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Paris Nicole


Comment from Paris Nicole:

School starts back up tomorrow so back to my regular scheduled workouts! I slacked big time this month. Gained 7 pounds but I'm back at it! 💪🏾thenandnow

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Beatty Beauty Blog 💋


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glowup thenandnow 💞💀

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m. kaufler


Comment from m. kaufler:

When my great-grandparents immigrated from Russia during WWI, they purchased this building on Sierra Bonita and Beverly. Nearly everyone in my dad's family lived in it at some point. My dad grew up there, I grew up visiting my grandfather there... countless Hanukkahs and seders were had in the 60+ years my family owned this building. I found this photo of my grandmother Eddye on the outside steps in 1955, and now that I live only a few minutes away, I wanted to recreate that. xx thenandnow vintageLA fairfaxdistrict jewish immigrants

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Comment from Jessica:

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Marnie Herrera Lapus ⭐️🇨🇿


Comment from Marnie Herrera Lapus ⭐️🇨🇿:

I can't imagine that 2 years ago I had difficulty walking. It took about 8 steps... 10 at most and I was out of breath. I would go up the stairs and on the 3rd step I would stop. Sobrang sakit ng ankles ko and right knee. So I would rather just sit in the dining table or stay in bed and let the maid bring all the food I want to eat. I hated exercising. And I ate full meals every 3 hours. I was nearly 300 lbs. That was then. And here I am now... still a work in progress but a far cry fro my old self. My son who is my coach at home was sooo amazed at how much I exceeded his expectations. Hahahaha! I will never forget the day when he saw me workout and said "Whoa! Fitspiration!" Naiyak ako. It made me so happy! And now that I made another decision to take out 50 lbs this year... I am so blessed to have his support and love! Thank YOU to all my fitspirations who have helped me from the beginning of my journey! Today is Day 1 of my pledge and I started today with a prayer when I woke up at 330 am, my morning metabeats workout before going to my location, mass at Lourdes Church and a morning pep talk with my coach coachtonisaret! What a way to begin my first day of my new healthy lifestyle journey! Lord I am grateful! thankyoulord thenandnow transformation fitspiration letsdothis yesican nevergiveup fitfilipinomovement letsgetfitphilippines national1MWeightLossChallenge marnielapus

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Comment from Karen:

It's been a year since I started lettering art and I noticed that practice really makes progress but still, long way to go. As I always remind my self, especially the nature of my work "everyday is a learning process" you will learn from the people you interact with and by constant reading. This platform is really an inspiration to pursue what I love to do and share what I learned through discovering my style of writing and inputs from this community who relentlessly impart their knowledge to improve my craft. cb_beginning calligrabasics thenandnow brushcalligraphy brushlettering typograph letteringart modernscript karenshandlettering tombowdualbrushpens dalerrowneymixedmedia 01052017

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Savvy Chic LLC


Comment from Savvy Chic LLC:

factsthenandnow fashionthroughthedecades fashion fashionstyle girlfashion style

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💜Somer Luna💪


Comment from 💜Somer Luna💪:

I love you . thenAndNow I was 20 years old and you were 2. I am 34 and you are 15. LikeFineWine coachella2017 motherdaughter twins live mamaof4 firstborn

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Dan Jesperson


Comment from Dan Jesperson:

Two O'Clock Shadows. eugeneoregon mural thenandnow

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Comment from SteveO:

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Joshua John Alexander


Comment from Joshua John Alexander:

Practicing for the future with Pumbaa

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Actors World


Comment from Actors World:

Atif Aslam's love for kids is forever. ❤ atifaslam singer bollywood loveforkids cute rockstar beinghuman armaanmalik arijitsingh adorable fawadkhan love kids pakistanicelebrities thenandnow cuties lsa2017 luxstyleawards pictureoftheday tseries India Pakistan

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Comment from Christine:

Made them recreate this pic and decided we're going to recreate it every 4 years. Next time Kobe will be 15 and Kaleb 13! brothers timehop thenandnow

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Alanna Mlakar


Comment from Alanna Mlakar:

A friend was looking for some motivation in the form of real life transformationpictures, so since I put a few new ones together for her I figured I'd post them here. FitMom fitnessmotivation fitnesstransformation fitfam fattofit fitness fitnessjunkie transformation transformationjourney fitnessjunkie fitnessjourney weightloss weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation obesetobeast beforeandafter thenandnow

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Kara Zor-El


Comment from Kara Zor-El:

Sara Lance😍😍😍 • • • whitecanary blackcanary saralance dcslegendsoftommorow dc arrowverse arrow staff cw teamlegend teamarrow thenandnow beforeandafter before after

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🍽Eat 🛏Sleep 🌬Rave🌸Repeat➰


Comment from 🍽Eat 🛏Sleep 🌬Rave🌸Repeat➰:

AVEDON V2: AVEDON X BMR . . . . . modernism avantgarde digitalart ipadpro sketch illustration color thenandnow monochrome fashion NewYorkCity AVEDON

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Cynthia H.🌺


Comment from Cynthia H.🌺:

Top: April 30, 2017 Bottom: January 8, 2016 I've had a lot of being inconsistent with going to the gym and eating unhealthy. Ive gained 20 pounds within the past year and a half but im hoping now that its slowly turning into muscle. I've been maintaining 136 for the past 2 months and im okay with that, the scale means nothing. Ive cut out juice, soda, and alcohol along with bread, potatoes and rice. My meal preps have stayed consistent and so has been going to the gym. I have never loved my body especially when all i would worry about was being skinny. I hit my bottom during my senior yr of high school when i went from 128 to 105 in a week. I was self conscious and i wanted to be like every other skinny girl there was. I would barely eat and i danced all the time which was my exercise. My mom was upset and told me that she would send me to get help if i didnt start eating. Showing Daniel how i looked back then, he hated it and said it looked as if i was sick. He loves the way ive always looked rather than being bonr thin. I have learned to love the body that God has given me, although i get self conscious at times i push the thought out of my mind and instead push myself in the gym with the weights. Learn to love what you were born with and dont give a crap about what anyone thinks of you 💪💜 gymlife healthy lvft weightlifting thenandnow

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Rachel Isenor


Comment from Rachel Isenor:

Oh sweet boy 🦊 . . . . twoyearsago three fox bathtime vscocam thenandnow

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Comment from Joslyn:

Have I change? thenandnow Me

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Comment from EddietheBoxer:

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