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Charm had no problems with 3' today with bailey.

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Comment from LilliCrestFarm:

Yearning for summer, green grass, and runs on the XC course with my favorite. littlebayhorse hebedaman ottb thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram CanterCutie

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Comment from Morgan:):

Starting to get a thing for thoroughbreds?? idolofkings

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Comment from Ariel:

This sort of encapsulates exactly what my Friday night was. kelseybradleyy ottb timestwo thoroughbred horse pony equestrian horse pony nonewfriends lol

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Erica Holtsberry


Comment from Erica Holtsberry:

studmuffin Beefcake ottb thoroughbred shinypony

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Comment from Jessica:

REST IN PEACE Michael J. Sorry the trainers snake ass didn't tell us for 10 days. U took a piece of my heart. I just wish we were aware right when it happened. This is a damn disgrace. Broke down every horse of ours he trained then this one DIES. He should be ashamed. Oh and he put both our numbers on block so the non communication is back in effect. This is horrible Thoroughbred ThoroughbredsOfIG MikeMaker HowDoYouSleepAtNight RestInPeaceBabyBoy

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Andressa Wiebe


Comment from Andressa Wiebe:

Little warm up 🐴 Ottb ottbofinstagram horsesofinstagram roundpen thoroughbred

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Comment from Sarah:

A quote to hold onto for Friday! I hope everyone had a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend 🙌🏻😀😀😀❤️ barnlife jumper saddle quote quotestoliveby singlestep equestrian horsebackriding horsesofinstagram friday fridaynight thoroughbred ogilvy ogilvyequestrian photography

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Stormy Nala


Comment from Stormy Nala:

This was the result of several hours over time of getting her confident enough with her feet backing over poles. It's her Achilles heel (pun intended). She hates backing up in general (I mean, thoroughbred), which we had to get better before tackling this stuff. It started with the one ground pole.. She just for some reason couldn't quite understand that she could lift her foot up (gasp).. and then bring it back (whaa?!).. and then put weight on it again (impossible!). It was a game of patience and rewarding any millimeter in the right direction. This night we got as far as here. She yawned about 10 times with a lot of licking and chewing.. breakthrough :)

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Comment from ViewsOfKentucky:

A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character. kentucky drivekentucky onlyinkentucky purekentucky farmlife kentuckyforkentucky kytourism kysunset horses thoroughbred racehorse kyderby YesTravelKY kentuckykicksass kentuckyderby kentuckylife kentuckyhome nikonphotography nikon shoplocalky southernlivingmag visitkentucky kentuckygram ky horsesofinstagram horse lexingtonky horsefun_feature keeneland sharethelex

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Skyler Swenson


Comment from Skyler Swenson:

equestrilifestyle giveaway! I would style the Wine Shade with a Black long sleeve asmarequestrian Shirt with a Black ariatinternational Puffer Vest with my Ariat Tall Boots. I'd be protecting my melon wth my samshieldamerica and protecting my skin with my soless_visors and adding a simple black belt to tie the look together. My horse would be in a Burgundy Baby Pad with me using Rose Gold Jin Style Stirrups. Good luck everyone!

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Comment from Jessica:

I thought this guy was a reporter for the horse racing industry so I reached out to tell him my situation with my old trainer Mike Maker who had my horse DIE on his watch and didn't tell us for 10 days. I wonder if the news will find this irrelevant. PaulickReport MikeMaker Thoroughbred ThoroughbredOwner Beware paulickreport

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Comment from hannah_riach:

We are an awkward bunch Pc: macro_phot0 vertigo thoroughbred blackbeauty baby gelding gorgeous horses horsesofinstagram equinephotography equinelove horses photo photographer photography photooftheday equestrian

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Comment from analiaottavi:

Regrann from protect.animals.worldwide - Dream Update! Today was a positive day for little Dream. She had her final X-rays today to make sure her coffins bones had not started to rotate due to carrying all of her weight on the right front hoof. GOOD NEWS is her coffin bones showed no signs of rotation! Thank you Dr. Burton for working so hard this week to make sure she was good to go for Monday. With this good news the next step is surgery on Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. BUT we have to reach our goal!! Please be a part of the DreamTeam by donating as little as $5.00 to save her life. Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated thus far. We are so close to reaching our goal! Help Us Save this baby girl! Visit freespiritrescue's website to donate! PayPal: DreamFreeSpirit Rescue Ottb Thoroughbred SaveALife MakeADifference (from freespiritrescue) - regrann

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💙Melina Desrosiers💙


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Loving this digital portrait overoans did of Sebby 😱😍 thankyou loveit love horse equestrian digitalart portrait beauty beautiful Ottb Thoroughbred art

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alice mae


Comment from alice mae:

The Scoobers with his previous owner 😍

36 Minutes ago

Brookwood Farm Sport Horses


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Cutter through the grid. brookwoodfarmsporthorses thoroughbredsofinstagram ottbsofinstagram jumpersofinstagram hunterjumpersofinstagram eventersofinstagram thoroughbredsporthorse thoroughbred forsale thoroughbredforsale ottbforsale ottb4sale hunterforsale jumperforsale eventerforsale

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Stormy Nala


Comment from Stormy Nala:

Great ride the other day! I think we are at ride 7? It was our second time where she totally accepted being ridden and we didn't have any opposition. She also didn't get reactive at the trot and bended to a halt easily. At this stage when those rides happen, I'm stepping off at that last good note (usually after the halt), with the whole ride only lasting 5-10 minutes. Rewarding her for being such a good girl! Been great to see and experience these colt starting breakthroughs for the first time... glad I'm on the right track. coltstarting thoroughbred

37 Minutes ago

Cassie Tebo | Personal Account


Comment from Cassie Tebo | Personal Account:

Faith Noel got to meet her giant new baby today! 🐴 He was just shipped in from Pennsylvania. 🤠 Faith's got her work cut out for her with this young Colt. 💙 horselover thoroughbred spoileddaughter

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Comment from yun_king3:

🐴中山6でルージュバックの妹がデビュー戦走りますよ❗️東京開催で抽選外れる運の無さと中山の直線の短さは気になるところですが、、、 エリティエール ティッシュじゃないよ 遅れてきた大器 今週はミホノブルボンの血を探そう 6000万円一口15万円 ルージュバックルージュバック妹ジンジャーパンチジンジャーパンチの仔ディープインパクト産駒父ディープインパクト大竹厩舎大竹正博戸崎圭太キャロットファームノーザンファーム鹿毛右後一白サラブレッドthoroughbredhorse

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