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Dalton Edwards


Comment from Dalton Edwards:

btw you're an asshole if you say "that's gay" gay isn't a synonym for stupid don't trivialize my sexuality

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This may have already been posted byt meh~Rita gayy asexual gaypride lgbt transgender agender pride loveislove bisexual rainbow gay lesbian pansexual

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Its a big momma thing 💦💦💦 NYC atlanta balleralert videovixen lasvegas chasingmydreams aokilee nycmusic kingamiyah rapper celebrity hollywood femalemc girlslikeus atlanta blackmodel nycrapper music tv badbitchalert hiphop followme transgender manmade lhhatl bosslady supportme twerk

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Tiara ティアラ


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I'm your Angel! 😇 tstiarali girlslikeus transisbeautiful trans transgender transgendered transsexual transgirl tgirl translife transpride transwoman shemales mtf m2f maletofemale bisex tranny lgbt lgbtq lbgfs photo instagram hamburg berlin leipzig frankfurt münchen bangkok

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wendywilliams tranny hate jealousy shes wendys hoe hoesbelike nastybitch gross ew yuck stanky marilynmanson trashy garbage talkshow sucks shameless ruthless timbaland transgender nogood bigmouth mafia

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Join the gay side🌈


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this is horrible :| // creds to _mollyann___ for sending the picture -uni

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~Mel (she/her) bisexual


Comment from ~Mel (she/her) bisexual:

Day 3: Post about how you came out. I came out to my pansexual friend by just saying "Hey, I might be bi" and she helped me figure it out and I'm so thankful for that. I came out to my parents when they said my brother couldn't have his girl best friend over because he had a girlfriend and something could happen, so I said "Well, then no one is allowed to come to me? That's biphobic" and I'm kinda proud of this one xD Qotd : How did you come out/ are you planning to come out? ~Mel lgbt lgbtcommunity lgbtqa lgbt🌈 lgbtpage lgbtpride lgbtq saga homosexual lesbian gay bisexual pansexual polysexual demisexual nonbinary transgender genderfluid asexual aromatic

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⍨ Erica & Kinda Jay ⍨

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So IM watching season 3 Right now and gahhh i luuv sutanamrull manilaluzon carmen_carrera GAH ITS SO AWESUM ~ cata

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🏳️‍🌈•Love Is Love•🏳️‍🌈

Comment from 🏳️‍🌈•Love Is Love•🏳️‍🌈:

🙄🙄🙄 -roshni 🦄

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Get rekt - Indigo . . . lgbt lgbtq loveislove gaypride gay lesbian bi bisexual pansexual asexual trans transgender

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Mina Phonthong


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Hungry 😋 my beautiful Thai seafood lunch with fresh coconut water ❤️

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Then I Relapsed


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Get me someone like this 😂❤️ transtransgendertransboyftmfemaletomaletransprideprideftmtransgenderfreelgbtqpansexuallgbtsupporttranssupporttransrightshumanrightstransyouthtransteenadminftmpridetransexualprideloveislove ftmworld transtransgendertransboyftmfemaletomaletransprideprideftmtransgenderfreelgbtqpansexuallgbtsupporttranssupporttransrightshumanrightstransyouthtransteenadminftmpridetransexualprideloveisloveiamwhoiamlifeitgetsbettercomingout

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Satan's child 666


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ifyouare transgender nomatterwhatyoudo foraliving youaremy rolemodel myhero youhave peoplehateyou justfor beingyourself ifyoure inporn evenmoreso youhavepeoplehateyou forbeingwhoyouare💜 & hatingyou causeyoureinporn evenother transpeople ashame thisbeautis kimberhaven

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Desmund 💎💎


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I used to actually fit this shirt ftm f2m transgender transboy transman transguy transmale selfmademan selfmade hrt ftmhrt hormonereplacementtherapy testosterone vitamint tinjections gay gayboy gayboi twink bisexual biboy bi entershikari warpedtour

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Then I Relapsed


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Who is you 😂🙏 transtransgendertransboyftmfemaletomaletransprideprideftmtransgenderfreelgbtqpansexuallgbtsupporttranssupporttransrightshumanrightstransyouthtransteenadminftmpridetransexualprideloveislove ftmworld transtransgendertransboyftmfemaletomaletransprideprideftmtransgenderfreelgbtqpansexuallgbtsupporttranssupporttransrightshumanrightstransyouthtransteenadminftmpridetransexualprideloveisloveiamwhoiamlifeitgetsbettercomingout

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Marshall 🌐


Comment from Marshall 🌐:

I was walking to tutor and the doors was locked that lead to my tutor room and my tutor's children was there and one turned and pointed to me and shouted "a boy! There's a boy out there!" And i couldn't help but smile. Then one of the teachers turns to them and said "that's not a boy that's a girl" but the kid kept saying so the teacher laughed and said "it is a person" Idk why I'm shearing this it just made me laugh. transgender lgbt

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