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Hails💫Alger 📷🍁


Comment from Hails💫Alger 📷🍁:

So I've started work & it's good I get paid at the end of this week. Haven't gotten many riding pics or videos but sarahshough14 is helping me with soirée. We are currently training her to be neck reined 👌🏽

1 Hours ago

Jasmine Fry


Comment from Jasmine Fry:

Finally <3 🐎 horse paint bareback quaterhorse mare firsthorse riding bridleless tackless like4like likeforlike likeforfollow followforfollow follow4follow

4 Hours ago

Zella Whitfield 🇬🇧


Comment from Zella Whitfield 🇬🇧:

shiny gal❤️ 8 exams down! 15 to go😬

8 Hours ago



Comment from my.icehorse:

No more school for me until Mondayyy🤙🏼🤘🏼But aghh I hate that Instagram kills the quality, it was so much better before i clicked the "Done" button.😩😩

9 Hours ago

Natalia Ortega Polo


Comment from Natalia Ortega Polo:

Jerome Guery & Grand Cru van de Rozenberg. That horse is absolutely gorgeous😍😍

10 Hours ago

Solara Wing


Comment from Solara Wing:

It's been a chilly day in Cape Town ☔️ I felt bad staying inside painting with the heater on and a cup of warm tea while my horse was outside 🙈 So this evening I went to the stables to make him some warm mash and give him some cuddles. He was super happy and very comfortable despite sleeping outside in the cold and light rain. He doesn't like blankets so I never make him wear one. He used to try bite me when I put them on so I decided he probably knew what he was talking about. Now he has a lovely thick winter coat and sleeps outside under some trees with his constant forage. He seems much happier than when he was stabled but I still worry about him being out in the cold 🙈 This will be his first winter living out since I first bought him! Does your horse sleep outside? If they do, do you still feel nervous about letting them be out in the cold like I do? 🙈 📷 ~ nicola.barnes_photography

11 Hours ago

Holli Heilman


Comment from Holli Heilman:

Her jump is just so dang cute! Go check out therighthorse to find out how you can help increase the number of successful horse adoptions ❤ • hunterjumper chestnut mare rescue bareback bridleless tackless jumper showjumping equitation quarterhorse arabian eventing showjumper rescuehorse gingerthemare

11 Hours ago

Adele "Adde"Cloudborn


Comment from Adele "Adde"Cloudborn:

tackless bareback secondtimetackless shetlandponyterrorist arthur moggilina avocado proud

15 Hours ago

Andrea Ådin


Comment from Andrea Ådin:

🍃🌸📸: equituna naturalhorsemanship bridleless tackless halsring barbacka freeriding horsesofinstagram bestofequines horsesofinstagram pferdeschoenheiten europaspferde

16 Hours ago

Emma en Durk❤


Comment from Emma en Durk❤:

Durk says hi☺😌 I'm going to Durk today😍😍🎉 We are going to clip his mane so I will post an before and after pic😇 Annnd don't forget to check my storie, I will post a lot of pictures on there as well☺ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ fjord fjordhorse norwegianfjordhorse horsesofinstagram friendship trust love durk equidurk equestrian instahorse fjordsofinstagram youandyourhorse horsephotografy horses horsemanship fjordhest tackless

20 Hours ago

Celia Mollfulleda


Comment from Celia Mollfulleda:

I love when he just randomly decides to buck 😂👌🏼 Btw i'm so done with all the shit people is throwing at me omg all thise people criticizing and talking shit are just like little kids - - pc: silsphotography

20 Hours ago



Comment from ryttarinnans:

Försökte höja formen till en mer bärig arbetsform igår, jättesvårt men de små, korta tillfällen vi fick till det gör mig hoppfull. Fick t.o.m en hel del bärig galopp. Vi jobbade mycket på galoppen, väldigt jobbigt för honom på den lilla volten jag ber honom hålla sig på, men det är bra att det är jobbigt för honom då det kommer resultera i att han får stärka de svaga delarna, bak. Märker så tydligt att vänster bak är en svag punkt. Tror det är jättebra att jobba såhär från marken. Vill ju kunna jobba med galopp-piruetter i framtiden så det här måste ju främja något i det muskelmässigt. Har aldrig jobbat med sånthär förut, kommer nog misstas för att vara akademare men vad bryr jag mig, jag vet inte ens själv vad jag är i hästvärlden längre när folk frågar. Kanske ska låta alla göra sig en egen uppfattning istället? .. . . . horse pony häst ponny liberty libertyhorsemanship horsemanship naturalhorsemanship nh dressage showjumping crosscountry tricktraining tackless noequipment tacklessriding horsetricktraining impala iimpla frihetsdressyr trickträning hoppning dressyr bettlöst bridleless gallop horseracing

