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The Teaching World


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"Only teachers that love teaching get students to love learning." I love this cup I got from one of my students! Follow my NEW blog theteachingworld ! 🍎LINK IN BIO🍎 . . . teaching teachers teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers teachersbelike teachersdiary teachingquotes teacherquotes quotes education esl eslteacher teacherpreneur theteachingworld teachingideas lessonplanning followtrain educator educatorlife lifestyleblogger momblogger iteach momteacher adultesl adulted english grammer iteachenglish tesol learning

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Miss K


Comment from Miss K:

Hello holidays!!! It has been one hectic term and this exhausted teacher is ready for the holidays! teachersoninstagram teachersofinstagram teachersdownunder year2 teacher teachers teachqld teachersfollowteachers aussieteacher aussieteachers aussieteachertribe aussieteachersofinstagram aussieteachersoninstagram aussieteachersfollowteachers

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Got it at Goodwill


Comment from Got it at Goodwill:

When life (or motherhood) gives you a muffin top, wear high waisted jeans!πŸ˜‰ Mine are from H&M via dcgoodwill!

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Sterilite Corporation


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This teacher's organizational skills are off the chart! If you are looking for ideas or suggestions on ways to help get your classroom organized mrsschrock4 is looking to help you out. Check out her page for inspiration! sterilitenation teachersrock ・・・・・・・・・・・・・ What is one part of your room you wish you had better organized? I legit have an obsessed with organizing everything! So, this summer I want to help YOU out 😊leave a comment below on what parts of your room you need help with and I'll do some Instagram stories, Facebook lives or just posts to help you out!! Let me help you πŸ’› teacher teachers organizedteacher organizedclassroom organized teachersfollowteachers teachersofinstagram teacherspayteachers specialeducation specialeducationteacher sped spedtribe spedteacher teacherslife labelsfordays givemeallthebins mrsschrock mrsschrocktpt mrsschrockgetsorganized targetteachers

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Kreative Ms. K

Comment from Kreative Ms. K:

I can't even 😍 teacherlife teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers teacheronsummervacation targetplease

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Comment from C&K:

Last day of term for kindy! . Childcares are open as usual, kindy returns the week starting 10 July. Thanks to C&K Middlemount for the pic. . lastdayofterm schoolholidays highfivelovecandk ozearlyed teachersofinstagram

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Maude BD


Comment from Maude BD:

teacher's life = go to a coffee shop and try to get lesson plans done πŸ‘πŸ» . . . . cafe coffee mocha coffeetime coffeelover coffeeshop coffeegram coffeeaddict teacher teachersofinstagram teacherlife afternoon thursday macbook work working sthyacinthe bruleriemondor

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Kevin Scott Collins


Comment from Kevin Scott Collins:

One more teacher experience to round out the year! ❀️ 🍭

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Tracie B


Comment from Tracie B:

How fun are these black post it's from Target! iteachtoo iteachfirst teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers firstgradeteacher

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Megan Ann


Comment from Megan Ann:

{when educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts} goodbyes were said, tears were shed, hugs were given. They walked in as kids and walked out as young adults getting ready to forge their amazing paths. ❀ lovemyjob schoolisout middleschool summerbreak teachersofinstagram teacherlife lastdayofschool beyourself teacher bittersweet elateacher ela

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Kelly Hoover


Comment from Kelly Hoover:

Long post ahead: Y'all. Can I just go on a little rant for a second? Complete honesty, I've been struggling so much lately. With almost every area in life. We all go through those spells... but man it can be so hard! Recently I've been finding myself getting stuck in the comparison trap, especially with blogging. I sometimes forget WHY I am a blogger. It's not to have a million followers or get tons of comments. I love blogging because I am genuinely in love with all things fashion and fitness related. I love connecting with y'all and sharing my experiences with you all. I try to be 100% real. So THANK YOU to everyone who continues to read my blog and follow me around on instagram. Y'all make this experience absolutely amazing. Blogging has brought me so many amazing experiences... like getting to take these amazing pictures with alexavosslerphoto 😍 Anyways, I've been super busy lately trying to make the best contest I can for you all. So thank you again for taking time out of your day to support me! Love y'all πŸ’— Also: how perfect is my boyfriend? βœ¨πŸ’‹blackandwhitephoto classic boyfriend couples photography behindtheblog realtalk

