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Francisco Duarte Laires


Comment from Francisco Duarte Laires:

Looking for chest/triceps different exercises to overcome your training plateau, try this single arm push up variation 👊👊 the clap isn't just for showing off, it will help on power development 😉💪

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Lucas 🇫🇷


Comment from Lucas 🇫🇷:

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Comment from Gregory.G:

Bonsoir l'équipe 🔥 Ce soir c'était training Triceps / biceps autant vous dire que je suis complètement HS. On rentre à la maison et on va taper un gros dodo - - - - - - - - - Bonne nuit et Force à vous 💪🏼🔥 - - - - - - - - fit fitboy fitfam fitlife fitfrenchies fitgirl fitcouple fitcouple muscu musculation bodyfitness teamfit teamshape nopainnogain onlacherien triceps biceps fitness fitnesspark aeroville inshape teamkimyfit iphone6

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Lukas Severin Due-Tønnessen


Comment from Lukas Severin Due-Tønnessen:

Putting out a video for those fascinated by veins. I'll try to get a better one coming. Need better camera, setup and more powwwerr, my arms were so tired i couldn't put enough pressure into that bodypart.. haha 6 months without training now due to shoulder injury. But it seems simple isolation exercises and some non-complex movements won't hurt it more. So hopefully I can work on building some muscle meanwhile the injury heals. Better than doing nothing at least! And so I made a training program and just started training arms last week. Now lets see where i can go. Look how the long head of the biceps shows the split between it and the short head! Also, who can recognise the amazing music?😁😍 . . . . . gymflexactivehealthphotographyveinsfitnesstrainergymlifegymmotivationgymnasticsgymnastfitnessphotographygymeverydayvascualrity strengthmusclefoodmusculationmuscleboygymroombicepsleansixpacktricepsbodybuildingpersonaltrainergetfitgymlifeabs

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Comment from white&brunettefitness:

rutinas diferentes brazos bíceps triceps fondo 💪🏼

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Comment from colossalbody:

KING'S BACK with gabryel_vicenzo_fit !

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Comment from Hottestoninsta:

Dad bod 💯💪🏼🔥 dad_fitness flex motivation shredded rocksolid model abs abflex sixpack ripped hairyabs biceps biceppeaks bicepflex hugebicep pecs chest hugepecs hugechest legs legday quads vascular vascularity triceps muscle muscledaddy transformation

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Melisa D


Comment from Melisa D:

When I know I had a good workout.. triceps and chest mondayworkout chest triceps tricepsworkout strong heavy shelifts fit fitgirls fitchicks girlswholift girlswithmuscles muscle girlswhopowerlift powerlifting bodybuilder glutes gymrat mırrorselfie

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Comment from _GermanAtletics_:

Lets start it 📍 Ruhrpott 🇩🇪 germanboysruhrpottmcfitdreamsgainspainworkouthealthyfashionboyzawesometrainingeatcleanweekendfreshdopehotmodelschestlionbicepstricepslifestyleshoutoutfollowusfollowbackgympower

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Comment from chase27cameron:

I used to not even be able to do body weight dips. Now I can do up to 100 added points of weight FOR REPS. fitness fitspo fitfam fitlifestyle fitnessmotivation back ballplayer gains gains💪 triceps traps exercise bodybuilding physique bodypositive bodytransformation transformation workout weighttraining weightlifter athlete athletics athletic baseball battingcages collegebaseballplayer baseballplayer collegebaseball collegebaseballplayer batting hitting

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Imran Khan


Comment from Imran Khan:

skwaats day again. protocol week 4. Volume upped a little today. Tired from lots of driving today and missed meals. Elbows kicked off a little bit too, so a rough session today. ---------------------------------- lowbarsquat 1x162.5kg vid 4x5 142.5kg vid set 4 pausedbench 8x2 90kg 3 second pause sets 2 & 8 shown Accessory stuff to finish triceps calf raises dumbbellpress ---------------------------------- powerlifting strengthtraining benchpress overheadpress fitness cardio crossfit abpu bpu britishpowerliftingunion rehab prehab deadlifts bench teamnocalves squats squatsfordays deficitdeadlift straightlegdeadlifts coeliac glutenfree eatbigliftbig stilltoochunky

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. . Vale cada minuto gasto! Experimente! 😊🔝💪 Ainda estou longe de chegar onde quero mas a cada dia estou menos distante de lá 😉 . disciplina noregrets foco motivação blackfit biceps triceps academia peito underconstruction proj_barriga_trincada_aos_40 ProjetoSecar ProjetoVeraoPraSempre QuaseLa gymlife fikagigante lifestyle bestrong believeinyourself instagym FIT nutricionista personaltrainer workhard fitnessmotivation perdadepeso perdadegordura fitness musculacao workouteveryday gymlife

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Mike Blake


Comment from Mike Blake:

triceps and chest on that medicineball ....slow controlled movements. I'm supersetting this with various biceps curls. npc over40andfit bodybuilding workout strength fitfam

5 Minutes ago

Dustin Keay


Comment from Dustin Keay:

Just another trainer hitting the gym!😜 chestday chest back benchpress triceps rows pullups legs bodybuilding weightlifting pokemon charmander pikachu biceps

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Mark Bijlsma


Comment from Mark Bijlsma:

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Augustin Vili


Comment from Augustin Vili:

‼️UP-DOWN MONDAY‼️ Because of my groin strain, next 2 weeks will be only UPPER BODY workouts 💪💪 but still enough complex to get my heartbeat up, 2 sets of: 👊 10,8,6,4,2x pull ups 👊 10x triceps dips 👊 10x biceps curl + shoulder press homegym crossfit fitspo iron lifestyle fitness fat burn complex body followme photooftheday garmin reebok pullups triceps shoulders fitnessmotivation motivation monday morning cardio home life workout training grind keepyourbeatsup theheartratedoctor

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Comment from WaaTrain: - revisa nuestra tienda 💪🏽 bodybuilding fitness gym fitfam workout muscle health fit motivation abs fitspo bodybuildingmotivation bodybuildinglifesyle bodybuilder physique shredded trainhard exercise bodypower fitspiration fitstagram getfit fitnation bodybuilders ifbb biceps triceps

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Comment from colossalbody:

COLOSSAL ABS with az_sab !

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Comment from EMMANUEL:

Getting in a light morning workout before tonight's session, been out of commission for a while so making up for lost time. Feels good to be back. ✌ to all motivation progress triceps tricep exercise fit instagood instafit gym gymlife lifting barz barlife calisthenics dips bodybuilding crossfit fitnessaddict happy lifestyle homegymlife homegym forlife 4life dumbbells shoulderpress monday chestday chestandtris fitness

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Comment from Ibrahim:

I'm giving a shout out to my bro crixus88 who got me started lifting these weights! The pump is real💪🏼💪🏼ilift triceps goldsgym

7 Minutes ago