21 Hours ago

Holli Heilman


Comment from Holli Heilman:

Ginger and I were reppin' therighthorse today. The Right Horse Initiative is working to increase horse adoption in the United States and eliminate the stigma surrounding rescue horses. As most of you know, Ginger is a rescue horse and she is one of the most amazing horses I know. I think their cause is very important and I am so thrilled to spread the word about it. Go check them out! • hunterjumper chestnut mare rescue bareback bridleless tackless jumper showjumping equitation quarterhorse arabian eventing showjumper rescuehorse gingerthemare

1 Days ago

Jeanne Hechmer


Comment from Jeanne Hechmer:

First completely tackless ride! Ben always amazes me. I'm excited to see how far we can go! I know it will only make our bond stronger. liberty tackless benben sellefrancais warmblood

1 Days ago

hanna ginger&ella horse


Comment from hanna ginger&ella horse:

Today we had a riding lesson in the arena and she was totally awesome😍 because of the sun we both were ready to sleep right after the lesson, but still happy🎉 On thursday we have a day off, looking forwards 💖 . . . . . . . . . . . 📷 clara.zeyffert_fotografie stute mare brauner tackless halter bitless bitlessriding reitplatz arena octoberweather sandrohit siralfred württemberger dressurpferd dressagehorse layinghorse layingdown horse pferd dressurreiten horsebackriding loveislove horsetraining dressurpferd equestrianism equestrian dressagerider bestestute reitbeteiligung siralfrednachkomme horsephotography

1 Days ago



Comment from C L A R A:

there is no secret held so close than between a rider and her horse 💭💕 - he was so confused...😂❤️ - - horsehorseriding instahorsebarebackflymasktacklesslovehorseofalifetimeforevertogetherridinggoalsbondinggoalsmaxwell

1 Days ago



Comment from my.icehorse:

Just an after and before because I've never posted it like this so why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which one did you like the most?

1 Days ago



Comment from 🌹ĐΔŘ€ ŦØ ŦŘ¥🌹:

I had to up the brightness and it wrecked the quality 😭 - Decided to try my luck and ride her tackless today - I was not disappointed! She was THE most incredible, I mean of course I had little control and she ran out of the school a few times but she actually LISTENED for the majority of the ride😆 I just love this pony endless amounts and it proves how much more we trust each other considering when I've tried before she just chased off and didn't listen. 😄😍💖 unicorn castlewarrensparkle thebest appaloosa awesome tackless beauty

1 Days ago

Filou & Chiara🦄❤


Comment from Filou & Chiara🦄❤:

Lauser💙 . Heute war ich mit Filou ne kurze Runde im Gelände😊 Er war super brav, bis auf das eine Mal wo er ein Fahrrad gesehen hat (Ultra gruseliiiig😂) Vorher habe ich Bodenarbeit gemacht und mit ihm den Spanischen Gruß geübt❤ Er hat das für das 2. Mal schon soooo gut gemacht😍😍 . (Meinen Sitz bitte ignorieren 😂) . huzule pferd horse pony mausfalbe falbe ownhorseindianerpony bareback ohnesattel tackless freedom hoorsepostpics pbb_post pfetri_post pferdeperlen hg_picture ponywoolken bpb_postho pferderosen pferderauch yhb_post pferdeegold horselov_pic ybp_post123 pferdepost_kleinacc pferdeballade pgl_post pferdeblitz_ ph_post1

1 Days ago



Comment from Eleanor&Fly:

Happy pony grazing🦄 americanquarterhorse horsesofinstagram horseofinstagram horsebackriding bareback tackless field flysheet flymask fly chestnut chestnutmare chestnuthorse grazing

1 Days ago