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Comment from T H E R E S A:

My FAVORITE moment from today. The look on this sweet firstie's face when I stuck this note on his paper while he was working on around the room math task cards. "How we see, determines what we see." iteachfirstgrade firstgradeteacher floridateacher

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Renee Kardell


Comment from Renee Kardell:

Friday feels 😜 "Frist, next, third, YES YES YES YES" 😂😂 - - Clearly we need to work on spelling a bit more but loving all the goofy things my new students say and write! Happy Friday folks! teacher esl eslteacher yes kindergarten friday goofy korea

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Comment from Jenny:

It's like soft-served yogurt, but its beer.

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Jackie Dufault


Comment from Jackie Dufault:

Highlight of my day: making cheerio bracelets with the kiddies💕👩‍👧‍👦 love lovemyjob job teacher cheerios bracelets kids children kiddies fun activities activity edible ediblebracelet teaching nails ring food

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Comment from Jenn:

It's not who you teach, but how. Sometimes the ones you'd least expect make the biggest impact. Everyday I'm reminded when I walk into my classroom, that these 30 kids will change my life as much as I do theirs. Today, as we started doing research for a project that means a lot to me, my class showed me that it was dear to them too. We bonded and had a fabulous time talking, brainstorming and researching. All of us learning together. Having not been in an IB classroom, I've missed it. It's been an adjustment, but today was the most fulfilling day I've ever had as a teacher. The simple reward of "that" student shining and the quiet one taking a leadership role is what makes me love my job.

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Bethany Humphrey


Comment from Bethany Humphrey:

We will ROCK you! I think this is their favorite song because they get to beat on the table. room209istoolegit 🌋🏜🏔

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Things that happen at my school. noyourenot highschool math teacher youngblood gottem

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Comment from Kelsey:

Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our world. • It's all starts with what we put in our heads, what we think about ourselves and what we think about our situations. • Change your thoughts --> Change your world.

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Helena Smile


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God Is Awesome


Comment from God Is Awesome: Check out and Support!!!! I'm humbled to share I've written my first book! Love Chronicles is an opportunity for me to be able to express how to love or how to love without judgement. I'm not perfect but I look forward to finding ways to love better through my broken, yet empowering experience. Love Is never an investment for today, but always a return on an investment for tomorrow. Even when Love hurts the reward will, Always be greater than our temporary pain. -Nigel Hunter love poetry writer actor teacher

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Victorio Amazona


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counting my days... another journey will start... another chapter will unfold... positive teacher followyourdreams

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Sparkling in Second {Jen}


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Oh my goodness 😍 are you ever looking for the perfect teacher shoe earthbrands are THE best-comfy and cute. I wear them all day without my feet hurting! winning Just got these Essen flats today! I'll be wearing them tomorrow! Check out my insta story for a close up! whereonearthru check them out yourself > link in bio

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