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Comment from Catelynn:

My students didn't think I could recreate the terrible drawings on their worksheet. I'm pretty sure I proved them wrong. teacherlife teachersofinstagram yesthatguyhasapipe

7 Seconds ago

Mrs. Burke


Comment from Mrs. Burke:

All SEQ schools are CLOSED! Must mean I can stay in bed all day with my furry friends watching Netflix rainday wetoutside schoolsclosed noschool restday qldteachers teachersfollowteachers teachersofig teachersofinstagram iteachtoo cyclonedebbie

37 Seconds ago

Brianna • A Bubbly Classroom


Comment from Brianna • A Bubbly Classroom:

Pinterest you betta watch out, a student brought these for her birthday! winning bestbirthdaytreat andhermombroughtmelunch teacherwin teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers iteachthird 180daysinthelifeofateacher

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Comment from niehaus4thgrade:

Layers of the Earth models! schooldays teachersfollowteachers teacherfun teachersofinstagram science earth teacherslife

52 Seconds ago

Katie Alvarez Potter


Comment from Katie Alvarez Potter:

Yesterday we used Emojis for some of our vocabulary words. We did this for the words "perplexed" 🤔and "unexpected" 😱 Guess which words they were best able to recall a day later? A visual aid that they completely connected with. I think for a moment I was actually cool 😎 to them. teacherideas vocabulary teachersfollowteachers iteachtoo iteach4th iteach teachersofinsta teachersofinstagram teachersofig freshfromthefourth iteach345

1 Minutes ago

Cassie Dahl


Comment from Cassie Dahl:

Working on Idioms? You can grab this free I Have... Who Has activity from my teacherspayteachers store! Link in profile!

1 Minutes ago

ĸaren ғoley


Comment from ĸaren ғoley:

Last years goal: attend makerspace summit ✅ Next years goal: add "presenter" to my tag 😃ncce17 teachersofinstagram tech4teachers

1 Minutes ago

Julia 👸🏼


Comment from Julia 👸🏼:

🌧School closure = Netflix day 🌧

2 Minutes ago

Ashley Steiner


Comment from Ashley Steiner:

"We do not need magic to transform our world! We already have all the power we need inside ourselves already." Today my students lead the school in their very first Mix It Up At Lunch Day! It was a crazy but fun day! I thought my shirt would be a good message for my amazing students. mixitupatlunchday wearelumos teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers teacherstyle iteach whatiwore whattheteacherwore teacherootd iteachmiddleschool teacherfashion mixlunch ootd

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Comment from Emily:

My little second graders will be taking lots of tests when we go back after spring break. I'm hoping this little treat will take away the stress and nerves! You can grab this tag for FREE in my TpT store! 😊😊

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Comment from chris:

Beautiful things are still beautiful even when no one is looking at them. . . . . yoga fitspo handstands healthy yogi yogini yogagram yogajourney yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogaposes flexible inversion puppypress handstandeveryday yogacommunity rawvegan vegan teacherlife teachersofinstagram teeki motivation practiceandalliscoming plantbased organic wholefoods theolcollection .

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Sydney 🇦🇺 Teacher 🍎 Engaged 💍


Comment from Sydney 🇦🇺 Teacher 🍎 Engaged 💍:

My beautiful multiple intelligences spelling activities board. Courtesy of teachthisaus. All activities are stuck on with Velcro so students can take them off and return them to their correct place with ease. Plus they LOVE practising their words with them! spelling teachergram teacherlife teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers aussieteachers classroom aussieteachertribe

4 Minutes ago

Bridget Spackman


Comment from Bridget Spackman:

Our current read aloud and my students are captivated by every word! dangemeinhart keeps us on the edge of our seats. What will happen? What did Jonathan do? Will Sebastian try and rule over the adolescents that have been sent to the island for unwanted boys? "Do you know what happens when you pick at a scab? You get a scar and scars are tough!"

4 Minutes ago

Kandice Anderson💕


Comment from Kandice Anderson💕:

Blew giant bubble with my kids today at mobiusscience center!🙌🏼 I love fielstrips! iteachfirst teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers

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Comment from #FirstYearTeacher👩‍🎓👩🏼‍🏫:

Schools closed in South East Qld today due to ex-tropical cyclone Debbie! Stay safe everyone teachqld teachersofinstagram teachersfollowteachers 🙏🏻

4 Minutes ago

Jennifer White


Comment from Jennifer White:

New area for us to make book recommendations on post-it notes! kinderscan

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Comment from 🌸Jess:

The Room 23 desk maze. cuetetrismusic teachersofinstagram newseatingarrangement

4 Minutes ago

La Profe Plotts: Teacher


Comment from La Profe Plotts: Teacher:

Wildlife park adventure for Spring Break! Swimming at the hotel last night and then visiting the animal park today. The animals roam free and you drive through with your car. My giraffe-loving son was SO EXCITED to see a giraffe right next to the car! The train ride was a hit, too! My mama ❤ is full. 😊

5 Minutes ago

The Teacher Next Door


Comment from The Teacher Next Door:

Just added a Poetry Flip Book with 9 types of poetry to one of my favorite resources! Download the updated version from my TpT store (link in bio) if you own this! funresource springisaperfecttimeforpoetry

7 Minutes ago

One Jump


Comment from One Jump:

Educators, mentors, friends and students - Know someone who needs a scholarship for a summer enrichment opportunity? One Jump has an application for HS students to apply for need based aid for their summer enrichment experience. Funds will be exhausted so fill out our app: link in bio! . . . FinancialAid Scholarships SummerPrograms HSStudents Summer2017 Universities Students Teachers TFA CollegeBound Enrichment summer highschool houston texas precollege summerenrichment education teachers teachersofinstagram scholarshipprogram scholarship

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