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Megan Meineke


Comment from Megan Meineke:

The life of a teacher never ends! Headed off to home group this evening armed with my kids art to complete. Grateful for my home group family's understanding and willingness to step in and help! With God and His family always by your side, everything is possible! Creation, even as simple as a 2 year olds Hot Air Balloon, is such a beautiful and constant reminder of God's goodness! 😃SouthAfrica CapeTown HoutBay PreSchool Teacher Art BibleStudy EternalFamily GodIsGood

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Amanda Carr


Comment from Amanda Carr:

Teaching Bollywood next Thursday 6/29 at IDC! Check out the flier for more info! Repost innovationdancecenter (get_repost) ・・・ Our first summer intensive is next week! Come experience different styles of dance from around the world during our Summer World Tour intensive! 💙💜 dance moorpark powertap latinfusion africandance bollywoodfusion idc idocare idcistheplacetobe dancer teacher bollywood

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Bodies by Colotti


Comment from Bodies by Colotti:

Our member of the month working hard at boot camp weightloss teacher fitlifestyle eatcleantraindirty trainingday

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Comment from artsintegration4th:

"Cup or Cone?" 👈🏼 Only question I want to be asked for the next 8 weeks! 🍦 . . schoolsoutforsummer summerbreak summer icecream teachers teacher iteach4th teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers

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Comment from Parvati:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.⠀ ⠀ Every living thing on the planet is affected by what is happening right now in the Arctic. The tragic, rapid and critical thaw of the ice keeps our planet cool, our weather patterns in balance so we can have food to eat and safe places to live. If you have not already, please sign and share the MAPS (Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary) petition at now. Thank you! ⠀ ⠀ parvati positivepossibilities positivepossibilitieslady positivepossibilitiesreminder lightworker dailyquotes guidance personalgrowth spiritualgrowth choice transformation wisdom selflove ego grace teacher student meditation joy divine heart beyourself signMAPS climatechange actonclimate marinelife protectouroceans ocean unitebylight earth

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Comment from Jen:

A man after my own heart ! 😉 . There are some people who live in a dream world ; and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other 💫 [ Desiderius Erasmus ] . He was a real clever clogs ! Master of so much ; Dutch Renaissance humanist; priest; social critic; teacher & theologian . That's quite a CV! . You should Google him; I did 😆 . Statue of THE man himself in Rotterdam center; over looking sunday afternoon dancing or serious chillin around his base . . instacityinstadailyinstaquoteerasmusphilosophyhumanistteachermasterreformationhesalwaysgotabookinhishandssquaresundaychillcityvibesinstarotterdamvisitrotterdamhotspotsrotterdamrotterdamhotspotslovethiscityletmeshowyouthecitydutchcitydutch_connextionfmsphotoadayfms_tealwtcfromtheothersidetealwindows

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Nick Cadmus


Comment from Nick Cadmus:

Small acts like Rocking Your Socks for those with Epidermolysis Bullosa, when multiplied by thousands of people, can transform the world and the lives of many. Join us! rockthesocksmakenzie rockthesocks4EB photoofday photooftheday picoftheday photooftheweek instagreat instagood instagram love believe cureeb cure picsofinstagram instagrampics picsoftheday pray teacher

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Forrest Boutin


Comment from Forrest Boutin:

life sexy newhaircut teacher

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Sıмσηα Gıяυη∂σ ❀


Comment from Sıмσηα Gıяυη∂σ ❀:

"Anche il viaggio più lungo comincia sempre con un passo." ambition teacher dancer classicaldancer balletdancer mybaby elegant luxury luxurylife night lastnight show showmustgoon teather happiness step firststep firstyear experience babydancer instadance girl beautiful italy italiangirl followme

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Early Childhood Ed


Comment from Early Childhood Ed:

Play earlychildhood children cognitivedevelopment outside nature Educator teacher Educators

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Sam Andrews


Comment from Sam Andrews:

Cartoon portrait of Dawn and me fiancée caricature pafc teacher football

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Katie Monks


Comment from Katie Monks:

Excuse my chuffed frizzy head but my girly said doggy 👏😊🐶 love watching her learn new words teacher mummy proud clevergirl

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Miss K


Comment from Miss K:

Hello holidays!!! It has been one hectic term and this exhausted teacher is ready for the holidays! teachersoninstagram teachersofinstagram teachersdownunder year2 teacher teachers teachqld teachersfollowteachers aussieteacher aussieteachers aussieteachertribe aussieteachersofinstagram aussieteachersoninstagram aussieteachersfollowteachers

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Got it at Goodwill


Comment from Got it at Goodwill:

When life (or motherhood) gives you a muffin top, wear high waisted jeans!😉 Mine are from H&M via dcgoodwill!

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Ms. Sunny Sunseri


Comment from Ms. Sunny Sunseri:

I am beyond excited to display this cute letter-board in my new classroom!💕 I found this one at joann_stores and used their 50% off coupon to get it for just $12.50. If you've seen the Walmart letter-board ($10) this one is much better quality☺️ Such a great way to welcome students and families!✏️ firstyearteacher iteach

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Sterilite Corporation


Comment from Sterilite Corporation:

This teacher's organizational skills are off the chart! If you are looking for ideas or suggestions on ways to help get your classroom organized mrsschrock4 is looking to help you out. Check out her page for inspiration! sterilitenation teachersrock ・・・・・・・・・・・・・ What is one part of your room you wish you had better organized? I legit have an obsessed with organizing everything! So, this summer I want to help YOU out 😊leave a comment below on what parts of your room you need help with and I'll do some Instagram stories, Facebook lives or just posts to help you out!! Let me help you 💛 teacher teachers organizedteacher organizedclassroom organized teachersfollowteachers teachersofinstagram teacherspayteachers specialeducation specialeducationteacher sped spedtribe spedteacher teacherslife labelsfordays givemeallthebins mrsschrock mrsschrocktpt mrsschrockgetsorganized targetteachers

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Giorgia Romanelli🤸🏻‍♂️


Comment from Giorgia Romanelli🤸🏻‍♂️:

Reunion ❤️ school class classess TagsForLikes teacher teachers student students instagood classmates classmate peer work homework bored books book photooftheday textbook textbooks messingaround

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Sweet Sensation Lytham


Comment from Sweet Sensation Lytham:

personalised teacher chocolategift £2.50 Tbese are very popular. We can also do these for teachingassistants keyworker helper pupil student childminder teacherappreciation teacherappreciationgift teachers teachersday thankyouteacher lythamstannes lancashire blackpool

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Lamonte Goode


Comment from Lamonte Goode:

Passing the torch and training the next generation CYBERYOGA apprentices. cyberyoga

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Comment from DESTINY HARRIS:

EXCUSES. Excuses don't cash your check! You don't make an excuse not to go in to work because you know you need that check. You don't make an excuse for why you can't but that cute jacket you keep seeing. You don't make an excuse for why you can't get that food you've been craving for weeks. So WHY do you make excuses for why you can't make more money, pursue your dreams, or do what makes you feel alive!! Stop making excuses!

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