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Bridie ♡


Comment from Bridie ♡:

Miss riding my beastie! 5 (hopefully) weeks to go! 👌🏻 - What ill be doing with Tickets, is completely "restarting" her if that makes sense to anyone?! So just going to make sure we have a better foundation then last time! 🙈 - I think I've found a car I like, I just need to save every single dollar I have for the next 3 weeks and I'll put an offer in! 💕 - horseplayapparel (BRIDIE10) exquisiteequineapparel (TICKETS10) - showjumper tickets thoroughbred eventer mare

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ashlee turner


Comment from ashlee turner:

Less than impressed that I chose to do a photo shoot for Old Friends in the rain today 🖤💜💚 thoroughbredsofinstagram thoroughbred ottb oldfriends horsesofinstagram duparsthehorse

2 Minutes ago

Olivia Cliver


Comment from Olivia Cliver:

Mitch, you are a gorgeous creature and I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks. poniesofinstagram horsesofinstagram ponies pony eventing ottb thoroughbred bay bae dressage

4 Minutes ago

Margot Brideau


Comment from Margot Brideau:

ava_lynn_05 and Brody checking out the cross country field tonight dreaming about all the fun to be had there this season!! horses thoroughbred spring agirlandherhorse

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Comment from between_her_ears:

just found this! I can't believe this is Finale😍 anyways I guess her birthday was yesterday and I had absolutely no idea☹️. So I'm gonna bake some treats tonight and give them to her tomorrow after our ride! ______________________________________________________ horseshow horsephotography eventers horses horse horsesofinstagram jumping riding equine dressage ponies pony ridinghorses equinesofinstagram eventing equinephotography warmblood horsey horserider thoroughbred horsebreeds photographyf4f horsef4f showjumping horseshowing jumpers hunterjumpers jumping horsetreats

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Ursula A Robs


Comment from Ursula A Robs:

Everything hurts and I'm dying. Worth it. horse horsesofinstagram ottb thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram equestrian double riding

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Comment from moiraeq:

Sunny before a dressage test ⚡️ - horse horses equinephotography equestrian l4l f4f equine equestrianphotgraphy bay bayhorse thoroughbred bridle dressage

8 Minutes ago

Canadian 🇨🇦 Engaged 💍🍾


Comment from Canadian 🇨🇦 Engaged 💍🍾:

Curious boy 😝 curiouscolt newthing learning horses countrygirlsdoitbetter horsesofinstagram thoroughbred bonding quarterhorse appendix horsesdaily whiskey whiskeyboy mywhiskey yearling horselove winter canadianhorses horsesoftheworld horselife countrylifestyle

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Comment from russ:

horse horselife selfiewithabbie abbie thoroughbred mare mygirl beardlife

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Amanda Gregory


Comment from Amanda Gregory:

A big thank you to the people that get the horses exercised everyday regardless of the weather conditions. You guys are awesome! great_mr_v aikdixon wetnwild mud ilovealbertaracing alberta yeg jockey horses horseracing racehorse thoroughbred warriors rider equestrian

10 Minutes ago

ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴᴄᴇ ✦


Comment from ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴᴄᴇ ✦:

Superbe shooting! 💖🦄👌🏻 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ photography photographie photoshoot horse cheval horsesofinstagram instahorse thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram greyhorse love horsestagram horsesofig horselife horseoftheday horsephotography picoftheday beautifulday printemps spring sundaymood sundayvibes sundayevening

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Tambercreek Equine Services


Comment from Tambercreek Equine Services:

She's such a messy eater 😂🐷 dinner was good apparently 🌾 Gonna miss this cute face while I'm on vacation 😩 Tambercreek Equine Services will be closed for the next couple weeks but I'll be scheduling massages as soon as I'm back 💜 tambercreek equinemassage remy equinemassagetherapist cute funny graintime haycubes dinner messyeater horselover quarterhorse appendix thoroughbred chestnutmare horsesofinstagram equestrian equestrianlife barn horsefarm horsebackriding lovemyhorse rescuehorse equinehealth equine equinetherapy

10 Minutes ago

Why Fly When You Can Jump


Comment from Why Fly When You Can Jump:

Phanta had his first fall with me on after refusing a jump from cantering up to it. He fell onto his knees and i went over his head. I was really shocked and when he didn't get up straight away and I had to pull him up I was so scared. I don't know if he refused because he couldn't judge the height properly... The pole underneath didn't cover the whole bottom of the jump 😫 I can't stop beating myself up about it! I just feel so stupid! What if he had gotten hurt and it was my fault!? Anyway he was fine after and we did a few smaller 30-40cm jumps to end on a good note. ☺️ Thanks to everyone who made me feel better ❤ - - Followers Instagram Pets Equine Horses Ponies Pony Horse FreeFollowersFollowForFollow SpamForSpamShowjumping Dressage Horseriding BestHorseEver Thoroughbred OTTBridingpony Chestnutbaycrosscountry Riding HorseridingIsTheBest LoveMyHorses Lovecheeky Showjumping Jumping

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👸🏻Mikhayla & Jasper🦄


Comment from 👸🏻Mikhayla & Jasper🦄:

Dutchess and I pretending we know what the hell were doing Horses HorseRiding Equestrian Bay Thoroughbred

13 Minutes ago

Thrush Farms


Comment from Thrush Farms:

The morning ritual or rather argument I have with Lakota when in trying to clean his stall. He loves knocking stuff over. thoroughbred andalusianhorse horselife equestrian equestrianlife barn barnlife hunterjumper horse horsesofinstagram dirtyhorse felida salmoncreek pacificnorthwest

13 Minutes ago

Emily Marie


Comment from Emily Marie:

inst10 Bailey in his new hunt bridal!! jumper hunter hunterjumper foxhunting fieldhunter tynh cubbingseason tack bridal leather ottb offtrack thoroughbredsofinstagram thoroughbred bigbayandbeautiful bignewsbailey baileyboop

14 Minutes ago



Comment from asequine:

Throwback to 4 year old Dev learning the tools of the trade. He's always been such a good boy!

14 Minutes ago

Ashley Marie


Comment from Ashley Marie:

🌻pretty-lady . . . horses horse ootb thoroughbred redhead photo photos photography iphone instamood instagood instalike like likeforlike follow followme fit fitfam fitspo

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Comment from Devoshahn🕊:

Update: This is Paris. You guys have seen a little of her in the past. She is an off the track thoroughbred that I would love to turn to a jumper. I have been researching and watching a lot of videos and I have a lot of inspiration from my favorite account zlequestrian ! She is amazing! Paris is suck a sweetheart and you will for sure be seeing more if this spunky kid !! + The first vid is her jumping lower but more technical in the tarfarmsdressage turnout. Teaching her how to mover her feet slower than a full gallop. The second vid is her having lots of fun in our big turnout arena ! She's suck a cutie! + + Qotd - have any of you ever turned one of your horses from one discipline to the other? + + thoroughbred ottb paris jumperintraining cutie german fromgermany offthetrack mare racehorse fun tarfarmsstables horses horsebackriding

17 Minutes ago

Michele M.


Comment from Michele M.:

centraljerseyexists blackglassgallery jersey_shore_exposure jshn njspots njfarms njnature njisntboring njisbeautiful njisallgood njshooterz just_newjersey just_unitedstates now_jersey nothingisordinary ipulledoverforthis pocket_farms pocket_horses horses southjerseyadventures southjerseyisbeautiful excellent_america wildnewjersey journeythroughjersey thoroughbred news12nj asburyparkpress ipulledoverforthis

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