing:

Oh he's a pretty boy. Got some exciting news to share soon ☺️ Beautiful photo by am_equine

21 Hours ago

Julia Davis


Comment from Julia Davis:

repost bc my girl huntermogensen had a better quality picture than I did 👅 superpony tackless

21 Hours ago

🇦 🇱 🇪 🇽 🇮 🇸 & 🇮 🇲 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇦


Comment from 🇦 🇱 🇪 🇽 🇮 🇸 & 🇮 🇲 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇦:

He did such a good job at this rear! I screwed up a lot though. I shouldn't have taken my arms down until he was about to go down and I shoudn't have raised my arms in the first place.. but I did. And he was so nice about it. Look at how balanced the rear is, and due to that he holds it for a while. We're making progress. So happy with him today! . . horse pony liberty libertyhorsemanship horsemanship naturalhorsemanship nh dressage showjumping crosscountry tricktraining tackless noequipment tacklessriding horsetricktraining impala iimpla rear rearing rearinghorse

22 Hours ago