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“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.” 💭💪🏾 #strongminded

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" summer time soon come" #tb ____ Tricep extensions with the hammer curl bar. ______ #goodmorning . Hope we all have a good weekend. 🙏🏿💯💪🏿. ____ Looking forward to smashing up my legs workout, i mean arms workout tonight! ______ #live #love #laugh #lift

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Comment from Rachel:

Hi my name is Rachel and I am a flex addict. Been holding on to this one all week. Took this last Sunday after training @thesupergym. The picture makes this not only a #flexfriday but a #flashbackfriday as well - flashing back to 5 days ago...

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