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Comment from Alex:

Danke Ethiad Airways für den angenehmen Flug von Melbourne nach Abu Dhabi ethiad ethiadairways luxustravel businesclass a380 upintheair upperdeck frequentflyer frequentraveler travelgram trip travelpic travelphotography wanderlust ey461 travelling reiselust reisen путишествия путешественник

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👑 💋 🐆 Anaid 🐻 👼🐈


Comment from 👑 💋 🐆 Anaid 🐻 👼🐈:

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Adriana Gandelman


Comment from Adriana Gandelman:

Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off. endofthetunnel colosseum coliseum coliseu italy italie volgoitalia igersitalia picoftheday roma romanholiday rome romacittàeterna travelpic travelbug travelgirl traveltheglobe traveltheworld wanderlust globetrotter

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Neeraj Sharma


Comment from Neeraj Sharma:

Morning in Malawi! travelpic Africa travelonwork seascapes mornings patterns

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Comment from PrestiNick:

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Simon Feuillade


Comment from Simon Feuillade:

An oasis in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. 🇲🇾🏊🌴

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Jen 📍London


Comment from Jen 📍London:

When your day starts like this you know it's going to be a good one ⛱🌴⛱

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Martina | 🌻


Comment from Martina | 🌻:

[ "E poi fate l’amore. Niente sesso, solo amore. E con questo intendo i baci lenti sulla bocca, sul collo, sulla pancia, sulla schiena, i morsi sulle labbra, le mani intrecciate, e occhi dentro occhi. Intendo abbracci talmente stretti da diventare una cosa sola, corpi incastrati e anime in collisione, carezze sui graffi, vestiti tolti insieme alle paure, baci sulle debolezze, sui segni di una vita che fino a quel momento era stata un po’ sbagliata. Intendo dita sui corpi, creare costellazioni, inalare profumi, cuori che battono insieme, respiri che viaggiano allo stesso ritmo, e poi sorrisi, sinceri dopo un po’ che non lo erano più." ] . . . . . . travel traveling travels travelgram travelphotography instatravel trip vacation instagood travelling wanderlust travelblogger summer instatraveling holiday travelingram travelblog photooftheday fun picoftheday love amazing visiting traveller traveler tourist sunset instapassport traveltheworld travelpic

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Tunisian Campers 🇹🇳⛺️


Comment from Tunisian Campers 🇹🇳⛺️:

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Fatma Akcay


Comment from Fatma Akcay:

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Sofía Castillo


Comment from Sofía Castillo:

Mornings in Chipinque ☀️ . . . . . Credits to: braulio.rmzt . . . . . . . . chipinque monterrey mexico visitmexico travel travelgram travelingram nature sunrise instasun mountains views photography travelpic photooftheday wander wanderlust travelpic instagood like4like travelphotography

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Çok sevdim bu fotoğrafı 🎈🎈🎈 Bebeğim çekerse 😙 dilaratpkra

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Bea Gutmann


Comment from Bea Gutmann:

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Comment from waranee_tum:

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Laura Hughes


Comment from Laura Hughes:

. •April 2016• Of all the countries I've visited and all the trips I've been on.. I've never felt as lost as what I do when I'm in the UK. . . Everyone's fixed on preparing themselves for the countries they'll visit, the cultural differences and the lifestyle changes they'll experience. No one ever warns you of the difficulties you'll face once you return home from your adventure. That's the difficult part. . . It's incredibly easy to slip back into everything that was, and pick up from where you left off.. leaving the travelling lifestyle as little more than a distant memory. . . Today, I'm missing my travelling days more than ever. (The rainy British weather isn't helping..) It's time to ignite that carefree, thrill seeking traveller from within and go in search of some more adventures! . . . . trip travel travelblogger solotravel travelpic travelphoto travelphotography travelphotographer instadaily instatravel instablogger bloggerswanted femaletraveler budgettravel traveltheworld backpacker blog travelersnotebook traveleducation Malaysia followme like4like travelgirl travelgoals asia adventure traveltips like4like photooftheday nature cameronhighland

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Sonia Discovering


Comment from Sonia Discovering:

Day 6: Puna Pau is a volcanic center where pukao also know as "hats" of the moai, were carved. From here , pukao of more than 10 tones were moved to very remote places as Ahu Tongariki ( more than 12 km) punapau pukao easterisland instagram isladepascua rapanuiculture pacificisland viajeros easterisland travelpic travelgram travelgirl travelblogger viajar viajarescultura viajarporelmundo instaphoto history historia onlytheskyisthelimit keepdiscovering discover lonelyplanet

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Comment from RyuManatsu:

セルチュクついてお腹空きすぎてホットサンドぺろり😋lunchsandwiahhotsandselcukトルコturkey tabippo trip 世界旅行海外旅行WorldTrip 旅旅写真夫婦旅夫婦旅行2人旅バックパッカー夫婦バックパッカーbackpack backpacker honeymoon新婚旅行instatrip travel travelpic traveller traveling travelingramthetatheta360

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Comment from Sasha:

Знатоки! А у нас есть города в Украине с похожими каналами? Я где-то читала и не могу найти теперь, а сравнить любопытно) бо УкраїнаЦеЄвропаЮноу

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Mustafa Tozar


Comment from Mustafa Tozar:

Isaura Palaea

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Travel Live Inspire 🌎


Comment from Travel Live Inspire 🌎:

Cliffside lunch at Karnagio in Limenas. Never eaten in such a beautiful place before 😍🌊🍴

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