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Comment from Kelsey:

πŸ˜†πŸΎ teacher teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers teacherlife holidays school iteachfirst iteach1st iteachyear1 iteachyearone teachqld

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Mrs. Rosario


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Beautiful Animal πŸ’› zoomiami teachersonbreakteachergramanimalloverteachersofinstagramteacherlifesummerbreakgirrafesiteachtoo

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Comment from elizabeth:

still reminiscing about what a great school year it was ❀ missing my littles a little extra today hope everyone is having a relaxing summer!!! this weekend me and the hubs are off to nashville what are your weekend plans?!? iteachk . . . . iteachtoo iteach teachersofig teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers teachergram teacherlife proudteacher classroomtoclassroom summerbreak

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Comment from Annavictoriagates:

First summer project done! Thanks mrshenryinfirst and purely.primary for providing the decor and teaching_with_tla for the toolbox. I combined the two sets to make it fit my needs. teachertoolbox teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers teachersloveamazon

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Comment from TEACH SIMPLY:

Scored this amazing light box from Target for only $20! So exited to print out custom made light box inserts to use this school year! πŸ¦„πŸŒˆ lightbox . . . iteach2 iteachsecond firstyearteacher teachersfollowteachers teachersofinstagram teachersofig teachertribe tpt teacherspayteachers teachersloveamazon targetteachers target

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Pili B


Comment from Pili B:

Time for a little All About Me! I'm absolutely floored with how supportive and engaging our teacher community is on IG, so I wanted to introduce myself to my new friends 😊 πŸ¦„ I'm a Hawaii girl living in the Albuquerque desert with my sweetheart who is a high school teacher πŸ¦„ I'm OBSESSED with unicorns (can't you tell?), glitter, stationery, and wine πŸ·πŸ’– πŸ¦„ HGTV is my guilty pleasure, along with Veep, World of Dance, and Bob's Burgers πŸ¦„ Harry Potter is my LIFE - I actually cried at Universal Florida's HP World and got VIP access to the Gringott's ride because of it πŸ˜‚ πŸ¦„ I love to travel!! Japan is one of my favorite places to go (this pic was taken in Ueno Park in October 2015) πŸ¦„ I'm Native Hawaiian, a proud feminist, and VERY passionate about teaching our students about social justice and how they are agents of change in this world πŸ¦„ My classroom runs on dance parties, math mysteries, and lots of laughter πŸ¦„ Rompers are my FAVE summer outfit and I'd live in them all year if I could! πŸ¦„ I am INCREDIBLY OCD so this one unicorn bullet point that won't go on the next line is KILLING ME NOT-SO-SOFTLY 😫😠 πŸ¦„ I LOVE teaching STEM and literacy πŸ¦„ I'm getting married on May 19, 2018 to my best friend and could not be more excited!! πŸ‘―

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Happy Learners


Comment from Happy Learners:

Making artworks using confetti 🎊 . . . . . winter winterholidays confetti learning do learn discover art artwork artist artistic glue colours colors toddlersofinstagram toddlerlife toddler toddlers teachersofinstagram teacher kids children momsofinstagram mothersofinstagram abstract painting handmade craft arte

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Kate Martin


Comment from Kate Martin:

Best homemade gift ever!! scituate lastdayofschool teachersofinstagram teachergifts lovemystudents

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Daniel Thompson


Comment from Daniel Thompson:

The tablecloth trick does have science behind. Newtons First Law says an object at rest will stay there unless acted on by an unbalanced force -->Gravity! Check out how the kids explained the law with eggs! 🍳 LabLife RCAScience Physics iteach teachersofinstagram iteachtoo teachersfollowteachers 😎

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