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jacqueline vega lópez


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Had to say goodbye to my babies today, here are some of their beautiful faces ((and then mine)). My. Poor. HEART. goodbye mybabies 광주 gwangju 선생님 teacher korea

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Teacher Rocks


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Teacher's prayer ... teacher teacherrock teachertalks Shop for Teachers - Link in bio

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FZeins m.s


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Adrián René Salazar Pineda


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Haciendo lo que también nos gusta en esta vida... profe teacher inclass universidad university instamoment

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Casey Ellison 💗💪💗


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Any time there is a Subaru meet up, you can expect lots of free swag! I got a little laugh when I saw the crayons and supplies, they didn't know I was a teacher or how much I can ABSOLUTELY use them. Every year school starts back and I'll have several students without supplies. Anything that helps. Thanks, subaruoflr You don't know how much evenan extra pack of crayons means! ❤️😊 Subaru solr wrx subaruloveslearning supplies teacher thankyou

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Adventures Of Preschool


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Back in action !!! teachtoinspire targetdollarspot teacherlife teachersofinstagram teacher teachersfollowteachers

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I came to werk 🤓. . vipkid vipkidlife vipkidteacher new teacher recruit goals esl teach work hustle grind win

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İpek Dayan


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Ben öyle olağan şeyleri pek sevmem. Bir ayna olur, bir ayna olurum. Sonra, benim gibilere bakarım. Sonra onlar da, sonra, sonrası. objektifimden sunsunsetsunrisesunshinetraveling traveler travelphotolovers photography photoportrait_perfection village naturephotography nature colors colorfull aycicegi women teacher summer love like

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Kula Collective


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Grab your pillows and blankets and take the time on your busy Monday to relax in this yummy restorative Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)! ✨ Spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes here and follow the natural flow of your beautiful breath ✨ Thanks suryaflow and hayleysaraswati for this delicious Restorative / Therapeutic yoga session in Peru!

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Mr. Kid


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Repost always_be_extraordinary ・・・ HOW TO MAKE WHAT YOU LOVE DOING WORK FOR YOU "That's one of the greatest things {in life}. When you can just jump in and figure it out yourself ." - Mr. Kid Check out the NEW podcast episode, 31 of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things where I chat with kidchoreo What started as a love of music and movement, turned into a career many told him wouldn’t be possible. Learn how Mr. Kid uses self-awareness, intuition and creativity to design a life doing what he loves by listening below and on iTunes! podcasts podcast opdet ordinarypeopledoingextraordinarythings breakdance breakdancing breakdancer hiphopdance dance fitness brooklyn nyc personalgrowth personaldevelopment selfgrowth podcastoftheday storytelling interview mrkid motivation life goals experience podcast teaching entrepreneur teacher

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Danke schön für die Tanzstunden, es hat uns wirklich viel Spaß gemacht und war ein Erlebnis was man nicht immer hat. dancepractice dancing studio thanks teacher happybirthday sakura

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Personal Trainner


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Mensagem de hoje é SUPERAÇÃO!!! narcisodinha literalmente uma gurerreira que estava muito chateada com seu corpo e automaticamente sua auto estima estava em baixa. Assim iniciamos um trabalho que visava a uma melhoria na sua qualidade de vida, e assim fomos na nossa luta diária, em meio a choros, brigas, treinos exaustivos, você conseguiu chegar a um objetivo próprio! Hoje está com sua vida mudada pra melhor e curtindo nada segundo dela! Obrigado pela confiança lindona .. Bjaooo foco treinos qualidadedevida academia dieta sofrimento carrasco malvado teacher coach

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Erin McMenemy


Comment from Erin McMenemy:

Hiya, I'm Erin, the teacher behind this feed. Here's 10 random things about me: 1. I've been teaching for 10 years. 2. I spent 8 of those years in Kindergarten. 3. I have a Coke Zero addiction and I'm not afraid to admit it! 4. My all-time favourite band is okgo. 5. I have 2 daughters (5 and 7 yrs old). 6. We rescued a puppy from the Dominican Republic in March. 7. I'm an internationally recognized hand embroidery artist (erinmcmom). 8. My favourite kind of donut is the Dutchie (honey dipped donut with raisins). 9. I almost never wear makeup. 10. I have never rode on a horse, but I have rode a dolphin! . teachersfollowteachers teachersofinstagram teacher teachers teachersofig teachersofinsta ontarioteacher teacherlife teacherlife🍎 10randomfactsaboutme 10factsaboutme

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Steph Humphrey


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Shout out to neodaviso for inviting me to speak to the young men in his program - great group of young gentleman, awesome work Neo! tech technology socialmedia TilDeathDoYouTweet education mentor teacher brand

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The Weary Teacher


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My classroom seems a whole lot less colorful when the students are gone. . . . thewearyteacher teacherlife teacher teachersfollowteachers iteach teachersofinstagram lifeofateacher teachthemyoung primaryteacher highschoolteacher elementaryteacher teachergram teacherappreciation

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Su Christopher Willy


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I can be crazy too!! crazy dance kids life night friends teacher jeez_a_lewis viola girl man dude guys monday

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Jessi July Clothing Co.


Comment from Jessi July Clothing Co.:

Happy "Make A Difference Monday" ya'll! ❤️ Head over to our Facebook page to watch Tristen's video on why this month's organization is close to the hearts of those of us here at JJ! 💗MakeADifference BeTheChange

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Have fun! Make money!


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Send your student BacktoSchool in style with a matching Backpack and LunchPack—perfect for all ages! Swipe for a look at additional patterns! 👍Click contact button in bio to order. backtoschool school lunchbox havefunmakemoney freepersonalization initialsinc backtoschoolshopping backtoschoolsale backtoschoolstyle

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